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Wilfully Disobedient

Sometimes the best outcomes happen when you don't do as you're told

Karen still couldn’t quite believe it.   Yet the feeling in her pussy left her in no doubt.   Three times she had been to bed with him.   And three times, after they had made the most fantastic love she could ever have imagined, she had felt this same and unmistakeable feeling.   There was no question about it......Steve had more passion, more tenderness, and more plain staying power than anyone else she had been with.   Not that she had as much experience as some of her friends, but nevertheless, if she were to die tomorrow there would not be any debate as to whether her epitaph should read “Returned Unopened”.


But just how had she, Karen Watson, got it together with the great Steve Hickman, head of Clinical Psychology?   Her mother had asked who her new boyfriend was.   Karen had kept quiet about him being 23 years older, and that he was a Prof.   She had simply mentioned he was a Clinical Psychologist.   “Very nice,” her mother had responded, “would you please pass my magazine?”


So, it was hardly surprising that Karen couldn’t believe it.   But back to that glow within her pussy.   That was real evidence.   She felt hot, somewhat bruised, and very pleasantly numbed by the lovemaking they had done.   Oh, and exhausted, don’t forget that wonderfully exhausted feeling......sheer bliss!


If you had asked her before meeting Steve Hickman she would definitely have said that a 44-years old man could not have had such sexual stamina.   But now she knew better.   In fact, if there were any doubt lurking in the furthermost depths of her mind, that very firm pressure from behind her confirmed this happy fact that she had so pleasurably discovered.


After making love they had gone to the bathroom and taken another shower.   She had then crawled beneath the duvet and curled up with Steve’s chest against her back.   “You asleep?” he whispered.


“Drifting......very happily.    Mmmmm......thank you.”


“Mmmmm, and thank you to you too.”   He cupped her breast in his hand, gently rolling her nipple between his fingers,   and noting the almost instant response to his ministrations.   “But I want you to lie still, very still, and enjoy your drifting.”


Karen was definitely enjoying her drifting.   It was helped by the feelings swirling around inside her body.   “That feels lovely, Steve” she whispered, “but honestly, I don’t think I have the strength right now to....”


He cut her words short with a “Shushhhh.   That’s why I want you to lie very, very still.   Can you do that for me?   Can you?”


“I’d do anything for you, Steve” she murmured, and she meant it.


They lay there, quietly.   His hand still fondled her breast.   His chest pressed close against her back, and his cock rested against her bottom, running in the rift between her cheeks.   He drew back a little from her.


“Where are you going?” she asked.


“Nowhere.   Just moving a little to give you space.”


He re-arranged himself, this time his cock facing her bottom, its tip between her cheeks.   “You rest, nice and still.   Yes?”




The glow of their lovemaking still enveloped her, but now she could feel his cock just parting her cheeks.   It felt very warm, and more than a little intriguing.   She pressed herself back towards him, and felt the tip of his cock meet her rosebud.   Now, that felt more than warm.


“Very still, Karen.   You said you could.”


She settled herself again.   But she could still feel him, warm and firm against her rosebud.   It would be all right if she pressed back just a teeny bit more, surely?   He sighed.   “You’re getting too hot,” he whispered.   “I’ve got just the thing to cool you down.”   She heard the duvet rustle, but she was glad that he hadn’t drawn away from her.


“Wow.”   She couldn’t help that as she felt something really cool.   Her rosebud tingled with the cool, and not unpleasant, sensation.   He had oh so gently rubbed something on which was definitely cooling, but the effect was electrifying.




“Much,” she responded.   “That felt nice.”


In fact it felt so nice that she wanted to wriggle, and in so doing she pressed herself back against him just a touch further.   “I don’t think that worked terribly well,” he laughed.   “Better put some more on to cool you down properly.”


Again that chill as he rubbed some more of whatever it was on her.   They settled once more, but she found herself wanting to press back against him.   His cock was still against her where he had originally placed it.   Somehow she was drawn toward him.   “Still, very still.   Remember?”




She tried so hard to lie still.   Indeed, she managed to do so.   But now her rosebud seemed to have discovered a mind of its own.   It was trying to open and close against him, fluttering rather like a sea anemone in the gentle current.   And with each flutter it opened itself fractionally against the tip of his cock.   Opening and closing, fluttering against him, and the more she tried to remain still, the more it fluttered.


Now it was opening itself wider, trying to draw him towards her.   She could feel it starting to clasp the tip of his cock, and then sliding off it as it closed again.   He applied more of the cooling stuff.   That felt nice.   The fluttering continued, wishing to draw him towards her, trying to take a grip on the hard (and now hot) head of his cock.   He remained motionless.   With each flutter she felt herself striving to take a grip on him, but sliding off just as she thought she had achieved her goal.


“Shushhhh.   Nice and said you could.”


“I’m trying, Steve.”   And the more she tried, the more she fluttered.   It was uncontrollable, and the sensations she was feeling were making her mind do gymnastics.   Her breathing was heavier.   Now she found herself willing her rosebud to flutter more widely.   She was actively trying to apply mind over matter and make herself clasp him.   What’s more, she was trying to draw her breath in as she did so with the intention of sucking him into her flutterings.


