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A Chance Encounter

Two men become gay lovers and soon one wife joins in and then the other in wife swapping.
Part Five.

I broached the subject while I helped her in the kitchen in preparing dinner after she came in from work.

‘That’s a great idea, ‘she said, quite enthusiastic. She had been shown the bed that she had been dying to see since the moment she had come into the house and went and bounced up and down on it, marvelling at how big it was, giving me a lovely smile. ‘We’ll chip in with the food costs,’ she said.

‘Don’t be silly,’ I said. ‘It’s me inviting you both to stay, so we’ll hear no more about the costs, besides, I’m earning or have got more money coming in than you have, so say no more on the subject.’ As this was a known fact, there wasn’t any argument and dinner went down very well with a couple of bottles of wine and the evening just flew by. Knowing that I would be out voted, I still had to say it. ‘I’ll let you two have the main bedroom and I’ll sleep upstairs,’ I said as we did the washing up together.

‘Nonsense,’ said Carol, quite indignant. ‘That new bed of yours is big enough for the three of us, so that’s where we’ll all sleep,’ she said, giving me a wicked grin and making a big show of licking her lips. I had to laugh and make out that I was giving in gracefully, and with the kitchen cleaned up, we all went into the bedroom.

‘Not much room now that this huge bed’s in here,’ I said as I started to take my clothes off. It seemed a bit strange undressing with the man I made love to and the woman too who was his wife, having had both though not in the same bed at the same time. To Carol, it seemed as though she’d been doing this all her life, stripping off till she was fully naked and got onto the bed, lying bang slap in the middle.

‘As I’m the only woman here, it should be my two upstanding men either side of me,’ she said. Upstanding was the word, for now that John was as naked as I was, he too, had a big erection the same as I had. After throwing my clothes onto the dresser, I moved round the bed and got on down by her right hand side and John got on on the left.

‘Now this is what most women can only dream about,’ Carol said as she took hold of our two pricks in her hands and held them upright. ‘Two birds, or should I say cocks, in the hand that will be going into the one bush. I’ve mangled the proverb I know, but as the actress said to the bishop, if it fits, put it in,’ and she went off into a peal of laughter, giving our cocks a rub as she did so.

‘Now let me have the delight of two men making love to me,’ she said, her voice all deep and husky now. Both of us turned towards her and looked at each other over her lovely naked body and he looked down towards her sex and John nodded to me, telling me to go down on her first.

I ran my hand down from the breast closest to me and down over her stomach and shifted myself as John leaned over her and took the nipple of a breast into his mouth. My fingers found her wet already and I let them move about inside her as I moved right down in between the legs that opened up for me. Now I replaced my fingers with my tongue and felt her squirm under me as my tongue went right up inside her vagina.

I licked in and around her clit, feeling it rise up into a hard little nodule, just getting big enough for my teeth to nibble at, making her flinch and give out a gurgle. Me licking her out as John sucked a nipple.

‘Now, now,’ she cried out, pulling at my ears. ‘John, let Bob go first and then you,’ she gasped. ‘You know we’ve done it before, now just look and see me having it off with another man.’

I didn’t really like her choice of words to him but I moved up at her urging and John moved away to give me room as I rose up on my knees between Carol’s legs, my hands settling either side of her chest as I lowered myself, feeling my cock follow the wet path up alongside her inner thighs. I tried to look apologetic as I looked into John’s face but was rewarded with a big smile as he watched me as I was about to stick my prick up into his wife. The smile was encouraging and I let my body down and moved my hips up and let my throbbing prick slide up inside with ease. She gave out a gasp first and then a grunt as I filled her with my prick and our pubes met, her legs lifting and her arms coming round over my shoulders.

‘Fuck me Bob,’ she cried. ‘Now you’re there, fuck me!’

It was only natural that I should begin to move my body over hers as my cock slid in and out very nicely indeed, doing as she asked. Though I was feeling slightly apprehensive in doing this with her husband watching me, but with my cock where it was, it had a mind of its own and so I fucked her. I felt John’s hand come between our chests and knew that he was rubbing her tit as I ploughed in and out of her, but got another shock when I felt his other hand take hold of my balls. The sudden thought was that he was going to squeeze them hard and stop me from fucking his wife, and froze for a moment in my moving on top of her. But with only getting a gently fondling there, I was able to carry on, now liking him manipulate my balls, his fingers feeling my now wet cock sliding across them.

I hadn’t realised at how long I’d been moving inside her until she gave out a scream and held me tight, her fingers digging into my shoulders as she began to shudder and shake as she had her climax. This triggered me off and I now pounded quicker into her and strained against her pubes as my hips took over and jerked out my coming inside her.

