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Christi brings David home to unlock the animal instinct that each of them have held quiet.

David and Christi were on their way home from an office party. She had come to him after they had been there only a little over an hour with a plea to take her home. When he asked if she was feeling unwell, she simply replied that she wanted to go home. He thanked the host, saying that they had to be up early the next day and left.

The ride home had been quiet, but when David put on the signal to turn onto their street, Christi reached over, put her hand on his leg and said, “Keep going.”

“What? I thought you were anxious to get home.”

“I am, baby,” she cooed. “But I’m thinking that we are not going to want to get up early in the morning and it might be a good idea to stop at the grocery store and pick up some supplies for the rest of the weekend.”

Driving past their street, David asked, “For the rest of the weekend? It’s just Friday night. You don’t think that we’ll get out of the house for next two days?”

She turned and looked at him for a few seconds before saying, “After I get through with you tonight I don’t think you are going to want to get out of bed tomorrow. In fact, you may not be able to get out of bed. We are going to need some wine and finger food. You know, stuff we can eat in bed.”

“Eat in bed?” he asked, still a little unsure of her direction.

“Yes. Eat in bed,” she answered with a bright smile. “Things like grapes and cheese, maybe some strawberries.”

He pulled up to the traffic light just before the turn into the grocery store parking lot, turned to her and said, “So, you are planning on spending the rest of the weekend in bed?”

“I plan on spending the rest of the weekend with you. Just you and me. I realized tonight at the party that I have spent too little time alone with you. We’ve been too involved in business and spent much too little time concentrating on how much we love each other,” she explained.

“I was watching you tonight and remembered how lucky I am to have a man like you by my side. A man that gives me everything he can and allows me to stretch and grow in the business world while helping me to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. You love me without question and always step back to let me grow on my own. You let me make mistakes. You let me learn on my own when I know that you could tell me what to do. But you know that the lessons I learn on my own are the most valuable. You love me enough to let me fail, but are always there to put a pillow under me when I fall.”

The light changed and David drove into the parking lot. “You haven’t fallen. Your success is your own. But I don’t see what that has to do with shopping for finger foods that we can eat in bed.”

“You really are a dope, aren’t you?” Christi said with a laugh. “I’m suggesting that we spend a weekend together. It’s been over a year since we’ve had just the two of us, locked in our special place and devoted to making each other crazy with love and lust.”

He pulled into a parking space near the front of the store, turned the engine off and turned to her saying, “Maybe you’ve missed it, but I have been in deep lust with you since the day I first met you. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is or how many times we’ve had sex. My lust for you simply doesn’t fade. You may have had men in your life that were more handsome, taller, slimmer or richer, but you’ve never had a man that loved you more or harbored as much lust for you.”

She was a little surprised by his gush of emotion, but was moved by his words.

“I would never cheat on you because I just can’t imagine a woman more perfect than you,” he continued. “Of this I am certain … you were made for me.”

She gave him a shy smile, reaching over to touch his cheek. “I don’t deserve you,” she said softly.

“You probably don’t,” he responded with a smile, “But you couldn’t drive me away with a stick. Now let’s go find the things that you insist we need before going home.”

Before he opened the car door he watched as she pulled up the bottom of her dress and removed her panties.

“Are you planning on doing something to me in the store?” he asked, a little stunned by her actions.

“No,” she replied, “But I want you to know that my sex is uncovered and available to you. I’ve been around you long enough to know that my being in public or in the office without panties gets you excited and aroused.”

He laughed. “That works every time.”

Once inside the store, Christi went immediately into the produce section and started looking at grapes.

Catching her attention, David held up a foot long cucumber.

She giggled saying, “No. We don’t need that. We’ll just use yours.”

They picked out a few things in the bakery before moving to the wine section. After picking several bottles of their favorites, she guided him to the dairy section for a choice of cheeses. Once Christi was satisfied that she had everything she wanted, she headed toward the checkout.

Halfway to the front of the store they passed the section with condoms. “Should we get some of these?” David asked. “I know that we don’t need them, but maybe you’d like to slow me down a little. You know I can’t get off wearing one of them.”

