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A Chance Encounter

Two men become gay lovers and soon one wife joins in and then the other in wife swapping.
Part Two.

‘That’s enough talking for now,’ he said as he kissed me and moved down the bed, kissing and nibbling at my nipples before taking me into his mouth again. I groaned at the pleasure of his hot mouth taking the head of my cock back inside and gently nibbling round it as he sucked. As much as I liked him doing this, I couldn’t wait to come so that I could do the same to him. I came, bucking my hips as my sperm came out into his mouth which he swilled around the head before he swallowed it all.

‘As lovely as ever,’ he said with a smile on his face, licking his lips as I moved down and kissed my way down his body and held his throbbing cock upright in my hand, loving the strong pulse that I could feel as well as the silken covering of that lovely piece of hard flesh.

The head was a reddish purple that was half exposed from the foreskin that I forced back with my tongue so that I could excite the erogenous zone where the skin met the flesh. He gave a gasp at this and another as I took the head into my mouth to begin to pleasure him. I loved feeling the hard flesh pulsate in my mouth as I sucked while moving my hand up and down the shaft. It didn’t take him long to begin to shudder as he came in my mouth with short sharp bursts. I did the same as he had done by moving his sperm round the head before sucking it all off and swallowing it.

‘Magnificent,’ he said, his eyes shining as I let go of his cock and moved up into his arms for a hug and lots of kisses as his still hard piece of meat was squashed with my still half erect cock between us. ‘If only that pleasure could last more than it ever does,’ he said, a sentiment that I too echoed, for I now loved sucking on him. We stroked each other for a few more minutes before he asked if I would like another beer? I said yes and watched him get off the bed, his cock now deflated as mine was and I saw that the cheeks of his bum were brown from the sun. Which gave rise to the thought that one day he would be asking me to put my prick in between them. The downside to this being that he would then want to put his between mine. Would I? Could I? I didn’t have time to come with the answer for John came back into the bedroom with two beers, his limp cock swinging from side to side.

‘Here,’ he said, passing across a can and popping his as he got back onto the bed. He took a swig before stretching back down and stroking my thigh. ‘I see you sun bathe naked.’ I nodded.

‘You do too,’ I said, noting that his thigh was quite brown where most men, and women I think, usually have a white patch.

‘Huh!’ he snorted. ‘Our little patch upstairs? Cretin’s built these houses. These only just have enough space for two loungers and a side table and you can only catch the sun for two, maybe three hours a day at the height of summer because of the high walls. The only saving grace is that you can be naked and not seen by the neighbours.’

‘I don’t have that problem either. Of neighbours I mean,’ I was fondling his prick as I spoke. ‘On our sun deck, you can get the sun for almost the whole time it’s in the sky. Enough to get this little bugger browner than that camera with a winking eye.’

I then worked my way down the bed and took his limp prick into my mouth and with it still being flaccid, was able to take the whole thing in. It felt just great being to have the whole thing there in my mouth, moving the head about with my tongue, squashing it up to the roof as my teeth clamped round the base.

‘Easy with the teeth Bob,’ John cried as he moved round till we were top to tail. I eased off and let him move properly and take my cock into his mouth and so we sucked and chewed together on our respective organs.

It was wonderful to be able to take the whole of his prick in and bury my nose into his pubic hair and really smell the man. But nature was taking over his body and I felt it start to grow and slowly force my head back, his shaft slowly emerging from my mouth until all I kept inside was the throbbing head.

‘Oh Christ,’ he groaned, lifting his head off my steaming cock for a moment before taking me back into the heat. His thighs tightened up and I knew he was about to erupt, which he did, and I felt so proud and pleased that I was able to raise him up like I did. I took the whole emission and swallowed it as he did with mine but I felt the stronger in being able to raise him up so quickly to give me the joy of having him come in my mouth.

‘You get better and better,’ John said as we kissed and hugged each other.

‘I’ve had a good teacher,’ I laughed, giving him another passionate kiss. This we continued to do for quite a few minutes before we broke apart to take some more of our beer. ‘Why don’t you come over to my place soon and you can get more than a couple of hours sunlight. Not overlooked by neighbours,’ I leered.

‘I’ll do just that,’ he smiled and I saw him look at his watch.

‘I think I’d better get back home. It’s surprising how time flies when you’re enjoying yourself,’ I said, sitting up and swinging my legs off the bed. I gave up wearing a watch when I first came to Spain but knew that I’d been with John for over three hours now and Sally might be thinking something had happened to me. Well something had, but it was something that I couldn’t tell her about, for I think I was falling in love with another person. The man who first sucked my prick and found that I liked sucking on his.

John moved over as I got up and I felt his hand stroke my bum as I stood up and ruffled his hair as I went and picked up my shorts and put them on. He too got up and put his on as I got my sandals and went into his open arms for one last hug and kiss before I left.

As soon as I opened the gate to my garden, K9 came dashing round the corner of the house to greet me, jumping up at me as Sally came round.

‘I’m glad you’re back. You can dig this last hole for me,’ she said turning back. I followed her round and saw that she was planting some more flowers in a small patch that I’d cleared earlier for her. It only took a few minutes before she was down on her knees planting the last flower, patting it down firmly with compost before getting up. ‘It’s really getting warm now,’ she said, wiping sweat from her forehead. ‘I could murder a beer right now.’

