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Youngsville Part 7

A Day-Sea girl open up to Eric...
The faucet poured water into my hands which I splashed onto my face. It was a fresh feeling, having just woken up. I stood only in my boxer briefs and a t-shit and felt like I was at home. I was standing in the new bathroom which I had just finished the day before. The girls loved it and I felt great to be able to make them happy in another way, other than tantalizing them with my cock. I stepped out and walked to the kitchen for breakfast. Jill was standing by the stove preparing tea and I gave her a kiss to greet her. She had already laid out different breads and toppings on the kitchen table and I helped myself to them.

“Would you like some tea?” Jill asked and walked over to the table with the teapot in her hand.

“No thank you,” I said and reached for the coffee standing in the middle of the table. “But I would like a bit of you after breakfast.”

“Hihi,” Jill giggled and pour some tea into her own cup. “That can be arranged.”

Jessie came down the stairs and into the kitchen dressed only her nightie. It was blocking my view of her cunt by only a few centimeters of clothing. Me and Jill greeted her and said hello. Jessie looked at Jill with a smile and then back at me before she said hello. Jessie rushed through a small breakfast and winked at Jill. Then they both got out of their seats and walked over to me. They removed their tops and exposed their breasts for my eyes. They pushed my chair backwards with me in it, leaving a fair amount of space from the table. Both sisters sat down in front of me and rubbed my underwear.

“Girls, are we not risking it a little too much?” I asked nervously as their mother was still in the house. “Gina is still upstairs.”

“I don’t care,” Jessie answered and looked at Jill. “Do you?”

“Nope,” Jill answered and they both looked up at me. “We heard you and mama last night.”

“That’s right, we heard everything,” Jessie answered and began licking the bulge in the underwear. “We want an open relationship with everyone in our house.”

“We sisters tell each other everything,” Jill continued and kissed her sister.

The sleeping beast belonging to me began to grow as the girls stroked and licked it through the fabric. Jessie’s small hands grabbed my underwear and I raised my hips and let her pull them down to my ankles. My cock stood straight up into the air. And the girls attacked it with their wet mouths. Licking the sides, tickling the head, and sucking my balls.

I sat there in the kitchen and received a wonderful blowjob from two wonderful young woman. As I watched their lips slide over the head of my cock I thought about what was happening to my life. Had I really just heard that five different women want to fuck me? And that they do not care about me fucking their siblings? Things had really moved quickly for me and I barely knew how it happened!

I looked back down into the eyes of these two sweet girls and I lost myself in ecstasy. My hands gripped the hair on top of their heads as I lost myself in bliss. I watched as my cum was fired from my dick and onto the girls tongues. The amount was no longer a surprise for them as several big spurts filled their mounts. The sisters turned to each other and had a passionate kiss. Mixing my jizz between them and spiting it back and forth into their mouths. I was mesmerized by the sight and watched them go at it for a minute before they swallowed my cum down into their waiting stomachs.

“Thank you sir,” Jill said as she got to her feet. “Your cum is most enjoyable.”

“Yeah!” Jessie agreed and stood up as Jill left for the bathroom. “Do you like it when we treat you like this?”

Jessie sat down in my lap and I understood she was not wearing any panties. She let my semi-hard cock rub against her naked and moist pussy. We looked at each other as she slowly moved back and forth…gliding along my shaft.

“Of course!” I quickly responded. “I doubt any man would dislike what you two have done to me,” I said and placed my hands on her firm buttocks.

“Listen to this then,” Jessie began and leaned close to my ear to whisper something. “There is this place in town which I often go to,” Jessie continued as I got an idea of what place she was talking about.

“Is this place located near the flower shop in town?” I interrupted and she looked at me with a dirty look.

“I see you have found your way around town,” Jessie giggled and pressed herself down on me. “Have you been there often?”

“Just once,” I confessed and she looked surprised. “But it was one hell of a visit!” I went on.

“Oooh,” she exclaimed with a smile. “I bet the visitors were very happy with what you can do.”

“They were,” I answered as Linda the housewife popped into my mind. “I even saw you there. What were you doing?” I asked and squeezed her butt.

“Well I work there,” Jessie explained and kissed me. “I’m one of the bartenders.”

“I thought you were a student?” I asked her and she gave me a strange look.

“You actually believed that? Ha!” she asked surprised and laughed. “That is only a cover that I use so my mom does not know that I work in a club! She would be really angry if she knew that I worked at Ménage. Anything else you want to know?”

“Well, tell me who you really are then,” I asked and gave her a kiss. “Who is Jessie Day-Sea?”

Jessie looked at me with her bright blue eyes like never before and I understood that I had hit a nerve. After a short moment of gathering her thoughts she stood up and asked me to wait by the door. She ran upstairs and told me to get dressed.

