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19 year old Zack pounds both the wife and husband

19 year old bisexual Zack fucks both the wife and the husband
Trish and Mark were your everyday couple. Trish was a gorgeous brunet who had just turned 41 years old while Mark was a 45 year old fitness trainer who kept his body in immaculate shape. Over the last year they had talked about expanding their sex life outside their marriage. They checked out several different options including swinging, but ultimately decided on that they looked for a lover for Trish.

It took some time, but Mark thought he had found the perfect guy. Zack was a very cocky young man who loved to mess around with couples. He had a gorgeous body and a cock that was 9 inches in size. There was only one problem with Zack and that he was only 19. Trish right away wasn’t happy about the thought of being with such an young man while her husband Mark had no problem at all with it. They discussed it over the next week or so as Trish started to come around to the idea of letting Zack fuck her while Mark watched.

Over the next week Mark and Zack got together to plan things out. Zack was to meet Trish and Mark at a local motel that coming Saturday night. This was the first time that they decided to do something so bold. They knew their was no going back at this point.

They waited patiently for Zack to arrive. Zack was about half an hour late as he waltz into the room. This was the first time Trish had met him as she was very impress with his looks. Zack had Trish melting out of his hands only minutes after arriving. Mark in the meantime had positioned himself off to the side of the bed so he could watch. He sat on a chair and basically didn’t say anything as he let Trish and Zack do whatever they liked.

Zack began to seduce Trish right before Mark’s eyes. He had moved Trish right in front of Mark as slowly worked each piece of clothing off her very sexy body. Once down to her bra and panties Zack had his hands glued to Trish’s ass. He grabbed and gently squeezed it as Mark sat a foot from the two of them. Zack was a very poised 19 year old who played it up as he removed Trish’s bra first and then slowly slid her panties down to the floor. He teased Mark as he reached back and spank her ass several times with his hand as Mark watched on from only a foot away.

It was a few minutes later and Trish began to remove Zack’s clothes. She had removed everything, but his tight underwear briefs as his very large cock could be seen through them. A minute later Trish knelt down in front of Zack as she slowly pulled his briefs down over his big beautiful cock. Zack’s cock popped out of his briefs right into Trish’s face as a stun Trish yelped out in astonishment.

Zack teased her with his beautiful cock as he smacked her on the face with it several times. He then inserted it right into Trish’s mouth as she began to suck on it. She slowly tried to take as much of his cock into her mouth as she could as her mouth slowly made its way up and down his long shaft.

A few seconds later Zack turned Trish around so now that Zack’s gorgeous ass was now positioned right in front of Mark. As Mark sat their Zack’s ass had gotten only inches from his face as his wife continued to suck hard on Zack’s cock.

After several minutes of sucking on Zack’s cock Trish was now led onto the bed. Zack had positioned her head at the end of the bed so Mark could view everything. Mark could see his wife’s facial expressions as Zack now had pushed his 9 inch cock up against Trish’s pussy. It was only seconds later that Trish cried out loudly as Zack’s cock slid into her wet pussy. Her face told the whole story on how big Zack’s cock really was. She continued to moan out as Zack worked several inches of his cock into her pussy.

As Mark watched on his beautiful wife was now being pounded by Mark’s 19 year old cock. It only took a few minutes and Zack had Trish on the verge of cumming already. Zack asked Trish, “Do you want to cum all over my big cock!”

“Yes! Yes!” cried out Trish as she started to orgasm all over Zack’s big cock as her excited husband watched on only a few feet from her. Zack then quickly turned Trish over onto all fours as Trish’s face was pointed right at Mark. Her face grimaced as Zack stuck his big hard cock back into her from behind.

He fucked Trish very hard as Trish’s beautiful tits swayed back n forth with every thrust of his enormous cock into her. Trish continued to moan out as Zack’s big cock had easily pushed her close to another powerful orgasm. A short time later Trish screamed out in ecstasy as she felt a enormous orgasm riddle her beautiful body. Mark watched on in awe as Zack had made it look so easy.

Trish’s worn out body laid flat on the bed. Her ass was the only thing left in the air as Zack pump his big cock into her pussy a few more times. He then quickly pulled his big cock out of her pussy and began to cum all over her backside. Mark watch as several shots of cum flew over the top of his wife’s ass and landed high on her back. One shot of cum went as far to land on the back of her head. Trish’s backside was now covered in cum as she tried to make her way into the bathroom to clean off.

Zack stood right in front of Mark as his cock was still in a semi erect state. Mark could believe what just had happened as he couldn’t but help to take several glances right at Zack’s big cock as he only stood a few feet from him. Zack then said to Mark, “What do you think of my big cock? Your wife sure did love it!”