‘I’ll join you,’ I said and we went into the cool house and I got two beers from the fridge.

‘So who’s this friend you’ve made?’ she asked as she popped her can and took a long pull before thinking of using the glass I’d put down on the table.

‘It was the chap I met when I had dinner on my own that night you went out with the girls. His name is John. John Greenwood,’ I said.

‘Is he married?’ she asked.

‘Yes. His wife’s called Carol.’

‘He’s not an ex-fireman by any chance, is he?’

‘Yes, he is, or was I should say.’

‘Then it’s the Carol that comes walking with us on the weekends. She was one of the girls at our dinner. Fancy that. You meeting up with him and having dinner while I’m having mine with her,’ she smiled. ‘What’s he like? I’ve not met him yet.’

‘A nice chap. A couple of years younger I would say. They live over in that sector over there,’ I said vaguely, waving my hand in the general direction. ‘I can’t remember what number it is.’

‘D 12,’ she supplied, ‘if it’s the same couple.’

‘You’ll meet him yourself soon for I’ve invited him over,’ I said.


‘I didn’t specify any day,’ I said, and left it at that.

Sally went and had a shower after her beer and I had mine when she’d finished, and with it now almost summer time, we were back onto salads for dinner, which I prepared.

After dinner, when it began to get dark, I took K9 over onto the open space across the road from us for him to do his business. Only for ten minutes for Sally always took him out for an hour when she went out with him. I locked up when I got back and made our night time cup of coffee and took it into the bedroom where Sally was already in bed reading. We both were avid readers and it was another hour before we turned the lights out to settle down for sleep.

I always slept naked while she wore some sort of top, and I snuggled up to her back and let my mind drift off. I must admit that it wasn’t Sally I was thinking of that gave me my erection, it was John. My hand was stroking her thigh and I reached my hand over to the pubic hairs and suddenly found that I didn’t have another erection to grasp.

‘That’s nice,’ she murmured as she moved herself back, squashing my prick as my fingers were probing through her bush. ‘Don’t stop.’ So I carried on as she opened her legs for my fingers to work their way up inside her. The more they moved, the slippery she got and she gave out a moan. ‘Now Bob, now.’

I pulled my fingers out and moved over her body and supporting myself on my elbows, let my cock find its own way inside her. It was warm and comforting as I slid up until I could go no further. Her inside muscles flexing themselves around my shaft as her hands came up round my shoulders.

‘Lovely,’ she murmured as I began to move myself in and out of her vagina, thinking that John’s backside must be much tighter than this. I shouldn’t have had these thoughts for it made my sap rise quite quickly and I was soon heaving myself up into Sally but just about managed to hang on while she bucked her hips up to me, grasping my tightly as she came in her orgasm. Sweat was pouring off me as I let myself go with some relief, jerking my seed up inside her.

We were both breathing heavy as my cock still throbbed inside her, the muscles flexing themselves round my shaft, milking out the dregs.

‘Wow lover,’ she gasped as she pulled my head down to kiss me. ‘It’s been some time since we came together like that.’ I could only give out a grunt in reply, feeling slightly ashamed of thinking of John whilst I fucked her. She gave out a whimper when I pulled out and rolled over onto my back, she turning onto her side to cuddle me, and that’s how we fell asleep.

It was Friday afternoon when John rang the bell affixed to the wall by the garden gate. I was in the lounge and saw that it was nearly two o’clock as I went out onto the front porch to see him at the gate.

‘Come on in,’ I called, beckoning him with my hand, feeling my cock start to twitch at the sight of him. He came in with K9 jumping up and down beside him. ‘Down K9, down!’ I shouted sharply at the dog. ‘Sally!’ I called into the house. ‘John’s here. Carol’s husband.’ I wasn’t sure where she was inside, but she came out as he came up the steps. ‘John, meet Sally.’

‘Hello John.’

‘Hello Sally,’ them both speaking at the same time as they shook hands.

‘No Carol?’ she asked.

‘Still at work,’ he grinned. ‘Earning the food for the table.’

Sally noticed his limp as she followed us into the house and into the dining area where I made him sit down as I got out some beers. He gave her a potted history of himself and Carol as we drank our cans of beer and smoking a couple of cigarettes.

‘Come. Let me show you the garden and under-build first,’ I said to him when we’d finished our beer. He loved the size of the plot and of the swimming pool and the big patio surrounding it. I hadn‘t, as yet, gotten the poolside furniture out, explaining that we spent the hottest period of the summer out there by the pool. He liked the size of the under-build, which I could have parked four cars inside quite comfortably.

Then it was the house, three bedrooms though the smallest one I had turned into a library cum office. He marvelled at the upstairs bedroom with its en suite bathroom and the large sundeck outside.

‘Now this is a place for sunbathing,’ he said as he walked, or rather, limped over to the balustrade to see the view we had of the mountains in the distance. ‘I see what you mean about not being able to been seen up here.’ Which was true, for we were on the top of a small rise and nobody could see you when on one of the two loungers that we had up there.

‘Do you want to stay up here?’ I asked.

‘Rather,’ he said, stripping off his shirt right away.

‘I’ll get us a couple of beers,’ I said and went into the upper bedroom and down the stairs. ‘We’re staying up on the sundeck,’ I called out to Sally as I took two beers from the fridge. These I took with me as well as my cigarettes and lighter. I didn’t bother with the plastic glasses and there already was an ashtray on the small table between the loungers. This was where I put the two cans and my cigarettes before I took off my shirt and slipped off my shorts and lay back naked on the lounger.

