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A Hot Tropical Afternoon

a beautiful afternoon
A Hot Tropical Afternoon

The warm sun and gentle breezes make for a great afternoon on the beach. Laying back, taking in the sites, listening to Latin music in the background everything is cool. I have noticed the couple before and thought that they were a pretty hot looking couple and both in great shape.

Somewhat drifting off or daydreaming I hear a “Hi, how are you doing?"
I look up to see the girl from the couple I had noticed before.

“Oh hi I’m great, thanks! How are you doing?" I reply with some muted enthusiasm.

“Fine thanks. I’m Melanie." She says kneeling down in the sand beside me and extending her hand.
“That’s Jim, my husband over there.”

“Hi, I’m Mike. Really nice to meet you.” I say with a smile as I take her hand in mine.
I look over to say hey to Jim who responds with the same.

“We’ve noticed you around before. Are you staying at this hotel?” Melanie asks.

“No, I’m at a smaller one just a little further down, but the beach is better over here and certainly has nicer people.” I say smiling.

“Oh, that explains it.”
I’m about to respond but before I do Melanie adds “That why we never could find you during the evening!”

“Well, I’m here now”.. I joke.

“Yes you are, aren’t you”! Melanie says laughing.

“Well it is very nice to meet you, hopefully you won’t be stranger now.” she says smiling.

“It’s my pleasure, really.” I reply.

She goes off to join up with Jim, her husband. Both are quite nice to look at, both tanned and very fit. He’s tall and well built. Melanie has a really solid build to her, not petite. Nice legs with a great round ass on her, she’s busty but not overly so, just nicely proportioned. Light brown hair, pretty eyes and a very sweet face. Actually kind of hot really!

As they head up towards the hotel they both drift over towards me “See you in a bit, Mike?” Melanie says in a questioning sort of way.

“Oh, for sure, I look forward to.” I reply.

Everyone is all smiles as they head up to the hotel, with me admiring her as she walks through the sand. Damn, she does have a fine ass!
Jim gives her a little pat on the backside as if they know I was checking her out.

A very short while later, maybe 10 minutes, Melanie comes sauntering up to my lounger much to my pleasure.

“We were wondering if you would like to join us at the cabana for a little lunch or maybe just a drink?" She asks smiling as she then places her hand on mine.

“Well when you put it that way and besides you already are holding my hand,so how could I say no.” I tease. “Yes I would love to join you guys.” I add.

And with that we head up with her still holding my hand, although I have to admit, I do feel a little funny holding hands with her but…..who am I to resist.

“Look who I found!” She announces jokingly.

“Good find! Hey glad you could join us Mike, sit down.” Jim says.

“Thanks for the invite.” I reply.

I grab a chair next to Jim, expecting Melanie to sit next to him, instead she settles in beside me putting me in between the two of them…odd but whatever. Nice having her close. Some light snacks and several cocktails later everyone is feeling a nice glow when Jim make a suggestion.

“Listen, we have lots to drink up in our room, it’s a giant room with an amazing view of the beach. What do think about getting a cold drink and relax a bit up there?”
“And wait till you see the shower, its huge!” Melanie announces.

“Check please!” I joke loudly.

Melanie gives my knee a little squeeze and comments to Jim, “I think that’s a yes Honey!”

The ride up the elevator was somewhat quiet, some small talk but Melanie was right at my side,our arms gently brushing up against each other….or when she would turn in my direction her bikini top would rub up. Come to think about we all stood unusually close.
Jim was right about the room, it was great, a nice sitting area, small kitchenette area, and a large king bed. And as Melanie said the most impressive thing was the shower, I mean it was enormous!

“Wow, you weren’t kidding, it is huge, you could have a party in there!” I exclaim.

“Sounds like a plan.” Jim comments. Melanie is all smiles.

“Let’s head out to the balcony and have a drink." Jim suggests.

Again they weren’t kidding, what a view of the beach and ocean, also total privacy as no other balcony look onto theirs.

