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A Chance Meeting

Angela made up for wrecking my chances earlier.
It was almost Christmas and an old friend had summoned me to a party. Standing around drink in hand, exchanging gossip with old friends and meeting new ones; more particularly a very fetching blond called Alice.

From somewhere in the next room I heard a voice I knew only too well.

 “I’m sorry, I have asked you politely to give me some space, but now I’m going to tell you to go away.” It was Angela an ex-girlfriend; I guess I still fancied her, she was OK in bed, but I also got to fuck her Mom and her Dad got to fuck me.

I carried on chatting to Alice, but my mind kept wandering back to Angela’s parents. John’s strong hands gripping my hips as his cock slipped in and out of my arse; then there was Lyn who was on the pill without John knowing so she could fuck younger men.

“Will you go away?” I knew the tone in her voice Angela was angry now, I felt I had to do something.

“Sorry Alice, It’s an old friend I think there is some trouble.” I went to sort things out.

 There was. Some flashy guy with too much jewellery and far too much alcohol in him. For some reason he couldn't understand why Angela didn't want to go back to his luxury apartment. I tried telling him that his kind invitation was being declined, but he started getting aggressive. Fifteen minutes later he was installed in a taxi and sent back to his luxury apartment alone.

 By the time I got back to Alice another guy had stepped in; they had got to the tactile stage, so I knew I had lost. I'd spent all the evening warming her up and now somebody else would light her fires.

I went into the kitchen to get another drink.

 “Sorry Rob, I screwed things up for you didn’t I?” Angela was standing beside me.

I shrugged, “As long as you are safe.”

We chatted about her college course, my work, and people we knew until the party ended.

“I know it’s not far, but I’ll walk you home.” I offered.

 We set off not holding hands, but at least arm in arm, coats buttoned up against the wind and rain. When we reached her parent’s house I gave her a peck on the cheek and went to walk away. She pulled me back.

 “Rob, can I make it up to you? I know it’s not like exploring a new blond like, whatever her name was, but I need a fuck too and my parents wouldn't be angry if they found you at breakfast.”

 Why not, we sneaked in and upstairs to her bedroom; stripping off we realized how wet our clothes were. Angela crept down to the utility room and hung them up to dry. 

I’d forgotten how good Angela’s pussy tasted as she lowered it onto my face in her room. She bucked and ground it down onto my eager mouth; then it was time to fill her with cum, I rolled her onto her back and slid into the welcoming hole my cock knew so well.

 About three in the morning I woke up thirsty, Angela stirred as well, I ask if there was any water, sleepily she told me it was in the tap. With all my damp clothes drying Angela told me to put on her dressing gown, I looked in horror. It was very short, ending about half way down my thighs and a very feminine light blue silk. I had no choice, my thirst was too great. 

The light was on in the kitchen and I found John was quenching his thirst too.

He looked up, “Oh it’s you, we were wondered who she was fucking.” Looking me up and down he licked his lips.
"It's very thoughtful of you to dress for me," he said.

 He stepped across to me, one hand under the front of the dressing gown feeling my balls, the other caressing my buttocks through the silk; his own robe parted as his erection began to rise. A hand gently to my shoulder told me what to do next. Kneeling I took his cock in my mouth and enjoyed the distinctive taste of Lyn’s cum smeared over it.

 “That’s right suck all of your mother-in-law's juices off, and make your father-in-law's prick all hard for that tight arse of yours,” John growled in pleasure.

 When he had had enough he bent me over the table and lifted the silk away from my arse. John opened the fridge and took out the butter, he smeared some liberally over his stiff prick and rubbed more into my anus; sliding a couple of fingers up into me he made sure I was ready. One strong hand held me in place and the other positioned his shaft against my puckered hole.
He pushed up into me and I felt his weight on my back.

 “Welcome home Rob. This won’t take long in your tight arse, then you can go back to fucking my daughter’s pussy.” 

 John was right, in minutes I felt the cock buried in me pulsing and hot sperm filling my rectum. I held two fingers flat against my sphincter stemming the flow until the muscle contracted sealing in Angela's father's cum.

 John looked at the stiff cock sticking out from my crutch, he rolled the foreskin back; a sticky secretion had collected at the base of my helmet. John’s finger tip collected it and took it to his mouth; he tasted it.

“Now I know what my daughters cum tastes like.”

I was grateful that Angela had turned the light off again; I wouldn't have to hide my erection.

“You were a long time,” she said.

“Your father was down stairs, we were talking about life.”

“Dressed like that?” She giggled.

I started to kiss her shoulders and back, before long I was fucking her from behind. Squirting my spunk into her body while her father’s spunk was in mine.

 The light of morning woke me, or was it my very hard morning erection; I was just maneuvering it into Angela again when she gripped it and told me to stop because her Mom and Dad were up. Putting on the same robe that her father had buggered me in earlier, she retrieved our partially dry cloths. I pulled on my jeans and went into the hall while Angela took a shower.

Lyn stood on the landing, she smiled at me.

 “You have got precisely three minutes to fuck me while Angela takes a shower and John loads his golf clubs into the car.” She lifted her nightdress to reveal her stunning body. 

 That was fine, thirty seconds to lick her out, then a two and a half minute fuck; before she could stop me I was knelt in front of her enjoying the taste of her pussy. It was musty with her cum mixed with John’s spunk and the taste of rancid butter, the dirty sod had slipped his prick into her without washing it after fucking my arse. My cock was hard again in an instant, pushing her back against a wall I pushed up into her wet hole; my hands gripped her buttocks and I started to fucked her for all I was worth. Her breasts bounced about with the severity of my thrust, I felt her muscles clench around me and I emptied my balls into her womb.

As if on cue the noise of the shower stopped behind us and there was a chirp to announce the car doors were lock. I pulled out of Lyn and stuffed my softening dick back in my trousers and she let the hem of her nightdress fall.

Christmas had started with a bang, I had fucked mother and daughter, and been fucked my the man of the house all in less than ten hours.

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