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A Friendly Surprise

Best friends discover a mutual attraction...
New York City in the spring is the best time to visit the city. The urban landscape fraught with metal and steel and concrete set ablaze by Time Square's symphony of sounds and firework electric displays can't help but make you feel alive!

Mandi had just arrived at JKF airport for business. It was her first time in the city and she was in awe. Riding in the cab, she got a text message from her friend Karen. "Guess what? I'm in NYC. SURPRISE! Dinner tonight?" Mandi grinned. She loved Karen. She was her BFF and always a joy to be with. Karen, a very beautiful girl, loved Mandi. The two were inseparable. She quickly texted back, ”Absolutely! I'll text when I'm done at work!" She smiled and thought to herself, "This trip may not be that bad after all!"

At La Guardia, Alex rushed to the taxi cab pickup and jumped in. He was running late. "39th & Broadway, please", he told the cabbie. He was there for a business meeting. It was going to be a long day.

Mandi walked into the conference room. As she surveyed the room, it was a typical business meeting. Suits. Ties. Suits. Ties. Old men. Mustaches. Bald heads. Hanging chins. Stop. There was one man who looked way different. Alex was very handsome. Wearing a tobacco colored suit, blue shirt, and tie, he looked like he'd stepped off the cover of a GQ magazine. She was instantly attracted to him. Just as she was about to look away, he turned and met her eyes. She was embarrassed. He smiled just a little bit looking rather shy. She returned the smile. Both felt butterflies. Both knew this would not be the last look they would have today.

Eight hours, multiple discussions and a few temper tantrums later, the meeting finally came to a close. Mandi headed out the conference room with her phone in hand anxiously texting Karen to find out where to meet her in Times Square. Just as she turned the corner to the elevator, she heard a male voice say, "Excuse me, miss".

She turned around and there he was. It was Alex. Her frown turned upside down and she said, "Yes", with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her face.

He introduced himself. "I'm from out of town and looking for somewhere good to eat in Times Square. Do you happen to know anywhere cool to eat?" he asked.

Just then the text came in from Karen reading, "Meet me at 7:30 at A Slice of New York in Times Square. Love ya, Karen!" She looked up and said, "There is a really cool pizza place called A Slice of New York in Times Square that serves fantastic pizza. You should check it out. I hear it doesn't really get hopping until about 7:30," she said hoping he'd pick up on the clue.

"Hmm, 7:30 is a little late for dinner but I'm in New York…why not…sounds like a good start. I think I'll check it out. Thanks!” he said with a smile and eye contact that was longer than normal. She wanted to melt under the gaze of his baby blues.

He wanted to know her more. They parted ways.

"Hopping is right," Alex thought to himself as he walked into A Slice of New York. The place was jam packed. He got to the counter and placed his order. It came up and he turned to look for a place to sit. There was nowhere to the right or the left. Straight ahead there was a table with two women sitting there and one extra chair. "That's no good," he said. Their backs were to him so he couldn't see them. As he approached them, Karen got up to refill her drink while still talking with Mandi. Mandi turned to continue the conversation and Alex recognized her face. He said, "Mandi... is that you?"

She turned towards him blushing saying, "Hi Alex, fancy meeting you here!" Immediately, she remembered the empty chair. "Why don't you join us? It's just me and my friend Karen," she said with a smile. She assured him it was okay and he accepted the invitation. Karen came back with a refilled drink and was introduced to him by Mandi. She was striking as well. They even looked like sisters. Alex was so excited to be in the company of two beautiful women!

They laughed and talked as they finished their meal together. At the end of dinner, as everyone was getting up to leave, Karen asked Mandi if she wanted to come back to her hotel to hang out and catch up. She agreed. Alex was hoping beyond hope he would be included. As he started to put out his hand to say goodbye, Karen spoke up and asked if he would like to join them. Alex broke into a boyish grin and agreed to accompany them back to the hotel and hang with them. Mandi smiled and when Karen wasn't looking, winked at Alex. He gave a coy grin in return.

