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A great new experience

I wish I had done this years ago

I am now sixty years old and up until three years ago never considered having any form of sex with another female. That all changed in the summer of 2005 when we sold the house next door.

The house next door to Jim and I had been for sale. So we bought it and did a little work on it , and put it back on the market , for sale by owner. Several people looked at this property but none that seemed like they would make good neighbors for one reason or the other. Then one morning the doorbell rang , when I opened the door there stood a very professional looking woman in her mid to late forty’ s wearing a charcoal gray business suit. She said my name is Virginia Luckett and I was wondering if I could see the house next door. Sure I said.

I opened the door so she could come in . have a seat I said , as she sat down crossing her long slender legs. I thought that she really had nice legs. We have the house for sale, lease , rent , or rent to own I added. Rent to own , where did that come from I thought we had never even talked about rent to own , but I wanted to give this lady every opportunity to get this house if she wanted it. I don’t know why but I was fascinated by her , I liked the way she conducted herself , the way she was dressed and the way she looked and smelled. What was coming over me I thought. I have never given a female a second thought in my life , but I was mystified by this one. We talked for awhile. Then we went next door and went through the house. After seeing the house and yard , She said that she wanted it and would return later that evening and bring me the first month’s payment and a thousand dollars to cover attorney’s fees.

About seven that evening she returned with a female companion and introduced her as her roommate and best friend Beth. Beth looked much younger than Virginia , almost young enough to be her daughter. By now Virginia had changed into pair of loose fitting jogging pants and a sweatshirt. I couldn’t help but notice the cheeks of her butt wiggle as she walked in front of me. I would have bet anything that she was wearing nothing under those jogging pants. What is wrong we me I thought I can’t get my eyes off this woman.

About two weeks after Virginia and Beth had moved in , Virginia called me one evening and asked if I would come over and show her how to work the hot tub. That Beth was working the back shift at the hospital and she thought that she might enjoy relaxing in the tub. Sure I said. Would you like for me to come now or later. Just when ever you feel like it she said. So with that I hung up the phone and went next door. I again found myself mystified by this woman I just couldn’t figure her out. As I was turning the pumps on and adjusting the temperature Virginia asked if I would like a Vodka and 7-up , sure I said. She fixed and handed me the drink I couldn’t help but see that under the robe that she had on she was wearing nothing up top. I thought to myself that I would like to see more. Almost like she could read my mind she removed her robe and steeped into the hot tub completely nude. Looking up at me with a sly grin she said there is a clean towel lying on the kitchen table if you would like to join me she said. Already somewhat aroused I said OK why not , I stepped in the back door got the towel took off my clothes wrapped the towel around myself and went back to the hot tub. As I steeped into the hot tub I could feel Virginia’s eyes as she checked out my entire body as I removed the towel. Here sit by me she said , I think the jets look stronger over here. I didn’t tell her that the ones on the other side were not turned on , as I welcomed the chance to sit next to this mysterious woman that seemed to have a spell on me.

I sat right next to Virginia on the bench seat . In a very short time after I sat down I felt Virginia’s leg brush against mine. Hoping that this was some type of an opening I laid my hand on her thigh and after a few moments started to inch it upward toward her private parts. Damn I thought what am I doing. I pulled my hand back very quickly. That felt really nice Virginia said. I didn’t say a word. After we had been in the Hot Tub about twenty minutes or so Virginia stood up, turned to face me her crotch right in my face and said come on in the house if you have time. At this point I was ready to spend the week with her if I could. I got up took my towel , wrapped it around myself and went inside.

I’m back here Virginia called as the back door closed with a slight bang. OK I said as I started down the hallway toward her bedroom. When I got there she was standing at the foot of her bed with her robe on and motioned me to come to her. When I got to her she reached and removed my towel and looked at me from head to toe, my you really look good she said especially for an older woman. I blushed and told her that I thought that she was beautiful too. She reached out and pulled me up close and passionately kissed me as I returned her kiss , something I had never done before. I could feel her hands explore my body. I was experiencing feelings that I had never known. I was so aroused that I could feel myself starting to reach the heights near a climax, I didn’t want this feeling to end. I broke away from the kiss and stepped back , I said Virginia I don’t want this feeling to stop. As she removed her robe she said relax we are just beginning. She maneuvered me to the bed as I lay back on it she started to slowly kiss my boobs , first one and then the other while gently nibbling on the nipples as she did this. She then slowly kissed and licked her way down my belly to my thighs and crotch area. She would kiss and lick on one side of my pussy then move to the other side and do the same , and as she would move from one side to the other she would blow just a little of her warm breath on my clit making me quiver with anticipation of what was to come.

This continued for awhile , I was about to scream with delight when she started to work her way back up to my lips where we enjoyed another kiss. Hold on darling she said as she did something that was a total shock to me. She had been wearing a strap-on and she slid it in me and proceeded to fuck me like I hadn’t been fucked in years. I worked myself into position and started to grind in rhythm with Virginia and after a very few minuets I reached a climax like I had never had before. After I had completed my climax Virginia removed the strap-on and proceeded to lick my pussy it was only seconds before I climaxed again. After I was finished we lay in each other’s arms for awhile. Then I got dressed and went back to my house.

Virginia and I still get together now and then and I really enjoy it but , I have never forgotten that first time.

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