More of that coolness on her, and more of that sensation she was loving so much.   More fluttering, and more clasping but sliding off.   She could feel herself opening wider still towards him, and she tried so hard to draw her breath in, and him with it.   But now he pressed very gently against her and the tip of his cock held her open without entering into her.    He stayed where he was, holding her to him, and she felt herself open to his heat and his firmness.   She tried to stay still, but failed miserably in the attempt.   She was actually starting to draw him into her most secret part.   She sensed she was.   She could feel she was.   And her rosebud knew she was because it was stretched tightly and ever so slightly painfully in a most pleasant manner.


“Lie there, my love.   Nice and still.   Remember, you said you could, and I want you to do so.”


She lay still as instructed, marvelling at this new feeling she had discovered.   This was the first time she had ever been touched there……and she was liking it.   In fact she was liking it so much that she was unable to prevent herself from pressing back onto him just a little further.   With a gasp and a sharp stab she felt his cock penetrate through the first ring of muscle in her bottom.   Instinctively she sought to pull away, but his arms held her firmly where she was.   “Nice and still, you’re all right.   No harm will come to you.”


She struggled to regain her calm, and gradually accustomed herself to this very tight and full feeling.   He felt absolutely massive there, but she didn’t wish to let him go.   And with that realisation she felt that urge once more to press back further onto him.   It was irresistible, and she did press back.   Another gasp, another sharp stab and little sort of popping sensation.   She had pressed onto him so that his cock had penetrated her second ring of muscle.   He felt even more massive, and she struggled to breathe with the increased sensation of fullness she was experiencing.   But gradually her composure returned as he held her firmly to him, and he sensed her relaxing onto him.


He applied a little more of the cooling, and now soothing cream to her rosebud, and to himself too.   As she relaxed further he gently pressed into her.   Very slowly his cock penetrated her rosebud to its full length.   He could feel her striving to breathe calmly.   The fullness, the newness of it, the excitement, and the daring-ness of it all conspired to take her breath away.   But she submitted herself to him as he lay behind her, and allowed him with slow and purposeful strokes to discover her very innermost depths.


It was the slowness and the firmness of those strokes that changed this feeling from nervous apprehension to sublime craving.   She wanted him inside her now.   Those firm and purposeful strokes were driving her wild, and she found herself welcoming his presence within her as if he were a benevolent invading general.   She was both frightened but excited by the experience.   As she became used to his shaft inside her bottom she found herself wondering what else he had in store for her.


As he pressed his cock home he could feel her cheeks wide open against him.   He savoured the heat coming back from her towards him.   As he withdrew he looked down and saw himself sliding from that very deep red rosebud.   He found it invigorating, and his strength, never known to be lacking, was reinforced.   But he wanted her in a tender and loving way rather than simply as a prize to be taken.   On his withdrawal strokes he now found himself drawing further back, and was rewarded to see her follow him to avoid losing him.   He did this each time, and each time she followed him, and then sighed as he pressed himself gently, but very firmly, back into her.


Those strokes were very long and very deep.   He even withdrew several times so far as to slip backwards through that innermost ring of muscle, and then to press forward so he penetrated it again with that pleasant bursting sensation that he could feel her enjoying so much.


Somewhere from the depths of her memory she recalled there are more nerve endings here than anywhere else.   Every one of those nerve endings was now playing sweet music that created a perfect symphony of pleasure.   His hand had reached down and around to her pussy,.   He teased her clitoris to even more joyous responses, and wave after wave of surface orgasms were breaking from her.


But this level of pleasure doesn’t come without a cost.   He felt this now as the unstoppable force of his own orgasm started to rise from his balls and up his shaft.   She too could feel this added tension within him, and readied herself to accept his sperm deep into her.   However, she was totally unprepared for what happened next.   As she felt his climax rising up his shaft she started to feel (rather than see) colours deep within her.   They started with deep blues and purples, then greens which changed into reds, oranges and yellows.   She felt fundamental shuddering within her body as if she were standing inside a cathedral organ that was playing those very deep bass notes.   Those colours now changed into blinding whites as his sperm burst into her in an unstoppable torrent.   They filled her and overflowed around his shaft as it thrust in and out of her, seeking to give her every last ounce of his strength.


She had never felt an orgasm like that.   The scalding heat of his seed had taken her by surprise.   The sheer volume of his orgasm into her had filled her to bursting.   The pressure as it exploded into her had made her dizzy.   At the same time as all this was happening within her rosebud, her own shuddering orgasm had broken over her like waves crashing relentlessly on seashore rocks.   Wave after shuddering wave of deep and all-consuming orgasm.   She was still shuddering as the last of his seed drained into her and his loins lost their strength.   She continued to shudder as he held her tight in his arms.   What had started as fluttering were now complete body-shaking shudders, and they squeezed every last drop of seed from his cock and drained every last ounce of strength from his frame.


She knew he had slipped from her, but wasn’t aware of when it actually happened.   That dull aching glow in her pussy was now echoed by a similar feeling at her rosebud..….and she was blissfully happy and satisfied.


They showered again, this time in silence, not because there was tension between them but rather because there was nothing that needed to be said.   Words would not have been sufficient to convey their feelings.


They returned to beneath the duvet, and he wrapped her tenderly in his arms.   “Promise you won’t be going anywhere without me?”


“I promise,” she smiled.   “And this time you’ll be able to count on me doing as I’ve been told.”   

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