‘Oh,’ said John and lifted up his hips and slid his shorts off too, and dropped them onto his shirt on the tiles. ‘This is much better. You can’t swing a cat round on our upper terrace, let alone have space to move and get the sun.’ He gave out a sigh and settled back down.

We lay there for nearly an hour, smoking cigarettes and sipping our beer, making small talk until Sally walked out from the upper bedroom with two beers in her hands.

‘I’ve brought you two……oh. I…I’m sorry,’ she stammered. ‘I didn’t realise you’d both be naked up here.’ I had quickly gotten up and went and took the two beers from her, noting that her eyes were fixed on John’s groin. ‘I…I’m going out with K9 in a minute. See you in an hour,’ and she quickly left the sundeck, her face a little on the red side. I couldn’t help but laugh and John joined in though his was more of a chuckle.

‘Well she certainly got an eyeful there,’ I said, sitting down and passing a can over.

‘It’s a mouthful I’d rather have,’ John said quietly, his eyes looking at my cock which started to rise up at his remark.

‘Me too,’ I grinned as I saw that he was getting an erection as well. ‘But let’s wait until she leaves.’ John took a long pull at his beer before rolling over onto his front.

‘In case she comes back up again,’ he said with a sheepish smile.

‘She might,’ I said, ‘even if it’s just to see two big pricks up here.’

‘I hope you’re referring to our cocks and not us as men,’ he said which made me laugh. Then came the excited barking of K9 and I knew she was about to go off for his walkies.

‘I’m off now’ I heard her calling out from below.

‘Okay,’ I shouted back and gave John a grin. ‘Give her time to be well clear of the house,’ I said quietly and we both waited for a few minutes before John sat up and slipped off his lounger to kneel on his shorts and take hold of my erection. It was really throbbing now and welcomed the coolness of his hand as he grasped it and held it upright. His mouth was hotter than the sun that it had been exposed to. I couldn’t help but gasp as I felt his tongue push its way down under the foreskin. I lay back and gave myself up to the waves of pleasure that flowed up from my groin. He sucked and tongued the head whilst his hand moved slowly up and down on the shaft, the skin moving silkily over the hard flesh beneath. I didn’t last long as my hips began to buck and came in his mouth. He twisted his head sideways to look at me, his mouth full of my cock and sperm and I swear that his eyes were sparkling. He swallowed and then licked all round the exposed head and sat back on the lounger, letting go of me.

‘Lovely stuff,’ he said with a smile as he licked his lips and gave his own cock a rub before lying back on the lounger. I was quickly off mine, my erection, still hard, bobbing about between my legs as I knelt down beside him.

‘I’m really getting to like this,’ I said as I held his prick upright, giving it a squeeze before pulling my hand down, making the foreskin really stretch. Then it suddenly was down under the rim of the head, leaving it fully exposed, all red and purple in colour, the shaft throbbing in my hand. I bent down and took him in to his gasp and really gave him a good tonguing as I worked my head up and down in the opposite movement of my hand. He gave out a crooning sound as I sucked on him and felt his hands hold my head as his hips began to lift up to meet my mouth. It feels like a bucket full when the sperm erupts into the mouth when it’s really only about a dessert spoon full, but it’s hot and has a slightly salty taste to it. But it was now becoming like nectar to me and took it all and savoured what I had achieved in making him come.

I finally released him, giving the tip of his steaming cock a quick kiss before stretching my body out over his on the lounger and kissing him, squashing our pricks between us.

‘That was wonderful John. Especially with us doing it out here in the open air,’ I said.

‘Yes, I enjoyed it, but, it’s time for me to go,’ he said.

‘So soon?’ I cried.

‘I’m afraid so. Carol’s due home just after four and I forgot to look to see if she took the house keys with her. So I’d better be home before she is,’ he said.

‘I suppose so,’ I said, a little disgruntled, getting up off of him and letting him sit up.

‘I’ll make sure she takes the keys with her next time,’ he said, putting on his shorts. I didn’t bother with mine as I would spend the rest of the afternoon up on the deck there. But I followed him downstairs, naked, as he put on his shirt and gave me a kiss in the doorway. ‘See you on Tuesday then?’ he asked with a smile as he stroked my cock.

‘Most definitely,’ I said with a smile and let him go off home while I went back upstairs to wait till Sally came home.

‘You had a good look at him then?’ I asked when I turned off my light when we were settling down in the bed for the night. We had both avoided the subject during dinner.

‘Well I couldn’t but help it now, could I?’ she replied.

‘Do you think he’s bigger than me?’ I asked.

‘You can’t tell when it’s soft like this,’ she said as she took hold of my cock. ‘Oh!’ It wasn’t soft but rock hard. ‘Now if it had been up like this, I might have been able to tell,’ she said, and I could hear the smile in her voice.

‘Well don’t just hold it,’ I said. ‘Start rubbing it,’ so she began to move her hand up and down on my shaft. ‘Take it in your mouth,’ I said after a couple of minutes.


‘Yes. Then I’ll go down on you,’ I said.

‘You won’t come in my mouth?’