Christi laughed at his comment before commenting on some of the lube products on the shelf below the condoms. “Maybe we need this one that says it is kissable.”

“This one looks interesting,” he said as he picked up a bottle with the name ‘Astroglide.’ “Do you think it’s made to make things slide in your ass?”

“It might be,” she laughed. “The name certainly makes it sound that way.” She read the back of the package and tossed it into their basket saying, “We just may need it later.”

As they continued toward the front of the store he whispered, “I thought you told me I was too big for that.”

Without looking at him she said, “If you get me lubricated with wine and my ass lubricated with Astroglide, there is just no telling what might happen.” She came to a complete stop and looked around to see if any other shoppers were near them. Not seeing anyone close she whispered, “Wouldn’t you like to take my ass?”

“Of course I would. You have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen,” he answered, “But not if it hurts you.”

“Then why don’t you let me decide that,” she whispered with a sly grin. “You know I’m not into pain. I don’t want to be hurt or spanked, but the thought of you burying your beautiful cock in my ass makes my blood race and I know that you would like it. You wouldn’t tell me so, but I see the way you watch my butt. I feel the way you touch me there. Oh yeah, you want it and maybe we just need some Astroglide to make it happen.”

Ten minutes later they were in the car and headed home. By the time David had pulled out of the parking lot, Christi had once again pulled her dress up so that he could see her bare skin. When he looked over she said, “I don’t want you to forget.”

“That’s not likely,” he said with a smile. “I’ve thought about little other than your naked body for the past few years. Why would I stop now?”

“Would you like for me to get naked right now?” she asked.

Without hesitation David answered, “YES.”

She laughed out loud and said, “Baby, if I wasn’t wearing a dress I would get naked for you, but this is a little difficult to get off. But I promise that I won’t waste any time when we get home.”

Within a few minutes he drove into their garage. Getting out he turned and said, “Why don’t you go take care of that getting naked thing and I’ll take in our weekend supplies. Maybe you’d like me to open a bottle of wine.”

As he was getting the bags and his jacket out of the back seat, Christi walked past saying, “Maybe instead of wine you could make me a vodka and tonic. That way you can get me drunk and take advantage of me.”

He reached into one of the bags and handed her the bottle of Astroglide. “Then maybe you should take this and put it beside the bed. I’ll need it when I take advantage of your drunkenness.”

She took the bottle, leaned over and kissed him. “I’ll see you inside.”

Once inside the kitchen David began unpacking the things they had bought. He washed the grapes, put them in the fridge and was putting the other chilled things away when he heard her behind him. Turning around he found her standing at the end of the kitchen wearing nothing but her thigh-high stockings and striking a pose leaning against the counter. He froze in place with his mouth open. She was beautiful, sexy and erotic, all rolled into one.

After she had allowed him to look at her for a few seconds, she walked slowly toward him and said, “Feel this, baby,” she said as she took his hands and placed them on her full, perfectly rounded breasts. When she saw the desire in his eyes she lowered one of his hands down between her legs, rubbing it over her lubed sex.

To his touch it felt like she was covered in silk. Holding his hand in hers, she continued to stoke if up and down between your legs. After a minute she said, “Does that feel as good to you as it does to me?”

“Every part of your naked body feels good to me all the time, but I have to admit that this feels very nice,” he answered. As she continued to stroke herself using his hand he asked, “And did you apply it any place else to see how it worked?”

Much too quickly she said, “No,” in that small ‘how can you think I’m guilty voice.’ He moved so that her shoulder was against his chest, his hand was between her legs and lightly moving up and down, as he slowly moved his other hand from the small of her back and down the crack of her ass he asked, “No? You didn’t try it any place else?”

While she hesitated to respond, his fingers found her rosebud and he quickly found the answer to his question. He moved a finger around the well lubed opening and slowly inserted his finger up to the first knuckle. He saw her eyes close and her head roll back as she concentrated on the feeling he was providing. Slowly he moved the finger pushing it a little deeper and feeling the silkiness of the lube she had used. Putting his mouth against her ear he whispered, “Does that feel good, baby?”