His hand left my balls as I fell on top of her, panting hard, feeling her fast heart beat throbbing up through her breasts that I was squashing. His hand now came over my backside and began to stroke my bare cheeks which almost made me cry with the joy of knowing that he was still thinking of me even though I was, well had just fucked and come inside his wife.

His hand was roving up and down, over and round my bum and I gave a jerk when I felt his finger move up into my backside and I’m sure it made my cock swell even more for Carol gave out another cry beneath me and her vaginal muscles went mad in their sudden contractions around my piece up inside her.

‘That was lovely Bob,’ she gasped, her chest still heaving and I realised that she wasn’t getting enough air and eased myself up for her to do so. In my moving I felt my cock start to slide out of her and felt her muscles try to hold me there, but I slipped out to a cry from her and I fell over onto my back, panting as much as she was.

‘I know it’s what you call a sticky wicket darling, but it’s your turn now. Fuck me and take me back up to heaven,’ she panted.

John didn’t need asking twice and quickly rolled on top of his wife and I watched him lower his body until his was flat on top of her. He lifted himself up and began to fuck her. I wasn’t that interested in feeling her tits but put my hand down and took hold of his balls in the same way that he’d done to me. I’m sure he liked it as I gently moved them about in their sac as he humped Carol.

Her legs dislodged my hand as they moved up into the air and she began to croon as she neared her peak for the second time and gave out another scream at the climax and orgasm that she was having, John’s hips moving very fast until I felt his thighs start straining as he came inside her. There were gasps from both of them at this coming together and they came to a full stop and I could just imagine his cock twitching inside her as he tried to empty himself completely inside her.

He collapsed on top of her and both were panting very hard in this aftermath of energy expended and it seemed to take him a great effort to lift himself up and roll off of her to a cry from Carol as he slipped out of her. I saw his blood engorged head slide across her thighs as he fell over onto his side, his prick smacking wetly onto his stomach.

I couldn’t control myself from laying over Carol’s thighs and taking that head into my mouth and sucking on him, getting to taste the pair of them from this coupling. John pushed my head away from him, knowing that I shouldn’t be doing this at this time. But it was enough for me at the moment at being able to suck on that glorious prick that had just been used to fuck where my prick hadn’t long been.

‘Now suck on Bob’s,’ I heard Carol say as I moved off of her body and laid back beside her.

‘What!’ he exclaimed.

‘You heard me. I said, now suck on Bob’s. Well it’s what you do, isn’t it? Suck on each other when you’re not fucking each other.’

‘Carol!’ John exclaimed, in a shocked voice, leaning up on his elbow and looking down at her.

‘Oh for Christ’s sake John! I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve known you’ve been fucking with Bob for weeks now and he’s just sucked on you, so why don’t you suck on him. That’s what men do to each other, isn’t it?’

‘But…but…’ John spluttered.

‘John,’ I said softly. ‘As Carol has said, she wasn’t born yesterday. She know’s that we’ve been, well, doing what we do to each other. She’s already told me.’

‘How…how did you guess?’ John asked her in a stuttering and unsteady voice.

‘I’ve been married to you long enough and with you telling me you were bi-sexual, it doesn’t need a lot of imagination to know when you’ve found a new partner for your male sex,’ she said. ‘Now that you know that I know, I’d like to see you in action, as it were, in your other way of sex, now suck on Bob’s cock, for if you don’t, I certainly will.’

Now even though I’d not long ago fucked Carol and had since wilted somewhat, my cock was now rising up again at this suggestion of hers, or was it my subconscious wanting to have this happening with her watching.

‘Well,’ he began, and I could see in the dim light that he was sweating, ‘move over then so….’

‘No,’ she interrupted. ‘Lean over my thighs like he did, and then I can see you do it properly.’ His face looked as if it was red, but he leaned up over her thighs, moving his body down the bed a bit and lifted up my throbbing erection and gave me a sickly grin as he opened his mouth and took in the head of my cock. I couldn’t help but give out a groan as his lips closed round the head and I felt his tongue scorch the very flesh beneath the foreskin.

‘Do you like him doing that Bob?’ she asked, watching his head moving on my prick.

‘Stupid question,’ I said with a gasp as the tongue tried to enlarge the eye of my cock.

‘Do you like doing it to him?’

‘Same answer,’ I got out, pushing Bob’s head off of the head of my prick. ‘Yes, I do like sucking on him and taking out what comes. I like it when he’s fucking me too, taking the same coming, though I can’t feel that for he’s wearing a condom. Does that satisfy you?’