I ran up after her and got dressed in a plain t-shirt and jeans. I came downstairs to find Jessie wearing a sundress dress which hung loose over her slim figure. Which color was as blue as the sky on a sunny day. She opened a dresser by the door to retrieve a blanket before pulling me out of the house. We walked for a few minutes in silence before we reached one of the big meadows on the farm.

“Come on,” Jessie broke the awkward silence and pointed at a small hill with trees in the distance. “We’re nearly there now.”

We head across the meadow and up onto the small rise which had its own small patch of trees. Jessie led me under the oak trees under the edge of the small patch of trees. A spot which gave a good view over the meadows. It was very peaceful and secluded from everyone and everything. Jessie unfolded the family sized picnic blanket and we sat down on it together. She looked out over the meadow and I did the same. The farm was in the distance and the edge of town was just in sight.

“I come up here to think sometimes,” Jessie said. “It’s quiet, remote, and…very peaceful.” I nodded in agreement as she continued. “I had a dream of being famous. I was interested in sports, gymnastics to be exact. The girl from the countryside making it big in the city. Shallow Shores is where I went. Mama would never let me go alone, so I said I was going to spend the time with a friend and her family at their home in Evansville. Only it was longer than I thought…”

Jessie continued to tell me her story which was about her time in the city. Shallow Shores is supposed to be a big city. I had never been there myself but I had heard mix opinions about the place. Nice rich neighborhoods with fancy cars and villas. But make a wrong turn and you will be heading down a bad path straight into trouble.

Jessie went on as I assumed the worst, which did happen. A young woman ran into the wrong person in the wrong neighborhoods and she got stuck there. She was mugged early on and when someone offered to help her out she fell into debt. She was forced into different services and began working in illegal bars and clubs. She and her body became a tool. After a month of being through this new way of life she managed to get in touch with her family.

Gina was furious when she heard what happened and tried to locate her in the poor neighborhoods of the city, but in vain. To Jessie’s luck her employers passed away in a suspicious fire at their homes and she was “laid off”. She took her change for freedom and managed to work her way back to Youngsville.

Which she also did, a week later she arrived back at the very train station I had arrived at. When Jessie returned to the house she hugged Gina tight. Even after her horrible ordeal in Shallow Shores something new had awoken inside Jessie. She was a new person and she secretly keeps in touch with some friends from her time in Shallow Shores. Some visit her at Ménage during the nights and every now and then she travels to Shallow Shores. Of course, without Gina’s knowledge. She went silent and after her tale I did not know what to say. Her head turned to me and she smiled at me.

“I feel different around you Eric,” she told me and with bright red cheeks. “I don’t want to be the bitch I am to other people.”

“You’re not a bit,” I replied with a chuckle. “I’m glad you feel comfortable around me.”

I looked down and saw her fingers crawl into my open hand. I closed it and she smiled before leaning closer to me. I leaned towards her and our lips met. Our tongues loved to wrestle together and before I knew it I was crawling on top of her small body. My hands excavated her supple breasts from underneath her dress and released them into the hot summer air before my lips moved down and kissed her nipples.

A short moment later Jessie had pulled the hem of her dress up to her belly button and as my jeans had been pulled down to my knees, my cock hung free. Like a battering ram standing before a medieval gate I push my penis against her labia and into her waiting vagina. It was just as wet as it had been in the farmhouse’s kitchen a while ago.

I felt strange as I slowly nestled my way inside Jessie. Something was different. The vibe of romance in the air. This sex felt different and it felt even more amazing than our previous encounters. I gave slow and passionate thrusts into the beautiful young woman underneath me. Who was clearly enjoying my treatment very much and between her moans of pleasure she softly whispered into my ear.

“I love you.”

Her words excited me and my body locked in place as my instincts relieved me of my own thoughts. My hands grasped her tiny shoulders, my eyes closed, and I bit down on my lips as I fired away many loads of sperm right against her cervix. I kept cumming and cumming until finally it started gushing out of her filled pussy. She gasped and moaned while she held me tight against her. When I opened my eyes as I came down to earth again I looked at Jessie who had a grin on her face.

“That must be a record,” Jessie said with a giggle. “I’ve never made you cum that quick.”

“I, I don’t know what happened,” I said as I regained my senses. “I’m sorry.”

“Well there’s always time for seconds,” she said and kissed me.

Indeed there was time, out in the fields we had all the time in the world it felt like. We did not just have seconds, but thirds and fourths as well. For the next hour I worked hard to make up for my disappointing first performance. But I enjoyed the hard work, and she enjoyed what I gave her. I guess there really is happiness in giving!

After lunch I fulfilled my plans of traveling to Mayer’s Orphanage. It was a few kilometers out of town and place looked more like a fortress than an Orphanage. I looked through the iron bars in the gate and examined the building. A large two floor brick building with metal fences surrounding the building and its gravel courtyard. I saw the entrance and saw two teenage girls sitting on the steps. They were dressed in was looked like school uniforms. A dark blue sweater and white skirt with the hem ending just below the knee. I tried to act friendly and waved to them, but instead I startled them as they ran inside the brick building through its large double door.

