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You're too Old? maybe Not!

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Mature woman gets her ass drilled
It was Friday. The 30 year old woman agreed to meet me even though I'm 55 years old. She told me online that it probably wasn’t a good idea for us to meet. She said, "we'll have nothing in common. You're as old as my dad." I said, "meet me and then if you're not happy with what you see or have any reservations I'll walk out the door.

With some hesitation in her typing, she said, "I'll meet you." I arrived at her door on a sunny morning-we were suppose to meet around 10:00 Am and spend time together until around 2:00 PM. As she opened the door she smiled-I couldn't tell if it was forced or not. She invited me in and took my coat. She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt-no makeup or socks. I told her, "you're more beautiful in person." She smiled-not forced. "and you have a great smile." She asked what I usually do when meeting-what breaks the ice. I told her that I like to shower together-it lets us get comfortable with each others body and sometimes is a very playful activity. She said, "lets go then." We walked into her shower-it was a nice walk-in with 3 shower heads. "nice play tube you have!" She responded, "everyone likes it." We took off our clothes-I was free balling (no underwear) and she had just butt floss on. I took her floss off with my teeth as she giggled. Turning on the shower and getting the water warm-she invited me in. She took shampoo and washed my hair and let her hands slide down to my genitals.

Within seconds My cock was hard. I took some shampoo and stood behind her and washed her hair. I stood so my hard cock rested in the cleft of her buttocks. I let my hands slide down to her breasts as I kissed and nibbled at her neck and ears. She began to moan. She asked that I put a condom on and get inside her. I said, "no I have other plans." We rinsed off and then I let her take the towel and dry me off. I repeated the favor but made sure I licked her clit as I dried her legs and let my moist tongue slide over the cleft of her buns. We moved into her bedroom-she had candles and romantic music ready to set the atmosphere. I asked her, "is there and thing you don't like to do?" She responded, "tell me what you like and I'll let you know."

Right now I want to use that massage oil to give you a nice body massage. Then I plan on licking and sucking every body part and when you want me in you-when you can't take it anymore I want to put a condom on my pulsating cock and have you sit on it-with your back against mine and just at the right time I'm going to put your vibrator in your wet pussy and you're going to explode! "I'm wet already-do it!" She was face down on the bed.

I took some massage oil-strawberry flavor-and warmed it in my hands. I rubbed her shoulders and back. Worked my way down her backside and all the way down to her toes. Then I let my body rest on her backside-My throbbing cock was between the mounds of her ass. I licked her neck and took each ear in my mouth. She began to moan and I noticed her buttocks began to move so as to mirror intercourse. I licked my way down to her asshole where I took a latex covering and placing between her two cheeks I let my tongue dart in and out as I rubbed her clit and massaged her breasts. I slowly moved down to her inner thighs and then to her feet. Kneeling I carefully sucked all her toes while massaging her vagina.

I licked my way back up to her neck-making sure I licked the sides of her body-she moaned louder and her body moved as if demanding that I put my hard cock in her. I carefully turned her over and licked her inner thighs and breasts. Our bodies were sliding back and forth due to the oil. Our tongues were joined in a pleasurable dance. I asked her to wait-I carefully put a condom on my cock and then had her kneel as if she was going to get it doggy style. I then slowly inserted two fingers with lot's of lube in her asshole-I waited to sense the contractions in her asshole and then went deeper.

I coated my cock with lots of lube. "Now sit facing away from me and slowly lower yourself on my cock-you take control." Slowly she lowered herself-I felt instant pleasure-The condom prevented me from losing my wad. When she had my entire cock in her asshole I told her-"don't move up and down." I licked her neck and took each earlobe in my mouth. I could taste the salt from all the foreplay. She softly said, " can I bounce up and down on your cock-I can't wait much longer?" One second-I reached down and took her vibrator and put it into her pussy. She immediately began to moan out loud and say, "Oh Fuck yes - Oh fuck don't stop." The vibrator in her pussy sent pleasurable sensations through the vaginal wall to my stiff penis in her asshole. We started to pump-"Oh yes! I'm cumin! Don't stop-she said." I heard her scream and then the sounds of being sexually satisfied.

She fell face first into the bed. I fell, on top of her and held her. After a few minutes of enjoying the afterglow of sexual fulfillment I asked her-"so should I leave because I'm too old?" She responded' "sorry, I have you until 2:00!"
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