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A Fantasy Fulfilled ( part 1 )

Nicole gets talked in to cheating on her husband with another woman

A Fantasy Fulfilled

Hi, my name is Nicole and this is the Story of how i fulfilled one of my husband greatest fantasies. Let me go ahead and give you some details so you can have a better mental image through the whole story. I'm Nicole I am 25 years old, I am in great shape ( 5'3 about 115 lbs ), i have brown hair and hazel eyes. My husband's name is Gabe he is 28 , he has a really nice body ( 6'2 and around 213 lbs solid muscle ), he has short brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes in the world. And last but not least is Corrie she is the same age as me, has one smoking body ( 5'4 around 114 lbs ), she has dark brown hair, and blue eyes. So i bet you are wondering who Carrie is. She is how my husband got to live out one of his greatest fantasies.

I met Corrie online about 4 months ago. I was looking for some new people in our area to hangout with and let out kids play together. Well she was the total opposite of what i wanted ( at the time any way ). She was single which was fine but she didn't have any children so I really wasn't interested but we talked anyway and I found out that we had a lot in common. We chatted back and forth a lot over the next two or three months. One day she wrote and wanted to talk but i was on my way to the park with the kids so I suggested that she meet me at there and we would talk then. She replied that was fine she had been wanting to meet in person anyway. Well let me tell you, what I saw was not what I expected. When I first saw her my first thought was that she is the type that belongs in a men's magazine naked. Well I introduced her to the kids and then told them to go play that I was right here if they needed me. I asked her what it was that she wanted to talk about. She said that she had a serious problem and she didn't know how to fix it with out any real complications. So I asked her what the problem was and told her that if i could help in way just let me know. I tell you I was nowhere near prepared for her answer. She said that her problem was the plain and simple fact that she was really hard up for a good fucking be it from a man or women if not both. I was floored how do you respond to something like that. I told her that I was sorry but I couldn't really help her. She said that she thought I was really beautiful and had a nice body what she could see of it anyway and that she would love to just play around with me and show me a good time. I told her that I have never been with another woman and that it wasn't something that ever sparked an interest in me. Well she said the same thing my husband says every time we have the same conversation "well there is a first time for everything." I told her that i didn't know that I would have to think about it a lot because it would mean cheating on my husband if I was to agree. She said that is understandable but wouldn't I like to have my pussy licked by someone who knew what it felt like and could give me more satisfaction then my husband could. Now that did spark some curiosity in me because my husband really knows what he is doing when he is eating me out. I told her to just give me sometime to think about it and when and if I want to try it she will be the first to know. Now what you have to understand is that I have never wanted to be with another woman in anyway so for me to even be thinking about it is saying something. Well over the next few weeks her offer was all I could think or even dream about. I wasn't going to take Corrie up on her offer because it did after all was said and done mean cheating on my husband and I really do love him.

That was before the fight that I started for absolutely no reason ( so he said ) and things just got worse from there. So I said fuck it and called Corrie I told her about the fight and how it was actually really stupid that he was still mad at me and asked her if she had any ideas about how i could make things better. She said sure she did and that she would be right over to help work out the details. About an hour later she was ringing the doorbell she walked in and took off her coat and before I could say anything she was kissing me with all the lust of an 18 year old on prom night. I was once again floored. I remember her saying this is how we are going to fix things. Once Iwas able to  gather my wits about me I noticed she was wearing one of those lacey transparent baby doll dress type things ( pink and black ) with black stockings and no panties just a garter belt to hold the stockings in place. I didn't know what to say or what to do. I was stunned. Don't get me wrong she looked really hot and it stirred up all kinds of feelings I didn't know I felt. Well in my stunned state she took advantage and started to kiss me again and this time she didn't stop but stared to rub my back and then she ran her hands up my shirt (it still being morning and all I was still in my pajamas which really only consisted of a t-shirt that belonged to my husband and a really short pair of sleep shorts) she stopped long enough to take may shirt off. She then started to rub my breast and play with my nipples tweaking them till they were hard and sensitive. Then she did something that I thought I would never let anyone other than my husband do she started to suck on my right nipple as she pulled my shorts down far enough for them to drop to the floor on their own, she then started to play with my clit and said you really must be enjoying this because you are soaking wet. Did I mention that we are still standing at the door which open, no I didn't think so. Well I finally come out of my kind of shocked stupor and closed the door. She catches me by the arm and pushes me towards the stairs that lead to the second floor of our house. Well me in all of my grace kind of trip and do this kind of spiral like fall because my shorts are still around my ankles. So now I am lying on my stairs somewhat spread-eagle and the next thing I know is she is on her knees in front of me kissing and caressing, then licking and sucking my titties, and then I feel a hand rubbing my bare pussy ( I keep it clean shaven ) and then the most shocking and pleasurable thing she has done so far happened she stuck two of her fingers right on into my hole. Yea a total o.m.g moment. She started to move her fingers in and out like she was a man fucking me with a dick. After a few strokes of that she decided to start placing kisses from my breast right down to my clit where she started to just barely nibble and suck on it. Then to my utter amazement she took her tongue and started to lick the folds of my pussy and then ever so boldly stuck her tongue nice and deep inside me. I guess with all the petting and caressing and the excitement of doing what i was doing and with who i was doing it with I almost immediately had my first girl induced orgasm. I am here to tell you she was right it would be better than my husband. Carrie decided now that she had me hooked that we should continue with our little affair I reluctantly agreed, although I enjoyed it and it felt really good it was still infidelity no matter how mad we were at each other. After I agreed she said she had her fun now it was time for me to learn to do it and get used to being with a woman. I have to admit I was really excited and already wet with the thought of doing the things she did to me to her. It turned out that I was a natural at playing with her titties they were just so perfect and tasted so good. She then told me to eat her pussy. I was a little timid at first because I didn't know what I was doing or how to do it. She told just don't think about it just do to me what you would want done to you. I must have been doing it right because in no time at all she was in the throes of a really wet orgasm. By the time we were done playing it was almost time for the kids to be home from school. I asked her how was that supposed to fix the problems between me and Gabe. She asked what his one true fantasy was. I told her that it was for him to watch me eat another girl out or  vis- versa. She said bingo there you go we let him watch and maybe join in. She told me that it has been a really long time since she had a nice hard dick. I laughed and told her it really was nice when it was hard. It was a really good idea and what better way to say i am sorry then to fulfill one of his greatest fantasies. So I told her I would work out the details and let her know when to come over. She said ok and told me she wanted to have another " play date" soon and when would be good i told her that when ever she next felt the urge as long as it was while the kids were at school. Over the next few weeks we had several of our so called "play dates ".

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