A Chance Encounter

By 1941aaa

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Two men become gay lovers and soon one wife joins in and then the other in wife swapping.
A Chance Encounter. Part Seven.

‘Do you know, I’m damned sure you had it in mind for the four of us to…to have sex altogether when you got this bed,’ Sally said as we lay there together that night.

‘Well…I must admit that the thought did come to mind. But that was after I’d got the bed and…well after Carol had seen it and said much the same thing,’ I said as I stroked her tits, raising the nipples up to hard little nuts.

‘Don’t just play with them Bob,’ she said, her voice a little husky. ‘And then show me that you are a better lover than John is.’

I didn’t need any more encouragement, for that was what I was just about to do. I sucked and nibbled at those little cones, licking round them first and then at the soft flesh beneath those lovely two orbs. Next came the stomach as I kissed my way south and through the small jungle to the hidden cave. Her legs opened for me to slide in between them as I moved my body round, putting my hands up under, and over her thighs to part the lips of her sex.

She flinched and gave out a groan at the first touch of my tongue to her inner lips, flicking over the rising bud of her clit. My tongue found the first exuding of juices as it went in and out of her vagina, making her give a little squirm, her thighs tightening round my head. Her movements increased as I licked and sucked until I could finally hear her voice, urging me to move up.

‘Now Bob. Now! Fuck me,’ she cried, her arms open for me to get in between them as my cock slid up her thighs and entered her. Her legs came up by my waist and her arms curled round my back for her to hold on to me as our pubes met and I was fully inside and my chest squashed her lovely tits.

‘God, I love this,’ she said, her eyes sparkling as I raised my upper body up onto my elbows, my cock twitching inside the heat of her body. She responding by flexing her vaginal muscles as I began to move and fuck her.

I couldn’t help but compare the slackness of both Sally and Carol compared to the tightness of John’s backside. Not that I didn’t like fucking a willing woman, it was just that difference that turned me to prefer to fuck John above the other two. Plus, I could also have him fuck me whereas the women couldn’t. The other plus on John’s side was that he had a cock around the same size as mine and I just loved having it in my mouth and sucking on it. His sperm was the bonus.

All these thoughts of John I had to suppress as I fucked Sally, for I wouldn’t be able to last out long enough to bring her to her orgasm if I kept thinking of him. Have you ever tried to name all the books of both testaments of the Bible whilst fucking a beautiful woman? At least I was able to hold out till Sally began bucking beneath me as she came to her climax, screaming out as she exploded within herself and I cried out too as I was then able to release the pressure that had built up inside my balls.


John opened the door to my knock with a big smile on his face and let me in and pulled me into his arms for a kiss as I used my heel to shut the door behind me.

‘My favourite lover, he said between his kisses, his body pressed up close to mine and I could feel that he was already hard inside his shorts. Mind you, I was too, knowing that I would be having that wonderful tool inside me, both top and bottom in a very short time.

He released me and went and got two beers from the fridge and went into the bedroom, with me following him. He was bare footed and only wearing shorts and had them off before I got my shorts, sandals and T shirt off. It was lovely to see his cock up hard and swinging about as he got onto the bed, my cock doing the same as he took hold of it before I was on the bed properly.

‘You don’t know how I’ve been waiting for this friend of yours to arrive,’ he said as he bent his head and took the head of my erection into his hot mouth. That was before I could even lie down, and he didn’t let go as he moved his body round to present me with his. Heavy and angry looking, the head that was half exposed from the foreskin, all purple and blood engorged. But big enough for me to take hold of and put it into my own mouth to begin to suck and chew on him as he was already doing to me. It was only of a short duration for he suddenly pulled himself free and let go of mine as he scrabbled round and got two condoms out of the bedside cabinet drawer.

‘I’d rather have you up inside me,’ he said as he got the rubber out of its wrapper and rolling it down over my erection. ‘This is what I’ve been waiting for Bob. With you behind me, pushing it in and taking me to heaven.’

He moved round by my side, up on his knees and bowing his back to make his backside stick up in the air as he lay down on his forearms. I stroked the lovely tanned sides of his body as I moved round and got between his open legs, the cheeks of his bum just as brown. I stroked the cheeks with my right hand and made him jump when I gave his balls a fondle with my left.

‘Don’t tease me,’ he said in a voice partly muffled by the pillow. So I didn’t. I just shoved my prick straight up his arse without giving him any warning and boy did he jump again, giving out a little squeal.

