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A friend in need

I thought I knew Brad, but...
In my continued effort to post one from every category here's a hot Bisexual story. Enjoy!!!

When I was deciding where to go to college it came down to a school only about 1/2 hour from home, or a school out of state. It was a hard decision for me. I was and still am very close to my family. I had many friends who were going to the local state university and my girlfriend was still just a senior in HS. Even though the out of state school was a better, more prestigious college I had so many things pulling at me to stay close to home.

Despite all of this I eventually chose the out of state school. One of the big factors in my decision was that Brad, one of my best friends since we were in 6th grade was going to the same school. We had both applied, thinking it was a long shot, and we were both accepted. Brad had already made up his mind, saying that he needed a change of scenery. To convince me he talked about the two of us being roommate's. His persistence paid off and I decided to join him.

We spent all summer talking about it and getting ready to go, but I noticed that Brad seemed much more quiet and reserved than usual. I figured it was just nerves and by the time fall came around we left home on our own as fast as we could. We were staying in the dorms and couldn't wait to check it out. The dorms at our school were more of a mini suite. They had 2 bedrooms, with a small common space in between and a kitchenette, so we had plenty of space for the 2 of us.

We got there on Friday and immediately started having fun. There were other 18 year old kids all over the place and it seemed like a constant party. We quickly made many friends with the guys and girls on our floor and had already been to 3 parties by the end of the second day.

It was Sunday night and school started on Monday so we decided to just hang out that night and get ready for classes the next day. We were both nervous and just sat around talking for hours. As it always did when we were hanging out with friends back home the topic turned to sex. I was going on and on about all the hot girls and how there was no way I was going to be able to stay faithful to my girlfriend. Brad was being very quiet and I asked him if he was OK, again thinking that he was just nervous about school.

"Jim, can I tell you something I've never told anyone before?" he asked.

Of course I said "sure".

"I don't know how to say this, but I er, I um think I'm kind of, uhh I'm gay", Brad said quietly.

Thinking he was a joking I started to laugh, but quickly noticed that Brad wasn't smiling, in fact it looked like he was about to cry.

"You're serious", I asked after making this realization and he just looked at me and nodded.

The whole thing hit me like a ton of bricks. I never even new anyone who was gay and here I thought I new Brad so well. We had talked about sex and girls so many times. He hooked up with girls back at home and talked about the things they had done together. We had beat off together watching porn. Initially I was hurt and felt like he had betrayed me, but as he talked he started to cry. He told me it was the main reason that he wanted to leave home, because he couldn't face this back there. He was so excited when I got accepted to the same school and hoped that of anyone I would understand.

I realized at that point that he was still my friend, and while our conversations may be a little different he was still the Brad that I had grown up with and I couldn't abandon him when he most needed a friend.

As he finished pouring his heart out we sat there in a very awkward silence and I decided I needed to break the ice. I smiled at him and said, "dude, you've seen me naked."

He realized that I was joking and his cry turned into a laugh and he replied, "fuck you Jim, I know you're not gay. Plus, you're not my type." With that we both laughed, talked some more and eventually fell asleep.

As everything started to settle in I realized that I was happy that Brad was able to open up to me. He had been carrying that secret for years and he seemed like a new person. He was happier and more outgoing and we had an awesome time our first few weeks. We openly talked and joked about each others sexual preferences. It was a bit of a shock the first time Brad had a guy over, but just like with the girls in HS he told me all about it and I offered a much needed ear for him.

It was the end of the semester and we were going home for the holidays. Brad was clearly nervous and didn't know what he was going to do. I tried to reassure him that if he didn't think it was the right time he didn't need to tell anyone, even if he did his family and close friends would understand.

When the semester ended we were some of the last people that hadn't left to go home yet. One day I came home and Brad was there with Jake, one of the guys he had seen off and on. Brad was pretty sad about having to leave and I suggested we all go out. They both agreed that would be a good idea and we headed out.

Like I said, there weren't many people around and as we left Katie, from across the hall walked out of her room. She was pretty much alone so we invited her along with us.

Katie was a very cool girl, and had been riding my jock all semester, but we never hooked up. She had a very cute face, but we hung out more then anything and the opportunity never really presented itself. Not that it mattered a whole lot, but she also wasn't really my type. She was rail thin, with no ass to speak of and small little boobs. I had come to prefer a curvier girl, but I wasn't overly picky and she was one of the few girls around. I figured if I got horny enough she would do me in a heartbeat.