‘No. Now that you’ve both fucked me, I want to see you two fuck each other when you’re ready and upright again,’ she said, a big smile on her face as she lay back on the bed, stretching herself. This action made her breasts really stand up proud from her chest and I could see that she was aroused for the nipples were up as hard as nuggets in a gold digger’s pan.

‘No Carol!’ John cried.

‘Why not?’ she countered. ‘You’ve just seen Bob fuck your wife, now I want to see him fuck my husband. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,’ she finished with a smug expression on her face. I couldn’t help but grin at John’s consternation, knowing how he felt at letting him be seen by his wife being fucked by another man. It was quite a few weeks before I would be in the same position and would then know exactly how he felt at this moment of truth in their relationship.

‘Come on John,’ I said, seeing the sulky expression on his face. ‘Carol has known from the beginning of our relationship that we were an item. The increase in your sexual activities with Carol told her that we were having it off together. It’s better that it’s now out in the open so accept what she says and let’s give her a damn good showing.’ At least the sulky expression disappeared at the thought of fucking me in front of his wife, though I saw the shadow cross his features and knew that the thought was what would his wife think of him being fucked by another man. ‘I’ll let you see to me first.’

His own body hormones took over and I saw that he was up and hard, just as I was, and quickly got a condom out of the bedside cabinet drawer and quickly rolled over Carol’s body and rolled the rubber down over his erection.

She moved over on the bed to give us room to manoeuvre ourselves into our positions, me going up onto my knees and him moving in between my open legs. I didn’t mind her seeing me in this position and taking her husband’s prick up my arse and being fucked, though I knew he wasn’t too happy when it would come to his turn.

Carol got up onto her knees and moved back so that she could see as he placed the head of his covered cock to my back entrance and with my head turned, could see her expression as I felt him move his body forward and start to enter me. Her eyes were wide as my back passage was enlarged by the pressure of his cock pushing forward and she copied my gasp as the head slipped in and I positively felt like crowing as I felt his shaft follow the head and fill me completely, his thighs now tight up to my bum cheeks.

‘What’s it like?’ Carol asked, her head turned towards me so I knew it was to me she was asking the question.

‘Heaven. It makes me appreciate just how a woman feels to having such an organ put up into their body,’ and I gave out a grunt as John started to move himself in and out of me.

‘And you John?’ she asked.

‘It’s tighter than a woman, a much tighter fit,’ he said as he kept up his moving in his fucking of me. I was drooling at this reaming, not only of the pleasure I was getting but having that extra thrill of being watched, having somebody outside seeing this act of copulation between two males. My own cock was now really throbbing with it being bounced up and down, my balls swinging backwards and forwards to John’s thrusting of himself into me. From that point, the fact that Carol was watching disappeared from my mind as I gave myself up to the pleasure of being fucked by that wonderfully strong organ. It took a lot of my control not to come myself as he began ramming himself into me, holding my hips firmly as he jerked himself off into the condom buried deep up inside me.

I felt the sweat dropping off his chin as he leaned over my back when he’d finished, his breaths sounding rather rasping. Panting heavily as I bore his weight on my hips, I managed to keep in my position, flexing my sphincter muscle, squeezing that lovely throbbing, pulsating cock inside me, dreading, but knowing that I was just about to lose it from within my body.

The cry couldn’t be helped as he pulled himself back and that sucking sound as it emerged from my backside.

‘Has he hurt you?’ was the cry from Carol.

‘No,’ I got out from between gritted teeth. ‘It’s the loss that hurts after having the heat and solidness of the organ that’s been giving you so much pleasure. Goddamit, you know just how that feels,’ I cried out as I turned round and pulled off the condom and took the sticky head of his cock into my mouth and sucked away at that lovely pleasure giving piece of flesh.

‘Oh,’ came the small voice of Carol as she watched me take as much of John’s prick in to suck and lick clean before releasing him and laying back on the bed.

‘Now it’s your turn to fuck John,’ she said, her eyes wide and almost bouncing on the bed at this display of men making love in their way. ‘Here, let me do that,’ she said, taking from John the condom that he was about to pass over to me. She tore the wrapper open and pulled out the rubber and pushed my erection up from my stomach with the back of her hand as she used both the get the ring of rubber over the head of my prick. She rolled it down the shaft in an almost caressing movement, really wanting it herself I thought.

John had gone up onto his knees and gave me a shy but wan smile as I moved up onto my knees and shuffled round behind him. Carol moved too and was almost leaning on my arm as I placed the head of my cock to John’s backside, watching every process of this, the fucking of her husband.