Now this was a hole to fuck, I said to myself as I felt the tightness of his backside surrounding my throbbing piece. Not as soft and pliant as a woman, but flesh that completely surrounded my cock as I moved myself in and out, loving the cramped space I was invading. I held his hips firmly as I moved, pulling him back as I thrust forward but couldn’t maintain the slow fucking of him, such was the pleasure, but soon began to buck and almost lift him off his knees as I came, shooting my load into the condom.

‘I think you really needed that,’ he gasped as I leaned heavily on his back, still throbbing away inside his tightness.

‘You don’t know how much,’ I panted, shaking the sweat from my eyes as I leaned up and back as I pulled out of him. He gave out the groan that we both did when he felt my pulsating cock being pulled out. I sat back on my heels and waited for him to pull some tissues from the box and wrap them round the condom and pull it off. This was then dropped on the floor as he bent down again and took the sperm covered head of my cock into his mouth to suck out the residue and lick me clean.

Now it was my turn to take a condom from the wrapper and roll it down over his erection and assume the fucking position on my knees.

I waited expectantly for him to grab my balls which he didn’t do, but rammed himself straight into me and it wasn’t until his thighs were tight up to the cheeks of my bum did he grab them. He also gave my cock a stroke before letting go and begin his turn at fucking me. What a thrill it was to have him back inside me, making me drool at the multitude of sensations he created with his cock probing my canal, touching nerve ends and making me tingle throughout my whole body.

They say that too much of a good thing is not good for you, well I think they are wrong in this respect for I couldn’t get enough of having his prick reaming me. But like most pleasures, it didn’t last long and he was soon ramming himself tight up to me as he pulled me onto him as he came, in short sharp stabs.

I cried out as he withdrew, leaving me feeling empty and bereft of my favourite toy, or should that be tool? But I was still quick to turn round and pull the condom off with tissues for me to suck on what had given me such pleasure. There was never a lot of semen left, but just enough to savour the taste before swallowing it and then licking the cock head clean.

‘That was just lovely Bob,’ he said as I let him go from my mouth and slid up into his waiting arms for him to kiss me. ‘I’m glad that we met that night in the bar.’

‘So am I, for I never thought that making love to another man could be such a wonderful thing,’ I said, kissing him back as I reached down and gave his now soft cock a squeeze, ‘and that this can be such a pleasure to suck and have up inside me. If I had met you before Sally, I don’t think I would have ever gotten married.’

He gave me a squeeze and a kiss for that.

‘Talking of Sally, she seems to like the idea of the four of us being in bed together. Maybe she was thinking of seeing your backside going up and down as you fucked Carol. Mind you, it turned me on seeing you take her,’ he said. I gave a little laugh.

‘Well it definitely turned me on to see your cock moving in and out of Sally, though it made me jealous that she was getting what I really wanted,’ I said.

I had kept on fondling his prick while speaking and it was now beginning to rise up in my hand as mine had, so I let go and turned round on the bed. There before my eyes was his lovely organ, up and hard again, lying there on his stomach. I lifted it up and licked my lips before opening my mouth and taking him inside again to suck and gently chew on. The pleasure was doubled as he began to do the same to me. We used our hands at the same time and it wasn’t long before I had his nectar erupt into my mouth as I came into his. We sucked and swallowed and both of us got the thrill of what we had just been doing.


The time came round for our monthly dinner and though Sally and I had found a lovely restaurant out in Las Pallas, the meal served there was just too plentiful to eat it all and as we knew we would be spending quite a few hours of love making, decided to go for a Chinese and not over fill our stomachs.

At dinner, I could see the sparkling eyes of Sally, mirrored by that of Carol, with them knowing that we would be a foursome that night in our big bed. Just the thought of having Sally see me fucking Carol caused me to get an erection while eating my meal.

We didn’t eat with haste, but the meal was soon over yet stayed to have some coffee with the rice wine before paying the bill and getting back into our car for the journey back home to where we would have the pleasure of pleasing each other with a long night of sex.

We got the usual greeting from K9 on our return and while Sally saw to drinks for us, I took the dog out into the garden for his nightly pee before returning inside, him settling down now that we were back home.

I think there was a certain shyness between us with us all knowing that we would now be having the full sexual unions alongside our respective partners. The small talk was inane with what was shortly about to begin and I got up and refilled the glasses but didn’t sit back down and held out my hand to Carol.