We all went out to dinner and had a great time. We talked about going to a bar, or a club, but ultimately decided to have a quiet night at home. We just went and got a movie and head back to our room to watch it.

It was a romantic comedy that wasn't very funny. We had a sectional couch and Brad and Jake were on one side with me and Katie on the other. We were all cuddled under blankets and before long Katie was rubbing my crotch and my cock was starting to harden. I glanced over to Brad and Jake and realized that they were probably doing the same thing. We had been in that position many times with 2 girls, but this was a first since Brad had come out and I had to laugh to myself.

After a little while of her stroking my cock I decided that I had better kiss her. We started making out pretty heavy and I was feeling up her boobs. They were small, but she had nice hard nipples that were sticking out. I pulled away from her lips and started to kiss her neck and she said "Oh my god, that is so hot".

I lifted my head and she turned it around. There on the other side of the couch Brad and Jake had each others tongues down their throats and Brad had his hand in Jake's pants. The site was a huge turn on for Katie and she threw the blanket off and started to rub her pussy through her jeans with one hand and put the other down my pants.

At this point I was horny as hell and didn't really care about what was going on over there. I pulled her hands off my cock and her crotch long enough to get them in the air and pulled her shirt off. After her shirt came off she quickly undid her jeans and slid them off. She had on a pink g-string and the crotch was soaking wet. I pulled my shirt off and glanced over at the guys. Jake now also had his shirt off and Brad was sucking on his nipple and undoing his pants.

I turned my attention back to Katie and lifted her bra so her boobs came out and started to suck on her nipples. My other hand went to her crotch and move her panties to the side and started to rub her pussy, then sliding a finger inside. While I did this she undid my pants and got them off of me and started to stroke my cock. She was soaking wet and kept her eyes on the action on the other side of the couch as I flicker her clit with my thumb and put 2 fingers up her cunt. After a minute she pulled away and got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I looked over and was shocked at what I saw.

Brad and Jake were now completely naked. Jake was sitting there on the couch like I was and Brad was on his knees sucking his cock. I had come to accept that Brad was gay, but this was a first and a bit of a shock to my system. I had seen Brad naked many times and knew what his cock looked like, but here I was seeing a whole new side of him, so to speak. With his knees on the ground his ass was in the air on full display. I could see his dick bobbing up and down over his balls that were hanging down and swaying back and forth with his sucking motion. They were tied by a small piece of skin to his completely shaved asshole.

I couldn't take my eyes off the sight and was enjoying the blowjob I was receiving from Katie. After a minute Brad backed off of Jake's cock and pulled back, stroking it and leaned up kissing him. I couldn't believe I was thinking this, but for the first time in my life I was impressed by another guys cock. It was about 9" long and just perfect, from the large head, to the thick veiny shaft, to the smooth large testicles. I kind of lost focus and all of a sudden realized I was about to cum.

"I'm gonna cum" I moaned, to let Katie know. She took her mouth off my cock and started to stroke. Brad and Jake both turned their heads so they could watch. She kept my cock on her lips and continued stroking me. Finally I let out a grunt and erupted. She opened her mouth and the first load went right in, then on her chin and finally down onto her chest. The whole time Brad and Jake were watching, stroking each others hard cock and I admit I was totally turned on.

I leaned back on the couch and Katie slowly stood up, cum still dripping from her face. She leaned in and I thought she was going to kiss me, but instead put her mouth up to my ear and said loudly enough for them to hear, "I want to watch them fuck," then turned her head giving them a smile.

The both just smiled back and Brad stood up and walked into his room. Here I was about to see my best friend get fucked up the ass by a big, hard cock. My mind didn't know how it felt about it, but my cock was starting to get hard. Brad came back with a bottle of lube and poured some onto Jake's cock. He then started to work his hand up and down it. As he was doing this he reached between his legs and started to rub it onto and into his asshole. I had seen Brad stroke his cock before, but certainly never thought I would see him finger his own asshole.

As Brad was stroking Jake's cock his phone rang. Jake leaned over to his pants and looked at it, then answered it.

"Hello, what, oh no, oh no you didn't. I can't believe this. Yeah, I can be there right away", Jake said before hanging up.

He looked at Brad and said, "I'm so sorry baby, but my little sister and her friend were arrested for drinking and I need to go bail them out. I'll call you when I'm done."

