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A Chance Encounter

Two men become gay lovers and soon one wife joins in and then the other in wife swapping.
Part Four.

It was K9 moving about downstairs that woke me up as the grey light of dawn was filtering in through the patio doors. I went down under the sheet and tickled Carol to open her legs and when they parted, got in between them and smelt the musky odour of her before using my tongue to rouse her up for me to fuck her again. She wasn’t any better than Sally, just different and I suppose that is the main reason for wife swapping, just having someone different to fuck or have fuck you.

I’d forgotten to put my bathrobe upstairs, so went down naked and let K9 out and went and put the kettle on. I then silently sneaked along to the main bedroom and peeped round the corner.

They were awake and Sally was up on her knees with John behind, fucking her doggie fashion. Well I hoped so, for this was the position we used for fucking each other up the backside. I only stayed long enough to see that he was fucking her in the right place for I didn’t think she was ready for anal sex just yet. Mind you, I got another hard on at seeing my wife being fucked by another man and still had this raging erection when I went upstairs with our coffee.

‘Lovely,’ said Carol with a smile. ‘Coffee and crumpet.’ I put down her cup and then mine on the other side before getting back onto the bed. She’d moved down a bit and was now halfway down the bed and her hands came up to her breasts and pushed them together. ‘Let’s have a tit roll,’ she said. I’d heard the expression before but must have given her a blank look. ‘You put your prick between my tits while I push them together and you fuck my tits. I can then see your semen when it comes out.’

I got the idea and swung my leg over her stomach and eased myself down and forward for her to trap my erection between those big, heavy breasts.

‘Now fuck them,’ she said. I had my arms outstretched either side of her up on the pillow and began to move my hips so that even I could see the head of my cock keep pushing itself out from the top of them. Carol’s eyes were shining and she licked her lips and kept opening and closing her mouth as I jerked myself off between her tits. I was enjoying this tit roll as she called it when I heard movement downstairs and started to move faster.

‘I’m getting breakfast Bob,’ Sally called out.

‘Just coming,’ I said as I began to stiffen and strain. Carol started to laugh as my sperm shot out from the eye of my cock and scored a bull’s eye. It stopped Carol’s laughter from coming out of her mouth that just had a shot of sperm into it. She almost choked and the next load caught her on the chin and so did the third, the fourth, being more of a dribble, landed on her throat. She swallowed what she’d caught and released my prick and as I climbed off, she sat up and gave me a wet kiss before trying to lick her chin clean. I smiled at her and got off the bed and went into the bathroom and wiped my cock first before throwing the towel to her as I put my shirt and trousers on. She got off the bed and went into the bathroom and I gave her bum a light smack as she passed. I went downstairs and accepted a cup of coffee from John and sat down to wait for my breakfast.

John and Carol left after breakfast, Sally telling Carol of the new time for dog walking. Now five o’clock because of the heat and John and I looked at each other as she said this, both of us thinking of our Friday afternoon session of cock sucking.

‘Did you have a good night with Carol?’ Sally asked me.

‘So-so. Much the same as with you, just a bit different, that’s all.’

‘Same with me and John, a slightly different technique, for sex is sex, and pretty much the same.’

‘Is he bigger than me?’

‘I don’t think so. You’re pretty well much the same in size, as I said, just a little bit different in technique.’ I made her laugh about the tit roll, something that we’d never done before and I don’t think she was keen to try it either.

It was a lovely fucking session with John on Tuesday. I was really coming to love having his prick up inside and exciting me with his steady movement as he fucked me. He liked fucking me first as it seemed to make me harder than ever when I saw to him in the same way. We were resting between bouts when we spoke of our Friday afternoon session up on the sundeck.

‘You could come over to my place on Fridays,’ John suggested.

‘No, Sally might start to put two and two together, if you know what I mean. How about coming over at four instead of two. Carol knows what we are doing and we’ll tell Sally that it’s not so hot at that time.’ So that’s what we agreed on, but there was something else I wanted to discuss with him.

‘How would it grab you if we could actually spend the whole night in bed together?’ I asked, stroking his thigh.

‘That would be fabulous Bob. All night! How?’ he asked, now stroking me, but not my thigh.

‘Sally always goes back to England during August. Carol said that she goes back whenever. What if you could talk her into going at the same time as Sally.’

‘Great, but I don’t think she’ll go for a month.’

‘Two weeks then. Try and fix it and they could both come back on the same flight and we’d only need the one car to collect the pair of them. Put it to her and see what she says.’