I released the hold on myself, just using my body pressure to hold it in place as I put that hand onto his other hip, her leaning over my arm now. I heard the intake of breath from both of them as I started to push forward, feeling his initial resistance. I looked at Carol as the head slipped into John’s backside, her eyes wide open at seeing the length of my prick slowly disappear into his arsehole.

‘Wow,’ she breathed out as the view was cut off by my body now pressing up tight to John’s bum cheeks. ‘I didn’t think it would all go in.’

With his body warmth now surrounding my cock and feeling him flex his internal muscle, the thought of Carol watching now went from my mind as I began to plough John’s field, enjoying the easy movements of sliding in and out of his rear. I kept this up for a good five minutes before I felt my sap rising and so increased the speed of my shafting and began to pull his hips back onto me as I rammed myself forward.

‘That’s beautiful Bob,’ he crooned from beneath me, himself, I think, having forgotten that his wife Carol, was watching him being fucked by another man. I just grunted as I rammed into him hard and held his hips tight to my body as I began to jerk out my coming into that condom stuck up his backside.

‘Aaaaah,’ I breathed out as I slowed down, hearing the same from him as I stopped, my prick still twitching inside him. He gave out a similar cry to mine as he felt me begin to pull out, his muscle trying to hold me there.

I slumped back onto my heels, my prick still up hard, sticking out at a forty five degree angle from my thighs, the little bulbous head of the condom swelled up with the sperm inside.

‘Let me do it,’ Carol cried as John had turned round with some tissues in his hand. These she took from him and used them to pull the condom off of me and then dropped the lot over the side of the bed and onto the floor as she bent down and took my still wet cock head into her mouth.

‘Mmmm,’ she mouthed as she sucked and tongued the head and I looked at John and rolled my eyes at him, getting a sickly smile back from him at her doing this in front of him. He might be the man in their relationship but it was Carol who wore the trousers when it came to the bedroom. But then, women have always had the upper hand when it came down to sex, rape being the exception.

‘He tastes the same as you John,’ she said when she’d finished the cleaning up of my cock head, sitting back now and licking her lips. ‘As it’s going to be an hour at least before you’re both ready again, how about going down on me, I’m dribbling with having watched you two.’ She lay back on the bed and opened her legs and I let John have the honours and as he went down to suck and eat her, I gave her tits my undivided attention.

We tried various positions over the weekend, hardly leaving the bedroom where we kept going for as long as we could. I only got dressed in shorts to let the other dog walkers take K9 for his run out in the hills. John and I stayed naked over that time, Carol only putting on a sarong when it was time to get us some food to eat. It was quite pleasant sitting at the table for our meals and being able to look at those lovely tits opposite me.

Carol, good girl that she was, didn’t stop John and I from having each other occasionally in our lovely fucking sessions. One position that John and Carol cooked up between them was one that I liked. They had been whispering about it and got me to lay down on my back and Carol got astride me in the upside down position as if we were going to suck on each other. Well, she was going to suck on me for she leaned forward onto her elbows and held my erection upright, her legs as wide open as she could get them, though not lowering herself down onto my face.

John then came shuffling into view and I had the upside down view of him putting his knees either side of my head and on the inside of Carol’s legs. His prick, that lovely tool, was swaying those few inches above my face but pointing towards the wet sex that I could see, of Carol that was waiting for his entry.

With that throbbing prick of his moving up and down to his movements as he got closer, his balls moving backwards and forwards, and I watched it touch the entrance and then begin to slide inside the wet maw.

It moved in, disappearing slowly and I could imagine just what she was feeling as she now took the head of my cock into her hot mouth. I then watched that lovely hard prick that I loved being slowly moved in and out, glistening with her juices on its withdrawal till the head almost emerged too before being pushed back inside her. Meanwhile, she was running her tongue round the head of my cock as she gently chewed and sucked on me.

The swinging balls just above my nose were really hypnotising as they slowly swung back and forth as he moved. I managed to get my right hand up from my side, and got it between her legs and was now able to use my fingers to diddle and play with her clitoris as John shafted her.

She had given out a jolt of her body when my fingers came into play though it didn’t stop her from her chewing on me further down the bed. None of us could last long with what we were doing and it wasn’t long before John began to move faster and I saw the sac of his balls contract as he began to come inside her, the balls themselves jumping up at every thrust and surge that they sent out. I came, bucking my hips up to meet her hot mouth that had the lips clamped tight underneath the head. She groaned out round it as she gave out a shudder and had her climax and even though John’s hips were tight up to the cheeks of her bum, her seepage was clearly seen and I had it start to drip down onto my face.

With a slight twist of my head I was able to catch some of this in my open mouth as I watched that lovely prick of John’s slowly pull out. Carol’s hand tightened round my cock at his pulling out and I watched this glistening shaft emerge, traces of sperm still hanging out from the eye.