"It's OK" Brad said, "actually it sucks, but at least let me finish you off real quick." With that he started stroking Jake's cock rather then just lubing it up. After about 10 strokes Jake's legs went stiff in front of him and his cock erupted. Brad pointed it at himself and opened his mouth, taking as much in as he could and letting the rest run down his face and chest. Jake leaned in and gave Brad one last kiss and they were obviously swapping cum and then got up and started to get dressed.

"Sorry guys", he said to us, looking at Katie. "We'll have to do this again after the holiday."

"For sure", Katie replied, with bit of disappointment in her voice.

He tucked his still oily cock into his white boxers that immediately became wet and got dressed and left, leaving me, Brad and Katie there naked, both of them covered in cum.

Brad was unconsciously massaging Jake's cum into his chest and said, "I'll go and leave you two alone." He was clearly sad and looked like he was about to cry as he stood up.

Instinctively Katie stood up and put her arms around him saying, "It's OK." The whole scene was so surreal. Here was the girl that had just sucked my cock and was covered in my cum, naked and hugging my naked best friend who was covered in another guys cum while I was sitting on the couch with a raging hardon.

Despite all the talks we had, let alone seeing him suck another guys cock, what happened with Katie is when it really hit me that Brad was 100% gay. As she was hugging him her hand went down to his now semi-hard cock and she slowly and gently started stroking him. In the past I would have expected his boner to perk right up and for him to start fondling her boobs and ass. Instead he just put his arms around her and his dick was starting to get softer.

Realizing that she wasn't having the intended effect on Brad she pulled away and said, "you don't have to go", she reached over and grabbed my dick, "at least you can watch me play with your friends nice big cock", she said with a big, tender smile.

After thinking for a second he answered "alright". With a laugh he followed, "but I've already told Jim he's not my type," and sat down on the couch.

I didn't know how I felt about putting on a show for a gay guy where I was the main attraction, but I was horny as hell. Katie had me lay down on the floor so my cock was sticking straight up in the air. She then stood over my face and got down on her knees. Her ass was right in my face and she was facing my cock which was pointed towards Jake.

She leaned forward giving me my first view of her shaved asshole and hot little pussy. I put my mouth up and started to lick her cunt. Taking my cock in her hand she said to Jake, "you've never fantasized about this nice, big, hard dick?"

"Maybe once or twice in high school, but I always knew Jim wasn't into it", he replied. I was too focused on Katie's pussy to register what he said, especially when she leaned forward and started to suck on my cock.

We were now in a full 69 position and she pulled my knees up so my balls were accessible and in view. I was focused on what I was doing. I started out sucking on her clit, then let my tongue slide down in between the folds of her pussy while squeezing her little ass cheeks. Every so often I would let my tongue keep going and slide to her asshole, giving it a few flitters before returning to her slit. She was expertly sucking my cock while stroking the base with one hand. I then felt both her hands start to fondle my balls. I was paying too much attention to her pussy to realize that there were three sets of hands on my cock and balls.

I started to tongue fuck her hole and she pulled her head off my cock and sat up, driving my tongue all the way up her pussy and pressing my nose right into her asshole. As she started her orgasm cum started dripping from her pussy all around my mouth. She put her head back down and started to suck me again. The all of a sudden, without a break in sucking she let out a small purr. It was subtle, but clear that she did this with nothing in her mouth. At that moment I realized what was going on, but Katie pushed herself even harder onto me so I wasn't able to protest the fact that Brad was clearly sucking my cock.

As she came off her orgasm Brad quickly let my cock out of his mouth and sat back down on the couch acting like nothing had happened.

"Oh baby, that was so good, and Brad loved watching me suck your cock, but lets give him a better show", Katie quickly said before I had a chance to say anything. At this point I was so fucking horny that I didn't care who had sucked my cock.

She laid on the floor with her head towards Brad, whose cock was starting to grow again and said, "now you straddle me." She wanted to get in a 69 with me on top, exposing my asshole to her and Brad, sitting only a few feet away. I did as she asked and soon had my face buried in her pussy again and my ass was right up in the air. She started to suck on my cock and rub on my balls. She didn't stop at my balls and kept sliding her hand up further until she was massaging my asshole.

During the last semester I had been with 2 girls who fingered my ass and I always enjoyed it, so I wasn't too taken back by this. With my cock still in her mouth she took her finger off my asshole for a minute, then put it back, clearly wet and started to push it in. I knew that she must have held it up and Brad had sucked it, getting it ready for my asshole.

