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Utah mountain bath connection

A much needed bath turns to the best encounter ever
LaSal Utah is but a small backwoods town twenty miles east of Moab. Ranching and timber were big here in the seventies. Now a few ranchers hang on and the sawmill is closed and burned. It’s a world apart from the red rock country of Moab. I’m here chasing bears. They're numerous in the spring; coming out in May to feast on early green grass and recover from their long sleep.

Utah allows a “chase only” season for hounds men. We are allowed to run and tree the bears with no kill and no weapons. We come for the love of the dogs, to train and prove. Pictures are the trophy. How could this possibly turn into an erotic adventure? Well let’s start on Tuesday morning.

Our camp had eight hounds men. We caught a nice red boar early that morning. It was a long chase, five miles for the dogs and the bear. He treed across a huge canyon with no road access. Only a mile separated us but it took hours to reach them. When we arrived back at camp the dogs were done and so were we. I needed a bath in the worst way. A small, secluded lake a mile from camp would suffice.

The lake sits in a high mountain meadow. Lush grass is gradually broken by steep rock slides covered in aspen. The scene is out of place from the hustle of spandex clad mountain bikers four thousand feet below. Very few know or care that this beauty is so close. I’ve never seen them up this high so the SUV parked close to the lake took me by surprise. I wasn’t going to be denied, they couldn’t stay forever and I reeked.

At the lake I met ‘Tober (short for October) and I forget his name. They were friendly and curious. They met in Moab and ventured up to the forest for a little quiet time. ‘Tober’s tie-dyed skirt and bare feet caught my eye from far away but her sparkling blue eyes and dark black hair took my breath away. Her body was thin and kept with small perky breasts, a moderate waist and hips as wide as her shoulders. She was in her mid thirties like myself I guessed. She couldn’t get enough of my stories. My favorite topic is me so I was telling her and the less than interested companion about the west, bears, hounds, hay, tractors…

She said later that she had to have me the second I started talking to them. Carhartt bibs and dark green shirt with my western accent were what she had ventured west to experience. Her only issue was the spandex clad companion. He helped her out by emphatically telling her they had to be back or miss the afternoon ride. She shocked both of us by telling him that as she would like to see more of the mountains, he should go make the ride and I would see that she would get back later tonight.

The dust hung in the air from his vanishing SUV when ‘Tober looked me in the eye, batted her lashes and asked if she could help me get cleaned up. Ten years later her gaze is still imprinted in my mind. Her skin was soft and inviting and her eyes spoke to my soul.

Smooth black rocks provided the perfect place for us to start the cleaning and exploration. The water was cold, the rocks hot. Our feet were first, hers needed the water as much as mine. We took turns scrubbing the black dirt and revealing clean flesh beneath. Our touch bonded us and we took our time savoring each newly uncovered appendage. Feet, hands, legs, arms and our hair and faces were slowly and sensually cleaned.

We hardly spoke, letting our hands familiarize and our eyes probe. My bibs are off, her skirt still hung from her hips; our shirts in place when ‘Toter softly suggested “The best of us still needed to be cleaned.” She dropped her skirt and pulling her shirt off she moved close enough to help me with my boxers and shirt.

She was grace in motion, slowly unbuttoning each button from bottom to top. I smelled like bear ass and felt self-conscious. She sensed my shame and softly removed my boxers then pulled me knee deep into the pond. She bade me to raise my arms so she could start with the worst first and worked her way down. I tried to make the cleaning mutual but she shrugged off my attempts with a smile.

Her bathing of me was more sensual than the blow job that followed. I’d never had a woman so into me and making me comfortable. She took charge and put me in the passenger seat for the best ride of my life. She washed my stomach, ass and groin with precision. When she was satisfied with her job she ran her fingers lightly over my ass and grinned as she licked my hard cock. Nibbling softly at first then shallow bobs and all the way down until she gagged, only bobbing up slightly to take a breath and then deeply again. I strained to keep my footing and remain standing with these new to me sensations of a full blown deep blow job. I dared not to touch her head as that brought unacceptable results with past companions so I widened my feet and bent slightly to rest my hands on her shoulders.

This must have puzzled her because she raised her mouth just off my cock and told me to steady myself with her hair. I filled my hands with her hair and found it helped me stay in time with her movements. I knew I would come soon and yet the water, the surroundings and her sense of just how far and fast to suck me kept me from orgasm. And then another new sensation, her index finger was twirling my ass.

The country boy inside screamed “NO WAY IN HELL” and yet the blow job distracted me. My internal conflict melted when she looked deep into my eyes, yearning access to my virgin ass. I relaxed with her still looking into my soul, calming me and promising untold pleasure if I but trusted her. Her head was still, my cock buried in her mouth as she gently pushed past one, then two knuckles and buried deep in my ass. I couldn’t look away, how could a dirty country boy be this lucky? She didn’t thrust into me, just found and stroked my prostate with the tip of her finger while her mouth kept a vacuum on my rigid dick.

