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The ladies finally meet...

Even with the driving rain in my eyes, I saw Harold take her into the vending shack. He had just seen too much of her watching that volleyball game. I will admit she held my attention, but I did not like she was getting more attention from others than me.

She did look fabulous in that top, watching her tits be almost totally exposed every time she jumped to block a shot. Picking up the ball in that skirt would get a few gasps from the crowd, which led me to believe they were seeing something that I would love to see.

If Harold saw any of that he would be as horny as I would be, which was why he followed her to that shack. I knew once he got her inside, she would be a goner. With the cock my Harold has, any woman would like to feel that size in them.

I was soaked, but I did not care. I made my way through the bushes to the back window. I saw Harold’s hand pull the window shut. I had to be careful and made small in peeks through the glass. She was soaked as I was, and the top no longer covered her but clung to her breasts.

Harold was doing most of the talking, but I only heard his muffled voice through the cabin walls. He was probably using the same compliments he used on me when the first time he put the make on me. Of course, I fell for it. What women wouldn’t like to hear all those words about herself?

With another peek, I saw him hugging her from behind. I knew he was getting his cock out before he spun her around for a frontal hug. His back was to the window, and she was enjoying the feel of him with her eyes closed, so I no longer had to peek, but I just watched.

When he pulled the top over her head, she did not resist at all. What a set of beautiful breasts she had. Her nipples were the perfect size for her breasts. She must have felt the cold as they stuck straight out. When he pulled her skirt up to her waist, and she felt the warmness of his cock on her, he kissed her.

Harold had this young thing ready. He picked her up and set her on the table. She automatically opened her legs, and she helped him put it in her. They were kissing as Harold started his usual slow grind. Harold’s hands were all over her tits as she pushed her cunt forward.

The expression on her face was pure pleasure, as the ridge on his wonderful cock massaged her clit. Her body tensed and shook as her time arrived. His also came with powerful thrusts driving that weapon deep inside her. My own cunt tingled as I watched the silent fuck through the window.

I enjoyed watching my husband fuck her, but I could not stay. I wondered if she sucked him later. I made my way back to the car while they were occupied with each other. I made it home and changed and waited for my darling to get home.

When he walked into the house, he did seem spent. They must not have stopped at one fuck. If so, she was hotter than I ever imagined. She had the body, but also the wanting to go with it. There was no doubt in my mind, I wanted her, and whether Harold helps me or not, I would taste that little bitch.

“Enjoy the picnic?” I asked.

“It was great!” he replied.

'I know it was!' I thought.

Harold trudged off to take a shower, and the way he walked led me to believe that cunt was almost more than he could handle. He definitely needed help. I was undoubtedly going to volunteer or would I try for myself. I knew how I could control Harold, but I decided to try what I had used before on another cutie.

Her name was easy to get, using Harold's company phone list. They had pictures of everybody with their spouses. I had to retake mine for them. I had too much cleavage showing. I found her and dressed like some old prude. What a fake-out that was.

I called the number. A woman answered with a perky, “Hello?” No ID showed on her phone because I kept a burner phone for just these occasions.

“Kathy?” I inquired.

“Yes,” She replied.

I softly asked. “Did you enjoy your fuck in the shack at the picnic?”

“Who is this?” she shouted into the phone.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I will not share the video of it, but that is up to you,” I coyly said.

“What do you want?” she hesitantly asked.

I just blurted into the phone, “I want to eat that bare pussy you were showing at the picnic.”

“Is this a joke or something? I don’t know you, do I?” she said with a voice that had a little panic in it.

“Why don’t we meet and have something to eat together?” I said with a voice that was getting husky.

She knew what I meant but tried to play it innocent with, “I don’t even think of things like that!”

“Oh, bullshit, Kathy, every woman thinks about that and wonders what it would be like,” I said not knowing if she tasted that fruit long before Jerry came into her world.

She gave in with, “Where would you like to meet?”

“I will get a hotel room and let you know,” I told her.

“Please make it during the day. I need for my husband to be at work. Will you bring the video?” she stated all her conditions.