‘Not if you don’t want me to,’ I said, giving her a nudge to get her moving. She wriggled her way down the bed and I felt her hot breath waft over the head of my erection before taking it into the warmth of her mouth. I sighed as she began to suck and found that she was seriously lacking in the art as compared to John. But overall, she wasn’t doing a bad job. ‘Steady old girl if you don’t want me to come where it is now.’ I felt the cold air hit the exposed head as she lifted her head up off me.

‘Now Bob, now!’ she cried as she rolled over onto her back, her legs opening for me to get in between them and found she was more than ready for me. I slid in easily and melded our pubic hairs together and had a glorious fuck with Sally thrashing about under me as she had an orgasm, prompting me to come inside her at the same time.

‘That’s the best yet,’ she panted as she kissed and I rolled off of her, quite a happy man.

I got the pool furniture out from the under-build over the weekend. Well it was almost June and the weather was now deserving of me getting it out ready. The sun was hot and we would soon be spending most afternoons down by the pool, under the sun shade if it got too hot, or swimming.

The water looked inviting, but it was Tuesday that I was looking forward to, not cold water to cool me down. Sally couldn’t understand my new lease of life in respect of the increased sex we were having, three times a week now.

‘I’m going for a beer with John,’ I said to Sally, mid-morning on the Tuesday.

‘Well don’t drink too much. I want a lift up to B later. There’s a few things I want from the supermarket,’ she replied from the kitchen where she was using the washing machine. I went off, happy as a lark, feeling younger than I really was. Wearing a T shirt, shorts and sandals, though they weren’t the thong type, but those open ended things with just a thick band across the front above the toes.

I was knocking on John’s front door inside of ten minutes and I liked his smile when he saw me, pulling me inside and giving me a kiss after he’d shut the door.

‘Hi Bob, want a beer?’ he asked as I followed him to the kitchen, by now, not noticing his limp. He was just wearing a pair of shorts and was walking, limping, barefoot.

‘Can…can we take it into the bedroom?’ I asked shyly.

‘Certainly,’ he grinned, moving past me and leading the way. As he put the cans down on the bedside table, I slipped off my sandals as I took off my shirt. Then off came my shorts to reveal that I had a massive hard on. John smiled at me as he dropped his and showed that he too had an erection. I took hold of it and pulled him towards me as I sat down on the bed.

‘Let’s try something different,’ he said hoarsely, pulling himself free from my hold on him. Oho, I thought, here it comes. He pulled a pillow off the bed and dropped it on the floor and knelt down on it. ‘Stand up. I want you to give me a face fuck.’

‘What’s that?’ I asked as I stood up, my cock waving just a few inches from his face.

‘Instead of me bobbing my head and working my hand on you, you stick your cock into my mouth and holding my head in your hands, you then fuck me in the mouth,’ and he licked his lips and took the head of my prick into his mouth as his hand grasped the base of my shaft.

Well I was wrong with what I thought and I liked to be looking down at John, kneeling there with my cock in his mouth. I put my hands to the sides of his head and began to move my hips backwards and forwards, watching my prick move in and out from between his lips. His mouth was hot and his tongue was pressing the head of my cock up to the roof of his mouth as his teeth gently raked both top and bottom sides of the muscle moving in between his lips. I wish there had been a mirror there in the room so that I could see exactly what it looked like, me fucking John in the mouth.

I must admit that it was different and I was enjoying it and knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. My thrusting became faster, his fist holding the base of my cock stopped me from choking him as I moved. My legs suddenly felt weak as I shuddered and came in his mouth, just short sharp stabs of my cock brought out the last.

I let go of his head and pulled out and sagged down onto the bed, panting and could now see a big smile on his face. His eyes shining and his lips clamped together and I saw his Adam’s apple move as he swallowed my sperm. He then leaned forward onto my thighs and gave me another quick suck before licking all round the head of my bright red headed cock.

‘How was that Bob?’ he asked as he sat back on his heels, his own erection sticking out proud from his thighs.

‘Great,’ I said, putting out my hand as I stood up, pulling him to his feet and kissing him. ‘My turn now,’ I said as I moved off the bed onto my knees on the pillow, John moving back slightly for me to get my back straight. I looked at him and smiled and licked my lips as I saw what I desired in my mouth, just inches away from my nose. I did as he had done, grasping the base of his shaft as I licked my lips and opened my mouth for him to put his cock inside it.

This he did as his hands came up and held both sides of my head as I clamped my lips tight round his shaft, pressing my tongue upwards. He held me firmly as he moved himself in and out, remembering not to grip too hard with my teeth. The difference between sucking on a rampant cock and having a face fuck is that you do not have control. But the pleasure was still there of having that pulsating organ in your mouth and have his emission come pouring out of the eye for you to taste.

I couldn’t swallow until he’d pulled himself out and I smiled up at him, letting him see that I had it all in my mouth before letting it slide down my throat like an oyster. I took hold of him again, for he was still standing in front of me, and went and sucked on him again and licked off any semen that was left.

‘That was lovely Bob,’ he said, helping me up, me picking up the pillow at the same time. ‘Let’s have those beers, I’m gasping.’ We got onto the bed and leaned up on our elbows as we pulled the ring that opens the can and took a healthy swig before settling back on the pillows.

‘Well Bob,’ he said, wiping his lips on the back of his hand. ‘We’ve been er, getting together now for, what, three weeks, and I don’t really know a thing about you?’ He gave me a big grin. ‘Except for having a lovely big cock,’ which he stroked though it was now quite limp.