The Ritz Carlton off Broadway is a super extravagant hotel near Central Park. They arrived by cab and Alex paid the fare. They took the elevator to the 18th floor. As they walked in, Mandi gasped at the size of the suite in which they were staying. Alex was equally impressed. It appeared like it was two bedrooms in one and a huge living room and dining room as well. Alex sat down in the easy chair while Mandi flopped down on the Italian leather couch. Karen went and fixed everybody a drink and then sat down near Mandi on the couch. The hours passed and soon it was 11:45. Alex inquired if he needed to leave due to the time and these ladies needing their beauty rest. Karen said she was fine and Mandi smiled and agreed she wasn't tired. Alex smiled and relaxed to stay longer. Then he got up and went to the restroom.

While he was gone, the girls chatted. Karen said to Mandi, 'He's cute and sexy. He's got a real witty banter about him and that body is to die for."

Mandi replied, "Girl, you don't know the half of it. I can't tell you how badly I wanna fuck his brains out. He's so cute!"

Karen replied, "You'll have to fight me for him," with a wink in her eye.

Mandi replied, "I'm doing him so you need to take the stairs or just lay still next to him while I take control."

Karen replied, "Girl, you don't even know. You ain't got nothing that I don't have more of and in better quantity", she said with a laugh.

Just then, Alex walked back in the room and saw the girls laughing and turning red in the face. He asked what they were laughing at. Karen replied with a complete straight face, "We were debating who would be the better fuck for you."

Alex's eyes widened.

Mandi replied, "She's such a kidder Alex, we weren't talking about that really."

Before she could continue, Karen interrupted, "No Alex, seriously, we both think you're hot and would love to fuck you. So please tell us, which one would you like to fuck first."

Mandi's face got red. She couldn't believe this was happening.

Alex responded, "You mean, I have to choose between the two of you hot ladies? In all honesty, I would do you both together and separate but neither of those options is on the table at this moment. I'm no dummy," he said.

"Oh really," she said, "Well, I'll let you in a little secret. I'm bi so I don't have a problem licking Mandi's pussy. She has a problem licking mine." She looked at Mandi with a raised eyebrow as she said that. Mandi could not believe what just came out of her friend's mouth. Granted, it was true but she couldn't believe that actually came out of her mouth. Alex just stood there grinning.

"Well, uh, Karen, uh, is right, um…I….well…I'm straight so pussy doesn't really do it for me. I like cock too much," she said timidly.

Karen replied, "Mandi, you know I have always thought you were so gorgeous. I have wanted to lick your pussy since the day I first laid eyes on you. I've told you that before. Alex, she won't do it. Otherwise, she's super fantastic but she's hung up on the bi thing," she said.

Mandi was quiet the entire time. Suddenly, she just stood up and walked over to Karen. She gently held her hand out. Karen looked up and took her hand. Something felt different this time than any other time they held hands. They never held hands much but this time it felt like a bolt of electricity shot through her body. Mandi leaned in and stroked Karen's hair as she put it behind one ear. She leaned forward and softly planted her lips on Karen's. Karen tried to talk but Mandi put her finger over her lips. As she did that, she leaned into Karen's ear and whispered, "I've wanted to lick your pussy since I first laid eyes on you too. I was too afraid to ask. Afraid you would reject me. Let's experience what we both want and have a little cock on the side!" As she finished her whisper, she quickly removed her finger and replaced it with her lips on Karen's lips. Karen was stunned and speechless.

The kiss seemed to last forever. Mandi loved the taste of Karen's soft lips. She could taste her cherry lip balm. It tasted great especially on her. Alex felt a rise in his Levi's. His cock was getting engorged with every passing second of their kiss. Finally, the kiss broke. Karen was flush and her cheeks were bright red. She looked at Mandi in complete shock but with a soft, loving look and whispered, "I never knew Mandi, I thought…"

Mandi interrupted her, "Sssh, I never knew either. Let's not analyze it ok sweetie". With that, she grabbed Karen's hand and turned to lead her into the bed room, she looked over her shoulder at Alex and smiled and said, "You're not going home yet are you?"

