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A Knock on the Door

Unexpected situations and alcohol can be a curious mix.
She sat in the cold darkness of her backyard, cigarette in hand. The subtle light of the moon illuminated the smoke drifting from her bad habit, invading an otherwise clear night. A blanket was draped over her shoulders, the only barrier between her naked flesh and the biting cold without. Was it laziness that caused her to go out unclothed, or perhaps a sick need to feel fresh air in places it ought not be? She did not know.

Her name was Lila, a twenty-one-year-old brunette. She was short at 5'2, and slim. An artist at heart, she loved to paint more than anything else in the world. Her bedroom was littered with unfinished canvases, just waiting to have the finishing touches placed upon them. Lila's muse was silent tonight. No painting would be done.

Another drag brought her cigarette's cherry closer to her bright, full lips, a sign she would soon have to go inside. As chilly as the air was, Lila almost lamented at that realization. It was calm this late at night. No sounds could be heard, and the air was crisp, almost full of anticipation. That same air was causing her small, pink nipples to harden under the blanket. Her pale skin was covered in goosebumps. She decided to go inside, putting her smoke out in the ashtray by the door. She made her way back into her small one-bedroom apartment, grimacing at the mess she had accumulated over the last few days. Pop cans and pizza boxes scattered her floor, and the dishes were long overdue. Lila swore she would remedy that in the morning. She checked the time. 2:17 AM.

"Perfect," she said aloud, "at least I don't need to work tomorrow." Lila drew her blanket tighter over her slender shoulders, shuffling into her bedroom. Just as she was about to close the door and put some real pajamas on when she heard a knock at the door. The sound shocked her, finally pushing her mind back to reality, and understanding her near nakedness. Who could it be this late?

"Just a second!" she called to the door, rushing to put clothes on. She managed to find a tank top and yoga pants, skipping the underwear out of convenience. The knock sounded again. "I said just one second!" she yelled at the door, slipping the pants over her hips, annoyed at the insistence. Finally, she was presentable, and opened the door a crack. On the other side stood a man and a woman, seemingly in their thirties. The woman was wearing a little black dress, fully dolled up in makeup. Her hair was light brown, and straightened to perfection. The man had short blonde hair, and was wearing dress clothes. Obviously they were both very wealthy.

"I'm really sorry to bother you, my name is Mark, and I live a couple units down. This is Shawna," he said, pointing to the woman to his left. "We were out on a date night, and came back to find my apartment has been robbed. Could I use your phone to call the police? I left my cellphone at her house." There were lines of worry on his forehead, and the anxiety was obvious by the way he spoke in a shaky voice. Shawna seemed equally shaken by the event.

"It's no problem, I was just asleep," Lila lied, blushing at the recent memory of cold air on her naked skin. "Sure, come on in." She led them to the kitchen, very aware of the mess surrounding the three of them. She handed Mark the phone, and went to the living room to clean the boxes off the floor. Good lord, what a mess. Lila was embarrassed, but figured the two of them had enough on their minds to notice. They would think she was some kind of slob. As she was picking the mess up, Shawna came into the living room, hugging herself and shaking slightly.

"Thank you so much. I know it's late..." she started.

"It's no problem. Things like that can be really scary. I didn't hear any racket or anything. How bad is it?"

"They took his stereo, TV, computer, and a bunch of keepsakes. I'm not sure what else. The lock is broken, probably forced." Shawna sighed. "May I sit? Hopefully we won't be long."

"Of course," Lila replied. clearing a space for the two of them. Shawna started talking about Mark and her. They had met through their fathers, who had worked together in a law firm, and had been dating for three years now. A couple minutes later, Mark came into the living room and sat beside them.

"Thank you again. I never caught your name. We've been neighbors all this time, and we've never met," he said, rubbing his girlfriend's shoulder to comfort her.

"I'm a homebody mostly. My name is Lila. Do you guys need anything else? Are the cops on the way?"

"They are, but will be a little while. Do you mind if we wait here? I don't feel safe in my apartment right now. Theft has that affect on you. A piece of my private space feels... violated."

"Of course!" Lila said, genuinely. "Do you guys want a drink? I have wine."

"That would be lovely."