‘Not much to tell really. I was born and bred in Whitechapel and as a youngster, used to work on my dad’s market stall. There I learned how to add, subtract when helping him sell. While giving out the sales pitch, I would already be working out the profit and percentages. This grounding got me a job in a commodities firm and it wasn’t long before I’d talked my way onto the floor of the Stock Exchange, selling commodities such as copper, tin, gold, silver as well as dealing with the world’s currencies. So I had to carry a lot of figures in my head on all these current prices as well as working out the exchange rate against the dollar, yen or mark.

‘I was on the floor for ten years, and in that time, I made enough money in bonuses to buy my parents their own house off the council and buy three apartments in Kensington.’

‘Wow,’ John exclaimed. ‘When you say on the floor, is that what you mean when you see on t.v., men shouting and waving bits of paper about in their hands?’


‘How old were you when you left the floor?’

‘Thirty. That’s about the limit for you start to burn out once you reach twenty five. Lose your edge. I was promoted into the back office where I stayed for the next five years. It was during this time that I met and married Sally who also worked at the firm before we left.’

‘Why did you leave at thirty five? You must have been making good money?’

‘Simple. The company got taken over and they sold off the commodities and we were made redundant. Good payout though. But during this period there, Docklands was on the verge of being built up and so I sold two of the apartments and got a mortgage and bought a whole block of luxury flats, off plan. Ten in all. That’s where the redundancy money came in handy, for it paid off the mortgage and left us owning them all completely. Sally and I set up a financial advisory service, which we still work at from here.’

‘Did you sell the apartments or rent them out?’ John asked.

‘Rent them and live off the income they bring in. It so happened than when they were being built, I bumped into an old school mate of mine. He had just left the army after twenty years, being a drill sergeant, and was looking for a place to live and for work. I asked him if he would like to be my caretaker, having one of the ground floor places, and see to the rents and the running of the building. He was married and his wife would see to keeping the carpets and stairs were cleaned daily etc. They jumped at the chance and so that was taken care of.

Sally and I both got fed up with the way England was going, you know, the violence, immigration, a higher cost of living and most of all, the weather. So we looked around and found this place. Sold the apartment in Kensington and moved out here.’

We’d smoked a few cigarettes and finished our beer, all the time, John had been stroking my cock and balls and it was now hard up against my stomach.

‘Well I’m glad you came here and we met. I’ve come to love this wonderful tool of yours,’ he said as he moved his head down onto my shoulder, looking at what he was stroking. ‘I like the feeling of it, so big, hard and strong. I love it in my mouth and I…I wonder if you would really make love to me as only men can. I’ve taken the head of it into me but now I would like to feel the whole length and strength of it inside me. Would you do that and make me very happy?’ He looked up at me and I could see the plea in his eyes.

Well, he’d finally got round to asking me to fuck him. My cock was really throbbing now and I got butterflies in my stomach and a tingle run up and down my spine. He would want his quid pro quo. Could I? Would I? Should I? Stick my prick up his arse and then have him do the same to me? He seemed to be begging for it, so he must enjoy it. If he enjoyed this, maybe I would too. This and many other thoughts rushed through my mind in those few seconds from him asking the question. Fuck him first and think about the answer while doing it came to mind.

‘If you want me to,’ I said, my voice sounding a bit thick.

‘Oh you wonderful man,’ he breathed out, his face lighting up like a Christmas tree. He moved up and kissed me and then moved down and kissed the head of my erection before rolling over and getting a condom out of the bedside table drawer. He moved over to me, getting the thing out of its wrapper and expertly rolled the rubber down on my erection. He still had the smile on his face as he sat up and moved onto his hands and knees.

‘You shouldn’t need telling what to do,’ he said as he lowered his upper body onto his forearms so that his backside was up in the air. I moved up and behind him, seeing my sheathed cock swaying in front of me. I now looked properly for the first time at the cheeks of his bum, slightly parted because of his legs apart and I could see the small brown puckered hole that he wanted me to stick my dick in.

The ache in my balls told me that they needed some release and there in front of me was the means of doing so. I shuffled forward on my knees, my left hand holding onto his hip and with my right, held my cock out straight and placed it to his back entrance. With my body holding it in place, put my right hand up onto his other hip and leaned forward.

I could feel the resistance as I gently pushed and could see the head of my cock slowly move into him and John relaxed under me and the head suddenly slipped inside to a grunt from John. I kept moving forward until the whole length of my shaft had disappeared and I could feel the tightness surrounding the whole of my cock as my thighs came up tight to the cheeks of his bum.

‘Oh God! If feels big and wonderful Bob,’ he gasped. ‘Now start moving and let me really feel it properly.’

This I did, holding his hips and moving mine backwards and forwards as I began to fuck him. It was so tight and wonderful, having that pressure all round my throbbing cock as I moved in and out of his backside. I loved it and kept moving and heard John actually crooning as I fucked him and decided then that I would let him do the same to me as he seemed to like it very much.

With my mind made up, I gave myself up to the pleasure that I was getting, fucking that tight backside and it was only as I was shooting my load into him did I realise the difference between his arse and a vagina; the tightness. Okay, it wasn’t really normal to fuck another man, but until you’ve tried it, it’s hard to explain. The vagina has many small muscles that can play along your shaft but not strong enough to really squeeze you. The ring piece of the backside is so much stronger but it is the only one. This can be felt as you move backwards and forwards, gripping you tight and really pulling the sperm out of the tube in the penis.