I wasn’t prepared for her actions as he pulled out, for her hips came down and I was almost suffocated by having her dripping wet sex dropped onto my mouth. I could feel the bed moving as John changed his position and Carol’s head came up off of my cock and guessed, rightly, that she had taken John’s prick into her mouth to suck as I was sucking on her. She was getting the remnants of sperm from his cock and a taste of her own juices. I was getting the outpourings of them both, her climatic aftermath and his seed mixed together as they came out of her vagina into my waiting mouth.

It was a good job that I’d kept my hand up by my head for I was able to push upwards and get some intake of air to keep me going. I wondered if we would ever be able to get Sally into doing it this way for I would get a vicarious thrill at seeing the cock that I love being used to fuck my wife.

But as I said, that was only one of the various positions that we got into over the weekend and I think we were both glad when the Monday came for her to go off to work.

That first week of Sally’s holiday was really tiring for both John and I. For while Carol was at work, we would perform oral sex on each other as well as taking it in turns to fuck each other. Then after dinner, cooked by Carol, it would be back to bed for us both to fuck her and have her watch as we fucked each other for the second time that day.

We lasted just the one week in doing this and had to curtail our daytime sex the following week to be able to last out to see to Carol’s needs during our night time sessions with her. Quite frankly, we were both glad when the day rolled round when she was due to go off to England.

We drove to the airport in my car, John driving so that Carol could sit next to him with me in the back. We arrived in time and waited with her in the queue until she was booked in and gave both of us a big hug and kiss before she went through the control to the waiting lounge. We waved as she disappeared from sight and I think we both heaved one big sigh of relief.

‘I don’t think I could have lasted another week,’ John said with a grin on his face. ‘She’s almost ruined me for the next two.’ I had to agree with him and was happy that there was now just the two of us and we left the terminal and got the car out of the airport and headed for home.

I was driving and though we’d gone to the airport by motorway, I opted for our return journey to take the more direct route across country. These roads were not of a good standard but the journey time was about the same. It was on one stretch where I knew that I could pull off and in a rather secluded area.

‘My cock’s hurting me,’ I said as I approached where I wanted to stop.

‘Then pull over and let me help,’ John said as if on cue, and I pulled off the road and stopped the car. I eased the driving seat back and leaned back as John undid the zip of my trousers and pulled my throbbing erection out. His hand felt cool compared the heat I was getting from my pulsating organ. He gave it a few rubs, bringing the foreskin right back down beneath the head.

‘Looks good enough to eat,’ he said with a grin and leaned over and took me into his mouth. What a pleasure it was to have it where it was, being tongued and sucked, his hand moving up and down as he technically masturbated me. Such was my need for relief that I was soon bucking my hips, banging his head against the steering wheel as I came quite copiously.

‘Nectar,’ he sighed after he had swallowed all of my emission, and finished off licking me till I was clean. ‘Now what do you think has occurred with me doing that for you?’ he asked with a smile. It didn’t really need an answer for it was quite clearly to be seen, the bulge at the front of his trousers.

‘Move the seat back and let me relieve you of the problem that has arisen,’ I said as I fumbled with his zipper as the seat suddenly shot backwards. He eased himself down in the seat as I pulled his erection out from his trousers. It was hot and fiery looking as though the top had been rubbed with sandpaper and felt as if there was a small furnace inside. I pulled the foreskin back, revealing more of the head and made the eye open wide and into this I blew a stream of air. He gave out a groan and it continued as I took it into my mouth and tongued that unblinking eye. My saliva quickly cooled down the heat though it remained hot as I sucked on him, working my hand up and down his shaft. The skin gliding smoothly over the solid flesh beneath. His hand was stroking my head as it moved on him and I loved this showing of his tenderness towards me as I sucked his cock.

‘Are you ready for this,’ he grunted as I felt his hips start to move, but the awkwardness of how we were positioned meant he couldn’t ram himself up to meet me. In spite of that morning’s release, he still was able to pump out a full mouthful of sperm which I held there till he’d finished coming before swallowing it. He heaved a big sigh as I did this and I felt him try to stretch his legs as I licked him clean.

‘For a cock sucker that hasn’t long been sucking a cock, that was bloody great Bob,’ he said as I straightened up and with a quick look round to see if any other cars were about, pulled my head towards him and gave me a big kiss.

‘I really needed that John,’ I said as I did up my belt buckle and lit a cigarette. ‘I don’t think I could have lasted until we got home.’

