23 Year Old Sarah Squirts All Over Her Bosses Face

By mter100

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23 year old Sarah had a crush on her 45 year old boss and ends up squirting all over her face
“Ann, I need you and Sarah to go out of town for a few days.” Ann’s boss said to her.

“Any reason why?” Ann asked.

“Yes! Our office in the Midwest is really short handed right now and we need somebody who knows what they are doing to get us caught back up. I know you can do it. It should only take four or five days at most.” Ann’s boss replied back.

“Alright, I will go tell Sarah she has to come.” Ann replied back.

“Sarah, I need you go with me to our Midwest office for a few days? We need to leave in the morning.” Ann said to her.

“Sure, I will be ready Ann!” Sarah replied back.

Ann is 45 years old and has been with the company almost twenty years. Sarah on the other hand is only 23 years old and had been under Ann for the last year. This is the first time that Ann and Sarah had to travel together for business.

They arrived the next day at their hotel and quickly got right to work. They each had their own room on opposite end of the hotel from one another. The next few days were brutal for both of them. They worked extremely close together as they slowly got caught up.

It was now day five and everything was just about caught up on. They were schedule to leave the next day, so they finished up a few odds and ends that were left to do.

That night they decided to celebrate their success as they knew their boss was going to be very thrilled with both of them. They went down to the bar area and had a few drinks as they chatted with one another. Even though they knew each other from work they got to know a lot more about each others private life.

Ann had been married to the same man for almost 20 years and had two children. Ann still looked very good for her age as her body looked like a woman in her thirties. Sarah was a single woman who was very bright and gorgeous looking. She was a head turner as every man she would walked past would glance at her. She had a great set of breasts and her ass was simply gorgeous.

They chatted about their lives when the conversation turned to sex. Ann told Sarah that she had a wonderful husband and that their sex life was very good. Sarah told Ann she was in between boyfriends and asked Ann, “You ever been with a woman before?”

Ann blushed as she said, “Oh’ no! I am not into that at all!”

Ann quickly change the subject to something else as they began to chat about other things. They sat their for another 20 minutes chatting when Ann said, “Wow it is getting late. Maybe we should retire to our rooms. We got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

They walked up to Sarah’s room first as Sarah said, “Why don’t you come in and see the view I got. It is beautiful at night with all the lights on in the city.”

Ann followed Sarah into her room. Sarah opened up the drapes as Ann went over to the window to look out. “Wow! This is a gorgeous view. It is way better than my view. I am looking right into the side of another building.”

Ann checked out the view for several minutes and then turned around to leave. She was stunned as Sarah stood their with just her bra and panties on. Sarah then reached behind her and undid her bra. Her gorgeous tits were now in plain view of Ann.

“I had been wanting to be with an older woman for a while. I am very turned on by your lovely body!” Sarah said to Ann.

“I am not into women!” Ann professed to Sarah.

“Sure you are!” Sarah said to Ann.

Sarah walked over to Ann and undid her pants. She slid her hand down into them and began to slowly worked her clit over with her finger. Ann’s body began to tremble as Sarah worked magic with her finger.

‘Oh’ god Sarah!” Ann cried out.

Sarah had Ann right where she wanted as Ann couldn’t move from the spot she stood at. Ann cried out even more as Sarah’s finger now had found that magical spot on her clit.

“You like this Ann! Don’t you!” Sarah said.

Ann moaned out, “Omg! Omg!” as her body trembled even more now.

Sarah now yanked Ann’s pants and panties to the ground. Ann stood their bottomless as Sarah now had total excess to Ann’s pussy. Sarah quickly brought Ann right up to the point of climaxing again, but then suddenly stopped. She teased Ann’s pussy for several minutes as she pulled her shirt and bra off her. Ann’s legs had weaken so much that she could hardly stand anymore. Sarah then dragged Ann over to the bed and had her lay down on it.

