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two at once

She was living every girl’s secret dirty fantasy.

She was standing in the middle of a crowd of onlookers, trying to stop the madness while at the same time secretly and shamefully loving it.

“Back off,” Matty was yelling, “she’s mine.”

“Like hell she is,” Jake was yelling in reply as he pushed Matty.

“Guys, just stop it,” she tried feebly to be heard over the noise.

Matty was pissed- no way was he going to get pushed around in front of this entire crowd, especially in front of Jenna. He threw a powerful right punch that connected straight with Jakes jaw. It took a few seconds for Jake to process what just happened as he touched his jaw, but he too could throw a punch and his fist connected with Matty’s cheek bone with a satisfying sound.

The crowd of college students, which always loved some good entertainment, was cheering now- egging the two boys on.

“Stop it,” Jenna screamed at the top of her voice, but it didn’t help at all.

The boys were really fighting now, punches thrown right and left, some connecting and some missing the intended target. She stepped up to the boys and tried to push them apart just when Matty had thrown is fist out in jakes direction, only instead of Jake it hit her quite hard on the side of the head and she fell backward.

“You asshole!!” Jake was yelling angrily at Matty, “Look at what you’ve done.”

Jake was leaning over her, holding her head as Matty was backing off with a horrified, stricken expression on his face.

“Jenna, are you okay?” Jake was asking, “Are you hurt?”

Everything seemed to swim around her- she could see Jake’s lips moving but couldn’t understand what he was saying. She looked at him for a few more seconds trying to clear her mind but soon gave up and closed her eyes, and blacked out.

She felt she was being carried somewhere, as though she was floating but at the same time being held very firmly and gently. She opened her eyes a fraction and saw the walls of the dorm’s main corridor. Jake was carrying her to the doctor’s office, trying to hold her as firmly as he could with her head resting on his shoulder. He was elated and frightened for her at the same time.

The next time she opened her eyes she was laying on a hospital type bed and the dorms’ nurse and doctor were standing next to her.

“Are you feeling ok, Jenna? You got quite a hard hit there,” the doctor asked.

“I think so,” she answered, looking around, “what happened?”

“You got caught in the middle of a silly fight,” the doctor answered, “and got a nasty bump to your head. It seems like nothing too serious but I recommend you take it easy for the next few days and stay in bed.”

“Okay,” she answered, “where is Jake?”

“You mean the boy who brought you here?” the doctor asked.

“Yes, I guess he is the one who brought me here,” she answered a little unsurely.

“He is waiting outside- he was very upset when he brought you here. Do you want the nurse to call him in?”

“Yes, if that’s possible. Thank you,” Jenna answered.

Jake walked in a little unsurely, looking unusually pale and worried.

“Are you all right?” he asked Jenna in a slightly shaky voice.

“Yeah, the doctor says I’m fine- just need a little rest time,” she smiled up at him, “thanks for looking after me.”

“Of course,” he smiled awkwardly and put his hand over hers on the bed.

She moved her fingers to intertwine with his and smiled a wide smile at him.

Jake helped her back to her dorm room and saw that she went straight to bed and had everything she needed before he went back to his own dorm. On his way to his dorm Matty suddenly appeared from around one of the buildings, looking pale and anxious.

“Is she okay?” Matty asked urgently.

“She is, but no thanks to you,” Jake spit the words at Matty.

“Hey it could have happened to you as well,” Matty answered angrily.

“But it didn’t, and you started it all,” Jake answered.

The boys were looking at each other in furry and it looked like they might start fighting again.

“There you two are,” the Dean said, “lucky me- finding the two people I was looking for, and just in time it seems.” The Dean put a hand on each of the boys’ shoulders and escorted them back to his office.

Jenna couldn’t fall asleep, she was tossing and turning in bed with no avail, and the pain at the side of her head wasn’t helping. She had to choose between them, she couldn’t let the situation go on in this way but she didn’t know which one to choose. Jake was an amazing person- they had so much in common and she liked him a lot, on the other hand Matty was so physically attractive with his bad- boy attitude. She was attracted to both of them- both made her heart race and her breath catch in her throat.

“I wish I could have both,” she suddenly thought, “that would be amazing.”

The thought sent her mind spinning on another tangent completely and images of both boys touching her at the same time made her pussy ache and leak.

“Rise and shine, sunshine,” Jake walked into her bedroom around noon and pulled her curtains open, letting in the light and fresh air, “bed rest doesn’t mean sleeping all day long.”

She opened her sleepy eyes and smiled up at him- he was so adorable, taking care of her the last couple of days. He sat down on the bed next to her and she stretched her arms to him and pulled him to her for a slow kiss that took him completely by surprise.

“What does that mean?” he asked after a few minutes of kissing.

“It means I’m choosing you,” she answered.

He beamed at her and leaned down for another sweet kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and clung to him as they kissed passionately.

“Unfortunately I have to go now,” he said as they broke the kiss to catch their breath, “have to go to that stupid counseling session the Dean is making us attend for fighting.”

“I will miss you. Come back after classes baby.”

“I will,” he kissed her on the cheek and left.

In the evening she waited for him in her room, her dorm- mate was out for the night and she was planning some alone time with Jake. She was dressed in a light pink summer dress and underneath it sexy white lace boy shorts that hugged her slim figure, she had no bra on and her nipples poked through the thin material of the dress. She wanted him to be blown away by her; she wanted him to desire her even more than he obviously did.

When Jake walked through the door he was instantly turned on by her- she looked so good and he had wanted her for so long.

