A Chance Encounter. Part six revised.

By 1941aaa

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Two men become gay lovers and soon one wife joins in and then the other in wife swapping.
A Chance Encounter. Part Six.

We went off, John, Carol, Sally and myself, to what was fast becoming our favourite restaurant for dinner that evening. It was in a small village, one main street, on the old road between Mazarron and the city of Murcia. Here, you could, if you wished, see your steak, or chicken, being cooked over a real charcoal fire before being served up just as you ordered. Again, it was a lovely meal and we didn’t mind that the journey time was just over twenty minutes away from home.

Even though we’d been living in Spain now for several years, we still hadn’t got into their habit of dining late in the evenings. We would still turn up as the restaurant opened at eight o’clock and didn’t, because of this hour, have to book in advance, though if you wanted to eat later, then a booking was necessary. Because of the ambience of the place, we still stayed and had a coffee and brandy, outside in the courtyard, because of John and myself wanting a cigarette after such a wonderful meal.

Mind you, it was still coffee and brandy when we got back to our house, all feeling relaxed but charged up with what would be our dessert in a very short time. Sally broke the ice on this.

‘You were right about that bed Carol,’ she said. ‘There’s that much more room to move about, and that’s why I’m using it tonight.’ John looked at me as I looked at Carol and I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Sally giving a smirk at seeing the heads turn in different directions. ‘So if John’s ready,’ she said as she stood up and put out her hand, ‘I can now have him christen the bed with me.’ She gave both Carol and me a sweet smile that held, well to my mind, a touch of malicious humour in her remark. John had a smirk on his face as he stood up and took her hand and Carol and I watched them leave the lounge.

‘I think we’ve just been put in our place,’ I said to Carol. ‘Why did you tell her about the new bed?’

‘I’m sorry. It just came out when we were talking on the flight back,’ she said, and at least, she had a contrite expression on her face as she said this. ‘I’ll make it up to you,’ she said as she slipped off her chair and came in between my legs and began to stroke my growing erection hidden inside my trousers. Not only did she stroke it, but pulled down the zipper and pulled it out and took the pulsating head into her mouth. I gave out a groan but would rather have her doing it upstairs on the other bed and so I pushed her head off mine and managed to get to my feet, pulling her up at the same time. We kissed when she was standing up and ground her hips up to mine, scratching the head of my cock against her skirt.

‘Oh God, I want you Bob,’ she breathed in my ear. ‘Please, take me upstairs now and fuck me.’ I wanted her too and it didn’t take any dragging to get her up the stairs and into the upper floor bedroom. Our clothes were quickly off and both of us falling onto the bed, naked, and my cock sliding straight up inside her. Her legs coming up to grip my waist as she sucked me in and began to hump herself on the bed while I hung on as she fucked herself to an orgasm. I hadn’t even moved myself as she gave out a muted scream at her coming, just hanging on in there till she came to a stop, already covered in sweat as she pulled my head down to kiss me.

‘God, I love you Bob,’ she gasped out into my ear. ‘I think I’m coming to love you more than John.’

This jolted me for this was the last thing I wanted to hear. Well as I was now really loving John, I didn’t want to break this up by her falling in love with me. I was quite happy to love Sally while loving John, but not to the extent of her breaking up from John because of this, this infatuation.

‘No Carol, no!’ I cried out. ‘You cannot! You mustn’t! I love Sally. I love John, and I love you but I keep them all separate as you must do. I love all three of you and for you to try and do, or go further, would only break up the loving relationship that we have built up between us. Can you see what I’m saying?’

She was now still beneath me, my cock up hard inside her, the pulsation and twitching of this I couldn’t control, probably the same with her internal muscles doing the same.

‘Let’s continue loving what we are doing now but still let us both love John in our own way. Don’t break this up by going overboard. Do you understand what I’m saying?’

‘Yes Bob,’ she said in a low voice. ‘I do, but I can’t help what I feel inside me, in both senses of the word. But…but it’s you I want inside me, as you are now, more than John.’