She answered in a very small, quiet voice, “Yes.”

“How about this?” he asked as he slid a finger deeply into your pussy.

“Oh Yes,” she answered in a much louder voice.

He worked both fingers in and out of her and felt his cock swell to the point that it almost hurt. Pressing his erection against her leg he stroked her and himself all at the same time.

“Oh baby,” she groaned. Her breathing began to get heavy and fast until after a minute of continued fingering she began to claw at his belt.

He could tell that she didn’t want to turn her body and lose the effect of what he was doing. She was struggling, but was obviously in a hurry. By the time she got his pants to drop to the floor, she was very excited and whimpering quite loudly. She yanked down his boxers and grabbed his cock, holding it hard in her hand. “Oh god,” she almost shouted, “This is what I want. Please baby. Right now!”

As excited as he was, he put his mouth next to her ear and said, “Do you plan on fucking me on the kitchen floor?”

She pulled away from him. “Come with me,” she said as she grabbed him by his shirt. As she pulled, he stepped out of his pants and boxers, leaving them on the kitchen floor.

Once they were inside the bedroom she frantically pulled on his shirt buttons and almost popped them off, tearing the shirt off of him. She turned away from him and got on the edge of the bed, placing her face on the sheets. She moved her hand between her legs and put a finger inside her pussy saying, “Here, baby. Put it in here!”

David moved up behind her holding his cock in his hand, guiding it to her very wet and wanting sex. He slowly pushed the head in only to have her thrust back against him, burying his cock deeply inside her.

He was rewarded with her deep groan of pleasure. He gained his own pleasure as he began to pump into her and watched her hands clawing at the sheets. Her cries and groans got louder with each long, deep stroke and she grabbed a pillow to put under her mouth. Her cries of pleasure became even louder even though muffled by the pillow. Her wetness was beginning to run down the inside of her legs and his balls were dripping from her juices. She reached back one hand and grabbed his balls, letting them slide thought her fingers.

David turned his head and noticed the bottle of Astroglide on the nightstand. He picked it up, opened the bottle and poured some into the crack of her ass above her rosebud, letting it slowly run down until it was covered. He knew that she could feel it and that she was anticipating what would come next. As he continued to thrust deeply into her pussy, he coated his thumb with the slippery liquid and rubbed it around her anus before pushing it into her ass.

Her head came off of the pillow and she let loose a sound that could only be described as animal pleasure. He stood perfectly still as she began to thrust herself against him. He just stood firm and she pushed and pulled, fucking him and groaning with desire.

After several minutes, she stopped and he could hear her breathing as if she had run a mile. She dropped down on the bed letting his cock and finger slip out. She looked up at him and asked, “Are you going to cum for me?”

He put his hand on his dripping wet cock and watched her eyes fix on him as he stroked it several times. “Yes I am. I’m close right now.”

She scooted over to him and took his cock in her hand. Squeezing it hard, she said, “Then I want you to cum in my ass. I really want that, baby.”

“We’ve tried that before,” he said softly. “You said that I’m too big for that.”

“Not tonight,” Christi said with a big smile. “Not tonight, baby. Tonight you are going to fit me like a glove. I want to feel you deep in me and I want you to cum inside me.”

Just hearing her say those words almost made him explode in her hand. With a pleading look in her eyes, she let go of him and reached for the bottle of magic fluid. “This is going to make the difference,” she said and poured a large amount of the liquid on his pulsing cock. She spread it around and smiled up at him, “You are so hard. Now give me what I want.” Saying that, she moved back into the same position on her knees and spread her legs out a little wider until her rosebud was just the right height for him.

He didn’t touch his cock for fear of wiping off any of the lubricant, but moved forward until the head of his shaft was touching her puckered opening. Pushing softly but firmly he watched as the head began to enter her. He pushed more and watched as the entire head disappeared inside her before he stopped. This was the point at which he expected her to wince from pain and pull away. He held still and waited.