He agreed to this and as he was up hard at the thoughts I’d given him, rolled a condom down on his erection and had the pleasure of him putting himself inside and fucking me. I couldn’t get enough of his prick and knew that Carol would go for the idea and I would be able to have John fucking me every night for at least two weeks.

He came at four on the Friday and we were quickly up on the sundeck with cold beers and naked, getting even browner with the sun.

‘Carol went for it and will be speaking to Sally tomorrow to fix up the dates for flying back,’ he said.

‘Flying back? She’s not going to travel with her?’ I asked.

‘Carol’s not stupid. She said that if we were going to be alone together for two weeks, she wants a slice of the action. Her pound of flesh were her words. Does your cock really weigh a pound?’

‘What do you mean, a piece of the action?’

‘When Sally leaves for England, she…she wants you to move in with us for the two weeks before she goes. Three in a bed.’

‘Oh. That wasn’t what I had in mind,’ I said, seeing problems cropping up from this. ‘Besides, I can’t leave K9 at home on his own.’

‘Well, we could move in here with you, if you didn’t mind. Look Bob. It’s was the only way I could get her to agree to be away at the same time as Sally.’

‘So for us to have two weeks together, I’ve got to share Carol with you for another two. You don’t mind this?’ I asked somewhat incredulously.

‘No. It could be fun, the three of us,’ he said with a grin. I didn’t see the pitfall until it happened and on hearing K9 start barking because he was going walkies, forgot about it. The big throbbing erection now took preference and I was quickly to his side to take him into my mouth and have the pleasure on sucking and tonguing his lovely prick. All I had in my mind was that I would have this organ in my mouth and up my backside for a couple of weeks. Also I would be able to fuck him and generally have great fun in bed with him.

Bed! If Carol was going to spend two weeks here too, I thought it would be a good idea to get a new bed, a bigger one. This and other things ran through my mind as I sucked on him, using my hand to bring him to his peak and have his seed come shooting into my mouth for me to taste and savour before swallowing.

I got up and lay back on my lounger, my erection now up on my stomach, throbbing away until he lifted it up and put his hot mouth over the head and gave me a good sucking till I came, giving him the same pleasure that I had got from his cock.

Sally was delighted that Carol would be going to England and agreed that they should meet up in London, shopping and the like before flying back together. They used my computer to do their bookings over the internet and so it was all set, Sally flying out on a Thursday and the pair of them returning on a Friday, a month later.

With having the date set, I ordered the biggest bed that would fit into our main bedroom, paying by credit card and telling them to deliver it on the afternoon of Sally’s departure. Also, to include four sets of linen for our present ones wouldn’t be big enough. John agreed to stay in the house to see to its arrival and set up as well as them taking the old one away.

It’s wrong I know, but I was really looking forward to Sally going to England and even more so when Carol went, leaving John all to myself, to sleep together as well as having sex at any time of the day as well as at night.

I think that John was feeling like me, for on the Tuesday’s left, we fucked each other hard, really ramming ourselves into other, getting and giving the best in our mutual fucking. On the Fridays, cocks were sucked as well as taking the balls in and rolling them round in our mouths.

‘Do you mind,’ Sally asked me shyly on the last full week of July, ‘if we have a Saturday night dinner?’ Read this as a swap of partners afterwards. ‘For we shan’t be having any sex for a month. Well, us anyway.’

So I treated them all to a slap up meal at a restaurant well out of town where they cooked the steaks and chicken over a charcoal grill. A fabulous meal and it was back to our house for coffee and brandies before pairing off, Sally taking John upstairs this time.

‘This is great,’ Carol crooned as I lay on top of her, moving my prick in and out of her as we fucked. ‘Next week I’ll have both of my favourite men doing this to me.’

‘Well, make the most of this night in this bed, because it’ll be the last,’ I said, grunting out the words as I moved.

‘What?’ she cried, pulling me down onto her sweaty body and stopping all movement, her eyes wide in alarm. I grinned at her.

‘You’ll be the first to christen the new bed that I’ve ordered. It’ll be delivered on the day I take Sally to the airport,’ I said, resuming my fucking motions inside Carol.

‘Then let’s give this bed a fucking good goodbye by you making me come three times,’ Carol said, her eyes bright and a big smile on her face. I smiled back and kissed her and did my utmost to keep my mind on stupid things and not think of what I was doing whilst fucking that willing body beneath me. I failed.