‘Oh Christ Carol! Don’t tear us all apart by saying any of this to John or Sally. I love you as I do the other two, so let’s keep everything in perspective and then we can carry on like this for God knows how long,’ and then began to move myself in and out of her, bringing her up to another orgasm and me finally coming into that sweet little cave that I liked fucking as much as that of Sally and the tighter one of John, not wanting to lose any of them.

To sort of finish off this dialogue that we’d had, I did, at a later time, ask John if he would give up Carol if I gave up Sally so that just the two of us could live and have sex together for all time? It was asked obliquely as a pure hypothesis and his answer was an unequivocal yes. So it was me put into the quandary but I wouldn’t budge in giving up either Sally and Carol just for John, even though I loved having him fuck me and of me fucking him.

But, I was at this present time, stuck up inside Carol, and loving to feel her vaginal muscles play their little symphony along the length of my shaft and so began to fuck her and give her the pleasure that we both desired and the relief that I needed.

What a coming together! Her second one to my first, and it was an exciting and agreeable coming together. She had bucked up for the second time, but with me now coming at the same time as she did. She cried out as I pulled out and flopped over onto my back, which didn’t stop her from rolling over to slobber over my still hard upright erection, to take it into her mouth to suck out the residue that was left inside my prick.

She and John were alike in this respect; the sucking of the organ that had just given them pleasure, but I also fell into that category, for it was the finale of a successful coupling. We had sex the next morning, both of us top to tail and sucking at each other till we came.

I went downstairs quietly and peeped into the master bedroom and saw Sally on her knees, giving John a wakeup call, sucking on his erection. This gave me another erection and I followed it to the front door and let K9 out to do his business and went and put the kettle on. I smoked a cigarette while the water was coming to the boil and Sally must have heard the front door open and came into the dining room in her bath robe and gave me a kiss.

‘Sleep well?’ I asked, returned the kiss.

‘Like a log. That bed’s marvellous. she said. I made four coffees and she took two through to the other bedroom as I took two upstairs. My erection had subsided whilst I smoked my cigarette but it came up again as I saw Carol stretched out on the bed with her legs wide open and a big smile on her face.

The coffee was almost cold by the time we got to drink it.

They stayed for breakfast and then went off to their house while Sally saw to changing the sheets of both beds and got them into the washing machine


It was on the Thursday morning that Sally popped her head into what was our second downstairs bedroom that I had turned into an office of sorts.

‘Just popping out for a few minutes. I’ll take K9 with me so you won’t have to worry about him,’ she said. I gave her a wave of my hand in acknowledgement as I was at that point studying a significant change in the stock market. It was my habit to work every morning on the Internet, better and cheaper now that we had a telephone land line. When we’d first moved in, I had to work through a radio phone to keep my work going and we only got the land line after two years of waiting. I didn’t learn as to where she had gone and why till Friday lunchtime.


‘You’re early,’ I said to John when he turned up at midday on Friday, casting a glance towards Sally who was in the kitchen.

‘Sally asked me yesterday to come over for lunch,’ John said.

‘But she doesn’t go dog walking till four and that’s the time Carol finishes work,’ I hissed at him.

‘Hello John,’ said Sally coming out from the kitchen. ‘Beer?’

‘Er, yes please Sally.’


‘Yes please. You didn’t tell me that you’d invited John over for lunch,’ I said.

‘Didn’t I?’ she said, getting some beers from the fridge. ‘I thought I did. Pilchards or tuna John? It’s just a salad lunch.’

‘Oh, ah, pilchards please,’ he said as I waved him to a seat at the table. Sally came in with the plates and a bowl of salad and then followed up with a plate of bread and butter and a dish of pilchards and sat down with us. It was only after our meal and we were having coffee that I found out what she had had in mind the day before, and the reason for John coming round for lunch.

‘Carol told me about the new bed and what you three had got up to on it while I was away,’ she said, and stopped me from interrupting her. ‘I can understand that when the cat’s away the mice will play, though I believe you were more men than mice.’

