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We have been naughty

I have great friends that like to help me out in a time of need!
I have always been a little bit of a recluse, only keeping a few, close friends. Trevor and Aaron were my best friends. We knew everything about each other, every dark secret and every sweet memory.

I know that Trevor likes to be in control and fuck girls rough in pubic places. He's shared how he fucked a girl last week in a dark corner of a crowded club.

Now Aaron is completely different, on the surface he is shy and sweet. He's more of the cuddler, hold close type, but underneath the shy boy is a little freak. We've talked about fantasies and he wants a threesome...with two cocks and one pussy. 

Most weekends, the three of us get together, watch movies and just talk about our weeks and unwind together. This is usually where the fantasies come out, where the naughty thoughts from our weeks gets shared. Trevor's are of being in the office, of grabbing the bitch that is his gorgeous boss and fucking her in the middle of the room to the shock of his co-workers, of hearing the boss scream on his cock. Aaron's are more tame, of being blown in the copy room or to being beaten off under the table at dinner.

It's during one of these weekends that a fantasy became a reality.

We were watching a movie and it just got to the sex scene, the soft touching, heavy breathing, long gazes and soft moans that make up Hollywood blockbusters.

"This is so fucking fake!" Trevor suddenly spouts off at the TV, "Grab her tits, bite her, smack her ass!" he shouts at the lead actor. "Why is sex always so lame in these movies?"

Aaron chuckles, "Well mister movie director, what would you have them do?"

Trevor smirks and responds, "I'd have him fuck her like there's no tomorrow. Slap her ass when he pulls out and bite her nipples 'til she screams. And what's with the whole two people thing? Why not three? Fuck, I'd even settle for two cocks and one pussy it has to be better than this shit." My breath hitches and I wiggle in my seat. Trevor smirks and leans into my ear, "Is Kitten a little hot and bothered?" I feel his fingers brush my leg before slipping under the hem of my shorts. "Why don't I check for myself?" 

He winks at Aaron, as I feel his fingers brush my panties before they are moved aside, and he has two fingers deep inside me. Having his fingers in my pussy makes my back arch and a moan drop from my lips. I'm so wet from the soft porn sex scene in the movie and from Trevor's rant. He curls his fingers upward before he pulls them out. He watches his fingers glisten before popping them in his mouth.

Trevor hums around his fingers and closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes he looks at Aaron, "Jealous?" and leans over me. His tongue swipes at Aaron's lips before diving in and sharing my taste. I'm a wet and withering mess between them. I don't even realize, until Trevor growls and grabs my wrist, that I had my hand in my pussy.

Trevor stands up and tosses me over his shoulder. Before Trevor rounds the corner into my room, I see Aaron looking lost on the couch. I shout, "Two cocks!" and watch a smile spread before I'm tossed onto the bed.

I prop myself up on my elbows as Trevor pulls his shirt over his head. I watch his tattoos move over his muscles. My eyes drop to the bulge in his jeans as he pulls his belt through the loops. 

"I'll save this for later." He winks and places the belt on the bed side table. My breathing speeds up as I imagine what he will use that belt for later.

My eyes snap back to Trevor as his jeans slide off, and he's left in his tight fitting briefs. Over Trevor's shoulder, I can see Aaron in the doorway, standing naked and stroking his hard cock while watching us. I suddenly feel over dressed in my shorts and tank top. I pull my tank off and watch Trevor's eyes land on my breasts.

He climbs onto the bed and kisses up my stomach to my bra. He reaches behind to undo the clasp and latches onto a nipple as soon as one's free. My back arches into his mouth at the sensation. I pull on his hair to get him closer when he bites down and tugs. A scream rips from my throat, and I hear Trevor moan, he's taking pleasure in my pain.

I feel the bed dip as Aaron joins us. I don't want him to be left out and open my arms for him. A smile spreads as he watches me with his hand still on his cock. He bends over me and sucks on my other nipple. I gasp feeling the two mouths. In my bliss I notice Trevor's hand takes over Aaron's cock and Aaron's previously busy hand slides down my stomach and between my legs.

Aaron gently taps my clit and I shudder. Trevor's mouth kisses up to my neck and he sucks and bites along my pulse point. With them both working on me I can feel my release so close. With my eyes closed I don't notice their silent conversation that passes between the two men. All of a sudden I'm devoid of sensations. I'm denied the chance to cum hard.

Trevor smirks and says, "We won't let you cum until you tell us what you want, Kitten. You barely ever share your dirty secrets with us. Please tell us what you want Kitten. What you need?"

I'm close to sobbing with the need to cum. "I'm a naughty girl and need a spanking!" Looking over at Aaron and seeing his tongue wet his lips gives me an idea, so I shout, "And Aaron's been a bad boy too!"

I gasp thinking of my fantasies, "I think it would be hot if you tied him over me, straddling my back. His cock between us and both our asses showing so you can spank us together!"

I watch Trevor's jaw drop and eyes widen. He never thought my mind was so dirty. A silence stretches, so I continue with down cast eyes. I need to say the whole fantasy before I lose all my nerve. "Aaron's cock would feel good in my ass from that position, and you can choose either his ass or my pussy to fuck. That way no one would be left out." I loose my steam and quiet down.

I feel Trevor's fingers under my chin, lifting so he can look into my eyes. My eyes plead with him to please me. I watch him nod slightly before looking at Aaron who collects his wits fasts and nods frantically. A grin breaks out across Trevor's face.

