Wishing Herself into a Sweet Dream

By myself

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She can always feel him.He lingers there after the act in the muscles and in the tissue he's touched
I'll tell you a little about myself to fill in some space. I was taught to write in the concise style and may do it to a fault. I write about the real only because, for the most part, it's not easy to write about the unknown. For what we're here for, I share myself, and share my view of the man I love. I'm thinking each story will tell a little of this which, in a good day can consume me. Hope you enjoy.

Already undressed she sits comfortable just home from the airport where she dropped her man. He's off fishing again. She kissed him lovingly and wished him a good time knowing she would miss him and already did.

Running her hand over her slit she thinks about that man of hers. He loves to touch her slit. It's gonna miss him while he's away.

All this week he's been at it harder than usual. He gets this way before a trip. Sometimes she wonders about it. He took her, unlike before. His sullenness and what seemed like desperation has a way of worrying her. Reflecting on his in-securities and the sweetness in the words he spoke make her smile. He is good and strong. She's a good girl not to worry him.

Working fingers over the already over fucked clit, she feels the swollen-ness and cunt juices on her hand.

Tenderly she rubs the sweet thing thinking of her man gone. She rubs thinking about the abuse it's gonna get from her while he's away. It wouldn't take much to get off but, she plays nice with it for awhile.

He's on the plane in the air by now. Knowing he knows she might be masturbating, she smiles. He has a way of putting smiles on her face.

Taken back a day, she sees herself bending over and spreading her ass for him. He enters hard and long bumping her over the chair she's bent over. He fucks deep. It's painful.

She can always feel him. He lingers there after the act in the muscles and in the tissue he's touched. His touch fills her day with memories making her body react throughout the day.

Letting go she fingers herself. Working harder on the worked cunt. It amazes her how he fucked her this week. She strokes a long time wanting the release. Shaking her head, she knows, she needs to much and wonders at his need for the same.

This time in her mind he began with her swollen. Opening her, he kept at her ass.

He slammed and stroked it with his cock. Her cunt felt him in her ass. She let go. The sweetness pumped from her.

Happiness surrounds them. Cumming, he felt his need begin and then end again in her.

The moans and breaths still echo in the room with her.

They will always be there safe and well.

He pulled himself from her. She sucked some sweetness from him and smiled.

Breathing long and hard he sat. She laid her head in his lap and rested with him.

She rests this way now alone. Peace is with her. His way has soothed her to the marrow.

Knowing he'll call soon, she retires to their bed and closes her eyes happy. She strokes not knowing how to stop, wishing herself into a sweet dream.

-the end

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