Valentine's day with Trish and Nikki

By prisonbreak

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Ex-girlfriend arrives at the wrong time... (or the right???!!!)
I was so much in love with Trish. She was a 19 year old at that time, a real cutie with wheatish complexion, just like me. Although she is 6 years younger than me, but we shared some magical chemistry, since we first saw each other, some time back. Trish is about 5’3” tall, having an amazing figure of 34-28-34. Although a bit on the plump side, she is an angel. Her smile is a cute, to-die-for one, carrying an aura of cheer, wherever she goes. She has burgundy-streaked shoulder length hair.

It was Valentine’s Day and a special one for us, being our first one. Trish was at my place at around 8 a.m. She was wearing a white top and jeans. I was up early that day, showered and dressed, before her arrival, making coffee when she showed up. After some hugging and kissing, we were in the kitchen. I heard my phone ringing and went to my bedroom to receive. It was an acquaintance, whom I felt better to avoid.

I returned and saw Trish bent over at the dining table, going through the newspaper, her cute, round ass staring at me through her tight jeans. Her top was lifted upwards, exposing the small of her back. I reached behind her, bending down, with my left hand on her shoulder and kissing her exposed skin, lifting her top further above her black bra strap. Trish gave out a giggle, as I continued kissing and feeling her back all over. I got up on my feet, so did she, as we engaged in passionate kissing, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. We started undressing each other in the process, as my lips descended downwards towards her breasts, via her neck and arms. I couldn’t resist her dark brown nipples, which were erect and crinkled due to excitement. I made Trish lay on her back on the table, as I manipulated her breasts, kneading, fondling, kissing, biting, and nibbling them, chewing and licking her nipples and areolas. Trish was moaning in excitement, as she tightened her leg scissors around my hips, pulling me further towards her, her hands moving in my hair.

When I was satisfied with my “breast-feeding”, I got up and turned Trish around, bending her forward at the waist, holding the edge of the table. I started kissing her beautiful ass, spanking her ass-cheeks a few times. Trish’s surprised cries at each spank provoked my animal instincts. What surprised me was the fact that Trish had goose bumps all over her ass, as I touched and kissed her buns. I spread her ass-cheeks apart and started licking the partition, reaching downwards to her forbidden hole. Her asshole was so small and looked so tight, I wondered for a second how Trish managed to excrete through that orifice. Anyways, I couldn’t resist myself and started kissing and licking the wrinkled brown ring. Trish’s moans got louder, as I started eating her asshole, with my tongue trying to get deeper and deeper into her rectum. I spat gobs right onto her anus, smothering her anal walls with my saliva.

I moved further south to her pussy. Frankly speaking, Trish’s pussy belongs to the ‘camel toe’ category. I immediately started biting and nibbling on the ‘camel toes’, smooching her pussy lips. I further serviced her vagina, using my tongue, going as deep as possible into her nether regions. Trish had started panting, as her moans became louder. I could taste the aroma of her initial pussy juices, knowing that much more was about to come. In the same anticipation, I pulled her clit hood downwards between my right thumb and forefinger, as if trying to peel a banana. Her love button was now exposed, facing above and I had full access to it. I started flicking my tongue over it and sucking on it vigorously, as Trish started shuddering violently in excitement. As she reached orgasm, I squeezed her hips tightly, enclosing my mouth over her pussy. Trish started cumming violently, wave after wave. I hungrily savored her creamy pussy juices, which believe me, tasted something like litchi-nectar.

I got up and replaced my tongue with my fingers. First of all, it was my ring finger in her tight anus. Her rectum muscles showed some resistance initially, but finally gave way, as I increased my pace. Then the index finger also joined the exercise. Trish was still in orgasmic bliss, but her moans continued. I switched between her holes and shoved the two units into her sloppy and slushy pussy. Meanwhile, my thumb started probing her anus. Trish gave a few surprised cries, as I tried to do some scraping and twisting with my thumb. Finally, I decided to give the ring finger some lubrication, as I finger-fucked her anus with my index finger and the next two were in her pussy.

My cock was now pulsating with excitement, standing at 7.5”, desperate for some action. I stood up, turning Trish around, facing me. I shoved my pussy/anus juice-glistening fingers in her mouth, which she slurped like a bitch. Removing my hand, I kissed her full on the mouth, as we exchanged and slurped at each other’s saliva. Pushing her down to make her squat, I shoved my prick down Trish’s throat, pulling my foreskin completely back, which had assisted in lubrication of my cock-head by the pre-cum. I could feel the entrance of her throat on my cock-head and Trish’s choking on it. I pulled out completely of her mouth a few times, shoving back in, so as to lube my cock with thick coats of Trish’s saliva, whose strands now hung around her mouth, connecting it to my crotch. I even managed to shove my balls a couple times along with my dick into her mouth, and face fucked her. Slapping my cock a few times on her cheeks, I shoved it back again into her panting mouth.When my cock was slippery enough for even me to hold, I told Trish to spit on it one final time. She spat a thick gob, smearing my cock with it. I pulled her up, asking her to bend forward in the old position, holding the edge of the table.