Alex answered, "No, my schedule's free right now and for the rest of the night." Mandi winked at Alex approvingly. They walked into the master bedroom and shut the door.

The King bed was huge. Egyptian sheets lined the bed and pillows were all over it. The lights were low and Karen lit the candles in the room. Mandi found a radio and turned it to a light jazz station. The air was filled with sexy hot rhythms and sounds. Karen, not one to waste time and afraid Mandi might change her mind, walked over to Mandi and pushed her playfully onto the bed with one hand and with the other grabbed Alex by the collar and said, "Let's get this party started, my friends!" With that, she quickly pulled her blouse off and unclasped her bra.

There they were. Her gorgeous breasts, which were the object of many of Mandi's late night masturbation fantasies, looked so delicious. Many a night she had rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy thinking about what it would be like to suck Karen's nipples. Now the moment had come.

Before Mandi could register what was happening, Karen gently placed her breasts in Mandi's face and guided her mouth around one of her nipples. With the other hand, she unclasped Alex's pants and he took the cue and pulled his pants down.

Mandi was mesmerized by the smooth hard nipple in her mouth that belonged to Karen. This was too good to be true. Karen clasped her arms around Mandi's head pushing her face into her breasts and whispered, "I've wanted you for a long time Mandi,” Mandi continued to suck Karen's nipples but reached her hand around to Karen's and began massaging the back of her hand acknowledging what was said and her feelings towards Karen.

Just then, Mandi felt her own breasts being touched. She opened her eyes wondering if it was Karen. It was Alex. He was standing behind her and his arms wrapped around her sides so his hands could fondle her beautiful breasts. He squeezed, stroked, rubbed, and pulled on her nipples gently but with enough tension to make her squirm with delight. Karen's breasts tasted so good. They were soft and smooth and she smelled delightful. Her perfume made the experience all the better. Mandi kept thinking, "I can't believe I'm sucking my best friend's nipples. Is this gonna be weird when we're finished? Oh, face it Mandi, how many times have you stared at her rack and wanted to touch and kiss them. How many times have you wondered what her pussy looks like? You know you've masturbated thinking about her. Don't worry about afterwards. It'll be ok."

Her thoughts were interrupted when Karen lifted her head up and began kissing her passionately. Her mouth tasted so sweet and delicious. Her soft lips felt so good and her tongue was a weapon of lust that aimed and struck her tongue again and again and again. Mandi felt Alex's hands slide around her waist as he unzipped her jeans and began to pull them down to her feet. He gently lifted one of her legs and she complied and they took her jeans off while she was sucking Karen's tongue. She felt a warm tongue sliding up and down her ass cheek as Alex licked her beautiful, pale ass. She felt his hands caressing her cheeks and felt her pussy starting to get wet.

Karen broke the kiss and stood back and looked at Mandi. She was eating up her body with her eyes. She stepped back and pulled her panties down revealing her beautifully shaved pussy and got up on the bed. Alex suddenly got up and grabbed Mandi's hands, picked her up over his shoulder, spanked her ass and said, "Come on beautiful, we're gonna have some hot fun!"

Mandi squealed with delight and reached out for Karen's hand as Alex started to dismount her off his shoulder onto the bed. Karen smiled as she grabbed her hands and helped Alex place her on the bed on her back. Mandi lay on her back still giggling. Karen laid down on top of her and placed her breasts just in front of Mandi's so that their nipples could rub against each other. Mandi moaned and rolled her eyes back in pleasure.

Alex straddled Karen and began to kiss her shoulders and neck and massage her back. She was so hot and sexy. Her skin was beautiful and she had a strong, sensual sexuality that poured out of her skin. She began to lick down Mandi's stomach stopping at her belly button circling it with her tongue. Mandi's hands squeezed the sheets in ecstasy. She was nervous wondering if Karen would go down on her. She was nervous never having a girl down there before. Did she look okay down there? Did she smell okay down there? What if her pussy was ugly to Karen? She immediately jumped out of her thoughts as she felt Karen's tongue lightly drag up and down her right thigh...inching closer to her wet pussy.

