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Young Virgin Anal

                                               Young Virgin Anal


I’m a trainer for a large company and the classes vary from new hires to additional training for present personnel. This week a new class started for new hires in our customer service department. The age range for this group ranged from 20’s to about 40’s of guys and gals. Upon completion of training they were assigned work schedules.


Bobbi, one of the new hires asked if   I could adjust her schedule due to college courses. Told her this can be worked out and to come to my office later today. As she left, her boobs brushed against my arm and she gave me a big smile. Bobbi was one sharp looking gal and put together that will make many a guy do a head turn.


By the time Bobbi got back to my office everyone was gone for the day. Bobbi sat down and we went over schedule options and worked out one that would work for her. Had nothing planned for the evening and casually asked her if she would care to join me for dinner. With a big smile Bobbi accepted my offer.


We met at a local restaurant, had dinner, a couple of drinks and a lot of conversation. Everything went great and I asked her out for Saturday night. Bobbi gave me one of her big smiles and said yes providing she can cook the dinner. Couldn’t turn that down.


Showed up Saturday evening with a nice bottle of wine that Bobbie promptly set into a bucket of ice. Bobbi said the main course should be done in about 10 minutes. We started off with a nice fresh salad and after some casual conversation the dinner was ready. Bobbi made one of her favorite dishes, fresh homemade Lasagna. Opened the wine and enjoyed one fine meal.


After dinner we went into the living room and Bobbi confessed that she had a big crush on me from the first day of training. Bobbi told me she wanted to be with an older man that knew how to take care of a woman’s needs. I was surprised by her straight forward approach and yet flattered. Bobbi recently turned 20 and I’m 32.


Bobbi then put her arms around me and kissed my lips very softly pushing her firm body against mine. I could feel her nipples push through the thin top she was wearing and at the same time my manhood started to rise as the kisses were getting deeper along with dualing tongues. Unbuttoned her blouse, undid her bra, and started to caress those young firm breasts. The aureola was about the size of a quarter with small nipples but very stiff from my touch. Broke off the kiss and my mouth moved to those sweet breasts. Bobbi began to moan and sigh as I licked and sucked as her nipples became hard and very sensitive to touch.


Bobbi was gyrating her body in every direction as she laid above me and I knew I could blow my load at any second. Cooled off the action and suggested we get comfortable and lose our clothes. We headed to the bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behinds us.


As we got on the bed, looked down and saw that Bobbie was completely shaved and admiring her sweet pink pussy lips. Couldn’t wait to taste her sweet honey as my tongue started massaging all over her cunt and thighs. Licked all the juice as she got wetter and wetter. Slipped my finger deep into that tight hole reaching for her G spot at the same time licking her clit. Found the G spot and started fingering Bobbi with a come here motion. Bobbi’s moans and sighs started to get louder as her body started pulsating, she raised her hips up when the orgasm came and squirted a stream of fluid from her cunt. Bobbi cried out, “OH MY GOSH, THAT’S FANTASTIC,   NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE,” as her sighs subsided….


By this time my cock was about to burst and I knew I had to get my rocks off. Bobbi was totally wet and ready for my assault. Put my cock deep into that tight wet pussy in one swoop shot. Bobbi told me to hump her as hard as I could as the sensations built up in my balls she called out, “I’M CUMING AGAINNNNNNNNNN, CUMINGGGGGG, CUMINGGGG,” at the same time shot several rounds up that wet pussy.


After that we were both a mess, got up and washed off. Back in bed we talked about the experience and how good she felt about being with someone like me. As we laid there, Bobbi started sucking on my flaccid cock and playing with my scrotum as my 8” of manhood started to rise. I was content to lay there enjoying the massaging sensation of her tongue but I knew there was more that I could do for her.


Got off the bed and headed for the bathroom to get the plastic container of baby oil I spotted earlier. When I returned she was laying on her back with her legs widely spread which was very inviting. Asked her to pull her legs straight up, spread her cheeks and squirted some oil in her crack and worked one finger then two fingers into her tight virgin butt hole. This was new to Bobbi and she seemed to be relaxed until I told that I am going to fuck her virgin butt, she looked up and told me she trusted me as she did want some new experiences.


Continued to work my two fingers in and out of   butt hole until she seemed comfortable and relaxed. Aimed my cock for that lil brown hole, slipped the head of my cock in and stopped so that her sphincter could relax before I went any further. Her legs were now resting on my shoulders as I continued to slowly push myself all the way in. Pumped her slowly in and out enjoying that tight sensual feeling as Bobbi started to work her anal muscles. My 8” was completely in her as her muscle began to constrict and release as she was getting to used to my cock all the way up her ass.


Slid her body closer to the edge of the bed, as I stood up, raised her legs and pushed as far back as I could and then started pumping her slow at first, then faster and faster. At the same time Bobbi reached down and started rubbing her clit almost at the same pace I was fucking her ass. Bobbi’s moaning was getting louder and louder, with every thrust I knew she was getting closer to her climax. Seconds later she cried, “FUCK MY ASS FASTER, I’M ABOUT TO CUMMMMM, OHHHH, OHHHH, ARGHHHHHHH.” I could feel her muscles contract once again as my cock was deep into her back hole. I started to cum and told her she was the best ass fuck I ever had…..


My cock went soft and slipped from her back door. As Bobbi laid there, my cum dripped out of her and made the sheets somewhat messy. I just stood there as we smiled at one another as words could not express our feelings.


We headed for the shower as we were both a mess. Soaped each other down and got squeaky clean, dried off and returned to the bedroom. Bobbi changed the sheets, stretched out and the next thing we knew it was morning.


Took her out for breakfast and talked about our relationship. Bobbi told me she did not want anyone but me and I felt the same. At work we kept our relationship very casual to prevent any situations from occurring.


To this day we are still together…………………….







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