“Hey baby,” she kissed him as he stepped into the room.

“I’ve missed you,” he murmured into her ear as he pressed her to him.

She felt his hard-on pressing against her thighs and it made her pulse quicken. They started kissing passionately, backing into the room as they did. They paused as they stumbled on her writing table and he lifted her up to sit on it. She spread her legs and wrapped them around him, pressing him to her as they resumed kissing and touching each other. They were exploring each other with their hands roaming over each other’s bodies. He wanted her so much it was physically painful, he couldn’t even think of pulling away from her. She could feel her panties were soaked already, her pussy aching for his touch.

She pushed her hands under his shirt and pulled it off him, he unzipped her dress at the back and let it slide off her arms and reveal her perky breasts with hard pointy nipples. The sight of her breasts made his mouth water and he leaned down to kiss and suck each nipple. She pushed her breasts at him as she arched her back with pleasure. Her hand fumbled with his zipper and he helped her push his pants down along with his shorts. She squeezed his cock gently and he grunted loudly, it felt so amazing to feel her gentle little hand touch his bulging cock.

He lifted her off the table and let her dress slip down from her slim waist. She hooked her fingers in the sides of her boy shorts and pushed them down, revealing her smooth pussy to him. They were both intoxicated with desire for each other, both eager for more. He sat on her desk and lifted her to sit on top of him, her legs spread, facing him and nibbling slowly on his neck. Her warm, moist pussy against his aching cock felt so amazing it made him dizzy, he couldn’t wait to be inside her.

Matty knocked on the door of Jenna’s dorm- no answer.

“Weird,” he thought, “isn’t she supposed to be in at this time?”

He knocked again- no answer- he tried the door and found that it was unlocked. He walked into the main room and froze on the spot. The door to her bedroom was half open and he could see her slowly sinking onto jakes hard cock. He felt rage cloud his mind, he wanted to walk in and bash Jake over the head with a chair. He breathed in hard- he had to calm down before he did something stupid. He watched as Jake was obviously in heaven- his eyes closed and hands gripping Jenna’s hips as she slowly moved on top of him. Matty was angry and jealous, he knew how it felt to be inside of her, but he suddenly realized that he was also very hard from watching the scene in front of him. He wasn’t in control of himself as he undid his pants and let his rock hard cock out.

Matty walked into Jenna’s bedroom and walked straight up to the desk just as Jenna looked over her shoulder at the sound of her bedroom door opening wide and smiled at him. That was enough of an invitation for him. As one hand was smearing his cock with saliva to get it wet he put the other one on Jenna’s ass and spread her ass cheeks while the other guided his throbbing cock to her little rosebud.

Jenna’s eyes opened wide as she felt the pain of Matty’s cock pushing into her ass, he wasn’t taking it slowly- he was using some force. She opened her mouth to protest but Matty made one forceful push and sunk his cock into her practically all the way in. Jenna screamed in pain and pleasure as she was suddenly filled from both sides. Her pussy muscles clenched, causing Jake incredible pleasure at the same moment as his eyes opened to see why Jenna had screamed.

Now Jake was dumbfounded- “What the fuck?” he growled angrily. His first instinct was to push Matty away and protect his girl. He started to lift Jenna off him but she groaned in protest and clung to him, making it hard for him to out of her. He looked into her eyes with a question and she nodded her head indicating that she liked what was going on and wanted it to continue. Jake shrugged his shoulders and drove his cock deeper into her, making her moan in pleasure.

Jenna was in a dream. The impossible fantasy was coming true in a way she could never have imagined. Both boys were in her, her body pressed between them, their hands roaming all over her body. Jakes hands were squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples while Matty’s were squeezing and lightly spanking her ass cheeks. Somehow the boys were moving in the same rhythm, going in and out of her at the same time.

Though neither of them would ever admit it the presence of the other somehow made things even more arousing, heightening sensations to a new level. Each boy could feel the other ones cock moving through the thin divider between Jenna’s pussy and ass and the added pressure and friction were unbelievable. They built up a rhythm of pushing in and pulling out at the same time.

Jenna could feel they were both moving faster now, their thrusts more urgent and powerful. Her inner muscles were clenching and unclenching, massaging the two cocks inside her. Jake pulled her face to his and kissed her passionately, biting her lower lip and sucking her tongue into his mouth. Matty was nibbling her ear and neck, sending chills down her spine. She felt that she couldn’t take it much longer; she felt her body tense, when suddenly Matty reached around her and pinched her clit. She screamed into Jakes mouth as she came hard. Jake felt his cock squeezed by Jenna’s walls and could hold it no longer; he wrapped his arms around her and groaned in her ear as he shot rope after rope of cum deep into her spasming pussy. Matty too could not wait any more- what with Jenna’s tight ass milking his cock and the added vibrations of Jakes cumming.

“Oh fuck,” Matty moaned as he gripped Jenna’s ass and came hard, shooting his cum into her ass.

Jake kept holding Jenna pressed to him as they both recovered from their orgasms while Matty suddenly felt very out of place. He pulled out of Jenna and tidied himself up. Jenna looked back at him for a moment and smiled but then turned back to nuzzle Jake’s neck, she didn’t even look at Matty as he walked out of her room and out the main door with a pained expression on his face.

“I choose you,” she whispered into Jake’s ear, “I would always choose you.”

Jake held her in his arms as he got off the desk and carried her to the bed, laying her on it and walking to the door.

“I think this time I will make sure to lock the door first,” he winked at her, “we don’t want to be interrupted again.”

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