‘Nor me,’ he said, taking one of my cigarettes out of the pack and lighting it. ‘If you hadn’t of suggested stopping, I soon would have done,’ puffing out some smoke and letting the window down to dispell it and that of mine. I started the car again and off I drove, getting us back home about forty minutes later.

I parked the car outside the house and we went inside, moving into each other’s arms after letting K9 out into the garden and shutting the door.

‘Two weeks with just the two of us,’ I said as I kissed him, getting one back that was quite passionate, his tongue pushing between my lips to meet mine that was released.

‘Early dinner and then bed?’ he asked as we went into the kitchen and got some beers out of the fridge.

‘Most certainly,’ I said, popping open the can and drinking nearly all of it in one go. ‘Steak and chips with some salad?’

‘Perfect. A bottle of wine to wash it down as well,’ he replied.

‘Well start peeling some potatoes while I get out of these tight clothes into something more appropriate for the kitchen,’ I said, emptying my can and going into the bedroom.

‘Now that’s the right attire,’ he said when I returned, for I was only wearing one of those short pinnies that a waitress usually wears. A small white square of material in the front with long tapes tied up at the back, the ends hanging down almost between the cheeks of my bare bum. As I bent down to get out the chip pan, one hand came and stroked the cheeks while the other fondled my balls as he moved behind me.

‘I wouldn’t mind sweetbreads either,’ John said, his voice a little husky.

‘You can have them in your mouth later, in bed,’ I said, squeezing my legs together to hold his hand there for a couple of minutes. Before letting him go and straightening up. ‘Let’s eat our dinner first.’

The meal went down well with the bottle of red wine and we quickly did the washing up and after putting the things away, went to bed. Whilst dinner had been cooking, John had taken his clothes off and was only wearing a sarong for the meal and so it was only the one item each to take off as we got onto that new big bed. Just the action of taking these wisps of clothing off was enough for us both to get an erection in anticipation of what we were about to do. I got on first and lay on my side as John got on but upside down to me and we quickly took the others hard prick into our mouths to suck and chew on. This was the only time that I liked chewing on raw meat.

We chewed, licked, sucked, tongued and eventually got a mouthful each of the erupting sperm from the lollipop that we’d been sucking on. After being licked clean, John turned round and we cuddled and stroked each other between kisses and kept this up until we were once again aroused and then went into the fucking mode. Two condoms out and I had him first, loving the tight ring like hole that I’d stuck my prick into, the head and shaft being compressed into one solid length of steel that poked the fire that was within John’s backside.

Sometimes, while up hard inside him and leaning over on his back, I would reach down underneath and jerk him off so that we could both come at the same time, with him doing it to me later on, but not this night. I kept upright on my knees as I pulled his hips back till he was firmly up against my thighs as my hips began their own pumping and I came inside him

It’s hard to describe what would be like a tight fitting glove fitted over your cock, one that was full of heat and gave out a pulse beat and a constant throb that excited you beyond belief. Though I much preferred being the glove and having that hard and hot length of steel inside me, doing almost the same in its pulsating throb as it was moved inside my canal.

The worst part is the withdrawal which is hard to give up that piece of flesh which has been giving you pleasure and impossible to keep inside no matter how hard you squeeze your inside muscle, it still moves out and leaves a vacant hole that is almost a vacuum.

John gave out his cry of loss but was quick to turn round and strip off the condom and suck on the tool that had just pleasured him before he put the other condom on and serviced me. This was a heaven on earth, having a hard cock ream and soothe my insides at the same time, moving in and out to a steady rhythm and feeling every inch of that lovely hard flesh giving me the utmost joy. I didn’t mind the fingers digging into my hips as I was pulled tight up to his thighs, feeling them thump against me, his balls smacking the cheeks of my bum as he came, his cock swelling even more as he came, shooting his load inside me. We quite a few times went without wearing a condom so that we could actually feel the emission spraying the insides though this cut out the sucking afterwards for obvious reasons.

It was a glorious first night of our fortnight and what made it even better was the fact that we were actually sleeping together and not having another body next to, or in between us. Sultry as the night was, it still didn’t stop us from having our bodies in close contact and a perfect dream to wake up in the morning with a hard erection digging into your back or nestled between the cheeks of your bum.

Or to reach over a strong thigh and find an hard throbbing penis just begging to be sucked or put up in your backside. I was in this first position when I woke up and with the bed as wide as it was, I was able to move myself almost horizontal on the bed and lift my left leg up and let the head of John’s cock nestle at the entrance to my ring piece. I pushed my hips back onto him, feeling it hard pressed at the entrance but couldn’t get it inside without his help. This I got for he woke up at my pushing myself back onto him and he took over and pushed for me and I felt him slide up inside as we lay on our sides.