Just then, Karen let out a big groan. Mandi lifted her head and was able to see that Karen was on all fours as she licked Mandi's thighs.Alex was behind Karen and all she could see was a little of his forehead and his hair sticking up from behind Karen's ass. "Good boy," she thought to herself, "Lick her pussy and get it primed for me because I have a feeling I might be trying pussy tonight for the first time." And then it happened. Heat. Raw heat. Wet. Raw, hot, wet, pressure. It was as if a bell just shot from her pussy,up her spine and went off inside Mandi's head. "Oh my God", she thought to herself as she laid her head back quivering and whimpering. Karen had just touched Mandi's pussy for the first time...with her mouth. She had pressed her full lips up against Mandi's pussy lips and kissed them softly. Mandi wanted to cum right then. Her pussy was dripping wet. She continued to whimper as she bit her lip while Karen began to explore all the folds of her pussy and even her clit. Mandi's hands immediately stroked her nipples as she cupped her breasts in ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Alex was licking Karen's pussy from behind. His hands cradled her ass cheeks as his tongue explored every inch of her wet pussy. He slid a finger inside her and began to finger fuck her as he licked, sucked, and nibbled her pussy to her delight.Karen moaned because her pussy was on fire from Alex's mouth and she was intoxicated with the light, feminine taste of Mandi's beautiful shaven pussy. Mandi had her eyes closed almost about to come out of her skin with delight from Karen's incredible pussy licking skills. It was all a blur. Mandi was overwhelmed. She reached her hand through her legs and began to push Karen's face closer into her pussy. "Gosh I've wanted this for so long," she thought to herself. "She licks pussy so well. It feels so good. I want her to lick me until I cum. I hope she puts her finge..." ....her thoughts were interrupted as Karen slid two fingers inside Mandi's pussy and began to finger fuck her. She bit her lip and held her breath as Karen drove her wild as she finger fucked her and nibbled on her clit.

Mandi opened her eyes for a second and caught a glance from Karen. Mandi's fingers slid gently up and down Karen's cheek. Her hand went back to Karen's head pushing her face closer to her drenched pussy. Mandi pulled Karen's hair gently signaling her to stop licking her pussy and rise up and lay on top of Mandi. Karen gladly obliged. She lay on top of Mandi and their lips locked in a long, slow, romantic embrace. Both women loved the feeling of each other's breasts on top of each other. Alex was standing at the end of the bed. He slowly got in bed trying not to disturb them and laid on his side spooning Karen as she lay facing Mandi as they kissed, held hands, and explored each other's bodies. Mandi saw Alex's hand slowly sliding up and down the outside of Karen's thigh. She realized that she wanted his cock. Badly! She broke her kiss with Karen for just a moment and grabbed his hand and pulled him over towards her. He got the hint and started to crawl over Karen. They all began to laugh and giggle as they were becoming a human sex pretzel.

Mandi and Alex locked eyes. Alex straddled her knowing it was cock she was after. His big cock and smooth balls hanging close to her face was the green light she'd been waiting for. She instantly began to lick his balls and the shaft of his cock. Meanwhile, Karen got up and straddled Mandi behind Alex and wrapped her arms around his waist and began to kiss and lick his neck. Alex pressed into Karen acknowledging her presence as Mandi sucked his cock magnificently. Alex began to feel his orgasm slowly building.

While Mandi sucked his cock, Karen slipped a finger between his legs and began to caress his asshole rubbing it in slow, soft circles. This gave him a lot of pleasure. He began to breathe heavily. Just then, he knew he was going to cum and began to yell, "Oh god Mandi, I'm gonna cum. Suck my cock hard. oh. Mmm!"

