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Working Over

I was bent over Andre Beasley's desk, my panties hanging on one ankle, my slacks off, holding onto the edge and moaning with pleasure as Bernie Graham's stiff throbbing cock drove deeply in and out of me. We were working late for the third time that week, and with the weekend coming up and no excuse to get away from our spouses we were making the most of Friday afternoon.

Getting that last minute work done that couldn't be finished over the weekend.

Katelyn Boyer didn't have a key to the bosses' office, so one of us must have forgotten to turn the lock when we'd come in. We'd been too busy kissing, fondling and pulling at each other's clothes to think about it. Andre had gone to his beach house for the weekend, and there was no reason for anyone to come into his office until the cleaning crew got there after midnight.

I couldn't very well challenge her right to be in the office with Bernie's dick still inside me. Whether she belonged there or not, or was doing something she shouldn't be doing wasn't really the issue. The issue was that two of Wilkins Biological's researchers were fucking in the CEO's office. I hoped that she would blush and back out of the office, but of course she didn't. She did what I probably would have done if the situation were reversed and I had walked in on her screwing someone, she gloated.

“Well, Janna,” she said, when I turned my head to look at her.

Bernie looked back at her also, but he didn't bother to pull out.

“Is this the Pierce/Graham Penetration Analysis Diagnostic tool you've been working on?” She asked.

“What are you doing here, Katelyn?” Bernie asked.

“I came for the file Mr. Beasley left for me on his desk,” she said. “Is it under you Janna?”

“There's no file on the desk,” I said.

“I guess you'd know,” she said.

“Give us a moment,” Bernie said. He didn't sound nervous. He still hadn't lost his erection either and still had it buried in me.

“The least you could do is go out and let us get dressed,” I said. “We can talk about this later.”

“No,” she said. “No. I like the way you're both dressed. Let's talk about it now.”

“Bernie,” I said.

“I think it might be better if we got dressed, Jenna,” he said.

“It might,” she said. “But then I wouldn't be at much of an advantage. Tell you what though, Bernie, you can pull your dick out of her.”

I honestly believe that he'd consciously forgotten that he was still inside me. There was a moment's hesitation as if he wondered what she was talking about before he finally figured it out and withdrew his cock from me. It was stiff and covered in my juices when he turned toward her and I stood up, reaching for my panties.

“No, Jenna,” she said. “Leave them off.”

“What do you want Katelyn?” I asked her. She was getting close to pissing me off. If I was going to lose my job over this I was going to snatch some of her blond hair out first.

“Just equal time,” she said.

“Equal time?” Bernie asked.

“If you two can get paid to pleasure one another, I see no reason why I shouldn't be paid for you to pleasure me.”


“A couple of hours overtime,” she said. “And both of you doing exactly as I say,” she said.

“We're on salary, Katelyn,” Bernie said. “We don't get paid any extra to ...”

“Well, I get paid a salary too, Bernie,” she said. “And I am still on company time. Just as I've been for the last several weeks while the two of you sneaked away to Mr. Beasley's office to fuck. Working, I might add. Doing work that the company actually pays me to do. I knew that something was up between you two from the first. None of the other people in research spends as much time working over as the two of you.”

“Like Bernie said, Katelyn, we don't get paid any extra.”

“I don't care how you get paid, Jenna,” she said. “Let's stop talking about pay for a moment. Both of you make a great deal of money, I know because I make out the payroll every week. I, on the other hand, am overworked and underpaid for what I do. There is no one to help me out when I get behind, and because there is too much work for one person to do in an eight hour day, I am always behind.”

I started to say something about her efficiency, but stopped myself. Something told me that she didn't want to hear that she should learn to manage her time better.

“What exactly do you want?” I asked.

“Well, to start with, I'd like both of you to get naked. You're going to wrinkle your skirt, and Bernie, you actually look stupid standing there with your pants around your ankles and your shoes and socks still on.”

We mumbled and grumbled and protested, but we took off our clothes. She stood leaning back against the door watching us, and when we were finally both completely naked she turned the lock.