No condom, and it was lovely having his solid flesh inside me, not completely, but enough to give me pleasure as I moved back onto him as he pushed forward. It was a very successful joining for he gave out a grunt and moved, pushing me over so that I was flat on my front and he was up on top of me. It still wasn’t a full penetration but he was most definitely inside me as his hands came up under my arms to grasp my shoulders. He then heaved himself up so that he got in as much of his prick inside and rode on my back, reaming me nicely inside.

He rammed himself up into me for several minutes, with much grunting and then held me tight as I felt him start to shudder and felt his sperm splash into me, coating the inside and adding to the lubrication for him to ride me more easily. I managed not to come myself and waited for that horrible withdrawal and almost sobbed as I felt it leave me and his weight come up off my back as he pulled out. He gave the back of my neck a kiss before getting off the bed and going into the bathroom to wash himself.

‘What a nice way to be woken up in the morning,’ he said as he got back onto the bed, bending down and giving the head of my cock a suck and a kiss before getting up onto his knees for me to fuck him.

‘It’s nice doing it bare back,’ he said as I quickly got up behind him and pressed my throbbing prick up to his arse and pushed myself inside. It is true, riding bare back, feeling just that little bit more of the internal flesh of the canal you are pushing your dick in and out of, much better than using a condom.

‘Just lovely,’ he crooned as I held his hips as I moved in my fucking of him, savouring the heat and the tightness of his arse, but coming far too soon. Holding his hips tight, the cheeks of his bum hard up against my upper thighs as I jerked my hips repeatedly, sending out my seed in short sharp bursts.

‘So lovely Bob,’ he said, ‘so lovely,’ as I came to a stop, leaning heavily over his rear end, panting and making my cock twitch inside as his muscle kept flexing itself around my shaft.

I pulled out to his cry of dismay and went and washed my prick and then had a shower before doing the rest of the mornings rituals, making room for him to do the same.

We stayed naked for most of that fortnight, up on the sun deck during the early morning hours until the sun got too hot and drove us inside, to bed and more sex. Dinner naked and then swimming in the pool in the evening, even having a few fucks in there at the same time. We fucked each other on the coffee table, legs up high on the shoulders so that we could look at each other, hips being pulled back as the lovely hard tool was moved in and out of one’s body. We even did it on one of the dining room chairs, sitting on the lap of the other with the prick buried deep up inside, so that we could hold and kiss each other in our steady movements.

Though this did lead sometimes to the one being fucked, coming in between the two chests as his prick was being squashed in the close embrace and movements.

It was also a pleasure to go to bed at night to frolic about in our sexual games on the big bed, exhausting ourselves so that we slept the sleep of the dead every night, waking up in the morning to start all over again.

It was a bonus of a holiday for us two and it was a sad morning when we had our last fuck together before getting a shower and dressing to go and collect our wives from the airport.

We didn’t rush, but took our time for we knew that it would take them at least thirty minutes to clear all the controls and collect their luggage. I parked near the far end of the airports car parking area and leaned round and gave John and big kiss as we hugged.

‘It’s been a magnificent fortnight John,’ I breathed between a kiss.

‘And I’ve enjoyed every minute of it with you Bob,’ he replied, giving me another big kiss in return before we left the car to go and wait for the two women to come out through the arrivals door.

They must have waited till both sets of luggage came round on the carousel, for they came out together and I took Sally into my arms for a big welcome home kiss as John did with Carol. We abandoned the trolley right there and both of us carried the bags out and up to where the car was parked.

There was the usual talk of, did you miss me? It’s nice to be back. How’s K9? London’s ghastly, glad we moved out etc., John getting the same as we loaded their cases into the car and I drove us home. Sally told me of her time with her sister back in London while Carol told John of her visit.

We only dropped the others off, not stopping though we got them to promise to join Sally and myself for dinner the following night at a good steak restaurant.

I parked the car and let Sally proceed me into the house as I carried her suitcase. K9 heard her voice and started barking out his greeting and jumped all over her when she opened the front door. He eventually calmed down and let us enter and Sally went straight through the bedroom and into the bathroom.

Bang goes my surprise I thought as I followed her and put the suitcase down, for she must surely had noticed the new bed as she passed through. The toilet was flushed and a few minutes later, Sally came back out and went straight through to the kitchen and got some food out for K9 before getting some dinner for us.

Through our meal she spoke of what she did and the news from England, it going in one ear and out of the other for I had lost nearly all interest in the events that occurred there. I was more concerned about her not remarking on the bed and wondered if Carol had been speaking out of turn on the flight back. I helped with the washing up and was glad to see her yawn and when I suggested we turned in, she agreed, being rather tired from the flight.