‘Time for bed I think,’ I said, and I’m sure that my face was a little flushed and avoided looking at Sally. Carol was quick to stand up and take my hand and I saw John begin to rise from his seat as I led Carol through to the bedroom. I moved round to the left hand side of the bed and took Carol’s glass from her hand and place it with mine on the side table as I saw John do the same with his and Sally’s.

I took Carol into my arms and kissed her, looking over her shoulder to see John copy me as I slid the straps of Carol’s dress off of her shoulders, our bodies moving slightly apart to let it slither to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see from the light coming through the window that the nipples of her breasts were up and looking quite hard. I slowly went down onto my knees, kissing her tits as I went down and kissed her stomach as I pulled down the wisp of panties that she was wearing. Neither women wore stockings at this time of the year, just the bare minimum of clothing. I nestled my nose into her bush to take in her smell as she lifted each leg in turn for me to get those panties free from her feet.

With her naked, I pushed her onto the bed and she rolled into what would be our half of the bed, still leaving enough room for me to get on alongside her. As she settled down, I saw Sally, now naked too, get onto the bed and lay alongside her. They both gave out a giggle as their bodies touched in the middle as John and I started to take off our clothes.

‘You’ve got a lovely body,’ Carol said to Sally as they turned their heads on the pillows to look at each other.

‘I was just about to say the same thing to you,’ Sally replied, though both heads turned then to watch as John and I stepped out of our underpants for both the women to see the two erections that they would soon be playing with and having up inside them.

‘Not much difference between the two of them, is there?’ Sally said in the way of a question.

‘No, it’s just that they have slightly different techniques in using what they have,’ Carol said in reply.

It made me smile at this subtle way of not saying that one of us was slightly bigger than the other, even though mine was, but only by about a centimetre. I got onto the bed, my side while John got on the other, and we both lay down with the opposite wife.

Big as the bed was, I would have been clashing shoulders with John if I rolled over on top of Carol and he did the same to Sally, so I pulled Carol over to me for a kiss and feel her nice big breasts up against my chest as our bodies met and let her feel my erection being pressed up to her stomach.

With some body movements, I was able to get her into the middle of our half of the bed before rolling her onto her back with me on top of her. I only kissed her lips a few times before moving my own body downwards, kissing as I moved. First one breast and nipple before the other one, taking time to lick the underside of each one before carrying on down.

With no top bed covering, my lower legs were soon hanging over the bottom end of the bed as I moved in between her opening legs for me to muff dive. A quick glance over at Sally and John, seeing her eyes on me and not John as her legs opened for him to delve into her with his mouth and tongue and wondered just what were her thoughts at seeing me bend my head to stick my tongue up into another woman.

With my tongue flicking in and out of the vagina before my mouth and my teeth just being able to nibble at the clit, soon brought Carol up towards an orgasm.

‘Now Bob! Now!’ she gasped, her hands pulling at the hair on my head. Wet mouthed, I slithered up her body as her legs released me, and pushed my throbbing erection up into the wet and waiting cave. Her body heat was incredible as I easily slid inside her till our pubes met and I was able to then get my elbows down by the side of her chest. Sally echoed those of Carol to John, urging him up from between her legs to put himself inside her. I saw her legs move up as John slid up between them and knew that his prick was following a similar path that mine had followed and he was then fully embedded inside her.

Four heads swiveled as one as we looked at each other, well me looking at Sally’s face as she looked at mine while the eyes of Carol and John looked at each other. I couldn’t help but give Sally a grin and got one back as I began to move and shaft Carol.

Her legs were up high and her fingers were digging into my shoulders as I moved my lower body in and out of her, feeling her internal muscles working away to try and grasp the slippery shaft as I smoothly moved in my fucking of her. There were gasps and grunts as our bodies came together and heard similar sounds from Sally and John as he humped away. I could hear the squelching sounds of sweaty bodies parting to slap together again in a rhythmic pattern, the bed really moving between our two thrustings into the women beneath us.

Carol was the first to cry out as she orgasmed, her nails digging into my back as I too, began to shudder as I came inside her at her letting herself go. I was now up from my elbows, arms rigid down by the sides of her chest and pounding her with my hips as I tried to get more of my cock inside her as I came, pumping out my semen.

I stayed like that as I saw John do the same as me, by rising himself up as Sally let out a muted scream as she came, the cheeks of John’s backside clenching themselves together as he came inside Sally. I then let my arms relax and went down into Carol’s now open arms to press my sweaty chest against her sweat covered breasts, crushing them with my weight.