I pulled my mouth from her pussy to catch my breath and that's when Brad decided to just go for it. As Katie sucked on my cock and fingered my asshole I felt a tongue start to swirl around licking my balls. I had yet to experience a threesome, so even though it was a guy servicing my cock I just stuck out my ass and decided to enjoy the feeling.

Brad must have realized I had lost all inhibitions and decided to take my entire sack into his mouth, As he did this he started to hum, sending vibrating all the way through to the head of my cock. He then made an "O" with his mouth and pulled away so my balls pulled out away from my body, then with a "pop" they came out of his mouth, slapping Katie on the nose. Instead of sucking on them again he took both my ass cheeks in his hands and started to knead my ass. I was really starting to get into it and Katie pulled her finger from my ass. I then heard a sucking sound as Brad put her finger in his mouth and sucked on it. Katie pulled her mouth from my cock and said, "mmm, that's so hot."

As she pulled her finger from his mouth Brad leaned in and started to kiss my ass cheeks. He made his way to my crack and started to slide his tongue up and down the top, getting a little lower each time. After about 4 times I felt his tongue make contact with my asshole. It instinctively clenched tight and he just stayed there licking all around it. 1 of the girls who had fingered my ass had also given me a rimjob and it was such an amazing feeling. It was a different experience coming from my best friend, but it felt just as good and I was moaning out loud.

Katie was just stroking my cock at this point and then pointed it back between my legs. Despite my disappointment Brad dragged his tongue from my ass down over my balls and started to lick the head of my dick. He then took the top of my cock into his mouth as Katie held the base. Brad began sucking my cock and it was clear he had experience. He worked it over with his tongue and then went all the way down on me so his nose was tickling my balls.

At this point I started hearing another sucking noise and figured Katie must be sucking his cock. That was confirmed when her pussy started to move away from me and she slid out completely from under me.

"I don't think he's into me", she said kneeling in front of me, "you had better take my place Brad".

As I started to protest she sat up on her knees and placed her cunt right onto my mouth, muffling anything I was going to say. In a very awkward move, Brad started to scoot under me from behind feet first. I felt his cock knock against mine, then run up past my belly button and along my chest leaving a cool feeling that I recognized as his precome making my skin wet. It came up and hit me on the chin until finally stopped right there in front of me.

He began to suck my cock again and Katie took his in her hand.

"Isn't it nice Jim?" she said and brushed it against my face, "don't you just want to suck it?"

"I don't think so, I um," as I opened my mouth to say "um" she slipped the head in. Much to my surprise I didn't pull away, but just closed my lips and let my tongue make contact with the tip. This was beyond anything I had ever expected, but I wasn't completely disgusted. His head had a nice spongy feel and was very smooth. I could taste the precum on the tip and didn't mind it at all. I closed my lips around the base of his cock head and started to take more and more into my mouth.

"Oh Jim, that is so sexy", Katie whispered as she fondled his balls. I went a little further and felt his cock hit the back of my throat. With my left hand I reached down and started to play with his balls along with Katie. They were soft and malleable, but fun to play with, rolling them in my hands. I had obviously felt my own my balls thousands of times, but this was the first time I had felt another guys.

I had a sudden desire to suck them and took my mouth on his cock. I wrapped my hand around his dick and started to stroke as I licked the top of his balls with my tongue. Katie took hold of them and held them up for me to suck in. I tongued them for a second and then took 1 into my mouth, sucking gently. I took the other in and started to hum as he had done for me, while stroking his cock up and down.

Brad started moaning and humming around my cock and I remembered that he was sucking me off. Katie got up from in front of me and walked around to the other end. I felt her start to fondle my balls and ass again as Brad sucked me off. Before long I could feel her smooth warm tongue licking and rimming my asshole. I was completely overtaken by lust at this point. I let Brads balls out of my mouth and went down on his cock again.

I started sucking him with everything I had, stroking the base of his cock as I took as much as his 7" in my mouth as I could. I Wanted to give him the same treat I was receiving with Katie tongue fucking my ass I let a finger slip down below his balls and started to massage his asshole. With a gentle push I slid my finger in and got at least 6" of his cock in my mouth.

Brad started to move his pelvis up and down so he was basically fucking my mouth on one side and my finger on the other. He let my cock out of his mouth and moaned, "I'm going to cum."

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but as he said that Katie pushed her face into my ass hard, shoving her tongue all the way up my hole and pushing my face down hard onto Brads cock. The sudden pressure put him over the top and he started to cum in my mouth. I felt the first spurt against the back of my throat and running down my tongue. The taste was not what I expected, but the quantity and the fact that his cock was so far down my cock made me gag. As he shot his cum in my mouth his ass started clenching tight on my finger and I could feel each time he shot a wad of cum.