“Mel honey, why don’t you make a few drinks for us, Ok babe?” Jim asks.

Off she goes as Jim and I chat about nothing important. Moments later we hear Melanie. “Mike, can you give me a hand please Hon?”

“Hmmm, I’m a Hon…not bad.” I joke heading to help.

Melanie hands me a rum and seven. I give it a taste and approve “Tastes great.” I say.

“Can I have a taste?” She says with a little pout looking up at me.

I offer her the drink…she shakes her no, then comes up much closer and whispers “no….from here.” Placing her finger on my lips. And with that she leans up towards me and kisses me softly and lets her tongue gently slide in to meet mine…a very tender first kiss. I can feel butterflies as she has beautiful soft full lips.

“Hmmm…very nice.” She says quietly and then pecks me once more smiling.

“I’ll say.” Agreeing totally.

We head to the balcony with drinks in hand, for some fun, with a few definite innuendos added in. At one point her back is to me while she is giving Jim a warm kiss, slowly she edges back towards me, rubbing her ass against my crotch. I gently place both my hands on her hips as she slowly moves her hips and ass. I move my hands up her back gently massaging her neck and shoulders. Melanie decides she wants to cleanup and get the salt and suntan lotion off, so a shower is suggested. She turns to face me…nuzzles right up to me…face to face and asks “Will you join us?”

Without hesitation I reply “Yes, I would love to.”

Jim nods approvingly and remarks “Cool let’s go.”

Melanie smiles and gives me a soft moist kiss…she has such an inviting mouth…a great kisser. Taking my hand, I follow her. She and Jim quickly get out of their swimwear and hop into the awaiting warm steamy shower.

“Hurry up, we’re waiting.” Mel calls out to me.

As I open the glass doors to enter, it is a sight to remember….two tanned attractive people naked, wet and lathering each other…wow! Although bikinis don’t hide much, she is stunning to look at, a really hot body, well toned, nice full firm breasts, her hair wet and slicked back.

Jim is in great shape as well…a toned well muscled build…his cock, nicely large and at full attention….Mel has seen to that.

I pause for just a moment to take it in…..Melanie holds out her hand to beckon me to enter.

The warm spray feels wonderful as I am attended to by four soapy hands, quickly lathering me up. Melanie is between our slippery bodies, facing Jim kissing very passionately….her arms around his waist…his hands sliding from her ass up across her back and on to mine, pulling me that much closer to Melanie. She is a very sensual gal and responds immediately to our touch. My cock is very erect and I’m rubbing up the crack of her ass, much to her enjoyment. I slip my hands between them, sliding up and down her flat taut tummy…taking her full breasts in each hand….cupping and kneading them…rolling each nipple between my fingers…she lets out a moan as her hands reach around to squeeze my ass cheeks pulling me closer. She has such great tits; firm with big upturned nipples….as I continue to massage her breasts and kiss her neck, Jim deeply tongues her open mouth. I let my hands drop down to explore the rest of her voluptuous body….down I make my way across her tummy and down to her neatly trimmed pussy. But my hands find something else….a firm erect cock…slowly I begin to let myself stroke it and feel its fullness….how it responds to my touch. We are three hot slippery very turned on bodies….there are no restrictions…

Melanie turns to face me, Jim behind her; she is very, very aroused and wants more of this….

“Kiss me baby.” she says as I pull her close. Kissing passionately and deeply….our mouths accepting each others tongues….I can feel her breasts pressed up against my chest....her hands wander from my neck down to my ass…her nails digging into my cheeks pulling them apart. Then she guides me around…all the while still within her embrace, so that Jim is at my back…I’m open to try this…their plan perhaps.

“This is so nice, you feel so good to hold and touch.” She coos by my ear. Damn she is really hot. She has such a way about her.

