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Working Late

This is my first attempt at an erotic story.
Paul tapped at the keyboard trying to stay focussed on the spreadsheet in front of him, fighting the mid-afternoon malaise that had set in after lunch. His thoughts wandered and he tried to steer them clear of the erotic dream he had had the previous night, but failed. He could feel the material of his trousers tighten slightly over his crotch as his cock began to stir.

"Sorry can I borrow this" he jolted slightly with surprise at the voice and was greeted by a vision of ample breasts straining to escape a too-tight shirt as his co-worker Sarah leant over his desk reaching for the stapler.

"Yeah sure" he murmured struggling to tear his eyes away from the tits he longed to release from the confines of Sarah's shirt.

He thought how easy it would be just to pull her onto his lap and slide his hand up the thigh that was barely concealed by her skirt. Sarah grabbed the stapler and smiled at him to which he replied in kind as she turned and walked back to her desk her perfect arse swaying from side to side. Paul's cock was now fully erect and he moved his chair closer to the desk to hide this and again tried to concentrate on his work.

By the time 5 o'clock rolled around Paul's member was beginning to ache, he longed to stroke himself to climax but unfortunately he had to stay late to finish the spreadsheets, if he missed a single deadline his boss would go apocalyptic. He was busy trying to ignore his tumescent penis when he noticed a gorgeous arse in a tight black skirt perch on the corner of his desk.

"You staying late?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah afraid so" Paul replied.

"Well that makes two of us" Sarah smiled and Paul caught a glimpse of something in her eyes that made his dick throb.

"If you need anything I'll be over at my desk" Sarah said as she winked.

Paul nodded and began to question if he was reading the signals right watching her closely as she returned to her desk and sat down before turning and giving him a flirtatious smile. 

By 6 o'clock the office was empty save for Paul and Sarah and he couldn't help but keep looking at her. As he typed he felt something soft draped over the keyboard and when he looked down he was surprised to note it was a black lacey thong. Paul looked up and saw Sarah standing beside him, before he could say or do anything she had sat on the desk in front of him and begun to slowly pull up her skirt.

Paul was transfixed as slowly the creamy skin of her thighs came into view followed by the shaven mound of her pussy. He noticed that the lips glistened and Sarah was clearly wet, without hesitation he leant forward and began to run his tongue up the moist slit to her clit lapping up her juices as he went.

Sarah moaned quietly and he felt her thrust her hips forward which spurred him on and he increased the speed at which his tongue caressed her now hard clit. As her moans grew louder he slipped his finger into her cunt and began to probe continuing to lick as he did. As he slid in a second finger he felt her spasm and Sarah let out a strangled cry. 

Sarah leant down and kissed his lips licking her juices from them and hungrily probing his mouth with her tongue. Hastily Paul undid his trousers and unleashed his now throbbing 7 inches he then pulled Sarah off the desk and onto his lap thrusting his cock deep inside her sopping wet cunt.

She let out a moan and began to grind against him the warmth of her tight pussy completely enveloping him. Paul grabbed her shirt and pulled it open revealing her large breasts, he took the nipple of one inside his mouth and nibbled it gently, Sarah's moans were now reaching fever pitch as he felt her spasm against his cock.

Paul lifted Sarah off him and bent her over the desk, he rubbed his cock against her wet slit and then gently pushed the head against her anus. Sarah moaned excitedly and he took this as the go ahead to fuck the arse he had fantasised about so many times. Paul began to slide his dick into the tight opening meeting with a little resistance but overcoming it, once inside he paused to allow her to get used to his being inside of her. Then he began to thrust deeper and deeper.

"Awww fuck me harder" Sarah squealed and Paul did as she asked feverishly pounding her tight arsehole.

He reached round and began to toy with her clit while he cupped one of her breasts in his other hand. Paul then began to finger her and he enjoyed the sensation of her juices flowing over his hand. Sarah was almost screaming as she spasmed and Paul let his load flood her arse.
They remained in that position for a while both panting until Paul pulled his cock out of her and began to do up his trousers. Sarah turned round and pulled down her skirt, she was smiling broadly. She stood on tip toe and kissed him and he slid his arms round her waist.

"I guess we'll both be working late a little more often from now on" she said and Paul pulled her in for another kiss.

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