She had two orgasms but I couldn’t hold on long enough to give her three, even though I struggled against my own body as she bucked underneath me as she had her second one and it was her internal muscles that forced me to ejaculate and come inside her. Christ, I was exhausted in hanging on for as long as I did.

I was like a wet rag as I rolled off of her and wondered where she got the energy from to bounce up and take my wet prick into her mouth to suck out what residue was left and then lick me clean. I went through all the motions in our after play of sex, stroking her breasts, kissing and fondling them as well as nibbling on her nipples. My fingers weren’t idle either, stuck up inside her vagina, my thumb rubbing her clit at the same time.

She was ready long before I was and so I went down between her legs and used my mouth and tongue and gave her that third orgasm. But now, I was up and hard again and I decided to do to her what I had seen John do to Sally, and that was to roll her over and lift her hips up so that she was on her knees. I had to take care that I hit the right hole and not stick my throbbing prick in the wrong place, but then, a female vulva in that position, is easily seen and that was where I stuck my cock.

It was almost the same as fucking John but with a few differences. The holding of the hips as I bucked mine was the same but the orifice was that much bigger and nowhere as tight as the back passage. Nor did I really have to push to enter but slid in easily to find many small muscles to grip my shaft instead of that strong sphincter one.

I got carried away with fucking Carol in this position, but at least brought her to her fourth coming which I think made her very happy. I think I fell asleep as soon as I pulled out of her and fell over onto my side.

I woke her up by kissing her stomach and stroking the hair of her muff before putting my fingers inside her. Her legs opened up as she stretched and I moved down and in between them. She smelt of last night’s sex and it was quite heady as I buried my nose into the hair and stuck my tongue inside her. She gave out a groan as her bum moved making my tongue slip out of her wetness.

‘I’m ready Bob,’ she said, the first words of the day and it sounded husky. I was more than ready for my cock was really throbbing after tasting her and quickly moved up and slid into her as I covered her body, crushing her tits until I lifted myself up onto my elbows. Her legs came up to my sides as our stomachs met and I was fully inside, feeling the muscles of her vagina alternately squeezing me.

‘Will we be doing this while Sally‘s away?’ she asked, her eyes sparkling as I looked into them, moving myself in and out, loving the contractions around my cock.

‘I think we’ll find the time, if John agrees,’ I said.

‘I’ll see that he does,’ she sighed as she closed her eyes and began to move her body beneath mine. She was approaching her orgasm and I increased my rhythm, fighting now to hold back till she was ready.

She bit her hand as she thrashed about the bed, stifling the scream that she wanted to give out as she came, triggering me to come at the same time. Ramming into her bucking body in our mutual release, mine going up and hers coming down, our stomachs now welded together by the sweat that came off our bodies. She went limp as she finished, her legs slipping down from my waist, her breasts heaving, her breath coming in fast gasps. I was doing the same as I laid myself down fully on top of her, heart hammering away inside my chest. We lay like this for several minutes before she opened her eyes and smiled up at me.

‘That was wonderful Bob,’ she said, her hands coming up to the sides of my face and pulling me down for a kiss.

‘The pleasure was all mine,’ I said, kissing her nose as I levered myself up to the sound of our bodies coming unstuck.

‘Half was mine too,’ she said and gave a whimper as my prick slid out of her. ‘The part I hate of sex is when it’s pulled out of me.’ There was no answer to this, so I got off the bed and went and had a shower and let her have hers while I brushed my teeth.

I put on a dressing gown as I went out to put the kettle on and met Sally coming down from the upstairs bedroom, her hair still tousled and wearing a gown as well.

‘Sleep well?’ she asked as she stroked my face.

‘Like a log,’ I replied as I gave her a kiss before going into the kitchen. The other two appeared as I made the coffee and Carol gave Sally a hand in the kitchen to make us all breakfast.

John and Carol afterwards, went and got dressed and we stayed in our robes as they left, my arm over Sally’s shoulder and she gave one of the cheeks of my bum a squeeze as we waved goodbye.

‘I hope Carol’s left some for me,’ she said. ‘Let’s go back to bed to find out.’ Now having been fed and, well, rested, agreed, and so we went and I was able to give a good account of myself as we fucked on the bed where I’d last had Carol.

