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Wife doing me . . . .(Chapter 2)

I continued to enjoy wife's dildos and complete anal satisfaction.

This is a follow up after the first time that I got my wife to fuck me with her strap on dildo.

My wife and I continued our growing sexual satisfaction through the use of many toys. Both, her and myself, had been exploring sexual situations quite a bit and had developed many fuck fest at home. Sometimes we would begin on saturday evening and continue through out  all night. We both got our fill of orgasms and in my case and thanks to my male "g" spot I was able to cum often and in big quantities of cum. Women, different then men, can have many orgasms and maintain themselves at an orgasmic plateau in the same session. I have been able to hold my wife in that plateau for long times, (oh, don't know, 30, 45 minutes) and having her cum in quantities that drenched the bed sheets with a lot of liquid. I have been understanding my wife's orgasm depending on what is coming from her pussy. I can eat my wife's pussy and feel the fantastic taste of regular juices. That is one type of orgasm. But there is another type where she comes on a very liquid form. Initially, and due to ignorance, we thought that her bladder had given up and released urine. But as I tasted that liquid it did not taste anything like urine. And no, I am not into that type of pleasure. It is just that urine has a special kind of odor and color. What I was drinking had no urine odor and it was a much clear liquid. According to my wife her orgasm with this kind of liquid was "bigger" and more pleasurable. According to her it was like another step above the other plateau. A much higher plateau. Her vocals at this stage were indicating more of her pleasure. My wife has continued with the use of slutty vocals depending on her degree of orgasm.

Part of our love making, as mentioned before, had to do with her dildo (and other toys) and her bitch Cleopatra. (Remember, we named my asshole with this name : Cleopatra).My wife did take a liking to fucking Cleopatra in many ways.  The dildo caused Cleopatra to have an explosive orgasm because it was hitting that "g" spot that gave Cleo BIG cums. Cleo"s sexual desires were satisfied, big time, by the dildo and Cleopatra was enjoying her sex. I told my wife to see if we could create on Cleopatra an extended type orgasm trying to produce similar sexual satisfaction as we were able to produce for my wife. I kept asking my wife to experiment with the other boyfriends that Cleopatra has. Cleopatra was becoming quite the slut with many boyfriends and using many boyfriends in one continued sexual session.

Cleopatra has, besides the strap on dildo, three other boyfriends. One is Tony. Tony is named so because my wife said that there was a movie actor by that name that appeared to be a sophisticated lover. Tony was a short butt plug that when inserted in Cleo, his head would rest exactly on Cleo's "g" spot. It did not take much action from Tony to get Cleo to cum. My wife would move Tony in soft, slow moves and the effect on Cleo's "g" spot were more than pleasurable. It was kind of creating Cleo's orgasm without touching my cock. We had a special position for Tony. My wife would be sucking my cock while she was moving Tony and when Cleopatra was ready to cum my wife's mouth would receive all of Cleo's cum in her mouth. Tony is able to build Cleo's orgasm bit by pleasurable bit creating a type of orgasm that lasts a bit more than regular cums.

The next boyfriend is Bob. Bob is named so for no particular reason except that Bob is longer than Tony and his skin is full of bubbles making the sliding through Cleopatra's lips tremendously pleasurable. Those nerve endings in Cleopatra's lips get all stimulated sending pleasurable messages to Cleo's sexual brain. The friction of Bob's penetrating moves gives Cleopatra another type of orgasm. The one produced by Bob is good from an explosive POV. It does not last as long as those orgasms that Tony produces. 

My wife can fuck her bitch Cleopatra with any of Cleo's boyfriends. That is my wife's choice. Cleo is going to be happy with any of all of Cleo's boyfriends. The last boyfriend to be named is Tom. The name was selected by me because I just thought that such a monster as Tom is, is well represented by the name Tom. Tom is long, Tom is thick and Tom basically splits Cleo's lips with brutal force. Cleo's lips are already elastic enough to take Tom and to get all that size that produces HUGE orgasms on Cleo. Tom exercises everything in Cleopatra. Tom rubbs against the "G" spot. Tom splits Cleo's lips sending those nerve endings into a "galactical" trip. Tom hits inside Cleo some spots that also give Cleo special pleasures. None of the other three reach where Tom reaches. This is big cums folks. (By the way, I do hope that some of you that may not have tried sexually stimulating  the prostate, may give it a try now that you have read what that can mean sexually). The silly conversation regarding size. YES, SIZE MATTERS!!.

So, my wife have found a bitch to fuck, I have found a bitch to fuck and we are both enjoying our sex life much much more than we could imagine. You ask who is my wife's bitch?? Of course this is Cleopatra who has become also my wife's slut. And, you may ask, who is my bitch??, that is my wife who has become quite a slut . . . . in our bedroom.                 

We have not seen the need to add any other member to our love making. With the strap on and all the toys, both Cleopatra and my wife are satisfied . . . .  

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