But some of this I didn’t find out till later. For at the moment, I was really loving this fucking of John. He urged me on as I neared my peak.

‘Harder,’ he cried. ‘Harder.’

I held his hips tight and dragged him back onto me as I rammed myself forward, my thighs smashing up to the cheeks of his bum, my balls smacking him at the same time. Boy, did I come. It seemed like bucketfuls as I gripped his hips tight to my thighs as I jerked into him. I didn’t realise until I stopped moving, at how much I had been sweating. It was rolling down my face and I could see it falling down onto the cheeks of his bum. I gave them a stroke and made him give out a shiver and pulled out of him. He gave out a cry and I thought that I’d hurt him and asked him.

‘No,’ he said as I watched his arsehole begin to pucker up and close, making me marvel at how big it had looked before it started to close up. ‘It’s just the loss I feel with it coming out.’

He rose up and pulled some tissues from a box on the side and turned round and pulled the condom off me. These he threw on the floor and stretched down and took the wet head of my cock into his mouth and sucked and licked till the head was clean. He straightened up and put his hands round my shoulders and pulled me down on the bed and kissed me as he half rolled on top of me.

‘Thank you Bob. You don’t know just how much I needed that. It’s been four long years since I had another man fuck me and I now feel marvellous. Anytime you want me the same way, just say so and I’ll drop my shorts in an instant.’ It warmed my heart to hear him say that.

‘Do…do…might…oh hell. Bob. Can…can we, can I do the same to you? I’ll understand if you say no, but….’ His voice trailed away and again, as he looked up at me I saw the look in his eyes, wanting, hoping that I would say yes. I stroked his hair and then his face.

‘Yes John,’ I said softly. His eyes lit up again and I got several more kisses from him before he rolled off and got another condom out. I had the butterflies in my stomach again and that same shiver up and down my spine as I watched him roll the condom over his prick. It now looked that much bigger, longer and thicker. He’s going to shove that bloody great thing up my arse? It won’t fit!

In spite of these thoughts, I found myself turning round on the bed, rising myself up onto my knees. I leaned forward, resting my head on the pillow, my shoulders laying on my forearms, my backside sticking up in the air. I wondered if my rear end looked any different from what his looked like at that angle. I felt the bed move as John got behind me and I gave out a tremble when his left hand came onto my hip.

‘The secret Bob is to relax,’ his right hand stroking the cheek of my bum. ‘The entry may be a little painful at first but it soon goes and I think you’ll enjoy the experience. But we’ll use a little cream the first time. It’ll feel a little cold at first.’

It was and made me flinch as the cold cream was put to my ring piece.

‘Relax Bob, relax,’ he said as I felt the head of his cock touch me where the cream was. I couldn’t help give out a shiver as I felt the pressure of it at my ring as his other hand came up to hold my other hip.

‘Relax, relax,’ he said as soothingly as he could as the pressure built up against my arsehole. I tried to relax and deny him entry, but he kept leaning forward and I felt some pain as my hole was expanded and then, all of a sudden, the head of his cock slipped inside me.

I instantly felt the throbbing of his prick, pulsating inside me and my sphincter muscle automatically gripped him just below the head. A loud gasp escaped me at this intrusion into my body, painful as the entry was, the feeling now was incredible. This feeling was enhanced as he pushed forward and I felt his shaft sliding easily, because of the cream, into my backside until I felt his thighs reach mine and he was fully embedded inside me.

Christ, he felt big! Throbbing and pulsating inside me was an experience I’d never had before, and I found that I liked it. Nerves I didn’t know I had were being touched by John’s big thrusting prick. My heart started really thumping and I found that it was beating at the same pace of that throbbing cock that was sliding in and out of me. Another nerve was touched and I felt my own organ swell up till it was hurting me it was so big as it swayed up and down to John’s movements behind me. My balls followed suit by swinging back and forth like a speeded up clock pendulum. My mind was boiling at all the different sensations that flowed through my body as John was fucking me, and found that I was even drooling at the mouth.

I felt John’s fingers digging into my hips harder and his thrusting into me got faster and I knew he was on the point of coming. Like me, he must have been sweating for I felt drops fall onto my back as I heard him grunting and realised that I was sweating too.

John gave out a groan and his thighs were pressed tight up against the cheeks of my bum as his hips pumped away and I felt his cock expand that little bit more as he came into my backside. Well, the condom really, but it was a lovely sensation to feel his cock throbbing away as he came, holding me very tight to his body.

He stopped moving, but I could still feel his cock pulsating away inside me and I cried out as I felt it moving backwards out of me. There was a small insignificant spasm of pain as my ring piece expanded a little more as the head of his cock slipped out. There was a sudden waft of cold air round the hole he’d just been fucking and I cried out again at this sudden feeling of loss.

I wanted that cock of his back inside me again and had the presence of mind to remember what he had done, and so I grabbed some tissues and pulled the used condom off that lovely prick of his. I dropped them on the floor and quickly took the head of his prick into my mouth and sucked out the residue of his coming. His hand was stroking my hair as I finished sucking and licking the red headed cock and looked up at his smiling face.