A warm, queasy feeling flowed from the tip of her finger through my body like a first sip of brandy. She could see and feel the effect and increased the pressure to my prostrate magnifying the heat now setting me on fire. She willed me to cum in her mouth, another first for me. Just seconds before I started pumping cum she swallowed me down her throat. The resulting explosion gagged her but she did her best to reclaim all that I had to give. The hypersensitivity of my cock made her efforts almost painful in the most wonderful way. She sucked and swallowed and I shivered and shook.

Minutes later I had recovered enough to kiss her for the first time. Semen taste, my semen mixed in our embrace. We couldn’t get enough of each other and even a country boy knows that blow jobs don’t fully satisfy the giver. She didn't want it rough; I knew to be tender and slow just like she had been with me. While our tongues danced our hands found each other’s chests. Her nipples drilled into my palms as I used her breasts as radio dials and tried to tune in Japan. She cooed and kissed like I was her first love. Gradually her hands moved to my ears, played gently with them and then grabbed hold and slowly guided my kisses down her chest, navel and stomach.

Her clit poked out, rigid and tight but I held my kisses on her pubes and inhaled her scent. My nose poked her belly button while my lips nibbled her pubic hair, pulling it gently but not satisfying her needs. I couldn’t help myself, her hair was fine with almost no curl and quite sparse similar to Asians I’ve come to love since. She didn’t need the lake water, she smelled good enough to eat like where the rain forest meets the ocean, musk and salt. I could have dwelt here for hours but her hands filled with my hair and tugged me lower.

I avoided the hooded eruption and licked the labia folds and drank her juices, teasing my way through her valley. She enjoyed this greatly and kept a hold on my hair to keep her balance. Minutes went by before she lost patience and pulled my mouth onto her love bud. My ears became her handlebars and she drove my mouth to her pleasure zones. Clit, pussy, clit, pussy, clit, through the pussy and some serious dwell time in her ass, she held me there until I pushed my tongue past her sphincter and wiggled it around.

It didn’t take long, about three cycles until I figured out she wanted, she needed her ass filled as well as her clit sucked. I moved an index finger to her vagina for a good lube and then slowly dragged it rearward. She shivered as I brushed the flesh in between and then she rammed her ass onto my finger with enough force that I was suddenly kissing a navel instead of a clit.

Her hands pulled my head away so she could catch my eye and smile at me while she fucked my finger. I didn’t know what to do so I followed her lead and let her impale herself on my digit until I could feel her ass starting to grip and suck at my finger. I can still see her lusty smile as her head rolled back and she forced my face to her crotch. My lips closed around the bud and she exploded, shaking and grinding my hand and face with force I hadn’t anticipated. I used my free hand to support her back and gently laid her back onto the grass and our clothes.

She melted for minutes, so long so that my previously hard cock went flaccid and worry crept into my mind. When I pulled back and looked at her she opened one eye just to a slit and smiled. She pulled me down next to her and whispered “Thanks” barely audible in my ear. We cuddled and it felt good

The nap didn’t last long, maybe five or ten minutes. A truck passed by the lake but didn’t stop. The sound was enough to bring us back to our situation. We weren't satisfied. I was hard and she needed more.

With Her hands on my shoulders she pushed my back to the grass and she swung a leg across, positioning her pussy over but not onto my cock. She slid back and forth on me without penetration. Her juices lubricating and teasing me. She took me for the first time just millimeters at a time while her pussy muscles worked my dick. I held still and enjoyed her gaze. She came quite quickly by rolling my penis against her g-spot. Not intense, just a mini O if you will and I still held still. It didn’t take long for her to pull up far enough for my dick to pop free of her pussy and with a quick wrist movement she had me lined up to take her up the ass.

For the first time she started talking to me, not chatty shit but intense sexual talk.

“Thanks for letting me take the lead” and “Thanks for letting me have your ass cherry.” “Thanks for teasing me and finger fucking my ass” type of stuff. Almost gushing if you will.

I just smiled and held still while she impaled her ass onto my seven inches of flesh. The compliments waned and she started the fuck talk.

“Your dick feels amazing. Fuck me. No really, fuck me. Hey asshole quit laying there and fuck my tight ass." With that she pulled me over, put her calves on my shoulders and bade me to fuck her ass HARD. I had plenty of stamina so while I pistoned her ass she moved her hips to position my thrusts onto her g-spot. Each time I’d hit it just right a little more fluid would leak out of her pussy. We had made love and now we were going to fuck, leave everything here by the side of a small pond in eastern Utah.

When she came she went stiff and nearly pinched my dick off, sending me over the edge. My cock pumped and pumped into her ass. As she came off her high she worked my dick with her ass muscles until I knew this wouldn’t be the end.

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