Apparently they must have told Mr. Mayer about my presence since only a moment later an intercom near the gate woke to life with a man’s voice. I was able to get an audience with Mr. Mayer whose first name was Damian and he walked around with a bent over back. Making him seem older that he really was, 65 or so. The short old man seemed worried during my entire visit. Acting very cautious of his surroundings, he kept staring out the window and looking over his shoulder repeatedly during our conversation in his office.

I explained how I had moved to the town a couple of months ago that I had heard he was also looking for a craftsman or similar. I had only got one job at the moment, but I did not tell him about my salary from Mr. Wayland. Damian was glad that I had come to him. He had only been able to find a bunch of old and lazy workers who did practically nothing. In the end it forced him to fire each one. He was glad that a young fellow came to see him.

I understood that Damian had made his decision and I was clearly going to get the job when he asked me to come along on for a walk around the place. As we walked through the hallways I began noticing that I only saw girls here. They looked at me with curious eyes and smiled as Damian and I walked by. We never met any boys as we walked, I asked Damian about this. Instead of a straight answer to my question he gave me his life story.

Damien’s parents emigrated from Germany before WW1 and changed their name from Mains to Mayer. They had their sights on the leaving on the coast but ran out of money in Youngsville. Which was a much larger and busier town then. They worked in every way they could until they made enough money. The day finally arrived when they could support themselves and leave. As they were leaving they noticed many people who were helpless, just like they had been. Homeless, no job, living on the streets.

Instead of leaving they settled down to open a homeless shelter and orphanage. Today Youngsville has far smaller of a population it once had. He had received less donations and he needed to act. Damian transformed the place into a private school, only for young women. He even let me know that I had been the first man under twenty to visit for over thirty years. He went on to tell me that at the moment he did not have a certain task for me. But it would not be long since the old building always needed repairs.

Our walk ended by the front door and he reached out his hand to me. I met it with my own hand and shook it firmly. He told me that he would send one of the girls to the Day-Sea ranch when he needed some help. As I exited the school I came out to where the two teenage girls sat. They had returned and looked up at me with shy eyes. I said hello and they gave a weak and shy reply back. As I walked across the gravel courtyard I looked back at the school. In the windows were several young ladies watching me. I turned my head back and as I reached the iron bar gate I could feel dozens of eyes glued on me.

When I returned to the farmhouse the place was quiet. Gina and Sandra were out working and Jessie was probably at Ménage. Usually Jill would be in the kitchen experimenting with the food for the evening. Although she was not there. I headed upstairs and knocked on Catherina’s door. She called that it was open and I pushed down the knob. She was laying on her stomach in her bed while reading a thick black book. She looked back at me and smiled.

“Hi Eric,” she said and crawled over on her bed, inviting me to sit.

She returned to her book as I sat down next to her and checked her out. She got dressed for the day yet, laying only in her panties her ass tiny ass was stretching them out. Leaving no creases on her black panties. I began to remove my clothes and as I did I looked at her bookcase. I could see all of her special toys that I had made and some she had bought of the internet. There were buttplugs, anal dildos, enemas, anal beads and an inflatable ball.

“You’re awfully quiet today,” she said with removing her eyes from the pages. “Something on your mind?”

I sat back down and placed my hands on her lower back. I began to rub, giving her a small massage before answering her.

“This booty right here in front of me,” I answered as my fingers crawled their way under the fabric. I was hungry for some loving even though Catherina’s sister had treated me just a couple hours earlier. Catherina left her book world and looked back at me.

“You’re going to have to work for it in that case, I don’t think you deserve it yet.”

“Lucky me,” I answered with a grin on my face. “I love my work.”

My eager hands gripped her panties straps and ripped them apart. Letting me to explore her beautiful formed ass.

“Hey!” Catherina protested. “Those were one of my favorite pair of undies!”

“You’re not going to be needing those anymore,” I answered and looked down at her booty.

“Apparently not,” Catherina said and let me get down to business.

I pushed her legs apart and laid down between them letting my head rest just behind her butt. I used my hands to spread her fleshy asscheeks and reveal her exciting little asshole. My fingers moved slowly over her puckered anus and my tongue moved close. From the top of the bed I heard Catherina moan in delight as I drenched her in my saliva. I played with her body and mind all the way up until she laid her hands on my head and pushed me down into her ass crack. She wanted more, she wanted me inside her, just as I did too.

Catherina let go of my hair and reached under her bed for something. She gave it to me and it was a bottle of lubricant. I sat up and applied a thick coat of it on to my throbbing hard cock. Before I moved back to her ass and ran it along her ass crack. I inserted a finger to work her up. Making her lust for my thick meaty cock. I moved it back and forth in a fast pace, which made my heart race with excitement. I was eager to make her my young anal queen.