Mark was speechless as his wife slowly made her way back out of the bathroom. Zack then asked her, “Are you ready for round two?”

A surprised Trish quietly knelt down in front of Zack as she began to suck Zack’s cock again. She sucked on it for about 5 minutes as his cock had gotten very hard again.

A short time later Zack and Trish were going at it again as Zack was on top of Trish. He fucked her good and hard as she cried out into another powerful orgasm. Zack then had Trish climb on top of his cock. She road on top of his big cock as her face was positioned towards Zack’s feet. Mark had a good view of the action as he watched Zack’s big cock going in and out of his wife’s pussy.

Trish cried out even more loudly now as Zack was fucking her very hard. A few minutes later Zack reached down and pulled his cock out of Trish’s pussy. Mark only a few feet away watched as Zack began to cum all over his wife’s stomach as his cum shot high into the air.

With Mark’s wife now worn out on the bed Zack quickly got dressed. He told Mark as he walked out of the room, “If you thought tonight was good wait until next week. I think you are going to like it even more!”

Mark wonder about Zack’s comments over the next week. He wonder what Zack had meant and what his plans were for his lovely wife. That following Saturday night they all met up again in the same motel room. Zack was super hype up as he came into the room sexually charged.

Zack had Trish strip down in front of him as Mark sat off to the side. Trish stood only a few feet from where Mark sat as she then slowly began to remove Zack’s clothing. Zack had turned towards Mark as his big cock grew very hard right in front of him. Mark knew something was up with Zack as he made sure he had noticed his big cock.

A few minutes later as Trish sucked on Zack’s cock he moved her up on the bed. He crawled on top of her as he turned towards Mark and said, “I want you to insert my big cock into your wife’s pussy!”

Mark was hesitant at first, but got the courage to walked over towards the bed. He looked down at Zack’s 19 year old cock and slowly reached his hand down and grabbed his massive hard on. It was the first time in his life he had ever touched another man’s penis. He grabbed Zack’s cock and began to work it into his lovely wife’s pussy. She cried out as Zack’s cock slid deep inside her. Zack began to fuck Trish hard for a few minutes when he again looked at Mark. “I want you to lick your wife’s clit while I fuck her!”

Mark extremely horny now moved his mouth down to his wife’s clit. Zack’s big cock had the lips of her pussy spread wide open as Mark reached his tongue out and touched her swollen clit with it. Her body immediately jumped up off the bed as she began to move about the bed. As Mark’s tongue worked over his wife’s clit he had a point eye view of Zack’s big cock as it slid back n forth inside his wife’s pussy. It was a short time later when Trish began to scream out loudly. She was on the verge of a very powerful orgasm as Mark’s tongue continued to flick across her clit. Zack gave her several hard thrust with his cock as Trish began to explode. She came very hard as Mark continued to lick her clit. Mark’s tongue also touched Zack’s hard cock as it slid in and out of Trish’s pussy. Zack then looked down at Mark and said, “Do you like that!”

Mark was embarrassed as Zack ordered him to lay on the bed. Mark’s 6 inch cock was now protruding through his pants as it was rock hard. Zack said to Trish, “I want you to get on all fours! I want you wet pussy over top your husbands face!”

Trish climbed over top of her husband as he laid flat on his back. She positioned her pussy and ass right over her husbands face as Zack came in behind her. Trish’s pussy was only inches from Mark’s face as Zack pushed his big cock back inside her.

Trish cried out as Mark watched Zack’s huge cock fuck his wife. Zack ordered Mark, “I want you to suck on your wife’s pussy while I fuck her!”

Mark raised his head up off the bed a few inches as his he began to lick on Trish’s pussy again. She cried out even louder as a wave of energy went through her body as Zack rammed his big cock deep into her at the same time. Zack was fucking Trish so hard that Mark’s tongue was now touching Zack’s big cock with every thrust.

A few minutes later Trish screamed out again. She started to cum very hard again on Zack’s young cock as her husband tried in vein to lick her pussy at the same time. Zack then pulled his big manhood out of Trish’s pussy. It was glistening in Trish’s juices as Zack said to Mark, “I want you to lick your wife’s juices off my cock!”

Mark stunned by Zack’s orders reached up and began to slowly lick the head of Zack’s cock. He licked on it for a few minutes until it was completely cleaned off. Zack then immediately inserted his cock back into Trish and began to fuck her very hard again.

It was only five minutes later when Zack’s big balls began to swell up. Mark was stuck underneath both of them as he began to panic. He knew Zack was ready to cum and their was nothing he could do about it. A few seconds later Zack yanked his big cock out of a screaming Trish. He pointed his big cock down right at Trish’s ass and began to cum all over it.