‘You wonderful man,’ he breathed out as he pulled me up and hugged and kissed me. We fell back onto the bed, kissing and stroking each other without pause. ‘That was lovely,’ he said breathlessly when we broke apart. ‘Now we truly are lovers.’

I hadn’t thought of us in this way but agreed with what he said, for with us both now having fucked each other, that was the only name I could give to our copulating. You, as the reader, would probably come with at least ten different words for what we were doing. Fuckers, buggers, sodomites, queers etc., but I preferred the word lovers, for I wanted his cock stuck back up inside me, badly.

We lay together for another hour, kissing and stroking each other’s cock until they were rock hard again. I moved first to get a condom out and rolled it down on his throbbing piece and quickly turned round onto my knees.

‘Please John,’ I begged. ‘Fuck me again.’ He gave me a smile and stuck his finger into the cream pot and I flinched again as the cold cream was put to my ring. Then I had his hand on my hip and I shivered as the tip of his cock was again pushing up at the entrance to my back passage. The sharp pain was welcomed this time as the head expanded me and he slipped inside me once again and I got the same thrill as he filled me with his pulsating lovely cock.

I was in heaven as he moved himself inside me, touching hidden nerves that sent all kinds of tremors throughout my body. I shivered and trembled as waves of pleasure flowed through me and my own cock got harder and harder, especially when he gripped me tight as his body melded to mine as his hips jerked and he came inside me again.

Oh what a lovely way to spend a lunchtime, having your lover fuck you. I was drooling again but cried out as he pulled himself free from the tightened grip of my sphincter muscle that tried to hold him there. The cold air again wafted round my puckering arsehole as I got the tissues to remove the condom for me to suck on him.

It was smiles and kisses again as he got out another condom and rolled it down on my cock and I had the pleasure of looking at the peach of an arse in front of me and the small hole that I was going to make bigger with my throbbing cock.

John grunted as the head forced its way inside and I watched as my shaft quickly followed until my own body obscured my sight as I nestled my thighs up against the cheeks of his bum. I liked the tightness of his arse as I moved my cock in and out of it, feeling him tighten his muscle as I smoothly fucked him. But the pleasure was short lived as I started to come, holding his hips hard as I jerked into him.

I was in a state of euphoria after our second coupling and had this feeling for the rest of the day, not remembering what I said to Sally on my return home. K9 greeted me with a lick, Sally with a kiss. She didn’t understand the passion of my kiss and the fierce hug I gave her, I didn’t understand it either, such was my feeling of love. For I was in love twice over. Two loves. Sally my first love and a woman, and John, my man and my second love. I was in a new world and happy that I’d found out that I was really bi-sexual. I loved Sally, being my wife and having a vagina and breasts that I could lick and suck, both actually. Then John, loving his hard prick, either in my mouth or up my backside, but only sucking on that hard piece of flesh.

I think Sally was pleased in the way we had sex that night, going down between her legs, tickling as well as sticking my tongue inside her, exciting her up to an orgasm and sucking as her fluids flowed. So much so that she went down on me but wanted me inside her before I came and gave her another orgasm when I did. She was happy and so was I.

I was pleased when John came round on Friday, just after lunch. I would have liked to kiss him but refrained because of Sally and just gave him a small punch on the shoulder. I got two beers out of the fridge and we sat at the dining table and drank them as the three of us talked.

‘Well I’m going to have an hour by the pool before dog walking,’ Sally said, getting up. ‘You coming down?’ I didn’t look towards John as I replied. ‘No. We’ll go up on the sun deck.’ I got up and got another two beers from the fridge and gave John a secret smile and led the way up top. We stripped off as soon as we stepped out into the sun and quickly stretched ourselves out naked on the loungers.

So near and yet so far John lay from me, his cock, limp, lying between his legs, but I didn’t dare touch him because Sally was still about. But not for long. She suddenly appeared out on the sun deck with two beers in her hands. She’d just come up from the poolside for she was wearing a bikini. She came between the two loungers and put the beers down and started to move away when she stopped, looking down at John.

‘Oh my God! You have been playing with fire, haven’t you,’ she said to John, running her fingers up his scar. I was sitting up now and saw that as soon as her fingers ran up to his groin along the scar, his cock started to rise and slowly expanded, lifting itself up until it flopped over fully erect on his stomach.

‘It’s so big,’ she said, her fingers still moving on his scar. I don’t know if she was looking at that or his throbbing erection as she spoke those words, wondering if it was a deliberate double entendre or not.

‘Well I’d better get dressed. Time to take the dog for a walk,’ she said as she took her hand away from John’s scar and walked off the deck. I don’t know if she’d noticed, but I too got a steaming hard on at seeing John’s cock rise up as it did. I looked at him and he grinned back at me.

‘Did you have to do that?’ I asked as I looked at his cock, still up and hard on his stomach. I realised after I’d spoken that there was a trace of petulance in my voice.

‘I couldn’t help it! With her hand being so close to it, it…it just rose up on its own,’ he said as he lifted it upright. That was enough of an invitation for me to get off my lounger and onto my knees and replaced his hand with mine. My mouth was dry and I had to swallow hard before I could open it and take that lovely cock head, to suck and tongue. I was bobbing my head on him as I heard K9 barking and Sally call out.

‘I’m off now Bob. Everything alright up there?’

‘Yes,’ I shouted out, having to lift my head up off that steaming hard cock before taking him back in. John gave out a half chuckle and groan at the same time as I worked my hand on him.

