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A Bisexual Summer

Mature man enjoys a bisexual encounter one hot summer.

I am a mature widower having lost my bride of fifty-four years, ten months and fourteen days days due to complications from pancreatic cancer. Since becoming a widower I have been dabbling in my bisexual side more and more. I had some minor experience during my youth but have been much more active recently.

My uptick in activity can be traced to me joining a swinger’s web site called Swing Lifestyle (SLS). There are many bisexual couples on this web site looking for bisexual men to join them in swinging.

I’m amazed at how many women get off watching their man with another man. Including sucking cock both giving and receiving, as well as fucking, again giving and receiving.

I have become very adept at sucking cock and absolutely love my cock sucked by both men and women. This does not, in any way, diminish my love of pussy. I truly love performing cunnilingus just as much as sucking cock.

I’m about to tell you about my first experience with a bisexual couple. It happened last summer over the fourth of July. I met Fred and Jenn in the SLS Bisexual chatroom. I began chatting with Fred and later he added Jenn. After it was established that I loved both cock and pussy, they asked if I wanted to go private and get on cam. I agreed.

Once on cam, I saw the lovely Jenn, a lady in her mid-forties, and Fred a nice-looking man in his early 60s. And they saw me, a healthy and horny gent of seventy-six They were both nude so I quickly undressed.

Seeing Jenn’s slightly sagging tits and bald pussy was making my cock harden. Add that to Fred’s impressive cock and it was no wonder I was getting a hardon.

Fred remarked, “It looks like you are getting aroused and seeing your cock growing is causing me to have a boner.”

“How could I help getting aroused seeing the both of you nude. Damn I want you both,” I responded.

With that Jenn went down on Fred and began sucking his cock. I immediately began masturbating. It did not take Fred long for Fred to cum all over her face. I was brought to the brink of orgasm when Fred began licking his cum off Jenn’s face. God that was hot.

Then Fred said, “cum in your hand and eat it for us.”

That is all it took to get me off, I blew my load in my left hand and proceeded to eat it all, as I heard Jenn moaning.

“She totally gets off in watching men eat cum, especially me,” Fred said.

Over the next few weeks, we would chat and cam daily usually ending up with Fred and me eating cum. The absolute best was Fred eating his cum from Jenn’s pussy after fucking her. Man was that hot.

Fred and Jenn lived in Southern Virginia not far from Danville and invited me to visit them over the fourth of July to spend a few days. I live eighteen miles SE of Raleigh, NC so driving to Danville was not a big deal. I readily agreed.

It was an easy drive up to Danville and using my GPS I found Fred and Jenn’s house in an upscale gated community. As I passed thru the entrance gates I was very impressed with the surrounding neighborhood. I entered the circular drive and saw Fred standing at the front door.

Fred greeted me with a hearty handshake and surprised me with a hug. Fed was at least a head taller than me and I felt his rather impressive cock against my abdomen which caused my cock to jerk. Fred then asked if he could help with my luggage. Taking my one bag, Fred directed me into the house.

Once inside the house, I was met by Jenn who was fully nude causing my cock to jerk again. Jenn pressed her nude body against me as she hugged me. She had to feel my hard cock. Damn things could be starting any better.

Fred showed me to my room and told me to get naked and meet him and Jenn out back by the pool. I quickly got undressed and headed to the pool area. Upon arriving, I found the back area had a ten-foot high fence with plenty of trees and shrubs providing complete privacy. The landscaping was immaculate and the pool was spectacular. On this very hot summer day, I was going to enjoy that pool for sure.

I was taken back as I saw Jenn on her knees sucking Fred’s cock. It appeared she was deep throating him.

Seeing me, Fred said, “Get over here and take Jenn’s place, I can’t wait for you to suck my cock.”

I quickly took Jenn’s place and Fred began fucking my mouth banging the back of my throat. His cock was bigger than any I had ever sucked. As Fred tried to push his cock down my throat, I began to choke and my eyes began to tear up. It was difficult, but I tried hard to relax my throat muscles, and when I did, his cock finally slipped down my throat. He was not only fucking my mouth, he was now fucking my throat like a very tight cunt. I had never had a cock as long and thick before. It took all my cocksucking skills, and some I did not know I possessed, to handle his big cock.

“Damn Tommy not many men can take my cock in their throat. You are every bit as good as Jenn. I’m so glad we invited you. It is supposed to be very hot this week but we are going to make it even hotter,” Fred said.

As Fred continued to fuck my throat, I became aware of a wetness in the crack of my ass. Jenn had begun licking my crack and her tongue was getting closer to my hole. Holy crap she is going to rim me as I suck Fred, I thought.

When her tongue made contact with my hole, I orgasmed and shot my load on the cool deck below me. Almost at the same time, Fred let out a loud moan and blew his load down my throat directly into my belly.

I was coming down from my orgasmic high, when I head Fred say, “Damn. Damn, Damn that is what a call a great blow job,” as he withdrew his cock.

“Time for you guys to have a drink and relax,” Jenn said.

Jenn was pouring us drinks from a large pitcher of Margaritas, as I thought, wow I have been here a very short time and I have sucked Fred off, and had a great orgasm as Jenn rimmed my sensitive ass. Wow!

Fred and I plopped down on deck chairs as Jenn served the cool drinks. Even though I had just cum, my cock remained hard. So hard that it got Jenn’s attention.

“I’m hoping that you seeing my pussy is causing your erection,” Jenn said.

“I think it is the total scene, but seeing your shaved pussy certainly does not hurt,” I responded.

“Finish your drink and then get over here and eat my pussy. It needs immediate attention,” she said.

“Whoa wait a minute. I think your pussy needs a load of cum before Tommy goes down on you,” Fred said.