I hoped she wasn’t that tired as I got undressed for I now had an erection in anticipation and got onto the bed and lay back as she got undressed. She smiled at me as she got onto the bed and I held my erection upright and waggled it at her, a smile on my face that she wiped off.

‘Big, isn’t it?’ she said.

‘No bigger than usual,’ I replied.

‘I’m talking about the bed,’ she said drily, almost making my cock deflate at this. ‘Carol told me all about it on the flight back. So she’s already tried it out?’

‘I…I couldn’t stop her,’ I said somewhat lamely. ‘She and John were here for dinner one night and before I knew it, she was undressed and on the bed after the meal. And…and then she suggested that we made it a threesome. Well John agreed and it would have seemed churlish to have refused. Oh darling, I’m sorry,’ I said, now lying up close to her and stroking her breasts, letting her feel my throbbing prick up against her thigh.

‘I got this big bed for us. To do all that we want on it,’ my hand now wandering down over her stomach and in between her thighs. She’d gone without sex for a month now and so she didn’t stop my fingers from entering her, the thighs parting to give me more room.

Encouraged by this, I began to kiss and nibble her nipples and worked my way down and got in between her legs and put my mouth to her sex and began to tongue and lick her.

It didn’t take long before she began to give out some low moans and I could feel her begin to squirm about as her orgasm built up and she began panting hard and pulled at my ears, begging for me to fuck her. I quickly slithered up her body, squashing her tits as I covered her, my cock sliding up her flare path and entered and filled her with my throbbing cock. I was needing it as much as she was and as she screamed out, bucking beneath me, I came too, my hips pumping like mad, trying to get more of myself into her to give her a lovely welcome home and introduction to our new bed.

We were both panting heavily as I pulled out, our sweaty bodies allowing me to slide off to roll over onto my back.

‘God, I needed that,’ Sally gasped. ‘A whole month without release.’ I couldn’t and didn’t dare say that I needed it too, so I kept my mouth shut. It was several minutes before she spoke again, after getting her breath back. ‘When did you get it?’

‘A couple of weeks ago,’ I said, knowing that she was referring to the bed. ‘It arrived earlier than I expected. I…I told John and he went and told Carol and the next thing I knew, she was round here cooking dinner and wanting to try it out.’ It was a lame excuse, but the only thing I could think of on the spur of the moment.

‘Well, you’re not using it tomorrow night,’ she said as she rolled towards me and lifted herself up onto her elbow. I could see the gleam in her eye. ‘If Carol had already been in it, you and her can use the bed upstairs, and me……’ She left off the rest, knowing that I knew she was meaning that she would have John on it with her.

I was grateful that she went off to sleep for I didn’t have the energy to service her again that night and so went to sleep myself.

K9 woke me at the usual time and I staggered out of bed and went an let him out into the garden and put the kettle on for coffee. I smoked a cigarette while I waited for it to boil and made the coffee and took two cups through to the bedroom. Sally was awake and had spread herself out over it, a big smile on her face as she opened her legs as far as she could.

‘Me before breakfast,’ she said as her left hand rubbed a breast while the other hand, well, fingers really, played just below her muff. I put the cups down and gave her a smile in return as my prick started to rise up at this wanton display and got onto the bed in between those opened thighs.

The lips of her sex were open and I could see that she was already exuding some of her fluids and the pearl like drops were glistening like small jewels that were coming out from her treasure trove. These I licked off first as I settled myself down between her legs, squashing my erection beneath me, not really comfortable in doing this.

She squirmed and gave out a groan as my tongue moved inside those lips, licking round the clit before giving small stabbing motions into the vagina’s entrance. I used my shoulders to keep her thighs from closing round my head as I began to really plate her.

‘Enough, enough,’ she finally cried after several minutes of my foraging inside her vagina with my tongue. ‘Now Bob, now!’ she demanded, which was enough for me to quickly move up her body and shove my throbbing cock up into the warmth of her body.

‘Aaaargh,’ she crooned as our pubes met and I was fully inside her, lifting my upper body up to support myself on my elbows. Her eyes were shining and she smiled at me as I began to move and fuck her. Her legs came up round my waist as her hands gripped my shoulders and used them to pull me down onto her as I pushed forward with every thrust. I didn’t last long in doing this and was soon pumping out my seed into her as she cried out in her own orgasm.

The downside to this was that her cries had brought K9 into the bedroom and with him jumping up onto the bed, caused her to laugh and me to pull out as he clawed at my back. Now whether it was him protecting her or just wanted to join in the fun, I don’t know, for he didn’t say.

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