"Well then, Kitten, shorts off! Get face down and on your knees," his voice commands, and I quickly comply. I moan knowing Trevor and Aaron are seeing my ass in the air and my juices run down my legs. I hear a drawer open close by my head and Trevor chuckles. "My little Kitten is well prepared." I feel cool gel rim my asshole. "If you are going to have Aaron's cock in you, I need to make sure he won't hurt you." 

Trevor spreads the gel with his fingers pushing in every now and then. He works me up to three fingers, scissoring deep, loosening me up. I moan and bite into the pillows as he works. I can hear a low hum and something hard enter my ass. After I recover from the surprise and loosen around the intrusion, I moan. I know its my dildo, the one I use on my pussy. 

Trevor leans over me and whispers, "Be a good girl and take this piece of plastic Kitten. Soon it will be a cock."

I'm almost to my release. When I mutter "so close" all movement stops and my ass is left empty. I sob from the loss. I'm shocked again by a hard slap on my ass, it makes my pussy gush. 

"That was a warning, I didn't say you could cum Kitten. Be good for me and wait until I say." The belt falls to the bed in my line of vision. It felt so good I want to be bad if that's what I get!

I feel a hand on my ass soothing the sting and a gentle kiss to the mark. "Are you ready for that cock in your ass, naughty girl?"

"Yes sir, " I whimper.

I can feel Aaron's smooth hands glide up my back as his cock slides slowly into my ass. I will myself to calm down. I don't want this to end before it even begins. Trevor's hand pushes me down so Aaron can get in position over me, so both our asses can show at once. Once settled over me Aaron wraps his hands under me, anchored on my breasts. I can feel his breaths against my neck. 

He whispers, "Thank you for my fantasy," before he kisses my neck and pinches my nipples. I feel him press his hips closer, and I tighten around him so ready for my fantasy to begin.

"I'm going to start easy on you two. Soft slaps with my hand and then work up to the belt." He gives us a warning before the first slap lands on Aaron's ass, forcing him to rock into me. I moan at the sensation knowing Aaron's pain is my pleasure. "My dirty Kitten like's that? How about this?" And I yelp as his hand smacks my pussy, causing tingles on my clit and for me to buck up into Aaron.

Aaron bites into my shoulder to hold onto his load. After a few more teasing slaps each, Trevor reaches for the belt. By now I'm a hot mess, panting, moaning and dripping onto the sheets. In this entire time, Aaron has not moved off my back or fully moved his cock inside me.

Trevor snaps the belt in the air, and our breath pauses. I hear the crack before I feel it on my ass. By the whimper Aaron releases in my ear and the pain I feel, I know Trevor got both our asses in one hit. 

I can feel Trevor's fingers trace the marks as he mutters, "so pretty" then he chuckles, "My Kitten now has stripes."

Aaron moans in my neck and squeezes my nipples hard. I can feel Trevor close behind us before he sinks deep into my pussy. I'm so full with a cock in my ass and one in my pussy, and I can't hold back my screams when my pussy spasms, but I don't cum yet. I want more. I fist the sheets and rock back as far as I can with both of them surrounding me.

I can hear how wet I am with each thrust, and I can hear the slap as Trevor's stomach hits Aaron's ass. Suddenly my pussy is empty, but I know where that cock went when I hear Aaron moan. Every time Trevor pulls out of Aaron's ass, the cock in my ass retreats, and every time the cock sinks deep into my ass I know Trevor is thrusting into Aaron. 

I can feel tingles shoot through my body and my muscles clamp around nothing. I need a strong push to cum. Aaron's hands tighten on my breasts and his teeth dig into my shoulder as he screams.

"Cum Aaron. Cum in Kitten's ass!" A smack rings out as Trevor slaps Aaron one last time before I feel Aaron cumming deep in my ass. I hold back my climax with all my strength, keeping Trevor's command in mind.

Aaron goes limp and slips to the bed beside me. Trevor must still be hard because I feel him rub against my leg before he flips me onto my back.

"I want to see your face when you cum on my cock," he strokes himself a few times and speaks again. "Look at you, my little slut. Was the cock in your ass not enough?" I whimper. "Or are you a good girl, Kitten? Were you being good and not cumming until I said so?" 

I don't get a chance to answer before he is deep inside my pussy again. One leg is hooked at the knee over his arm and the other is locked tight around his waist. My leg is almost at my chest when I hear him whisper in my ear

"Mmmm, your pussy is so tight for me Kitten." Trevor's thrusts are hard and fast. He is chasing his own release. My chest is arched forward, and my neck strains back.

Trevor sucks my right nipple into his mouth and I whimper out a, "please.... let me.... CUM!" between thrusts. I bite my lip to hold in the shakes.

Trevor shouts "Now! Cum on my cock now, Kitten!" and he bites down on my nipple.

Wave after wave of ecstasy roll through my body. My pussy clamps down on Trevor's cock and milks him for all his cum. Gasping, he collapses on me. His weight is divine while the aftershocks grip me. His cock does a few more small thrusts as he softens in me. Once Trevor catches his breath, he rolls off me so I'm on my back between him and Aaron. Aaron cuddles into my neck. Kissing me softly while his hand traces patterns on my stomach. 

Aaron sighs, "That was fun."

"Understatement," Trevor huffs out. I can see his lids droop closed. He's going to fall asleep soon. Trevor turns on his side pressed against me, one hand cupping a breast. He smiles and asks, "Is my cum dripping out of your pussy yet?"

Before I can answer, Aaron's hand slips down and glides along my pussy. Pulling back, he holds up his prize, two fingers covered in cum. "Yes, I think she is," he smirks before he sucks his fingers clean.

I hum contently before I slip into a deep sleep with two warm bodies pressed against me.

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