As he finished I left my face there with his cock still twitching inside. As he started to soften I started to pull my face from him. I had swallowed a lot of his cum, but there was too much and a bunch spilled out of my mouth, dripping down my chin and onto his cock. I took a good long look at it and without even thinking started to lick it off. I had my first taste of cum and couldn't get enough.

By this time Katie had pulled away from my ass and was softly stroking my cock as Brad licked at the head, breathing very hard. I tenderly played with and licked at his cock and balls for a while trying to compute what had happened. I had a strong taste of cum in my mouth and still had it on my chin. After a few minutes of this I pulled up and turned around facing Brad and Katie, smiling with cum all over my chin. Katie just smiled back and leaned in to kiss me, licking at the cum on my chin and stroking my rock hard cock.

When she had finished cleaning me up she sat back and while still stroking my cock said, "I still haven't seen Brad take a cock up the ass and it looks like you could use another cum," with a wink.

I just looked at Brad and without a word he turned around on his knees and stuck his smooth ass up in the air. Katie gave a tug to my dick and pulled it close to his ass. While jacking me off she leaned in and started to lick his asshole, getting it ready. She then bent down and started to suck my cock. I couldn't help myself and the sight of his shaved asshole was too much. As she sucked me I put my face right in his ass and went directly to his hole, lapping all around it and poking in ever so slightly.

I guess Katie figured I was done because she stopped sucking and sat up. Grabbing his cheeks with her hands she spread his ass apart. I took the cue and pulled my tongue from Brads ass, getting up on my knees.

I took my cock in my hand and started to rub it up and down his crack. I got to his tight asshole and stopped. Katie gave me a quick "go in Jim," and I started to push. My head popped right in and it was clear that Brad was no virgin to taking it up the ass. I kept pushing in until my cock was buried to the hilt. I could feel my balls pressing against Brad's and slowly started to pump in and out. I quickly realized that I wasn't going to last long at all.

Brad was just moaning and I started to pump harder and harder. Pretty soon I was fucking his ass just like I would any girls pussy, jackhammering in and out. My balls were slapping hard against his and it added a nice sensation. After less then 1 minute I was ready. I said, "I'm cumming". Brad responded, "just give it to me," and pushed his ass back.

This buried my cock all the way in his ass and I started to shoot my load. I dumped a bigger load into his ass then I had unloaded on Katie earlier and just kept cumming and cumming. Eventually I stopped and started to slide my dick out of his hole. As it came out my cock was covered in cum and it started to drip from his hole. It popped out and hung down between my legs. I was now staring at Brads gaping asshole as my cum was emptying out of it.

I was completely spent and sat back on the couch to catch my breath as Brad kept his ass in the air. My cum was dripping out of his hole, down over his balls and was dripping on the floor. Without saying anything Katie proceeded to lick his balls and asshole clean. She then crawled over to me and started to suck the cum off my cock and Brad came and slumped into the couch next to me. When she was done she crawled up leaning against me and quickly fell asleep with big smile on her face.

Brad and I sat there in silence for a minute until his phone rang.

"Oh hey Jake. No it's OK, I completely understand. No don't worry about it, I'm pretty tired. Sure come by tomorrow morning to see me before we take off. Bye," and he hung up his phone.

Without making any eye contact he said, "Jake isn't coming back. I'm pretty tired so I'm gonna hit the sack," and started to walk by to his room keeping his head down.

Clearly Brad didn't know what to make of the whole situation, so to make him feel better I reached out and touched his thigh, making him stop. I looked up at him smiling and said, "OK dude, I'll see you tomorrow." I then slid my hand up to his cock and cupped his balls, "I had fun tonight, thanks for hanging out with me and Katie," and gave him a little squeeze.

He looked at me, let a small smile come across his lips and said, "thanks for having me," and walked into his bedroom.

The next morning I got a nice "goodbye" blowjob from Katie while Jake was in Brads room. As he came out he just smiled at us and said "can't wait to see you two next semester" and smiled. We looked at each other and laughed.

At about noon Brad and I headed home. The car ride was very quiet at first, but as always the ice eventually broke and Brad and I ended up having a great time. We didn't really talk about the night before, other then some subtle joking, and just started acting like 2 old friends again.

By the time we got back to school Katie and Jake were waiting eagerly for the two of us. It turned out to be an awesome semester!
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