‘That was tremendous Bob,’ she whispered into my ear as the sides of our faces met, this being the opposite side to the other two. ‘I meant what I said before. That if I’d met you before John, we wouldn’t be swapping partners.’ I moved my head so that I could kiss her, hoping that Sally hadn’t caught what was being said before moving my head to whisper back to her.

‘Don’t say things like that with them being next to us. It could cause trouble, and that we don’t want.’ She pulled my head back down and with a big smile on her face, mouthed the word okay before kissing me again.

I was still on top of her, my cock buried deep inside and feeling her muscles play along its length, me giving my still hard cock a twitch for her to feel before I pulled out of her. She gave out a whimper as she felt me sliding out and tried to hold me there, but we parted with a slight squelching sound. Now it was with some contortions so as not to dislodge John who was still up inside of Sally, for me to turn round on the bed so that Carol could have my cock to suck on while I went down to lick her out.

It was nice to feel her hot mouth take me inside and begin to suck and lick me as I lapped at her fanny like a dog. I had to take care to keep my body up so as not to choke her and felt John move and heard him pull out of Sally and begin his own movements to do the same to my wife as I was doing to his.

Though with room to move now, it was the two women that moved us so that it was John and I on our backs to lick them out as they sucked on a pricks with more ease.


‘Do you know that it really turned me on,’ Sally said when we’d finished cleaning each other up and were lying side by side once again on the bed. ‘Seeing the four of us together having it away.’

‘Me too,’ Carol said. ‘It was……’

‘Decadent?’ asked John.

‘No. Fucking lovely,’ Carol crooned in reply. ‘We should have done this earlier.’

‘Not on the old bed,’ Sally said with a laugh. ‘It would have been that cramped that Bob might have tried to stick his dick into John instead of you.’ She carried on laughing, not noticing the glances we three passed to each other and didn’t join in.

‘That would be something to see,’ Carol stuttered out, breaking our silence at Sally’s quip, her hand giving mine a squeeze, before letting go to take hold of my cock, soft as it was. ‘Get this up quick,’ she said in a whisper to me.

‘Then get sucking on it,’ I whispered back, seeing where she was coming from.

‘This would be better than getting mixed up with John,’ she said with a small laugh that sounded so false to me as she rose up and moved down the bed to take my flaccid prick into her mouth. Sally sat up, propping herself on her elbow as she watched Carol start to suck and chew on my cock. It was several minutes before she spoke again.

‘Do you want to see me doing that to John?’ she asked in a small voice, me not sure of what she was asking with her eyes.

‘Well I don’t see why he should be left out,’ I said, not really liking what I had said, but as his wife had my cock in her mouth……

I couldn’t read her expression as she got John to move so that she was then on the outside of the bed as she moved down and looked at me as she lifted up his limp dick and took it into her mouth. I saw her cheek bulge with it inside as she looked at me as she moved it around with her tongue and see her throat move as she swallowed some saliva as she sucked on him.

For some reason, the sight of her doing that to John, having his lovely cock in her beautiful mouth, wishing that it was my mouth that his cock was inside, that I got an almost instant erection. It somewhat startled Carol and I hoped she believed that it was her expert ministrations that brought me up so quickly.

‘You’re ready Bob,’ she said, letting me go from between her lips and rolling over onto her back, her legs opening, her face alight with a big smile. I gave Sally one more look, seeing her watching me as she moved John’s cock about in her mouth as she sucked and I got between Carol’s open thighs and stuck my prick up into her. She gave out a gasp because I had moved into her quite roughly before raising myself up onto my elbows.

As I moved in and out of Carol, I looked and saw that Sally was watching as I fucked the man’s wife who’s cock she had in her mouth. This was the first time she really saw me fucking her best friend, not being able to see me properly when I had fucked Carol earlier, her being fucked by John at the time. But now she had a clear view of my arse moving up and down as my prick easily slid in and out.

‘This is….better than….the last….time,’ Carol panted as she moved under me, still with that smile on her face, her fingers digging into my shoulders. ‘Keep going……keep…..keep,’ and she gave out a scream and began to really buck and thrash about beneath me as she orgasmed. I held on grimly and came myself with her extra movements both from the inside as well as the outside.

I gave Sally a sickly grin as I collapsed onto the sweaty tits of Carol, tits that were really heaving up and down as she fought to get fresh air into her lungs. When I got air into mine, I pulled out of Carol, ignoring her cry of dismay as I fell onto my back. I saw John looking at my wet cock lying up on my stomach, licking his lips before he closed his eyes and gave out a groan. One that I recognized and knew that he was just shooting his load into Sally’s mouth which put paid to her having him fuck her for another hour at least.

