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A Cocktale

You and I were at some kind of party at a very large house, I don’t know who was the host or even why we were there. We were walking through this place unescorted, looking into the various rooms, checking out all the furniture. We went into this large bedroom there was a really large bed and a sitting area and we began to fool around. I was running a finger over your very flimsily covered pussy, feeling the heat on my fingers. You very suddenly got up and excused yourself to use the bathroom, I wasted no time in removing my clothes and getting comfortable on the bed.

When you opened the door to return, to my surprise, you were not alone. You entered the room dressed in a black PVC corset leading another man by his very erect cock. You stopped short of the bed, bent over and took my straining cock into your very moist mouth and pumped it in and out, leaving the shaft wet with your saliva..

Your escort merely stood there, looking on, almost aloof though his cock indicated otherwise. Taking your fingers, you spread my ass and danced your tongue teasingly around before plunging your tongue into me. I groaned in appreciation. Still, your friend appeared unamused.

You then slid up to lick my neck, sliding your finger gently into me and whispering nasty ideas in my ear.

You asked, “Do you know why I brought my friend here to join us?”. I said

“No” honestly having no idea what your motives were.

“I want you to suck his cock for me”, was your reply. I was shocked at your request, though not repulsed or really surprised by the request. You continued and said, “ I’m your whore every night and tonight I want you to do what I tell you.. I want to watch you suck his cock just like I suck yours”

At this point, your friend cracked a slight smile and lay down on the bed with his hands behind his head in confident anticipation.

I rolled over and positioned myself between your friend’s thighs and took his cock into my hand. It was hot to the touch and very hard. You knelt next to him at his side, but facing me

“Stroke it, Baby”, you coaxed, and I did. It felt similar to mine and I was aroused to have another man’s cock in my hand. The skin was soft and slick and my hand slid up and down it’s length with ease. It was very surreal, leaving me feeling detached.

“That’s right, you know what to do, just treat it like you treat your own. Baby, you look so hot stroking that cock, it makes me so wet . Touch it with your tongue, please, do it for me”, you requested.

I hesitated for a moment and changed my position so my mouth was over this ridged shaft and let the tip of my tongue touch the head of this cock. It was very soft and slightly salty, but not unpleasant. You moaned and I could see your hand had found it’s way to your pussy and was working on your clit.

“You’re making me so wet, I’m just dripping. I want you to lick his cock. I want to see your tongue slide up and down it.”

That seemed easy enough. When our eyes met yours were wild and full of excitement with what I was doing, filling me with encouragement. I began at the base of his cock licking up to the head, working the shaft with one hand, squeezing the base and running my tongue around the very swollen head.

“Now, suck it, Baby, suck his cock, it’s so sexy watching you, I’m so close. Suck his cock just like I suck yours”

The cock passed between my lips and I took 2 or 3 inches in at first, swirling my tongue around it like some flesh covered Popsicle. I could hear you moan distantly as orgasm began to take you, while I took more and more of this cock into my mouth, sliding my hand up and down the shaft. I could feel it get harder with each stroke, pulsating against my tongue, droplets of pre-cum oozing from the head. I continued pumping this hot, throbbing cock into my mouth.

I could hear you coaxing me to make him cum in a wildly excited voice and I felt hands on the side of my head setting a rhythm to my pace. You moved behind me and began gently licking my ass before fucking me with your tongue.

I felt this cock swell in my mouth and a small stream of cum shot down my throat followed by the groaning of your friend. I removed the cock from my mouth only to see a small stream of cum flowed from the head and over my hand. I licked the head of the cock, tasting the liquid that was not much different from my own. You were cumming as well, I could hear your passion and see your fingers slick and shining,

“Now do me, Baby, eat my pussy. I’m so wet, I want to squirt in your mouth too.”

That I could do. I moved over, you had already laid back, legs spread very wide, offering your pussy to me. Glistening with moisture, cum trailing from your lips, you looked like you had already been fucked. I positioned myself between your thighs and allowed my tongue to touch you.

Your clit was hard, very hot and the cum from your previous orgasms was like honey. You emitted a sharp gasp as I touched your clit and thick nectar coated my tongue. With each stroke, the intensity of your orgasm grew.

I slid my tongue into you, savoring my reward, fucking you,tasting you. My cock was straining, dripping, pounding with each heartbeat. I didn’t realize your friend had positioned himself behind me until I felt the head of his cock sliding on my ass.

“Relax, Baby. He’s going to fuck you now. He’s going to slide his cock into you and fill your ass with cum.” As you breathlessly stammered out the words, I felt the pressure of his cock against me, my muscles resisting. He withdrew, only to resume a moment later after lubricating the head of his dick.

“It’s ok, relax, Baby. I’ve always wanted to fuck you myself. I know how much you love it when I play with your ass, just let it happen.” I continued licking your pussy, excited at the thought of keeping you on the verge of orgasm. I could feel the pressure mounting on my ass until resistance gave way and the head of this cock entered me, slowly impaling me on this strangers cock. He held my thighs and began fucking me with slow, deliberate strokes allowing me get used to this new sensation.

As my muscles and my male ego began to relax, I realize I’m enjoying this sensation, I don’t really think of it as being fucked by another man, but just as being fucked by a cock.

You’re looking into my eyes while I continue tonguing you, your thighs continuously tremoring, honey trickling from you onto my very grateful tongue “You look so sexy. I can’t believe you’re doing this for me. I’m cumming so much, Baby. How does you ass feel? It’s not hurting you, is it?”

With my tongue buried up to my chin in your pussy all I could do was reply, “It’s ok, I’m ok It feels.....different.”

“But do you like it? I love watching him fuck you, it makes me gush.”

“Yes, Honey, I love it. My cock is so hard I think it might explode. It’s just like when you fuck me, just bigger”

Your friend had picked up his pace, being filled with a cock was exciting. I could feel his head swelling inside me, throbbing, his balls hitting my ass with each short thrust of his cock. Stroking his way to orgasm.

All at once, he turned me around and guided his cock in to it’s base, holding me still, I knew what was about to happen having been on the other end many times before. His cock swelled as his first jet of cum coated my insides.

His cock penetrate me with greater ease, which he took full advantage of, withdrawing the entire length of his cock before replacing it, stroking me. The cum felt hot and I grabbed the duvet with both hands, while his cock endlessly erupted.

I was as hard as steel and was aware of the head pounding as my heart raced, I, too, was ready to cum.

“He’s filling my ass, Baby, he’s filling me with cum”, I could hardly get the words out.

Swiftly you took my cock into your mouth, while your friend fucked me with long strokes. ”Cum, Baby, fill my mouth. I need to taste you, to swallow you.”

I began to shake, and sensing my orgasm, the cock was buried in me.

“I’m cumming, Baby, I’m cumming. Fuck me with your mouth.”

A flood of sticky cum shot into your mouth, one after another, running over your beautiful lips and chin. Your mouth pistoned on my cock in perfect rhythm with the fucking I was receiving. I was practically delirious with orgasm and rolled over onto my side, your mouth still cleaning my cock, your friend silently withdrew as his cum dribbled out of me.

“Did you like that, Baby, you’re not mad are you? Are you ok? It didn’t hurt did it?”

“Honey, slow down. It was great, it didn’t hurt at all, I loved it, I really did, but I’m glad he’s gone. After that, I don’t think I’d really want to spend any quality time with him. Besides, I’m not the only one that’s going to have a cock in their ass today....roll over, Baby”

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