Her pussy was glistening on the outside and I decided to flatten out her ‘camel toe’ with my cock this day. With a single hard shove, I was balls deep inside her love-canal. Trish gave out a surprised scream at first, which was followed by ecstatic moans, matching with my fucking. I pulled out a few times, slapping my shining dick on her pussy lips, rubbing it on her clit, before shoving it back again.

Few minutes later, I withdrew, asking Trish to get on all fours on the table. She, of course, obeyed. I too, got up above her, entering her pussy once again. The angle was better than before, inclined a bit downwards, which enhanced Trish’s volume of moans. Maybe it was the stimulation of her G-spot. While fucking her pussy, I was looking at her winking brown asshole, which I had lubricated to a bubbling state with my saliva, seemed to have dried. I couldn’t resist and in a fraction of a second, switched between Trish’s holes. I drilled my cock downwards into her asshole, which seemed insane, as the size ratio between the diameters seemed 1:100. Trish gave out a surprised cry, which was followed by many others in continuation, as I kept fucking her ass. Her state of euphoria seemed to have vanished, as her partially closed eyes were now wide open and her ecstatic moans were accompanied by loud panting. I pulled my cock completely out a few times and then shoved it back in to the hilt, in one go, but her anal muscles didn’t seem to loosen up easily. Instead, Trish’s rectum had a firm grip on my cock, squeezing it, trying to milk it out. I could feel the tension building in my balls, as I decided to give Trish an anal cream-pie.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang… Again and again… I had no option, but to pull out of Trish’s asshole in frustration, just when I was about to shed my load. I was furious, as I hurriedly wore my trousers and went to answer the door.

Oh fuck! It was Nikki!!!

Nikki and I had broken up a couple of months back. Actually, it was some of her friends, who didn’t like me being with her and were always backbiting. This time, my casual friendship with Trish was enough to trigger the jealousy in Nikki, rifting our relationship. The jealousy seeds were sown by the above mentioned girl friends of Nikki.

Anyways, Nikki was here, a 27 year old (at that time), fair-complexioned beauty. She has a lusty figure of 36-30-38. She’s around 5’5”, having the most beautiful eyes in the world, like Megan Fox, brown and almond-shaped. Her nose is the most perfect, long and slender, with a small-diamond nose-pin on the left. She has delicate, perfectly-shaped pout lips. She wore a yellow shirt with thin green stripes and tight black leggings. She loves showing off her big ass. Although she is 2 years older to me, people saw us as an ideal couple.

Nikki and Trish knew about each other, but this was a different situation. Nikki entered the house, shouting at me and cursing me. When she saw Trish, all covered in sweat, wearing her top lazily and naked waist below, Nikki started weeping, hitting me in the chest and shoulders. I tried to calm her down; by making her sit on the edge of the same table, I was fucking Trish a while ago. I held her face in my hands, wiping her tears and kissed her forehead. God knows what happened, but I was kissing Nikki passionately on her lips in a few moments, and we both had our eyes closed. The kisses descended down her neck, as I hurriedly unbuttoned her shirt, removing and throwing it away. Trish, whom I had completely forgotten about, was standing at our side, also assisted me, by removing Nikki’s black bra and immediately grabbing her beautiful boobs, squeezing and fondling them; licking and sucking her maroon, puffy nipples. Nikki, being on the overweight side, has an extended tummy, which only increases her sex-appeal. I licked and kissed her belly, tonguing her sweet, cavernous navel.

I lifted Nikki’s legs and held them at the calves at my waist, intending to pull out her leggings. As I reached her feet, I couldn’t resist worshiping those angelic creations. Nikki has the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. A perfect size 6, they are milky white, with creamy soles. She had a recent pedicure, as it seemed, with her toenails properly trimmed and painted black, like her manicured hands. I removed her black high heels slowly, as Nikki’s feet seemed fragile to me. I started kissing them all over, planting wet kisses upon her naked soles. Amazingly, her soles were changing shades white to pink, as I was kissing them. Even her heels were as soft and insanely wrinkled as the area above them. I licked her soles, following my tongue along her deep and high arches, which ended just below the toes. I sucked her slender, sweet toes, which were bulbous at the end, rolling my tongue between them. Her feet tasted like strawberries to me. I scraped the undersides of her toes with my lower teeth, triggering some passionate moans from Nikki’s mouth. Meanwhile, Trish engaged Nikki in passionate kissing, which took me by surprise. I doubted that even Trish didn’t know her bisexual side before this day and more was to come.