“I can't believe you forget to do that,” she said. “It makes me question your research methods.”

That was too much. I started to tell her that there was nothing wrong with my scientific methods, that I had papers published in scientific journals and that she was only a glorified bookkeeper, and one unable to keep up with her work at that. She smiled. That really pissed me off. I started toward her with the intention of slapping her silly, but Bernie grabbed me by one arm and stopped me.

“Which onr of us is most qualified at her job isn't the issue here,” she said. “Which one of us was bent over the bosses' desk getting her brains fucked out is what we're discussing here, and the question is, what are we going to do about it.”

I sighed. I knew that she had won. Whatever she wanted I would have to do. All I wanted was her to promise not to tell anyone, not to gossip about us, and not to do anything that would allow the boss, my husband or Bernie's wife to find out.

“I am a woman of my word,” she said.

“So am I,” I told her. “If you fuck us over, I'll personally find a virus that will turn you into a wrinkled old toad.”

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Well, for starters, I'd like you to eat my pussy while Bernie fucks you in the ass.”

“I've never done anal,” I said.

“Never?” She asked. “At your age? Not even once?”

“No,” I said.

“Well, it's time you tried it,” she said. “I'm sure Bernie is experienced enough to make it pleasant for you.”

“And I can't believe you weren't using protection,” she said.

“We're both STD free, and I've had a vasectomy,” Bernie said.

“Well, good for you.”

I was beginning to get fidgety. My husband expected me to be home around eight, and it was already nearly seven. I'd have to call and make excuses if I didn't get out of there soon.

“You said for starters?” I said.

“Yes. I want you to be my little maid for a couple of weekends. You can tell Toby that you and I are having girl's night. And Bernie, I want you to come over those nights and perform your duties as my butler.”

“What nights?” He asked.

“Oh, we'll work that out,” she said. “Right now, though, lets just seal our bargain with a little sex.”

She moved across the room to us, taking Bernie's still hard cock in her hand. “One thing I'll say for you, Bernie, you can certainly maintain.”

I hoped that he'd squirt all over her linen suit, but she released him and turned her attention to me.

She reached between my legs, touching my pussy. Her fingers opened me and she put one inside.

“Very nice,” she said. “You're still wet too. I like that.”

She withdrew her finger, touched my breasts, gently squeezing my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. I found myself getting very excited. She moved around behind me, as if inspecting me, and gave my backside a smack.

“You really do have a great ass,” she said.


“I'd like you to undress me,” she said.

She had on a very business like linen suit. The skirt came down to just above her knees. I helped her out of the coat first, hanging it over the back of a chair. Her silk blouse was white, the buttons pearl. I unbuttoned her blouse, undoing the clasp on her skirt and unzipping it before pulling her blouse free. I pulled the skirt down her legs, and knelt to let her lift her feet out of it. While I was down there, I took off her shoes. Her hose was held up by a lacy white garter belt. I unclasped the stockings one at a time and slid them down her legs, taking them off her feet.

I stood to help her out of her bra. Her breasts were heavy and well shaped. The suits that she wore to work didn't display them to best advantage. She had stiff pink nipples standing in the center of big pink aureoles. I couldn't resist touching them, taking each of them in my fingers just as she had mine. Finally I hooked my fingers in the waist band of her white lace bikini panties and pulled them down over her beautiful ass. She had a pale golden landing strip that drew attention to the cleft of her pussy. I was surprised to find that she was a natural blond. It made me even more jealous than her magnificent breasts and long tanned legs.

Her tan, in fact, was very even and deep. It couldn't be her natural skin tone, and I wondered if she put it on with a tanning bed or lay out naked in the sunlight a lot. My own skin looked pale and my breasts, which I usually thought of as quite adequate, felt tiny in comparison to hers. She reached between my legs and rubbed my clitoris with the tip of her finger and I moaned despite my best efforts.

“Ever eat pussy?” She asked me.

“Yes,” I said.

