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When January Cums

My encounter with an old friend
It had been several years since I last saw Roger. He and his beautiful wife placed an ad on a website looking for another woman to share their sexual fantasies with. I am married and was looking for the same, not another couple. But after seeing her picture and getting to know her through several emails, I decided I did not care. I had to have her. Before meeting, I also befriended her husband. It was important to them that I was compatible with both of them before meeting in person. We all got along great and quickly became friends.

After deciding this is what we all wanted, we agreed to meet. We had a nice lunch and went for a drive - there was no sex involved, but it was obvious this is something we were all wanting and thinking about.

We had several meetings, some with just he and I and some with just her and I. There was only one time that we were all together. It was fantastic, but truth be told, I ended up having a better relationship with Roger. He has a nice, long, thick cock that could go all night long. I enjoyed it very much. I felt horrible for feeling so strongly about another man, as I am a married woman. I decided that we were getting a little too cozy and it would be best if we ended our relationship.

10 years have passed and I have thought about them often and our exciting times together. I have recently connected with him again. I am still married mind you, but I am a sex addict and have really been craving his cock. We planned a time and place to meet up again. Since the holidays are close, we decide on January. Please let the time go quickly, I can't wait until January cums!

Finally, after several long weeks, it is finally time. I am excited and reluctant at the same time, but it is too late to back out now. I NEED to feel him inside me once more. For old times sake, we meet at the same hotel. I knock on the door. When he opens it, he pulls me to him, grabbing my face and kissing me so passionately it takes my breath away. He tells me how much he has missed me and how much he has longed to fuck me again.

All self control is lost, he quickly takes off his pants and my shirt and forcefully pushes me to my knees. There is that huge cock that I never thought I would have the pleasure of tasting again. He pushes it against my lips, but I refuse to open my mouth. This is all in the fun of teasing him, but he will not hear of it. "Oh no you don't" and he grabs his dick in one hand and with the other, he squeezes my jaws forcing my mouth open. He then proceeds to relentlessly fuck my mouth. He is so thick and long that I cannot take it all, but he keeps on pounding into me like a jackhammer. I am gagging and slobbering - this only feeds his fire.

He keeps going, thrusting harder and harder, then he pulls out and rubs his engorged head around my lips and then smacks it against my cheeks a few times. "You are a good little cocksucker, but if you want me to fuck you, you are going to eat my cum" he tells me.

My pussy is so wet and so hot - I can feel my juices soaking through my panties, I must have him. So, I eagerly open my mouth wide, allowing him to continue fucking my mouth. He is pounding the back of my throat - I love it, I love being his little cum whore. I can tell he is getting close, his balls tighten up and I can feel his cock start really throbbing. I reach around and tickle his asshole with my finger - this was what he needed. "I'm going to cum now baby, are you ready?" I eagerly open up my mouth wide enough for him to watch his load shoot down my throat. It is so hot and yummy, but it is too much. I try to swallow it all but it overflows and drips down my lips and onto my tits.

Having earned my reward, he now rips my panties off, and throws me on the bed. He starts sucking my nipples, they are so hard and his tongue and teeth feel so good as he starts biting them. Slowly, he works his way down my body and runs his tongue all around my pussy, careful not to touch it. He is teasing me to no end - I cannot take it. I try to move my hips to his mouth, but each time he moves farther away. "Patience" he says - UGH! "Please, oh please, just lick my pussy" I beg.

He teases me by softly brushing a finger over my wetness - I can feel his hot breath on my swollen clit. Then, he does it, he licks me, slowly at first, then he picks up speed. He is licking me, then sucking me. "Oh, that's it, suck me. I love to have my pussy sucked."

First he inserts a finger into my wet snatch, then two. He starts pushing them in and out, going deeper each time he flicks my clit with his tongue. I can't take it anymore, I am going to cum. Just as I do, he stops, rolls me over on my stomach, forcefully lifts my ass up and rams his cock into my pussy. YESSS...he is fucking me so good.

Harder and harder. Faster. It feels so good. His cock is so big, it stretches my pussy out. I can feel him pounding against my stomach. He smacks my ass. I love it. He can tell how much it excites me, he spanks me harder. First one cheek, then the other. He continues this until my ass is fire red. My juices are really flowing. He has my pussy so opened up that it is making squishy noises and starts to queef. Then, he reaches around and lightly starts spanking my clit.

His fingers are soaked. He then inserts one of them in my ass. Oh, it feels so good. All I want to do is cum again, but the anticipation of what is coming next tells me I need to hold out just a little longer. He slides another finger in my ass. I want him to fuck my ass, but I am afraid it will hurt. He is huge. He grabs my hair and pulls my head up to his mouth "Is that what my little whore wants? You want me to fuck that ass of yours?" "Yes, oh yes" "Please, just be gentle with me."

He fucks it with his fingers - I am loosening up and when he feels me relax a bit, he pulls his dick out of my pussy and starts rubbing it against my asshole. Slowly, he inserts the head into my waiting hole, then pulls it out. He does this a few times, each time putting it in a little deeper until finally, he is all the way in. He fucks me slowly at first and then when he is sure I am ready, he really starts fucking me good. "Oh yeah, I love it. It feels so good" "That's it Roger, fuck that ass!" I can feel my orgasm building up. He is grunting and groaning, really working up a sweat "Your ass is so tight, I can feel it clinching down hard on my cock".

"Play with your pussy" he orders me. I start frantically rubbing my clit - I want us both to cum at the same time. "Get ready baby, I am going to fill that ass up" I can feel his cock start twitching inside me, then he pulls out so that just the head of his cock remains. Then, I feel the blast of his hot cum as it pours into me. I can feel the spasms with each squirt. "Oh shit Roger, I am cumming!", he can feel my ass contracting around him, draining the last drop out of him.

We both fall over on the pillows, totally spent, totally satisfied and cannot wait until our next meeting. As we are leaving he says, "I can't wait until you see what I have in store for you in February"

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