John and I looked at each other, both wondering at how much did Carol tell Sally. Not about my now being bi-sexual I hoped and prayed.

‘So it’s no sunbathing today for I want to try out one of these new positions that you found yourselves in. Besides, now that the cat’s back, maybe I too can have two for the price of one,’ she said, giving us both a sweet smile. I think it was me this time with a sickly smile on my face, still wondering how much had Carol said and what position was she talking about.

Sally let John and me do the washing up and the putting away of the crockery used before we had nothing left to do but await Sally’s orders for us.

‘Okay you two studs, into the bedroom,’ she commanded, and in we went to see that all the covers had been taken off with just the bottom sheet covering the mattress. John showed first that he had an erection at knowing that the three of us were going to have sex.

Mine came up at seeing him fully erect as I got undressed, also seeing that Sally was now naked and I would actually be present to see her having sex with John. Though she was still unaware, well I hoped, that she hadn’t seen me peeking those odd times when the two of them were together. Sally smiled at seeing the two of us rampant, up and ready for action.

‘You on your back Bob, upside down on the bed,’ she said, which I duly got into that position as she climbed onto the bed and had her body the opposite way to me. ‘It’s obvious what you have to do John,’ she said as she got astride my body and leaned forward onto her elbows and lifted my prick up and took the head into her mouth.

Now I knew what I was going to see. The cock that I loved as much as the fanny that was just above my face, was now going to be pushed up and into my wife. I couldn’t help but groan as the head of my cock was taken into Sally’s mouth and began to suck on me as I could see from my upside down position, John get onto the bed. His erection was swaying from side to side and yet his ball bag was moving backward and forwards as his knees came either side of my head. I was dribbling from the mouth as I brought one hand up and took hold of his cock and placed it to the entrance of Sally’s open sex lips.

God I was trembling as I watched the head of that lovely cock start to enter and slowly disappear into my wife’s vagina. In it went until I could no longer see it, just his ball sac nestled up tight to her thighs. I nearly came at that point and had to fight my own body urges for release.

He then slowly began to move himself in and out as he began to fuck her for the first time in my full sight. Upside down I know, but it was still so erotic that I couldn’t help but come into Sally’s mouth as I watched her being shafted by the prick that I too loved when it was being used for sex.

She must have swallowed my semen for she was able to give out a gasp when she felt my fingers begin to play with her clitoris as John was fucking her, his cock moving smoothly in and out. She also began to slobber over my prick as John began moving faster, his balls swinging back and forth as he fucked her faster and faster, ramming himself in harder each time. A couple of times she lost my prick from her mouth in the movements the two of them were doing above me and finally let out a howl as she had an orgasm, John now grinding his pelvic bones up tight to her backside as he came too.

Dribbles of her coming started to seep out of her round his prick still buried deep inside her, catching it with my open mouth, thankful that she wasn’t chewing on my cock at the same time. I fondled his balls when he came to a standstill and he gave out a groan and I felt them rise up and down in their sac as he tried to force out what sperm he had left inside them.

Sally gave out a moan as I saw his wet, shiny prick start to emerge from her fanny, glistening in the light and let it run through my hand as he pulled out. I couldn’t see much more for Sally’s rear end came down over my face and had her wet sex mash against my mouth for me to suck on. My prick was now out in the open as I felt the bed move and I guessed that he was moving round for her to suck out any residue while I took care of what was coming out of her.

It was an exhausted trio that fell apart to flop out on the bed.

‘My two strong men,’ Sally said in a throaty voice. Almost the same words that Carol had used and it made me wonder at how much did she say to Sally on that flight home. But I pushed those thoughts from my mind as I relived the vicarious thrill I got of seeing John’s prick enter and him fuck my wife, wishing it had been pushed into me.