“Of course, Kathy. I have a condition too. I want you to dress in that outfit you wore to the picnic,” I said.

She said, “Fine!” and hung up the phone.

My panties were soaked from our conversation and from the anticipation of making love to her. I called the hotel I had used before for some of my dalliances, which included one of the bellboys. It only happened because a jerk got cold feet and didn’t show, and I was in the mood.

I called Kathy again and gave her the time and place. I had to decide what to wear for tomorrow to make sure she enjoyed my affection but was most tempted by my cunt.

I entered the hotel room. It was nothing unusual, but I knew that wonderment would be walking through the door. I unpacked my little carryall and took out my thin housecoat. I slipped out of my dress. I discarded the bra and panties and just stood there in my heels and a smile. My reflection on the sliding glass door looked like a wanton princess standing there.

I put on my housecoat. It only had one button at my tummy level. The top was just right for swaying breasts, and the bottom half showed pussy when I walked. I would make sure Kathy would see me walk. She did as she was directed and called me from the lobby. I cracked the door for easy entry and gave her full view across the room.

She knocked on the door, and I said, “It’s open.”

She entered and took one look at me and surprisingly exclaimed, “Eve? Eve Hood!”

“Kathy, I am so glad you’ve come!” I exclaimed as I walked towards her. I watched her eyes, and at first, she watched my breasts move. But, eventually, her attention was the material below the button. To make sure, as I walked to her, I opened the clasp.

“Did you bring the video for me?” she asked as her eyes watched my hips sway, which I know made my pussy even more inviting.

“There is no video, Kathy,” as I marveled how sexy she looked in that cut off tee. Her legs would win a prize at any beauty contest. “I only told you that to get you here, but I did watch you fuck my Harold! And you wore my poor man out, and now I want to make love to you,” I told her.

“Who would have thought, the beautiful Eve Hood, would want to make love to me. Well, Eve, it has been a long time since I have done what you are asking. Just the thought of doing that with you makes me wet!” she said, as she pulled the tee over her head.

I kissed her as I caressed her lovely breasts. I felt her hand on my mound and make its way to my pussy. My housecoat was removed, and her skirt was dropped to the floor, and just like the picnic, she was panty-less. Both of our mouths were open and tongues explored while being sucked.

“May I go down on you, Eve? I have fantasized about that ever since I saw you at our first picnic. I think you are such a sexy woman.” she asked in a quivering voice.

I did not answer but laid down on the bed and spread my legs. Kathy came right to me. She kissed my lips; my neck, my chest: my breasts, my nipples and all the way down. Her soft kiss on my pussy was so fucking hot, I wanted her so bad.

She held my thighs as she worked her tongue to my clit. I almost could not stand the pleasure, and when it all let go, I saw nothing but blackness. She slowly kept caressing me. I lay there engulfed in pleasure.

I finally asked her, “Where did you ever learn that?”

“It took my college roommate a long time to make me, but she did, and she showed me the ropes,” she told me. “I only dated a few guys in college and only one fucked me, but it was four years of bliss being with her.”

I had a knack for knowing the ones who liked this sort of thing. We lay there nuzzling each other, feeling the softness of each other. Kathy's breasts were hot, and my soft squeezes made her whimper. I finally made my way down her body to give her the pleasure that she may not be getting at home.

The taste of her pussy was delicious, and her thrusts into my face were exciting to me. I remembered her grind on Harold’s cock, but this one was softer on my face until she tensed for that magical moment of pure delight. It was as violent as could be, as she pulled my hair to get my face closer to her cunt. This bitch was hot!

After many times eating and cross leg fucking, she said, “Eve, I have to go. I need to be there when Jerry gets home. I don’t want to fuck anything up so that we can’t be together again.”

I said, “There is a way to include Jerry with a little swapping. You could have Harold again and eventually me. Does that work for you?”

She replied, “I don’t think Jerry would go for being alone with Harold, but I am sure he would give anything to fuck you.”

As I kissed her, I whispered in her ear, “Let Harold work on it.”

She kissed me back and was out the door. I watched her walk down the hall with that swaying beautiful ass still tempting me.

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