It was on the next Tuesday that I took stock of myself. I’d just fucked John, thoroughly enjoying it, and I was up on my knees with him inside, fucking me. I loved my wife Sally and I loved Carol, though not as much, but, and it then hit me, that I loved John even more than the two women. His big prick was sliding in and out of my rear end and I was drooling at the pleasure he was giving me. He was giving me what the other two couldn’t. A large throbbing dick up my arse. Not only could he put it there, but I could take it in my mouth and suck, chew, nibble and tongue and get the essence that it produced. It was something solid to hold and manipulate whereas I could only just nibble a clit with my teeth but had to use my tongue and fingers for the rest. I could suck on his erection as he sucked on mine.

I also got more pleasure at fucking the tightness of his backside as opposed to the slackness of a woman’s vagina. The latter had more muscles I know, to squeeze me but not as tight as that of a sphincter. Plus I got to have the whole of my prick surrounded by heat and the pulse beat of his heart.

But the overriding factor was that he could put his cock inside and thrill me, doing what a woman couldn’t, like now. His hands were on my hips and his tool was easily sliding back and forth, gently reaming my back passage, giving me another erection and making me drool at the mouth.

‘Harder John, harder,’ I grunted and he increased his thrusts into me, his thighs and balls smacking the cheeks of my bum as he did so. My own balls and cock were bouncing up and down to his movements and I was loving it. His fingers dug into my flesh as he held me tight, pulling me tight to his body as I felt his cock swell that little bit more as his hips began jerking at me with short sharp stabs as he came into the condom.

I felt his sweat drop onto my back as he leaned over me as he panted from his exertions in the fucking of me. His prick twitching away inside as he tried to expel the last of his seed which I’d rather he held back for me to taste. I gave out a groan as I felt him pull back, that lovely tool of his slowly being withdrawn from my body and I gave out a cry as the head expanded me again as he slipped out.

I quickly turned round on the bed and used some tissues to pull off the condom and took his still hard prick into my mouth. The head was hot and fiery and still had traces of semen over the top which I sucked off as I squeezed him hard, forcing out any more left inside.

I flopped back on the bed when I’d finished licking him clean and held out my arms for him to slide forward and come down on my body for me to hold and hug him.

‘I love you John,’ I said between kisses as I held him tight on top of me, squashing my erection between us. I didn’t mind his weight on my front and enjoyed it even more when he sometimes lay on my back, especially when his cock was still up inside me.

‘I love you too Bob,’ he said, his eyes bright, a big smile on his face. ‘I can’t wait for Carol to take her trip to England.’ This was my thought too, to be able to spend more time in bed with him, which was only just over two weeks away. ‘You’re hard again, I can feel it. Can you see to me again so soon?’

‘Yes,’ I replied, and he rolled off me and got another condom out of the bedside drawer and took it from the wrapper and gave the head of my prick a kiss before he rolled the rubber down over the length.

‘God I love this,’ John said as he got to his knees for me to get behind him.

‘So do I,’ I said as I put the head of my erection to his entrance and pushed my way in, feeling his body heat surround my cock After having him less than thirty minutes before, I was able to last much longer in my fucking of his tight backside. It was heaven for both of us and we did much kissing and stroking of each other when we’d finished.

I still had the stamina to fuck Sally that night in bed and also for us to have sex three times on the Wednesday.

‘It’ll be a month before I have this inside me again,’ she said on the Thursday morning as she flexed her vaginal muscles around my cock up inside her.

We didn’t get out of bed till late morning and I made her a big lunch because she wouldn’t get anything on the plane and it would be late in the evening before she got to her sisters place. Her bag was already packed and we’d just finished eating when John came round. It was ostensibly for him to be dog sitting while I took Sally to the airport, but also to see that the bed was delivered okay.

‘Help yourself to some beer,’ I said to him as Sally gave him a goodbye kiss before we went to the car for the hour run to the airport. He waved us goodbye as we drove off and Sally told me on the way, to make sure that one of the other dog walkers took out K9 on a regular basis. Also not to spend too much time with Carol.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked, knowing full well what she was talking about.

‘You going without sex for a whole month.’

‘But John will be there and I don’t think he would approve with you not being there,’ I replied, tongue in cheek and my fingers mentally crossed.

‘Well save yourself for when I get back,’ she smiled, knowing full well that I would get round to fucking Carol one way or another.

We got to San Javier airport inside the two hour checking in time and waited with her in the queue until she had her boarding card.

‘Don’t hang about here,’ she said, giving me a kiss. ‘I’ll go through now and you can get off home. See you in a month.’ It was a long deep kiss we gave each other before breaking apart and her going off through passport control and out of sight.