Sally swallowed John’s semen and looked over and saw my still erect cock lying on my stomach, glistening with the juices of Carol. She lay across John’s thighs and took me into her mouth to suck out any sperm left in me as well as get a taste of Carol into the bargain. I saw John lying on his back, his cock still stiff and had to stifle the urge to try and get round Sally to suck on him. He saw where my eyes were looking and gave me a wan look and a slight shake of the head and I quickly glanced at Carol and saw that she too had seen the shake of John’s head and I felt her hand stroke my shoulder. That action of hers told me that she hadn’t spoken to Sally about John and myself, for which I was grateful but wondered how long I could keep the news from her that I was now indeed bi-sexual.

Oh what a web we weave…………..


It was nearly dawn when both John and I had the strength to get ourselves another erection. For me to fuck his wife Carol and for him to fuck my Sally. John and I had fondled and sucked on breasts while having our cocks and balls played with, Carol taking the lead in having my balls in her mouth, to roll around as she gently sucked and tongued them.

Dawn was breaking as I fucked Carol for the third time that night with John fucking Sally for the second time plus having one blow job, after which, we fell asleep.


K9 woke me up around eight o’clock by scratching at my side of the bed and bleary eyed, got up and wrapped a sarong round my waist before letting him outside to do his business. I went back into the bedroom and looked at the sleeping bodies there. Two pairs of gently rising naked breasts and one limp penis between the thighs of John, having Sally’s arm over his chest, quite close to what I considered to be mine. I was tempted to climb back on the bed, but turned and went and put the kettle on to make some coffee.

I went and washed my face before the kettle boiled and felt better for that and also put some food down for K9 before making four cups of fairly strong coffee before waking the others up.

They looked bleary eyed too as they sat down at the table, John having a sarong around his waist like me while the two women had theirs wrapped round and tucked in above their breasts. None of us felt like breakfast and so only had coffee before a shower and John and Carol getting dressed to go to their own home.

‘Great night Sally,’ John said as he gave her a kiss before leaving.

‘Yes,’ echoed Carol, giving me a kiss that lasted a little longer and also felt her hand give my cock a stroke without the other two seeing her do this. ‘Can’t wait till the next time,’ she added in a whisper in my ear.

With them leaving, Sally and I went back to bed and slept for another couple of hours before I woke up with her gently rubbing my prick which was now erect.

‘I still think this is bigger than John’s,’ she said, her voice still showing signs of sleepiness. ‘Fuck me Bob and show me that you are better in all things.’

I dutifully rolled over in between her open legs and I hoped that I proved that she was right in what she had said.


In spite of having had Carol on Saturday, Sally on Sunday and Monday, I had a raging hard on all of Tuesday morning, just waiting for the afternoon. It was with great difficulty that I managed to get my erection down before I set off for the short walk to John’s house.

Both of us had smiles on our faces when he opened the door to my knocking. Words were not needed as I went into his open arms as the door closed, the kissing passionate as we held each other in a tight embrace, our lower bodies moving in a sideways motion, both feeling the erection of the other.

‘God, I wish that ever day was a Tuesday,’ I said breathlessly as we broke apart, both breathing heavily.

‘Amen to that,’ John said, turning to go into the kitchen for some beers as I went through to the bedroom where the covers were off already, the bed waiting for us. I quickly stripped off and lay down as he came in with two cans. ‘Now that’s the best sight in the world,’ he said, looking at my throbbing erection lying up hard on my stomach, handing me a can. I could see that he too had an erection, pushing out the front of his sarong as I popped open my can of beer and took a mouthful before putting the can to one side. He opened his can and took a swig before putting it down and pulling off his sarong, his cock bouncing about at the movement. Then it swayed from side to side as he got onto the bed with me for another kiss, both of us lying on our sides in an embrace, our cocks clashing with each other.

I then pulled him over so that he was lying on top of me, our pricks getting squashed between us.

‘God I love you Bob Conway,’ he breathed, pausing between our kisses.

‘I love you too John Greenwood. Especially what’s digging into my stomach.’ He rolled off me and turned round on the bed and took the head of my cock into his mouth as he presented me with his. It was grand to hold that throbbing organ once again, almost drooling as I took the fiery head in and began to suck and chew on him. ‘Not too much,’ I said, briefly releasing him. ‘I want this thing inside me.’ I got a muffled reply that sounded like okay as he continued sucking on me. As much as I would liked for him to come in my mouth, I stopped, for my insides were all of a turmoil, nerve ends screaming out to be scratched with his pulsating piece of meat. Such was my need for him, I lifted my head up from him and pulled myself out of his mouth and rolled over and got two condoms out of the bedside drawer. He still lay there as I tore open the wrapper and quickly rolled it down over that lovely cock head and down the hard solid shaft. With it put on him properly, I turned on the bed and went up onto my knees, shoulders down on the bed to make my bum stick up high in the air as he shuffled round behind me.

