Wife does her husband (Chapter 3)

By Vacheron58

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Hubby arrives home from work, wife fucks him forcebly, hubby is in sex heaven.
It was Friday evening and I was at the office trying to finish my market analysis report for Monday. I was running late and wanted to finish it so that I did not have to come on Saturday to finish it. And my cell began buzzing . . . . ,

- Hello

- What is my bitch doing there??? was the reply to my hello. I knew it was my wife and she was calling for Cleopatra, you know, my asshole.

I said - Cleo is fine, resting for a good week-end.

- Then finish whatever is that you are doing and bring Cleo home so that Anthony (wife's dildo)can fuck her as I please and the sooner you get here the sooner Cleo's week-end will start.

- OK, that sounds very sexy . . . . Bye, I'll be home with Cleo in 25/30 minutes. 

Closed my stuff, realized that I will be coming in tomorrow. Stopped a sec on the boy's room so I could fuck Cleo with a but plug that would keep her excited for Anthony. As I was driving home, a lot of recent memories came vividly for me to think of how much my wife and I had progressed in our sex life with Cleopatra, Anthony, her pussy, and my cock. What began a long time ago with me exploring my sexual satisfaction exciting my prostate and using dildos on my ass turned out to be a whole new world of sexual excitement and pleasure. As we progressed we developed a sexual fantasy that we made real.

At first, when I convinced my wife to do me, she was a bit apprehensive. We had a lot of conversations regarding "gay" sex and whether I was becoming gay.

(A note to gays and homosexuals. I respect your decisions and your sexuality. I have nothing against homosexuality. I just grew in a straight type environment, grew with Base ball, Foot ball and other male sports and always new I was a man. I have no feelings for the love of another man. I love my wife and hope to die by her side in about 50 more years. My anal sexual satisfaction is that. Just an anal sexual satisfaction that my wife provides for me. That is all it is.)

To the gay question I answered the same thing I just wrote on the note above. She was sure of me and she believed my reply and since then she has become more assertive in our new roles. Cleopatra and Anthony were our fantasies that became a reality. It never occur to me to ask her if she had lesbian tendencies. However, I did, she said she did not, but . . . . and she left that lingering for a few seconds. I asked, - but what?? she said - if the opportunity presents itself, would you let me?? - I probably would not, I fear that I may lose you and that I do not want that to happen. - Don't worry you will never lose me and now I know that if the opportunity does present itself I will not take it.

And that ended our conversations regarding the apparent homosexuality of our new sexual fantasies.

I got home, opened the garage door and I saw my wife standing there on the entrance door. She was wearing her terry bath robe and I could clearly see that she had Anthony on. At first sight it was kind of cute to see my wife with a "tent" on the bath robe. Once that initial cuteness went away the realization that in fact Cleo's week-end had started made my sphincter shudder with anticipation and excitement. Of course Cleo's "G" spot had been "exercised" while my drive home and Cleo was more than ready to receive Anthony's penetration.

My wife kissed me, pressing her body to mine so that I could feel Anthony ready for the attack. Her hands on my back, lowered and grabbed my ass to force me more closer to Anthony. And with that, and not allowing me any other moment of welcoming, she grabbed my hand and almost ran me to our bedroom, where she proceded to undress me with force, breaking away the buttons of my shirt and ripping my pants away. She took off my jockeys and push me on to the bed. I was on the edge of the bed, lift my legs and Anthony, which had already some KY, was able to penetrate Cleo real quick. I felt Anthony with Cleo's lips, that by now after so many of these adventures, could recognize Anthony moving in and providing a lot of sexual feelings coming from the many nerve endings on Cleo's lips/mouth (sphincter). This position allowed my wife to not only fuck Cleo but to also masturbate my cock. This position put me completely open for her to enjoy Cleo plus make me enjoy my sex much more by playing with my balls and masturbating my cock. This is the combination that together with Cleo's "G" spot would get for me a very explosive orgasm. 

Both my wife and I enjoyed this Cleo/Anthony thing. It made our vocals kind of natural to come out and our minds were away from asshole and dildo. My wife had become quite the master of sexual expressions and, I don't know, made our fantasy much much more real.

So she began. Cleo, enjoying Anthony all deep in your body?? Having fun being fucked by your lover?? To which I would reply, - yes my queen, give me more Anthony. I want Anthony in and out with strength. Oh Yeah, said my wife - I will fuck you and make you enjoy this sex until you plead for mercy. Anthony will break your hole today. So there, take more Anthony inside you. Anthony will fuck you until you plead for help

- Go on my queen, fuck me hard. Which of course she was doing. I was feeling every Anthony's in and out motion. The lips in Cleo"s mouth were so excited with Anthony's rubbing that an orgasm was not to far away. Anthony did very good also hitting that "G: spot inside. Anthony was moving and the more he moved the more pleasure Cleo was getting. I was feeling every inch of Anthony as it passed rubbing my hole, . . . . Cleo's hole.

- I'm coming, can not hold more. I advised Anthony because sometimes my wife would withdraw Anthony for her to finish me up with her own mouth. My wife had become a lover of my semen. She loved it and, if she was not going to get it in her pussy, it would be in her mouth. My semen was not lost on the sheets. Sure enough, Anthony withdrew and my wife sucked my cock to get all the cum in her mouth. We had planned for this and the butt plug was close by for me to insert it and still get the explosion with the "G" spot all active. Sure enough, the explosion was HUGE and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My wife did say that masturbating my cock, feeling the bumps that Anthony did to her clit and sucking me off gave her also a satisfying orgasm.

And she said, now is the time for my pussy to receive your cock . . . . . (but that is another story . . . )

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