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A First at the Adult Bookstore

My first erotic experience at an adult bookstore
I used to go a lot to adult bookstores back in the eighties when I was on the road. I was always horny and ready for some sex. It excited me to be around the erotica of toys, magazines, movies, and books. I would buy something to read and go back to my room, read and masturbate. I would slowly rub my erection and pause, rub and pause, building a huge climax. When I finally rubbed fast to cum, I would cum huge all over my hand and stomach. At one point, I became curious and licked my hands and found the deliciousness that is cum.

One day, I went to a bookstore on the Tamiani Trail in Orlando. I did my usual walk around and this time found myself eyeing the trannie movies and thought that it was so erotic, a hard cock on a beautiful woman, my hard-on grew immediately. Interested in getting off, I went in the back for the first time. It was dingy and there were several occupied booths. I went into one and dropped a couple of quarters in the slot which brought the movie up. The picture was a bisexual film and the threesome portrayed a well hung man, sitting on the edge of a bed getting a furious blowjob from a muscled man who was bending. Behind him was an extremely beautiful blond wearing a flesh colored strap-on which was plunging into the bent over man’s ass, his hard on swinging underneath, and the woman’s breasts sprawled on his back in a tight hug.

I had never seen such a thing and, in my wild excitement I whipped off my pants, grabbed my hard cock, and began stroking my foreskin over the sensitive head back and forth in glorious masturbation. I was focused and involved with the movie until I noticed a movement to my lower left. I looked down and there was a finger rolling around the hole there. It was about cock high. It gestured me over and I bent down.

A voice said, “Do you want to be sucked?”

I had never had a blow job so I stood and moved my cock in through the hole. Suddenly, a warm wet mouth enveloped my bare sensitive head and moved down the entire length of my cock, pulling my body against the wall. It was a glorious feeling as the mouth serviced my cock. I was in heaven with feelings I' never felt. It became so intense I wanted to find out how it felt to suck a cock.

I pulled back, took off my shirt making me totally naked, kneeled and said softly, “Please let me suck you.”

His huge black cock, at least ten inches long, came through the opening and I immediately put it in my mouth. It had tasty precum all over the head which I licked with my tongue as I sucked the cock deeper in my throat. I went further down its length as I continued to rub it with my tongue at the same time. I slowly stroked myself as I bobbed on that wonderful hot and hard cock. After a few minutes, he tried to withdraw as I felt him get harder. I grabbed the shaft with my hand, holding him in place, and sped up my sucking. He groaned through the wall. Suddenly, he spurted a humongous load which I tried to swallow, loving the sweet salty taste and reveling in the silky texture. The load was so large, it burst though the side of my mouth and down my chin. I pulled back to have several ropes go all over my face and chest, eroticizing me further. I sat on the small chair, my hard-on pointed up, and rubbed the cum into my skin and mouth as the door opened.

In the opening was a tall white man, who quickly entered. He pulled down his sweatpants, revealing a nice seven inch cut hard-on.

He said, ”I saw you though the crack in the door and I really want to be with you.”

I turned him so he was at the wall and, kneeling again, I took his hardon into my mouth and began to service him. It was hot and hard and I grabbed his ass, pulling him further into my mouth in my urge to envelope him. In doing so, I positioned my ass close the the gloryhole which was now behind me.

Suddenly, I felt a slippery lubed finger rub my anus. The finger coming through the gloryhole was wet and lubed and circled my hole as I sucked in the man who had entered the booth. He took off his shirt and, now naked, bent over me and rubbed my naked back. He moved his hands around my hot skin and took my naked and hard tiny nipples between his thumb and fingers, shooting erotic feelings right to my hard cock.

I groaned, and the hand behind me moved a finger into my ass, and then a second, rubbing and stretching, causing me to go ecstatic with feelings I had never felt. I had a cock in my mouth, an ass in my hands, and fingers plundering my ass. It was amazing.

Then the fingers were removed, and a hard cock began to push into me, slowly through the gloryhole. It was initially painful, as I continued my sucking of the hardon in front of me. Then the cock sank into me fully and I felt the marvelous hot hard-on in my ass. He began to slowly stroke in and out of my hole. My hard-on strained as I was whip sawed at both ends. I kept this up a few minutes, in heaven with a cock growing in my ass and then spewing its hot load! What a feeling to have cum in my ass for the first time.

Then the cock in my mouth began to spew and fill my mouth with tasty cum, which slithered down my throat, its taste coating my tongue as I sat on the seat and took a brief break from my actions. The naked man in the booth went on his knees and gobbled my hard cock in his mouth and began stroking and sucking me. He also put three fingers in my cummy ass and rubbed in and out, causing my cock to burst forth a torrent of cum, lifting my ass off the seat and flooding him for a further minute. I had never been so excited and hot.

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