She raised her ass and pushed herself back at me. Letting out a long moan of pleasure. Her eyes were closed and I imagined her day dreaming about my manhood. I noticed her slit and saw the wetness building and soaking the bed sheets.

“Oh god! Yes!” she cried out and looked back. Looking into my eyes as I pumped my finger at a strong rate. I continued to please her as I heard her moan my name and continued cursing. Her hands gripped the sheets and I felt her spasms around my finger. She had clearly not been touched in a while.

I pulled my finger out and extended it to her face. She eagerly sucked the juices and tasted her ass. With her eyes closed through the entire process to be able to enjoy the pleasure at the highest possibility. I observed that she is already in a high gear of lust for cock which drove me to more excitement. She opened her eyelids again and I look at the beautiful blue color she has been gifted with.

I pulled her ass up, making her stand on her knees, but I also force her face into her pillow. She was breathing heavily and rapidly, she was very excited. Standing on my knees behind her, I ran my lubed up cock up and down along her butt crack. I hear her softly begging me to fuck her. We’re both so hot for each other and after I hear another pray for cock from her sweet lips I finally granted her wish.

The wet and lubed mushroom head of my cock pushed against her saliva coated anus and slowly her dirty ass began to make way. I pushed in slowly as she let out a grizzle. Her arms reached back as she placed her hands on her soft butt cheeks before spreading them apart. With only a short moments of resistance from her dirty hole and a final push from my pelvic I entered. She grunted loudly as I moved deeper until I decided to stop. Giving her a moment to relax.

After her short breather I began to work. My thighs pressed against her cheeks as I gave her the thrusts that she so eagerly needed. She grunted and moaned as I thrust a little faster, fucking her harder with each stroke inside her delicate but dirty asshole. I found a nice fast rhythm and both of us began to experience beautiful pleasure. Together we joined as one in our hardcore fucking and the room filled with our moans.

Catherina let go of her ass and moved one of her hands in between her two legs. I felt her fingers caress my ball sack as I slammed into her anus just a few centimeters from her touch. I heard her squeal as I thumped into her body. She was reaching her orgasm and I foughted against my own climax as I listened to her cries of ecstasy. I wanted this to last longer.

I placed my hands down on her ass and I pushed her away from me. Creating a soft pop as my cockhead escaped her anus. I looked down and saw a gaping asshole which was an inch in diameter wide. I quickly threw her over onto her back. My butt moved down and my cock plunges back into her gaping ass. With the help of my arms she wrapped her slim legs around my waist. Locking me in place.

Our mouths found each other and together our tongues danced. Together we groaned throughout our kiss, mixing our moans and saliva. My hands gripped her tiny breasts and held them as the bed rocked with my every thrust. I broke our kiss and looked down at the action. Watching my shaft disappear into the ass of this young and so beautiful girl.

A couple minutes later my hands reached back and pulled her legs apart from behind my back. I pulled my dick out into the cold air and squated above Catherina’s face. She understood what I wanted and her lips swallowed the head and continued to move down along my cock coated in lube mixed with her ass juice. She only used her head which allowed her hands to caress my balls. But she surprised me when I felt her fingers play with my own butt. In the heat of the moment I enjoyed the circular rubbing from her fingers as her lips and tongue treated my cock.

I lowered myself and planted my knees on each side of her head. Pressing my ass down onto her chest and my cock just above her face, with my large balls just below her chin. Her arms moved around my thighs and grabbed my cock. Stroking it rapidly in front of her. My moans grew closer to each other and faster as my precum dripped onto her nose.

My nuts tickled and I grunted loudly. Louder than ever before. A large white blob ejected with great power. Landing across the length of her face. It was not the only one, a second later another stream of sperm jetted across her small face. Then a third deposit landed on her lips, a forth on her left cheek, and fifth on her nose, I moved along painting each part of her face until finally stopping on her forehead with the ninth spurt.

My orgasm began to settle and we were in bliss. I had watched Catherina’s cute face get bombarded by my cum. Sperm was dripped off of her face and onto the sheets. She stared up at me with one eye open, since the other was covered in my seed.

“Amazing Eric,” she said and blew me a kiss. “Take a picture with my phone.”

“Really?” I asked her surprised.

“I want to remember my first facial Eric,” she explained.

I reached for her phone on the floor and snapped a picture of her completely covered in my load. I showed her the screen and she giggled. She had made me feel amazing and Catherina’s began to gather my jizz with her fingers and push it to her mouth, with a little help from my cock as a brush. She swallows my nasty white treat down her throat and into her starving stomach. After her meal we got out of bed and went downstairs to the showers. There was always time for seconds!

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