Karen leaned into his ear pulling his ear lobe with her teeth and whispered, "Come on Alex, fill her mouth with your love jizz. Blow your hot sexy load into Mandi's mouth.” Alex couldn't hear anything and could barely see. The cum coursed through his cock like water out of a fire hose and shot into Mandi's mouth. She winked at him as she drank every drop of his hot cum. Alex leaned his hand down and gently stroked Mandi's cheek as a way of saying thank you and showing his genuine appreciation. She winked and smiled up at him. Karen's hand reached around and pulled his face towards her and she locked lips with him.

Mandi whispered, "Hey guys, I wanna get up". They all giggled realizing Mandi was trapped under both of them. They got off of Mandi and she got up. She summoned Karen over to her side of the bed and kissed her lips. Karen ran her fingers through Mandi's hair. The two explored each other's body in a fierce but gentle passion as if they were chugging water on a hot summer day. Alex sat back and watched. Mandi broke their embrace and asked Karen to lay down. Karen smiled and obliged. Mandi's gaze took all of Karen's body in. It was so perfect. Her beautiful, long, dark hair and porcelain skin contrasted perfectly with the red sheets on the bed and her gorgeous, shaven, smooth, pink, wet pussy which glistened between her legs. Karen expected Mandi to go down on her. She did after she situated herself so they could 69 each other. Karen about melted at the sight of Mandi's pussy right up in her face for easy access while Mandi.....wait...Mandi was going to have to lick Karen's pussy too. Karen almost came at the thought.

Alex sat back and watched the most beautiful 69 he'd ever seen. Both women were licking, sucking, nibbling, and fingering each other's pussies alternating groans and whimpers and gasps. Mandi began to press her pussy back into Karen's face which excited Karen all the more. She consumed Mandi's pussy taking her lips into her mouth and savoring each taste. Meanwhile, Mandi was in new territory. She'd never licked a girl’s pussy before. But, Karen? Wow. Karen's pussy was magnificently gorgeous. Nervously, Mandi kissed up and down Karen's left thigh drawing close to her pussy and then sliding away. Karen took a break from licking Mandi's pussy as if to say to Mandi, "its okay sweetie, taste me, enjoy me." Mandi knew it was now or never. She realized never seemed way too long to wait for the next opportunity to lick Karen's pussy. In a brief moment of reckless abandon, Mandi put her face into Karen's pussy. Her flesh tasted so good. Her lips were engorged, wet and pink. Karen moaned in ecstasy. Mandi licked pussy like a champ. She wiggled her tongue across Karen's clit and felt her thighs press against her face every time she did so.

Then Mandi felt a hand on her back. Alex was kneeling behind her and his other hand was caressing her ass. For a moment, Karen had closed her eyes and stopped licking Mandi's pussy. Alex slowly slid his cock inside Mandi's pussy. Karen began sucking his balls softly. Mandi moaned with pleasure as she felt her pussy fill up with Alex's cock. Mandi was in heaven. She couldn't’t believe she had a stiff cock inside her pussy with a man's hands on her ass and a beautiful, soft, pink, wet pussy belonging to her best friend right in front of her face to lick, kiss, suck, and nibble.

Finally, as if in unison, their individual rhythm synced together and sped up. Alex began thrusting harder into Mandi's tight pussy. In response, Mandi began feverishly licking Karen's clit. Karen meanwhile had slid a finger into Alex's ass and was finger fucking him.

Suddenly without consulting one another they all began to feel the need to orgasm together but separately. Time stood still. Each felt chemical ecstasy shoot from their brains and coursing through their body. Karen's beautiful pussy moistened Mandi's lips from Karen's orgasm. Mandi's pussy clenched and was filled with Alex's hot cum as his cock exploded in ecstasy. Each of them came in their own way yelling out, groaning, and moaning. As their individual orgasms began to subside, they began to line up next to each other on the bed. Alex spooned Mandi as she faced Karen. Karen snuggled into Mandi as Alex's arms embraced them both. Each was relaxed and happy and began to drift off into a lazy nap only to visit one another in their dreams.......

The End

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