I finally pulled off Nikki’s leggings and aromatic black thong. Nikki had trimmed her bush to minimum, as compared to Trish, who had a bigger forest, but shaped into a triangle. I wasn’t in the mood to waste much time in cunnilingus and analingus, but as a formality, I slurped Nikki’s pussy, which was less tight than Trish’s, pulling her extended and curled pussy lips straight out with my teeth, which resulted in a louder moans from Nikki’s mouth. I tongued her maroon asshole a few times, holding her big white ass-globes apart, underneath her, lifting her feet to my shoulders. Meanwhile, Trish was unstoppably rubbing her fingers over Nikki’s clit. I got up and removed my trousers, as my dick was straining to get out through them. I made Nikki squat for lubricating my cock, using her lovely mouth. Nikki sucked my now maroon cock-head hungrily, teasing the glans with her tongue. I couldn’t wait any longer and got Nikki to get on the table on all fours, just like Trish lay there before Nikki’s arrival.

I mounted Nikki and directly plunged my cock straight down into her waiting asshole. I couldn’t decide whether Nikki was moaning or screaming, but she got louder and louder, as I picked up my rhythm, ramming her ass. Trish had also removed her top from her sweaty body and joined in the action, by constantly rubbing Nikki’s clit and pussy lips from the side. I pulled out a few times and shoved my cock into Trish’s mouth, giving her some ass-to-mouth experience. Trish seemed to have been possessed by some kind of sexual evil, as she hungrily accepted my offer, savoring Nikki’s anal taste from my cock. Trish spat into Nikki’s asshole, guiding my cock back in every time. I rotated my hips in a circular motion, so as to make Nikki’s anus gape, which I checked every time I withdrew my cock. When I was somewhat satisfied, I decided to take some rest myself, by lying on my back on the table.

I asked Nikki to mount my erect cock into her ass, facing me. Nikki was panting with her mouth open, tried to shove my prick into her ass, by reaching out behind with her hand. She was duly assisted by Trish, who licked my shaft once, then guided my penis into Nikki’s asshole. Nikki started to ride on my cock inside her ass, her erotic moans getting loud. Later on, I also matched upward thrusts with Nikki’s movements, grabbing her milk jugs in my hands and squeezing them, slapping them a few times. Nikki’s nipples were now rock hard, as she gave out a surprised cry every time I slapped her boobs, which were now turning reddish. Trish pulled out my dick once more from Nikki’s ass, salivating it again and shoved it back.

While fucking Nikki, I could see Trish stepping down from the corner of my eye and getting her handbag. To my shock, Trish pulled out a wrist-thick black strap-on dildo, shaped like a giant penis. It was around 4 inches in diameter and 9 or 10 inches in length. I realized that Trish was a sadistic, bi-sexual bitch; and not just any girl in her late teens. Trish wore the strap-on, as I decided to assist her in her wicked intentions. I pulled out of Nikki’s ass, pulling her towards me, kissing her passionately on her lips. I hurriedly got my cock up into Nikki’s sloppy pussy, still kissing her. Meanwhile, Trish had mounted Nikki from behind and without warning, shoved that insanely ribbed and cruel dildo into Nikki’s now well-fucked asshole. Even I realized it when I felt something pressing my cock down through Nikki’s perineum and Nikki broke our embracing kiss in a shock. Nikki tried to look back over her shoulder, how a girl, 8 years younger to her was reaming her butt-hole. I however, matched Trish’s movements rhythmically, fucking Nikki’s leaking pussy. Pulling Nikki down, I again kissed her, as she gave out muffled moans through our lip-lock. It was clear now that Trish was a sadistic animal. She was screaming her lungs out, as she fucked Nikki’s asshole, trying to put in all the energy she could.

When Trish was finally out of steam, she pulled out of Nikki’s ass with a sickening plop. Nikki, moaning and panting after marathon fucking, also lifted herself up and went to the sofa, kneeling on it. Her well-fucked, gaping and bubbling asshole was a sight. Her ecstatic moans were still audible, which made my desire to cum quickly more irresistible. I had to cum at any cost, as I was depraved of cumming earlier in the day, thanks to Nikki. I went to the sofa, getting Nikki again on all fours. I mounted her from behind and again started fucking her inviting butt-hole. I kept increasing my pace, as Nikki's moans were getting louder and louder. Nikki glistened in perspiration; and her waist-length golden brown-streaked hair stuck in wet strands, partially covering her face, over her shoulders, boobs and back. Suddenly, I felt something pushing my dick out. I couldn’t fight it, as I was surprised by the sudden breaking of rhythmical fucking. Nikki gave out a big, loud, wet fart, driving my dick all out of her anal territory.

It was exciting enough for me, to build tension in my balls. I slipped my erect member into Nikki’s shithole again, gathering her recent fart on my dick, as much as I could, rotating my penis around her rectum walls. When I knew it was time, I pulled out and hurriedly reached forward, shoving my dick balls deep into Nikki’s gaping, and panting mouth; making her taste her own anal flavors through my dick. I face fucked Nikki a few times before I paused, feeling jet after jet of my semen rising through my cock and discharging deep into her throat. I knew her mouth was full, as Nikki choked and tried to cough around my dick. I could feel her throat movements, trying to swallow my hot seed, as I started to withdraw my dick from her mouth. There were strands of my semen mixed with Nikki’s saliva hanging at the corners of her mouth.

It was the best Valentine’s Day one could imagine.