‘She’s going and I’m coming,’ he choked out, his hips starting to buck and I sucked hard as he came and I had the pleasure of having his semen spurting into my mouth once more. I swallowed it as I smiled and got up, my erection swinging about as I sat down on my lounger, it sticking up from between my thighs.

John rolled off his lounger and knelt down in between my legs and did the same for me, sucking and tonguing the eye of my cock as I held his head in hands. I threw my head back to the sun as I arched my back and bucked my hips, coming into John’s mouth with some force, loving him hanging onto the end of my cock, knowing that on Tuesday I would have it up his backside and his up mine.

‘Well you’ve now seen John’s prick fully erect,’ I said to Sally that night in bed. ‘Is it bigger than mine?’

‘I couldn’t say unless I had it in my hand like I’ve got yours,’ she said, her hand squeezing me. She circled the base of the head with her thumb and little finger but found that the two ends couldn’t touch and I found out that I couldn’t either and would try that form of measurement the next time with John. Taking my hand away, let Sally continue handling me and when I gave her head a nudge, she went down the bed and took me into her mouth. But again, she wanted me to come inside her and not swallow what would come out, and so I gave her a good right fucking and then went down on her and sucked and licked her clean after our mutual release.

‘I’ve not met Carol yet,’ I said to Sally as we lay side by side after our sex together. ‘What do you say to us taking her and John out to dinner next weekend?’ It was a habit with us now of going out at least once a month, if not twice occasionally, to some restaurant for dinner.

‘Mmmm,’ she murmured as she cuddled closer to me.

I put the question to Bob as we got undressed in his bedroom on the following Tuesday.

‘I think Carol would like that. Me too, but I know what I’d like now,’ he said with a smile as he watched my bouncing organ as I got onto the bed with him. ‘It looks good enough to eat.’

‘Well gently on the chewing,’ I said as I lay back and watched him take the head of my cock into his mouth and start to chew and suck on me.

‘Not too much for I would rather put it somewhere else,’ I said.

‘Mmmm,’ he mouthed before releasing me and getting out a condom and rolling it down on my throbbing erection. That on, he turned round on his knees and presented me with that wonderful sight. The two light brown cheeks of his bum, legs apart that partly opened the crease between those buns. I could just see his balls hanging below as I moved right behind him and stroked his bum before holding his hip.

I loved pushing myself in between those cheeks and I think he liked it too. His sphincter muscle trying to stop me from entering the passage to heaven, but losing out to the pressure I was using until I was suddenly in, sliding right in till our bodies met. The tightness circling my shaft gave me a thrill, now knowing what he was feeling, the throbbing organ of another man in the process of fucking him. He gurgled at my moving within him and I found myself crooning, ‘Back in the saddle again.’

‘You might be hung like a horse,’ he grunted out, ‘but I’m no mare.’

‘I’ll gladly be your mare,’ I said as I moved myself in him, ‘if you will be my stallion.’

‘Well you’re not putting much effort into this ride,’ he got out, and so I doubled my efforts and rode him roughly. I rammed myself into him, pulling him back to my thighs with a little force.

‘That’s better,’ he grunted. I ploughed his field, backwards and forwards I moved, the plough digging and creating a deep furrow and then the time came with my increasing movements, started to spray my seed into that agricultured waste ground.

It was exhausting work and yet, exhilarating, falling across his back, smearing it with sweat from my chest. Both of us were breathing heavily as I levered myself up and pulled out of him to his cry of dismay. I knew exactly the reason for the cry. Not of any pain but for the loss of that throbbing organ.

Now it was my turn and couldn’t wait to get the condom on that phallic totem that I was coming to love and worship. On my knees with my head and shoulders down on the bed, arse sticking up in the air.

I was thrilled at the touch of his hands as he stroked the cheeks of my bum before I felt that shivering touch of cold cream. Then the pressure of his cock trying to force its way into me and gurgled with pleasure as he breached my defences and entered the cavern of his desire. It was like an electric prod setting off sparks that coursed through my body, making me twitch and jump as fresh nerves were touched. It was also a soothing massage, contradicting as it seems, but I was getting it all. I was like a harp being played. All those strings being vibrated, though it was the fucking and not plucking of these strings that made me come, spurting out more seed without me touching myself as he rode me faster and faster until he held me tight and mashed his thighs tight up to my backside.

It was sheer heaven having him throb like that inside me as he sent his sperm up into the condom deep within my body. He was almost lifting me off the mattress as he pulled me back as his body kept on jerking inside me, him panting, me drooling.

I gave out a cry at the sudden loss when he pulled out and I fell sideways onto the bed as he pulled off the used condom and lay down beside me so that I could suck on his still hard erection. I felt as weak as a baby and like one, had that comforter in my mouth and I could easily have dropped off to sleep like that. The thought of that gave me an inkling of an idea for sometime in the future.

Sex with Sally that night was as good as ever, I was able to remain rampant and bring her to two orgasms before coming myself.

Friday came round and so did John. We had a beer downstairs again and took another up to the sun deck and stripped off to catch the sun. Sally brought some beers up but missed out on getting another look at John’s prick, for he was lying on his stomach this time, browning that lovely bum. I grinned inwardly and when I heard her leave with K9, I got off my lounger and kissed John’s brown cheeks. He rolled over with a smile on his face and I gave both of us pleasure.

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