I quickly went back to the car and on the way home said to myself, when the cat’s away, the mice will play.

As I got close to my house, I saw a van going the opposite way that had the name of the shop from where I’d ordered the new bed and guessed that it had been delivered. I parked outside my gate and got a welcome from K9 as I entered and he followed me in as I shouted out for John.

‘In here,’ he called from the downstairs bedroom. ‘I’m just putting the sheets on the new bed.’ I went in and saw that there wasn’t a lot of space left now that this bigger bed was in place. ‘Only just enough room to get round it,’ he said, straightening the bottom sheet.

‘Leave the rest,’ I said, my voice sounding a little hoarse. ‘Let’s have a beer before we christen it.’

‘Good idea,’ he said, coming round from the side by the window and kissing me. We went back into the dining area and I got two beers out and quickly finished mine. Not only being thirsty for a drink but for what we would be doing in a few minutes time, as soon as he’d finished his beer.

I shooed K9 out the front door and closed it and held out my hand to John who took it and let me lead him back into the bedroom. After us having had sex for two weeks, I’d not since then noticed his limp and now after a month or so, didn’t take note of the jagged scar on his inner thigh. All I had eyes for now was his prick with it being either flaccid or erect. It was already halfway there as we took our clothes off, mine up hard and ready and his was too when he was finally naked.

‘Oh John,’ I breathed out as we went into each other’s arms and kissed, our cocks clashing as our bodies pressed tight together. ‘Make love to me on our new bed.’

It wasn’t until I was flat on my back with him on top of me, with us still kissing did I realise what I had said. I had said our bed!

‘Now John, now,’ I panted, rolling him off me and getting a condom out of the drawer and quickly rolling it down over his erection. I got up onto my knees and laid my shoulders down onto the clean spread sheet, my head turned sideways, flat because the lack of pillows. There was a bounce to the mattress as he moved behind me and his hand held my hip as he got into the position I liked, behind me. I gave out a shiver and a tingle went up my spine as the tip of his prick touched the hole of my backside. Pressure was applied as he used his weight to hold it there as he released his hand to hold my other hip and then he moved his own hips forward.

I gave out a grunt as my sphincter muscle gave way and allowed the head of his cock to enter me. What bliss it was to feel my insides being expanded as he slowly filled me with his throbbing piece of meat. With my back arched as it was, he got in as deep as he could until his thighs met the cheeks of my bum. I felt him give his cock a twitch and it sent tremors throughout my body as I felt the heat emanating from it.

‘Fuck me John, fuck me,’ I said in an explosion of breath, not realising that I’d been holding it in, and sighed as he began to move and ream me. I was back in heaven as I felt every inch of his prick sliding and smoothing out the kinks in my canal.

He’d been wanting me too for it wasn’t long before he was pulling me back hard as he rammed himself into me, slapping my bum cheeks with his balls, my own swinging about making my own erection really throb. I had difficulty in holding my own coming back as he came inside me, jerking away at my rear, filling the condom with his cream and me with joy and happiness.

I gave out a cry when he pulled out for the loss of that thrilling throbbing member leaving me with that empty feeling, an experience that to me, was the worst of being fucked, leaving a vacuum that both nature and myself abhorred.

He was sitting back on his heels as I turned round, his cock, still up and hard, sticking out from his thighs. I got the condom off and lay down and sucked on it, pulling it up from the base with my hand, squeezing the remnants out into my mouth. God, this was the best part of him that I loved, it still pulsating as I sucked and tongued it, getting the last taste of this coming.

‘My turn now,’ he said, when I lifted my mouth up off of him and rolling onto my back. He leaned over me to get another condom off the side, and I couldn’t resist taking his balls into my mouth as they swung over my face. He gave out a small cry and fell forward nearly choking me and took my cock into his mouth to suck on the head. It was only for a few sucks before he lifted off, pulling his balls from my mouth and turning round, rolled the condom down on my erection.

‘Come on Bob my love, give me the same pleasure,’ he said as he got into the same position that we liked.

I was quick to get behind him, my heart leaping with joy at him calling me his love and quickly stuffed my prick up his arse. He gave out a grunt and then a groan after my penetration and then filling him with my throbbing cock. With my hands holding his hips, I rode him and loved my fucking of this man who called me his love. His tight backside, squeezing my length as I stroked it in and out of him, pushing first hard in and then using a soft forward pressure. I even twisted my body from side to side so that he could feel that I was almost in a screwing movement. Well I was screwing him really, wasn’t I.