With that, Fred rose and presented his cock to my lips.

“Suck me hard so I can fuck Jenn and fill her cunt with a fresh load of cum for you,” he said.

I did not need a second invitation as I engulfed his cock. I began bobbing up and down as if I had not had a cock for a long time even though I had just sucked his cock. Fred was moaning loudly as I gave him my best. Soon his cock was throbbing in my mouth and I could tell he was close to cumming. He quickly withdrew his cock and moved to Jenn, who was now bent over a deck chair. Without ceremony, he rammed his cock in her pussy and slam fucked her as he yelled, “I’m cumming.”

Fred’s load was coating the walls of Jenn’s pussy as he emptied his balls. Jenn’s pussy was now ready for me.

No sooner had Fred removed his cock, I went down on Jenn. Licking and lapping like an animal in heat. As my tongue penetrated the folds of her vulva, I could taste the sweet/bitter taste of Fred’s cum. A taste that I loved. When I made contact with her clitoris, she began to shake and quiver. A thunderous orgasm was overtaking her, starting deep in her being, as her juices flowed. Soon I was enjoying the mixture of Fred’s and Jenn’s cum. An intoxicating flavor.

Then something I had never experienced before happened. My mouth and face were being splashed as Jenn began to squirt. At first, I thought she was pissing on me, but soon realized she was squirting. I was spent and my balls and cock were aching.

“Time to relax,” Jenn said, as she poured fresh drinks.

While relaxing, Jenn and Fred told me how much they appreciated me coming to visit. Jenn said she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her and then have Fred eat the cum from her pussy. I told her it might have to wait till tomorrow, as I was pretty well spent.

She simply replied, “we will see about that.”

Later that evening, Jenn was down sucking my cock bringing it back to life. I was amazed at how hard I was getting.

She got up and bent over a deck chair and said, “That bad boy is ready for my pussy.”

I needed no further encouragement, I shoved my freshly harden cock into her very wet fuck tunnel and began pounding her from behind. I was surprised by the wetness of her cunt and how warm it was. I always thought my late wife had a hot pussy but Jenn far exceeded hers. My arousal knew no bounds, as I soon felt the stirring in my loins, and could feel an orgasm fast approaching. I speeded up giving maximum effort. Jenn must have come at the same time I did. We were both screaming, as I filled her pussy with cum.

I literally fell back in my deck chair. Fred took my cock in hand and fed it into his mouth sucking out any residue cum, before going down on Jenn and lapping out the cum I left there. The glassy eyed Jenn was moaning very loud as Fred sucked and licked out the cum. I watched in awe and slowly masturbated.

“Tommy this is what we brought you here for. My greatest sexual pleasure derives from Fred eating cum from my freshly fucked pussy. Tomorrow we will grant your secret sexual fantasy,” she said.

I was totally spent and slept soundly that night for nine hours, which was unusual, since I rarely sleep more than six hours.

I got up thoroughly refreshed and headed for the shower. After a long hot shower, I started to get dressed and then remembered that Fred had admonished me that clothes would not permitted for the rest of my visit.

When I arrived in the dining area, I could smell the fresh Kona coffee, eggs, bacon, country ham and biscuits. Obviously the hot and sexy Jenn was a good cook.

“Good morning Tommy, I hope you had a good night and are refreshed, because we have fun things planned for today,” Fred said.

My eyes went straight to Fred’s big cock standing straight out from his body. My God, I thought, he is huge and thinking he is planning on fucking me sent chills thru my body.

“Please sit down and eat,” said Jenn.

After we finished a fantastic breakfast, we moved outside to the pool area. Jenn sat down on a deck chair and spread her legs. She motioned me over, it was obvious she wanted me to eat her pussy. After the great breakfast she fixed, it was the only honorable thing to do. I dropped to my knees and dove into her sweet cunt lapping and licking as I went. When I found her clit, I took it between my lips and proceeded to suck it like a small cock. Jenn was shaking, quivering and moaning all at the same time.

Then something strange happened, I felt a coolness running down the crack of my ass. It was Fred pouring lubricant. Then he inserted a well lube finger up my ass. As he made contact with my prostate, I began to moan as I continued sucking Jenn’s clit. I could feel cum leaking from my cock as my prostate was being massaged.

Then Fred removed his finger and presented his cock to my asshole. Pushing forward he was met with resistance from my sphincter muscle. As the sphincter gave away, he entered my ass, and I felt extreme pain. I tried to concentrate on Jenn’s clit to ignore the pain. As the big mushroom head reached my prostate, the pain begun to ease and was being replaced by extreme pleasure. When his cock was fully inserted, he stopped for a moment, and then began slowly fucking me as I was eating his hot wife.

As the tempo of his fucking increased, I hungrily ate Jenn’s cunt. Jenn was moaning, Fred was grunting and I was having the time of my life. My secret sexual fantasy was coming true, i.e. I was down eating the sweet cunt of a hot wife as her hubby was fucking me.

Fred was now pounding my ass going deeper than anyone ever had. I can’t explain the pleasure of a man being fucked by another man, especially if that man has a huge cock like Fred, but just understand the pleasure is awesome. The cum leaking from my cock was increasing and I was about to orgasm. Then Jenn had an orgasm and started squirting into my mouth and on my face. Unable to hold it, I blew my load, followed shortly by Fred blasting the walls of my bowels with a huge load of cum.

My fantasy was complete.

Over the next two days, the three of us had almost non-stop sex, but nothing compared to the time I ate Jenn while Fred fucked me.

I look back to that fourth of July and think that was the hottest fourth ever. I wish it could have lasted all summer. But alas, all good things must end.

PS: I never did use the pool.





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