“So only the ass fucking will be new for you,” she said. She took my hand and led me across the room to the huge black leather sofa that dominated the far wall. It was sectional, and made to seat ten people with plenty of room. I had been on it with Bernie half a dozen times, and had sat on it during meetings. It was so comfortable that I could have used it as a bed.

She lay down on the sofa and spread herself for me. I got above her on my knees, put my head down and kissed her little strip of blond fluff. I flicked out my tongue and licked her clit. I hadn't lied to her when I said I'd eaten pussy, but I was practically a novice at that too. I had experimented a few times in high school, and a couple of times in college. Most of the time had been in the 69 position, my head buried in another girl's muffin while hers was buried in mine. None of my partners had been very demanding. I hadn't really learned a lot about technique.

Jenna didn't seem to mind my uncertainty. She placed her hand on the back of my head and stroked me gently.

“Bernie,” she said. “It's time you joined us.”

Bernie seemed less enthusiastic than me. He took his time walking over. He got on the sofa behind me, taking my hips in his hand, then touching between my legs. I was unbelievably wet. He rubbed my juices up the crack of my ass, lubricating me before gently pushing one finger into my ass. I took Jenna's ass in the palms of my hands and buried my face between her legs, letting my tongue slip down her moist lips, opening her inner labia, and tasting her.

I felt Bernie withdraw his finger and rub more of my pussy juices on my asshole. I wondered if his big dick would actually fit into my tiny little hole. He touched my clitoris with his left thumb as his fingers held onto the cheek of my ass, then opened me with one of the fingers of his right hand, moving it into and out of my ass. It felt good. My ass felt very tightly wrapped around it, and I wondered how he'd ever get his cock to fit.

I licked Jenna's clit and waited for him to try fitting his cock in my ass. He slid the length of his shaft up and down my crack, and then entered my pussy. Maybe he would just do that, I thought. Jenna wouldn't know anyway. Not unless she did a close inspection of his dick afterwards. She probably would, of course. Her reputation as an accountant was that she checked every decimal point, double checked every cent.

Putting my tongue into Jenna's pussy as far as I could reach then taking it out and licking her love button seemed to excite her a lot. I felt her reach forward, touching my pussy, finding Bernie's dick busy inside me.

“Wrong hole, Bernie,” she said.

Well, there went that idea. He withdrew himself from me, and I felt the tip of his peter touch my asshole. I waited for him to enter me, feeling very tense at the idea. He put a finger in me, moving it in circles, opening me up to admit another. I suddenly wanted his cock back there very badly.

“Fuck me in the ass,” I said. “Fuck me hard.”

He felt awfully big back there. For a moment I forgot what I was supposed to be doing. The pressure of Jenna's hand on the back of my head reminded me. I licked her slit, tasting her juices as Bernie pushed himself into and out of my ass. He held my hip with one hand, and touched me around front with his other, rubbing his fingers on my clitoral hood. I shoved my tongue into Jenna as far as it would reach and began humping myself back against Bernie.

I exploded into orgasm just as Jenna clamped her thighs against my ears and pulled my face against her soaking wet pussy. As our moans of pleasure joined together, I felt Bernie begin to empty himself in my ass. I didn't notice any particular soreness, but I thought that I might be sore later on. I'd have to think of an excuse for that.

"Is that all Jenna?" I asked when she released her hold on my head and I was able to speak.

"Until we can arrange our weekend get togethers," she said.

I wanted to kiss her, but I didn't. Instead I got up and went into the boss's private bathroom. I cleaned myself up as best I could then came out and started getting dressed. Maybe the weekends we owed her wouldn't be so bad. I had to admit that the sex hadn't been bad. We'd all come, almost together.

Bernie didn't even bother going into the bathroom to clean off. He just put his clothes on and left. He gave me a kiss goodbye, and then gave Jenna one at the door. I asked Jenna if she had anything similar in mind for when we got together next.

"No," she said. "Just housework and yard work. Of course I might think of something else."

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