As Ann laid on the bed Sarah forced her head down in between Ann’s legs. Her mouth was right on Ann’s wet pussy as she began to lick and suck on it. Ann began to climax a few minutes later as Sarah pushed her tongue deep into her swollen pussy.

Ann was stunned as she laid on the bed recovering from the powerful orgasm she just had. She had never thought she would ever let another woman do that to her, but she ultimately did.

Sarah removed her pants and panties and moved on top of Ann. She pushed her beautiful tits right into Ann’s face. She shook them back and forth across Ann’s face until her harden nipple had found Ann’s mouth. Ann ended up sucking on both of Sarah’s nipples over the next few minutes.

Sarah now straddled herself across Ann’s face. She lowered her beautiful pussy down towards Ann’s mouth. She moaned out, “Suck on it Ann! I want to feel your tongue sweeping across my clit!”

It took Ann a few seconds but gradually she opened her mouth and began to taste Sarah’s pussy for the first time. Her tongue quickly raced back and forth across her clit as Sarah started to moan out, “Suck it! Suck it Ann!”

Sarah’s body began to tremble as she was very close to climaxing right on Ann’s face. As Sarah’s orgasm began to build she quickly pulled her body slightly off Ann’s face. She began to rubbed her fingers vigorously across her swollen clit. She moaned out loudly as she began to cum a few minutes later. There was one big thing that Ann didn’t know about Sarah. Sarah would squirt when she cums. Sarah screamed out as she quickly began to squirt all over Ann’s beautiful face. Sarah had soaked Ann’s face with her juices as they ran down over Ann’s cheeks.

“Omg Sarah! You didn’t say anything about that you squirt when you cum.” Ann said to her.

“Wow, what a orgasm I had! I had been fantasizing about this for the last several months!” Sarah cried out.

It was about 30 minutes later when Sarah and Ann laid in bed together with each other. Sarah was very playful again as she began to finger Ann’s pussy again. Sarah then grabbed a vibrator out of her purse and began to use it on Ann.

“Oh’ god Sarah it feels so good! Don‘t stop! Please don‘t stop!” Ann cried out.

Sarah had Ann good and wet again as she moved her onto all fours. She got behind Ann’s gorgeous ass and began to use the vibrator on her again. Ann cried out loudly as her body began to bucked. Sarah knew exactly how to bring Ann to an orgasm as she turned the vibrator onto the highest setting.

It only took a few minutes and Ann now screamed out into another powerful orgasm. As Ann screamed in orgasm Sarah had started to play with herself. She quickly brought herself to orgasm as she squatted right behind Ann’s ass. She fingered her pussy feverishly as she started to squirt again. This time she unloaded all over Ann’s beautiful ass as she covered it in her juices. Her juices then ran down Ann’s ass and all over the bed.

Ann then collapsed down onto the bed as she was worn out. She said, “Omg Sarah that was good! I had no idea you could make me cum like that!”

“I am not done with you yet!” Sarah said out loud.

“I am not sure I can take anymore!” Ann cried out to Sarah.

Sarah began to kiss Ann on the lips as Ann had become very horny again. Sarah moved her hand down in between Ann’s legs and began to finger Ann‘s pussy. Ann’s body bucked about the bed as Sarah fingered her hard. Sarah in the meantime was also extremely hot as she had her legs straddled over Ann’s leg. She began to move herself back and forth on Ann’s leg as her pussy rubbed up against it.

They were both on fire now as they both moaned out together. Ann was very close to climaxing again as Sarah had her finger buried deep into her pussy. Sarah was also close to cumming. A minute later Ann screamed out in orgasm as Sarah rammed two of her fingers deep into pussy. Sarah was also very excited as she began to orgasm again. She squirted again all up and down on Ann’s thigh.

Ann got up and said she had to go. She couldn’t believe what she just had done. She quickly got dressed and raced out of the room. Sarah laid on the bed with a gigantic smile on her face as she got exactly what she had wanted and needed.