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A Day At The Beach.

A fantasy come true at the beach.
Rob parked up his car and took the short walk down to the dunes by the beach. He found a little hollow in the dunes which afforded some protection from the light sea breeze and a little amount of privacy. Having laid out his towel he stripped off and made his way down to the water’s edge. It had been 30 degrees all week and the cool water was so inviting he walked right in. The feel of the water made his skin tingle and the rush of the current between his legs left him exhilarated. Swimming naked always gave him a sense of liberation and elation.

He made his way back to his spot, noticing the beach was fairly quiet considering how good the weather had been; just a few couples on the beach and some guys walking through the dunes. He lay on his towel and started spreading his sun lotion over his body, it felt cool as his hands slid down his torso to his manhood. He added more lotion and smeared it over his cock and balls, the excess slid between his thighs and perineum to his anus, so he made sure to rub that in too.
The sensation was fantastic, so he played with his rim some more, becoming erect in the process. He entered a finger and began stroking his cock with his other hand, a feeling of joy and yet naughtiness came over him. He looked up to see a couple standing nearby watching him, she was smiling and he couldn’t hide his excitement. Rob could see they were not offended so he carried on, the pleasure outweighing any embarrassment he may have had.

The girl nudged her partner forward and they both knelt down by the side of Rob. She took Rob's cock in her hand and carried on rubbing it while her partner began fingering him. A spasm of pre-cum oozed from Rob's cock and the girl gave a hiss of delight. Now the girl’s partner was between Rob's legs with his hard cock throbbing against his anus. The guy looked at his girlfriend and she gave a nod of assent and a smile of delight as he slowly entered Rob’s bum. She was playing with her clit and fingering her moist fanny while watching her boyfriend pump Rob's arse faster and faster.

The sweat was dripping from their pores in the heat of the sun as the guy's cock thrusts into Rob's arse, becoming more measured and meaningful. Rob could feel the cock go deep inside him and the guys balls slap against his bum with every thrust, he could almost feel the cock swelling inside him when a final long thrust from tip to hilt had the guy almost motionless inside him, save for the pump, pump of the warm cum jetting into Rob's bum.
The girl let out a squeal of delight knowing her boyfriend had emptied his cum into Rob. She held Rob's cock even tighter and rubbed faster. Rob, already on the verge of cumming, needed no more encouragement and let his juice rise from his balls in a fit of ecstasy.

The girl, seeing robs cum fly from his cock, moaned and shuddered with pleasure as her orgasm reached its peak. She leaned over and sucked the remaining juices from Rob's cock and then lay over his body in the weary pose of post climax. Her boyfriend's cock finally stopped pumping cum into Rob and slowly slid out. Rob gave a smile of pleasure as he felt some cum ooze out with the guy's cock and trickle down his crack.

The three lay there in a heap for a short while under the sun, when the girl got up with her partner. She kissed Rob gently and whispered, “Thank you for making our fantasy come true.”

Rob smiled, expecting to wake up from a dream.

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