I press my ass back to meet Jim, he responds by gripping my hips and gyrating against me….I can feel his hardness rubbing, probing….his hands slide around my waist to meet Melanie’s, now both are playing with my balls, my cock and just caressing all over. I can’t keep my hands off her tits….they are perfect and feel so firm, so luscious to kiss, suck and nibble.

We have all we can take of the shower scene……it’s time to dry off and get wet again! Quickly we make our way to the king-size bed. I follow Melanie as once again she leads me by the hand….she is so irresistible! I would do anything she wanted, anything to please right about now. What a couple!

She sits on the edge of the bed as we both stand before her; slowly she takes Jim’s erect cock and starts kissing the head of it, teasing him by flicking her tongue on the underside….then slobbering all over the head, all the while stroking the shaft with her hand. What technique!

Then reaches for me doing the same motion…..what a sensation….this girl has talent! Then back to Jim while she continues to stroke my cock….Rubbing our cocks together, sliding her tongue between and around them….she is in her element, loving every moment, every stroke.

She eases herself back onto the bed…a very sultry look in those pretty eyes…a come-fuck-me look and that is what she will get… Melanie slowly moves back up on her knees she begins to massage her own breasts….squeezing, teasingly cupping them and rolling her nipples between her fingers….taunting us…then sliding one hand to her now wet pussy….sliding 1, then 2 fingers in and out tasting her own juices.

“Oh baby, it feels soooo good….hmmmm yes….” She taunts holding out her hand for anyone to taste.

I lean forward and gladly take her wet slippery fingers in my mouth, savoring her.

“Come lie here!” She directs me.

I smile and begin willingly to explore her luscious body inch by inch….delighting in sending shivers and little spasms through her body. Jim is nearby as I continue to work my way down to her wet and waiting little pussy. With painfully long and slow licks I am driving her crazy….alternating again with deep plunges with my tongue Melanie is moaning and urging me on more and more.

“Lick it ….ohhh baby that’s nice …just like that!” She gasps out.

And then holding my head….directing me….I start sucking her swollen clit then more quickly that the first, she begins to climax again….gasping…and thrusting her hips to meet my mouth…soaking my face with her warm juices.

Slowly she subsides and relishes in the afterglow…..

I can feel Jim at the bottom of the bed as I hear him sort of whisper to Melanie “He’s got a nice ass Babe.” And now I feel him firmly massaging my ass cheeks….kneading them and spreading them wide apart….his firm touch feels good but what is on his mind…. I raise up my hips to acknowledge and accept his attention.

“Let’s get that ass up where we can see it.” He says lifting me up by the hips, exposing me completely.

Melanie is still lying back with me down near her pussy….she is very gently stroking my hair and face….waiting. A warm, wet somewhat gooey liquid is being poured on my ass and slowly spread around…..then it happens…something is probing at my asshole…tickling and gently pressing against it…without much effort a finger slips past and into my ass…I let out a little gasp but I know there is more to come. More lube is applied and I can feel Jim positioning himself behind me slipping on a condom…..preparing me as he begins to gently press his hard slippery cock against my ass….waiting…….for me to allow him in.

“Just relax baby it will be nice I promise.” Melanie says to me smiling.

And the moment I do, I can feel Jim slide in…his cock is in my ass as I let out a big gasp lifting my head up. Mel smiles at me so seductively, caresses my face and gently pushes me down to her pussy…literally my face in down between her legs and my ass is waist high. A long slow withdrawal is followed by a swift plunge back in….deep within me…again ….I gasp out loudly.

“Oh god!” Is all that comes out of me.

With firm hands grasping my hip Jim picks up the pace and is fucking my ass…full long strokes bringing a steady chorus of groans each time he buries it in me. Slowly he completely withdraws and tells me to flip over on to my back…Melanie moves up to kneel beside him…her beautiful tanned skin has a sheen from a light sweat that she worked up…..what a stunning sight she is though!