Mark watched in horror from underneath his wife’s ass as Zack’s cum began to dribble down the crack of it. A few seconds later Zack’s cum began to drip down all over Mark’s face. A minute later other streams of cum began to filter down over the cheeks of Trish’s ass. It also began to drip off her ass and onto Mark’s face. Trish then got up off the bed and headed into the bathroom to clean off.

Mark in the meantime wiped Zack’s cum off his face as Zack said, “Did you like my cum on your face! Maybe you liked to suck my cock next time!”

Mark now had figured out that Zack was bisexual and that he really was interested in both his wife and himself. He didn’t know how far Zack would push things, but he was about to see. Mark’s cock was hard as a rock in his pants and he couldn’t believe the excitement that just went through. His sexuality was being challenged now as he waited for Zack’s next move.

Zack then said, “I am going to fuck your wife in the ass!” as he smiled right at Mark.

Trish returned from the bathroom as Zack immediately was all over her again. He moved her up on the bed and had her on all fours as her face was pointed right at Mark. Zack began to fuck Trish hard from behind for a few minutes when he pulled his big cock out of her pussy. He then aimed it right at her beautiful asshole.

A few seconds later Trish screamed out as her face grimaced. Zack had penetrated her lovely ass as Trish now screamed loudly into the sheets. He fucked Trish in the ass for several minutes as he gave Mark a cocky smile. Mark now wonder if he was next in line as Trish started to cum very hard again. A short time later Zack moaned out as he filled Trish’s ass with his cum. Zack then looked over towards Mark and said, “Why don’t you lick my cum out of your wife’s ass!”

Mark was stunned as he didn’t move from his seat. Zack got dressed and said, “I will see you both next Saturday!” as he left. This left Mark to ponder what Zack had planed for the both of them the following week.

Over the next week Mark’s mind went crazy. This 19 year old had gotten into his mind so badly that his cock was hard most of the week.

The next Saturday night came quickly as Mark never mentioned anything to Trish about Zack being bisexual. Zack immediately had Trish remove all of her clothes as they cuddled with each other on the bed. Mark watched on as Zack began to fuck Trish a short time later.

She cried out as Zack pummeled her with his big cock. They fucked each other like animals as Zack was on top of Trish. She screamed out a short time later as she had a very powerful orgasm on Zack’s big cock. He fucked her for a good twenty minutes as he made Trish cum again on his big cock a short time later. Zack was also ready to cum now as he pulled his big cock out of Trish‘s wet pussy. He then began to shoot his cum all over the outside of her hot pussy. Her pussy was now covered in Zack’s cum as she laid their quivering on the bed.

Zack then looked over towards Mark. He said to Mark, “I want you to come over here and clean your wife’s pussy off with your mouth!”

Mark slowly worked his way over to the bed. Zack pushed Mark down over the side of the bed as his face was only inches from his wife’s pussy. A few seconds later Zack smashed Mark’s face into Trish’s pussy as Mark began to lick up all of Zack’s cum. A few seconds later he felt Zack climbed in behind him. Zack had grabbed Mark’s pants and had ripped them down to the floor. A stunned Mark didn’t move as he felt Zack’s hard cock being pushed up against his tender ass. Then all of a sudden Mark felt an enormous pain shoot through his body as Zack had pushed his big manhood into his ass.

Zack fucked Mark’s ass very hard as Mark now began to sucked up all of the remaining cum off his wife’s pussy. He had his tongue now buried deep into his wife’s pussy as she started to squirm about the bed. Then a few minutes later with Mark’s tongue buried deep inside his wife’s pussy Trish screamed out into a powerful orgasm. She hadn’t cum on Mark’s face like that in years as Mark sucked down all of her juices.

Zack now yanked his big cock out of Mark’s ass. He had Mark slither off the bed as he knelt down in front of him. Zack then began to stroke feverishly on his cock as Mark watched on. A few minutes later Zack was now close to cumming.

Zack then said, “Open up your mouth!” as Zack quickly inserted his big cock into Mark’s mouth.

Thirty seconds later Zack moaned out as he began to shoot his load down Mark’s throat. Mark began to gag on Zack’s cum, but Zack showed him no mercy as he held Mark’s head tightly onto his big cock. A minute later Zack pulled his spent cock out of Mark’s mouth. Mark had swallowed Zack’s full load as Zack stared down at Mark’s throbbing cock.

“I want to see you get yourself off! Stroke on it!” Zack shouted out.

An embarrassed Mark reached down and began to stroke on his 6 inch cock in front of Zack. It only took a few seconds and Mark began to cum all over the motel room floor. Zack then laughed as he quickly got dressed.

Zack now had accomplished what he had set out to do in the beginning. He had fucked both Trish and Mark. He now had control over both of them as he left the room with Trish still trembling on the bed and Mark still down on his knees. What will Zack plan for next week?

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