With his hands on the cheeks of my bum, his thumbs parting them slightly, I felt the head of his rubberised cock nestle at my waiting ring piece. His hands came onto my hips as he leaned forward and his prick started to widen me as it began to force its way past the sphincter muscle. I relaxed as best I could, dribbling at the mouth as I felt my backside hole getting wider and then had the pleasure of feeling the head enter me, to be followed by that hard shaft, throbbing and filling me with joy at the same time.

I was in heaven having his thighs tight up to my bum cheeks, his cock pulsating away to the rhythm of his heart beat, now fully embedded inside me. No wonder a woman liked a hard male penis up inside them, getting more sensations than I’ll ever have, but what I was getting was the next best thing as he began to move and shaft me.

My own cock was bouncing up and down to his fucking movements of me, my balls swinging backwards and forwards and I could feel that traces of my own sperm was slowly dribbling out of the eye.

I gave out a groan as he began to move faster, stabbing me with short sharp jabs as he neared his climax, me groaning because the pleasure I was receiving was about to come to an end with his coming inside me. He was pulling my hips tight up to his body as I felt his cock jerking inside me as he shot his load, me wishing that I had another cock in my mouth to come at the same time. To be filled at both ends would be then a proper climax to being fucked.

His grunting came to an end as he breathed heavily and leaned over my bent body and I could feel a few odd drops of his sweat land on my back, his cock still throbbing away inside me. I was almost in tears as I felt him move and begin to slide out of me. I used my inside muscle to try and grip him, to hold him there, to keep him there, wishing that he could last a bit longer. But I felt myself expand that little bit more as the head of his lovely cock finally slipped out and I gave out a cry at the loss and the cool air wafting round my shrinking ring.

But there was still some more pleasure to be had as I quickly turned round as he sat back on his heels, his cock still throbbing in its movements and grabbed some tissues to pull off the soiled condom. The head of the cock was shiny with his seed that didn’t stay inside the rubber and I leaned down and took it into my mouth to suck off this residue and pull out any that was left inside the seminal tube. I licked him till he was clean before letting him go, my own erection now paining me, begging for its own release. I rose up onto my knees, my cock bouncing before me as he got the other condom out of its wrapper and gave the head of my dripping cock a suck before rolling it down over the head and shaft.

‘How I wanted you to use this with me instead of Carol on Saturday night,’ he said. ‘I could hardly keep my hands off you.’

‘That’s exactly how I felt too,’ I said as we moved on the bed, him going into the kneeling position as I got behind him.

‘For what I’m about to receive, I thank you,’ he said as I parted the cheeks of his backside and stuffed my prick up his waiting entrance. He groaned at my entry into him and I groaned as I felt the heat and tightness of his inside canal close round the whole length of my cock as I slid fully inside him. God, I loved fucking him, the flesh of him completely surrounding my flesh, tighter than either Carol or Sally, or any woman’s vagina if it comes to that.

I think we both crooned as I fucked him which soon turned to grunting on my part as I felt myself starting to come and tried to ram as much of myself up into him till it started and held his hips tight as I pumped out my seed into the condom. Next time, I said to myself, I want him to fuck me without that rubber so that I could actually feel his sperm hit my insides, though it would mean no sucking of him afterwards.

He gave out the same small cry as I pulled out and got him to remove the condom and suck on me till I was clean. We kissed, fondled and stroked each other in the aftermath, sucking the balls as well as nibbling on the soft penis till it was once again up and ready for action. So we fucked each other again, vowing our love for each other until it was time for me to return home to Sally.

I loved our Tuesdays and also Thursdays where we would be out naked on my sundeck, taking it in turns in our oral sex, jerking the hard cock as we sucked till we could take in and swallowing the emission that came forth.

Our monthly dinner and the foursome on our bed where I fucked his wife as he fucked mine, became a ritual that we all enjoyed and that up until now, is how we live. What with getting to fuck two women and a man that I’d come to love, made living here a paradise on earth. I’m glad that I met John that evening in the restaurant, that chance encounter.

* * *

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