“More, baby. More,” she said in a pleading whisper.

David put him hands on the sides of her hips and made a solid push forward without stopping. The lube did the trick and he slipped into her ass until he was completely buried. Once again he stopped and waited for her response. He waited what seemed like minutes before she finally said, “Oh baby, I’m so glad you did that. It feels wonderful. Does it feel good to you?”

“Oh god yes,” He answered. “It feels tight and hot. Just sliding it inside of you has made me ready to cum.”

“Then fuck me,” she demanded, “I want to feel you thrusting into me and pumping your cum into me. Hurry baby … I want it right now.”

He slowly pulled back, letting his cock slide out of her until she once again pushed herself hard against him crying out, “Do it hard. I want to feel it. Don’t be gentle!”

He held onto the sides of her hips and began to thrust into her as hard and fast as he could. He knew that he wouldn’t last long, but when he looked down and actually saw his cock driving into her ass over and over, his mind started to spin. David’s orgasm was probably delayed as he became mesmerized watching his cock sliding smoothly in and out of her. Her insides were silky and hot.

Christi had wanted this for such a long time. She could feel the large head of his cock sliding through her, removing any inhibitions she might have felt previously. How many times had she wanted to ask her husband take her ass since that first time they had tried it years ago? He was such a sweetheart and would never do anything that caused her the slightest pain. Now she was finally getting what she craved and was unable to control the words and sounds that came from her mouth.

Suddenly David became aware of the noises that she was making. She was crying out in pleasure, urging him to go harder and faster. She was saying things that she had never said before. “Fuck my ass with that big dick,” she cried out to him. “Fuck me and make me cum,” she seemed to yell.

That’s when the explosions in his head began. His toes curled and hot cum fired out of his cock as he continued to slam his hardness into her beautiful ass.

She told him later that the sounds he made as his orgasm continued were completely animal, but that he never stopped thrusting into her. His erection would not go away. In a mad frenzy, he continued to fuck her, watching as the white cum began to pour out of her and run down her legs.

When he could no longer move, he fell to the bed, flipping over on his back, exhausted and dripping with sweat. Christi quickly moved her mouth to his and devoured him with kisses. When she finally stopped she said, “You are a total animal and I love you. What got into you? You’ve never been quite that crazy before.”

“I don’t mean to sound crude,” he said softly, “But I’ve never been buried in your ass before and it has been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I guess the fact that you wanted me to do it and obviously enjoyed it just drove me a little crazy.”

“A little crazy?” she laughed and kissed him again. “Introduce me to that man again some time. He was fun.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he said with a tired smile.

“Enjoyed it?” she asked. “Were you not listening to me? I was going nuts!” She kissed him again very passionately. “Now I’m going to give you a few minutes to recover and then we’re getting into the shower together. I’m going to clean you up and scrub that beautiful cock of yours so that I can find some new uses for it.”

“You want more?” he asked.

“Oh baby, you’ve just started my engine. So don’t even think about going to sleep,” she said with a laugh. “I had such an amazing orgasm; I can’t wait to do it again.”

Quickly he rolled her over on her back and sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth. He sucked it, ran his tongue over it and then raked his teeth over it until she put her hands into his hair and sighed with pleasure. “It would appear to me,” he said, “That in our playing tonight I have neglected to pay any attention to these lovely globes. Should I begin now or would you prefer to wait until after the shower?”

She put two fingers into his mouth and he sucked on them. She made a little purring sound and said, “And this tongue has neglected to touch anything between my legs yet tonight and that is something that is going to be remedied as soon as we are out of the shower.”

“Maybe you’d like to get on top of me and sit on my face?” he asked.

“There you go, turning into an animal again,” she said with a laugh.

He sucked hard on the nipple again before saying, “I thought you just said you liked me as an animal.”

“I do, baby,” she said softly as she pulled his mouth back onto her breasts. “I do and I hope you’ll like me as an animal also.”

“Grrrrr,” he said as he bit on her nipple. “Consider the cage door open. Let the animals out.”

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