‘My, you’re up hard again already,’ Sally said as she held my cock upright. ‘Can you believe this John?’ she asked him and he sat up and looked over her body at her holding my cock upright. I could see that she was using her other hand to hold his prick which was still in a flaccid state, but I could see it starting to grow as I watched.

‘Wow! What’s turning you on John? Not wanting to be left behind seeing that Bob’s up and ready for another session?’

‘Some…something like that,’ he stammered, but I could see the glint in his eye as he looked at my prick being held in Sally’s hand. I wondered if he was wishing that it was him that was holding me, well I liked to think that was what it was.

‘Now how about us doing the same again but the other way round?’ she asked, giving our cocks a rub, a smile on her face as she looked at me. I smiled back at her but was jealous that she was going to take John’s throbbing cock into her mouth when I wanted it in mine.

There was enough room on this huge bed for John to ease himself out from Sally’s hand holding him and turn round on the bed without me moving. His prick was laying up on his stomach, thick and heavy, I saw as Sally moved and got up onto her knees and straddled his body so that her face was above it. Her legs were wide open for me to now move and get in between them and I saw John give me a wink as I shuffled my knees either side of his head. His hand came up and gave my cock a rub and held onto it as he guided it into Sally’s waiting orifice.

Looking over Sally’s back, I saw her head go down and could just imagine her mouth opening and taking the head of his cock into it as I pushed my way up inside her. Her bum wiggled up against my thighs as I got as much of myself into her as I was able. I could feel John’s knuckles rubbing against my balls as he fingered her as I began to move in my fucking of her.

I heard John give out a groan and I’m not sure if it was because of what Sally was doing to him or the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her. I held her hips firm as I fucked her, trying not to move her too much while she had John’s cock in her mouth, sucking on him. Though I couldn’t help but move her as I neared my climax, pulling her back onto me as I rammed myself into her as hard as I could. If he hasn’t come by now, I thought, she going to get a faceful of his sperm. That she must have done for I heard her groan and start to buck underneath me as I held her tight to my thighs as I came inside her.

I suddenly found that I was out of breath and panting hard as I leaned over her hips, struggling to get air into my lungs, sweat dropping off my forehead onto her back. I pulled myself out of her slowly, feeling her internal muscles trying to hold me in there, and came out to a sweet sucking sound. Her backside dropped down and I knew that she was now letting John have a suck at her and so I quickly moved round on the bed so that she could suck on my still wet cock head, This she took in without the slightest qualm and really tried to pull out whatever semen was still left inside my penis.

We eventually broke apart and I managed to give John’s cock a quick rub before I settled down on the opposite side of Sally.

‘That was just great Sally,’ John said. ‘Though I was surprised when you suggested that we three did it together. I…I thought that you wouldn’t want Bob to see…well us, er, doing it together.’

‘Well Carol didn’t seem to mind you seeing her doing it with Bob, so, well, I thought that as she didn’t mind, then why should I,’ and gave a small laugh. ‘For we all know what we’re doing even if we are in separate bedrooms.’

‘And this bed is big enough for four,’ he said.

‘You’re not suggesting what I think you are, are you?’ she asked sitting up, her breasts bouncing nicely when she did this.

‘Well….’ he said, leaving the rest unsaid.

‘Was that in your mind when you got this big bed Bob?’ she asked, turning to me.

‘No Sally,’ I said in alarm, propping myself up onto my elbow. ‘That was the last thought in my mind.’

‘But there none the less,’ she smiled, ‘but it’ll be something to see. Your backside going up and down instead of just imagining it,’ and gave out a chuckle.

‘Does that mean you will?’ John said, him too now propping himself up and looking at her. I moved my hand up and ran it over the breast closest to me and gave him a nod of the head and saw his hand come up and do the same to the other tit. Sally gave out a sigh and leaned back down as we rubbed and brought her nipples up hard.

‘At our next monthly meeting,’ she said softly, her eyes closed. ‘Now suck on what you’ve been rubbing.’ So we sucked on her tits and she had four fingers inserted up into her wet insides and brought her to her third orgasm for the afternoon.