Like him, I reached my peak too quickly and began really ramming myself into him, pulling his hips back towards my forward thrusts. I shook my head to clear it of sweat, holding him tight as only my hips moved, along with my prick, giving him short jabs as I jerked off inside him.

I was panting heavily and fell onto his back, covering it with my sweat as I did so. My weight bore him down to the bed, him twisting slightly so that I didn’t hurt his neck as my full weight came down on his back.

‘Oh Bob,’ he cried. ‘Stay there and keep moving,’ he gasped, his sphincter muscle as well as those inside the cheeks of his bum were flexing themselves, tightening around my prick still hard up his backside. I put my arms under his shoulders so that my hands could hold his shoulders and I kept on pushing myself up inside him, rocking my body on his and was astounded to find that I was about to come for the second time.

I increased ramming myself tight up to him as I pulled his shoulders down to give me more leverage and cried out myself as I came for the second time inside the same condom.

‘Lovely Bob, lovely,’ he cried. ‘Keep moving as much as you can for I think I’m coming too.’ So I kept on moving and realised that he was effectively fucking the sheet with my pushing his body up and down on the bed.

‘Aaargh,’ he gurgled and guessed that he had come all over the clean sheet. Which he had done as I found out a few minutes later.

Both of our bodies were covered in sweat as I eased myself back up onto my elbows and came apart from him with a sweet sucking sound. My prick was eased out as I moved, causing him to give out a cry of dismay, me knowing just how he felt at having that wonderful tool being removed from one’s backside.

He didn’t appear to have the strength to move and so I pulled the rubber off myself and dropped it on the floor and rolled over next to him, now realising just how big the bed was. I rubbed his sweaty back and he finally roused himself to lift up and roll onto his side to face me.

‘That was the best yet,’ he breathed out as he leaned in and kissed me. ‘I’m afraid we’ll have to change the sheet.’ I looked down and saw that he was indeed correct, for there was a big mess of sperm that was still adhered to the end of his cock in strands and also it covered part of his stomach. I moved down the bed and took his sperm covered cock head into my mouth and sucked out what was left inside and licked off what was left.

‘Carol’s going to love this bed,’ John sighed as he stretched himself out. ‘She wants to come round tomorrow night and cook dinner for you. Well, me too if you don’t mind?’

‘Not at all, you’ve both welcome,’ I said.

‘Could we then make it a threesome and stay the night?’ he asked slyly, a big grin on his face. I laughed.

‘Of course, though you will still be coming round in the morning, won’t you?’ I asked anxiously.

‘You bet! Though I think I’d better starting make tracks and getting home. She’ll have worked out that you should be back from the airport by now,’ John said, getting off the bed.

‘You can always tell her that we’ve been testing out the bed,’ I said.

‘Like hell I will,’ he laughed. ‘Can I use your shower to get your smell off of me otherwise she’ll know.’ I laughed again and told him to go ahead, and while he was doing that, I changed the bottom sheet for a fresh one. When he came out wrapped in a towel, I couldn’t resist pulling the towel away and going down and given his limp cock a suck before letting him get dressed.

We kissed goodbye and I then went for a shower myself. K9 didn’t get his run out that day. I fed him his dinner and cooked mine and went early to bed to read and think about Carol and John in the bed with me on the following night.

It was late morning when John came round and we took some beers down to the pool and sunbathed out there naked. Fuck the neighbours. If they wanted to look, let them, was my motto, I couldn’t care less. Maybe it would make them envious of the husbands they had, or conversely, their men folk might just be a bit bigger than me, and be thankful with what they’ve got.

Two hours was enough for I was starting to get an erection when I looked over at John on the other lounger and had to dive into the pool to cool off and then we both went back inside the villa.

Onto the bed we got, going into a clinch to kiss and let our cocks make friends again as we lay in each other’s arms before breaking apart and me turning round to take his gorgeous prick into my mouth. He did the same to me and we sucked and tongued till we both came, and later, did it again but I had to get up and dressed for the dog walkers were due at any time to take K9 out for his run.

While he was out, John and I went through what I had in the fridge and cupboards and when K9 was returned, we both went off to the supermarket to lay in enough food for the three of us. For I’d suggested that both him and Carol should stay at my place for the next two weeks until she went off for her trip to England. John was all for it, but we had to wait and see what Carol had in mind.

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