A pillow is placed under my ass….Jim moves back against me…readying himself…Mel starts stroking his cock all the while looking lustfully at me …… taking his cock in her hand and without any resistance from me, she guides it back it while giving me a coy sexy smile. This time there is no slow penetration, he quickly and suddenly buries his cock in one thrust, causing a huge gasp again from me and teasingly from Melanie as well. Jim again quickens his pace…quick short strokes….long slow deep ones….fast deep plunging ones that cause me to almost cry out in passion.

Urging him on “Fuck his ass Babe, just like that, give it to him!”

“Is that good Mike, do you like that baby?” she says enjoying every minute.

Gasping I respond “Yesss that’s so good oh, oh!”

“Are you going to cum baby?” She asks Jim.

“Oh yesss, oh yeah…there it is.” As Jim pulls out, Melanie pulls off the condom and milks his cock as he sprays up all over my stomach. She just keeps on firmly stroking and squeezing his now semi-erect wet cock.

“Oh baby, that was so fucking hot!” She exclaims obviously excited by the event.

“You were so good Mike, I wish I could fuck you like that.” She states, giving me sultry serious look.

She comes up to my side kissing me tenderly, our lips meeting….sliding her tongue in my mouth to meet mine, as her hands roam across my chest and stomach.

“I want to fuck you baby, I want to feel you inside me.” She whispers seductively as she nibbles and tongues my ear.

Ever so slowly she moves down and straddles me. Teasingly slowly she slides my engorged cock in still wet warm pussy. With a nice slow steady rhythm she begins to ride me. Placing her hands on my chest, her thighs tight against me she slides her pussy up, down and around in a wonderful timed motion…always varying the speed and tempo.

“Oh, baby you feel sooo good inside me.” She coos.

Lowering herself completely on top of me she kisses me passionately…..I can hear start to moan with each stroke as she maintains this beautiful motion…she sits up and arches back some and grinding her pussy against me…..Jim also straddles my legs behind Mel and takes hold of those fabulous breasts…we are like a well oiled trio right now. My hands replace Jims as he just caresses her all over. Mel starts to fuck me much harder really working her pussy against my cock… she getting ready to cum I wonder….then I can see it in her face, that look of overwhelming lust as she begins to flush and cry out..

“Oh fuck, oh yes, yes, Ohhhhh.” She moans as waves of pleasure overcome once again.

Laying back on top of me her heaving breasts against my chest….she kisses me all over my face, cheeks and lips.

“Wow that was amazing.” she pants.

“But we’re not done yet babe.” I whisper to her.

“Oh Mike… feel so good.” She responds slowly starting to ride me again, I give her a long steady stream of thrusting much to her pleasure….she is quite vocal now and not holding anything back.

“Yes that’s it baby don’t stop! Make me cum again!” She cries out

Then once again she starts to shake and moan as another climax is reached. I can tell I’m close but I don’t want this to end.

“Fuck me harder baby….faster yes like that.” She pleads as I really start slamming into her.

“Yes...again…yes…” She repeats.

Jim seems to be content to watch this session as he has moved up and relaxed near Melanie.

“Ohhhhhh… yesssss….ooohhhh.” She cries out loudly as Mel cums yet again. I have lost count of how many she has had.

I’m building and won’t be far behind as the sensation quickly builds.

“I almost there babe, I’m going to cum.” I stammer.

Then quickly climbs off me and says "I want you to cum in my mouth."

And with that she takes my cum soaked cock deep into mouth and gives me a wonderful blow job….her mouth working the top while she strokes my shaft.

“That’s it Mel, just like that oh yessss!” As I explode in her mouth….her talented lips sucking me and squeezing every last bit of cum from me. I lay there covered in sweat, heaving from an incredibly huge orgasm, while she softly strokes and lightly kisses my semi-flaccid cock….still taking it in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Moving up and laying beside me in my arms…tenderly kissing me…Jim at her side lightly tracing his fingers along her beautiful body…..

We all savor the moment, the total experience of what a hot tropical afternoon should be like.

The End
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