An hour later, the bottle was gone, and all three of them were tipsy. The couple had drank at the dinner before, and Lila was a lightweight by nature. It didn't take much to loosen her up. Shawna started showing off her tattoos, beautiful pieces of art scattered throughout her body. A rose on her wrist, butterflies on her neck, and ribbons laced like corsets along the back of her thighs. Lila liked the last ones the most, thinking it was very sexy.

"I have some more, but they're in other areas," Shawna giggled.

"C'mon darling," Mark laughed, "Don't deny our host. Would you like to see them, Lila?"

She nodded enthusiastically, intrigued. Shawna stood, and lowered the top of her dress, exposing a pair of beautiful breasts. Her skin was brilliantly tanned, almost bronze, and her nipples were two shades darker. Her tits sat without sagging, despite being quite large. Lila guessed they were either a C or D cup, and appeared to be very firm. Below Shawna's left breast was text reading "Live. Laugh. Love" in elegant swirling letters. Lila's jaw dropped, causing Mark to laugh.

"Quite the sight aren't they?" he asked, "You might also notice the tattoo."

"I'm sorry..." Lila stammered. "I don't mean to stare. I'm just not used to a woman being so open with her body."

"Would you like to touch them? I know Shawna likes you. We talked about it while you were grabbing drinks."

Lila was floored. Of course she wanted to touch them! Shawna gave a seductive face, squeezing her tits together. Lila's hand reached out, tentatively caressing one of her breasts. The skin was so smooth, like silk. Shawna bit her lip, letting out a little moan. With more confidence, another hand reached out, grasping more firmly on the other exposed tanned breast. It had been so long since Lila had touched another woman.

She felt a hand touching her thigh. Mark was grinning from ear to ear, obviously enjoying the sight of his girlfriend being felt up by another woman. His thumb was tracing lines over her yoga pants, reaching teasingly close to a certain special spot before darting back. Lila brought her mouth to one of Shawna's nipples, sucking lightly. The tanned beauty moaned a bit louder, obviously enjoying the attention. The hand on Lila's thigh got bolder and bolder with time, reaching painfully close to her damp pussy. With only one layer of cloth between her sex and his hand, it felt amazing getting teased.

Shawna took Lila's face, and kiss her lips. She could taste the lip gloss the woman had on, some kind of berry she couldn't place at the moment, nor did she care to. All that mattered was this stranger's lips, and her man's hand on her thigh.

The kiss they shared made Lila drunk with ecstasy. The beautiful woman in front her's tongue drove her crazy. The rest of the dress came off somehow in the moment. Shawna sat on Lila's lap, never stopping the kiss. Lila's clothes were next to the floor, exposing her bare flesh to the couple. There was a stark contrast between her skin and Shawna's. A creamy white to striking bronze. They intended to mix those colors, breasts pressed together in a perfect embrace. Mark sat on the side of the couch, his cock out, stroking it softly. A smile appeared on his face at the sight.

Shawna decided to give her man a little more of a show, sliding off Lila's lap, and spreading her milky thighs and exposing her sex. Her clit was poking out of its hood, eagerly awaiting this girl's lips. Shawna licked slowly, bottom to top, reaching the sweet spot after what seemed like an eternity. Lila's hips bucked, moaning softly and grabbing a handful of Shawna's hair, pulling her lips closer. Mark was still stroking his cock on the side of the couch, biting his lip at the beautiful sight before him. Lila had never felt sexier than she did now, having this handsome man get off at the sight of her. She started playing with her nipples, twisting and pinching lightly as she had her pussy eaten. Her eyes closed, lost in the moment. A new set of hands started helping with her endeavor, caressing her breasts, then moving down towards her soaking pussy.

Two fingers replaced the tongue previously pleasuring her, entering slowly, causing Lila to gasp. Her eyes opened to see Mark fingering her while getting his cock sucked by Shawna. Her tongue darted all over his smooth length, down to his stones, and back up again. The view entranced Lila. It was not long before she came, bucking her hips like a wild stallion.

A knock sounded at the door, shocking all participants back into reality. "Shit, it's probably the cops," Mark said, getting dressed as fast as possible. Shawna did the same after a moment, smiling at Lila in a devious way. Lila sat there for a moment, still coming down from the intense orgasm. Mark came back into the living room after a moment, explaining he had to go. The three exchanged numbers, and all were eager to experience the next step of this new relationship.

After three days, Lila received a call from Shawna. The two of them were over at her place, and hoping Lila could make it over for a "repeat performance". There was no hesitation. She would be there.

To Be Continued. 

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