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Welcome to Amsterdam

A new beginning
Despite being mid-February it is pleasant on the streets of Amsterdam and the nightlife is taking advantage of the relative mildness for the time of year. I have you on my arm, holding you close as I guide you carefully over the cobblestone back-streets where doorways are lit in red and bright coloured lights illuminate the scantily dressed prostitutes advertising their bodies for sale in the shop windows. Along with other tourists we gawp at what’s on offer. Young girls with small breasts, fat ladies for men who want smothering and mature women dressed in studded leather who will tell their paying clients what they must ask for!

We are in a foreign city where no-one knows us and our few inhibitions have been left with Customs in Schipol airport. This is our weekend for pleasure and you had earlier brought to my attention the fact that you were wearing nothing under your short skirt. As dusk had brought our more conventional sightseeing to a close, we had ventured with an eager thrill into the warm embrace of a sex cinema.

The film was hot! A German film, it showed a succession of scenes: a young stud takes on two women at the same time - one riding on his cock while the other covers his face with her cunt, a dominant long-haired brunette seduces and vigorously dildoes a young woman who resists at first and then complies as she feels the pleasure from the glistening black rubber cock, wet with her juices, as it pounds inside her only to repay the pleasure later by fastening on a large rubber cock and fucking the arsehole of the latex-clad woman. The scene then shifted to two men with one blonde beauty and as they undressed her between them they took it in turns to tease her nipples to hardness.

I had then noticed from the corner of my eye that the action was not all on the screen! Your hand, in the gloom of the cinema, had crept between your uncovered thighs and you, Mary, were shamelessly frigging your naked pussy in public at the prospect of seeing what adventures might befall the girl on screen. I’d leaned further towards you and slid my hand along your smooth thighs, moving it upwards until it took the place of your own hand. I’d moved my hand in a steady circular motion over your clitoris dipping my forefinger into your dripping cunt from time to time. Your knees, by then, had spread carelessly wide as you watched the scene unfold on screen and gasped at my fingers in your cunt.

The blonde was naked by then and was already astride the shorter man, rising and falling as she covered then unsheathed his thick cock. Her wetness coated his prick and, as she lifted, the lights shimmered along the moist length of his solid tube of meat before she sank back on him burying him deep within her. As she rose you could see her shaved cunt lips stretched wide and clinging to his prick as it left her body only to be pushed aside as she fell back on to him. The other man had been standing in front of her, his long slender cock deep in her mouth as she sucked hard on him. Her saliva glistened on the shaft as he slid from within the hold of her lips, her tongue moved around his cockhead as he cried “Ja, Ja, Maria! Das ist gute!”. I had pushed two fingers deep into your twat as you came with the spasms of your release gripping my fingers tight. You had realised your German namesake on screen was being fucked hard and suddenly your pussy was sucking and gripping at my fingers as though they were the last cock left in the world!

You discovered that the armrest between our chairs was hinged to allow it to lift out of the way. Quickly dipping your head down into the shadows you had unzipped me and pulled my prick out into the open. Your tongue had started by teasing the ‘eye’ in the end but your need to have your mouth filled (as Maria’s was) meant that you sucked impatiently hard and took my solid cock deep until my spunk was straining for release. From my lap you could still see the screen and we both saw the man with the long cock move around behind Maria. She, had taken a brief opportunity of freedom of hands and movement to squeeze her own breasts and to twist and roll the nipples as she rode furiously upon the thick prick deep inside her cunt.

The taller man was now behind her pushing gently but firmly on the back of her neck so that she lay forward along the body of the man beneath her. She slid back and forth a little so that below the little pink rosette of her arsehole we could see the prick penetrating her pink twat with a gentler rhythm. The taller man had picked up a small tube of lubricant from somewhere and was using the tips of his fingers to first smother his own prick and then he had used the thin nozzle of the tube to deposit some of its contents on and inside the entrance to her arse. He tossed the tube aside and move forward pressing his cock against the brown dimple. She opened easily and he slid inside where the hardness of his cock was enveloped by her tight warmth. After some gentle movements when his long thin cock had ventured deeper inside her, Maria had lifted up a little and was rocking more and more urgently back and forth so that she, in full control, was impaled on both cocks in both holes at the same time. As the thick prick stretched her cunt wide her arse was being fucked by the slender cock. You, Mary, were once again gently frigging your own cunt as you watched the screen and sucked on my cock. I noticed that some others in the distance of the gloom were alternating between watching the show on screen and the more real display you were providing for them. Maria moved faster and your head had bobbed faster on my cock. As the taller man pulled out of her arse and quickly moved to come over her face my juices had exploded in your mouth are you had greedily slurped them down.

I recalled all of this as we walked around those glorious streets redolent with the atmosphere of sex - and the night was yet young. A few more drinks to quench our thirst and loosen our spirits and we were off around the streets once more.

Around the next corner we were ushered off the street into another theatre by a well-dressed man whose business it was to turn curious passers-by into customers. You stayed close to me as we walked into the surprisingly clean and well-furnished theatre. There was a bar at one end but the central stage, surrounded by a ring of tables and chairs, was the centre of attention as a slightly plump but pleasantly attractive woman with a gleaming oiled body was being penetrated by large dildoes in cunt and arsehole whilst a small vibrator was being gently pressed against her clitoris at the front. The dildoes were being thrust into her by two men. One, the shorter man wielding the shiny black rubber dildo in her cunt and the small white vibrator against her clitoris, had a slender cock which the woman, between her spasms of ecstatic pleasure, was fondling distractedly. The taller man, sliding the ribbed dildo in and out of her lubricated arsehole, was heavily-built with a very thick cock. The woman shuddered and let out a loud moan as she came hard and collapsed against the shorter man’s chest.

The woman got up and, to applause and our surprise, walked back to her husband in the audience where she began to get dressed. He beamed and she glowed! The two men on stage were obviously the professional part of the act and, looking for their next ‘assistant’, their eyes alighted on you - still standing as we hadn’t had time to find a seat. They both walked towards you smiling and entreating you join them on-stage. You seemed nervous and the taller man asked your name. “Mary” you said nervously, quietly, still unsure whether you should go ahead, still ready to walk back to me. “Ja,” he said with a strong German accent, and a disarming smile, “Welcome to Amsterdam Maria” .

In that moment you made up your mind...

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