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A Little Christmas Spirit

She needed to find a boyfriend that would focus on her needs and not look at other girl's asses.

Alice looked in the shop window soaking in the alluring fashion trends that made her want to check her bank balance and see what she could afford before the end of the month.

It was not only the end of the month, but also the end of the calendar year and a time for her to look for a new job. The past year had been a real disaster what with the auto accident and the medical bills that seemed to generate a life of their own and spin off new debts that had to be paid yesterday.

Her supposed boyfriend Otto had hooked up behind her back with a well-heeled widow lady from the big city and he didn’t have time for her any more. She had heard from the consistently nasty Gloria Stein that he was “doing” quite a few girls down at the paper mill, when he should have been taking care of business at the candy store that he managed for old Mister Adams.

It was one of those moments, when a little bit of quiet reflection, which made her convinced that she had made a mistake with Otto. She should have never given him the right to sample her feminine favors just like a husband or a fellow committed to take her to the altar sometime soon.

They had buried her Dad right after the Fourth of July holiday and put him in the ground right next to her beloved Mom who had passed away the previous year after a bout with pneumonia that had drained their financial resources like a leaky faucet.

Now, Otto was blowing their savings trying to impress the young girls that clung to him like leeches on sweet-tasting skin sucking him dry in more ways than one.

She realized far too late that she should never have allowed her Dad to drive the car when he was drowning his sorrows making the rounds of the sad little bars and taverns that reeked of cigarette smoke and the odor of stale beer. In a way, she could understand his need to smile and greet the other sad people that sat mostly in silence slowly absorbing the poison that hastened their journey to the grave with certain inevitability.

Well, that chapter was closed and all she had as a memento was the pile of bills and a sure knowledge that it was time to find alternate employment and a new boyfriend.

She needed a boyfriend that knew enough to keep his business inside his pants, when she was not around to supervise his moral behavior.

Alice broke up with Otto in the least confrontational way possible, but he still acted like a spoiled child and threw a hissy fit that mimicked a five-year old. He even had the nerve to ask her for a final blow job just to seal the deal. It was so pathetic that she was tempted to laugh outright, but she knew it would just trigger another emotional outburst that would cause nothing but grief for them both.

Fortunately, her firm decision was just the thing needed to push him into packing his bags, draining their joint checking account and hitting the road for better pastures.

It surprised her when her closest friend Margaret was devastated by his departure and the distraught teenager blurted out,

“He tucked me in every night and fed me his beautiful thing to settle my tummy in a way that made me want to gobble him up forever and a day.”

The thought of the immature and submissive Margaret looking up at the devious double-dealing prick Otto with that level of passion was almost enough to make her run into the bathroom and vomit.

Margaret also confessed to her that the sly Otto had taken her ass cherry on the same night that she was in the hospital with her Dad after the accident. That was enough to reduce her to tears and recriminations for her own stupidity.

She decided to stay friends with Margaret because the poor girl doted on her and she was comforted by the adoration showered on her by the besotted girl that aped her every movement and expression.

Sometimes, when the loneliness was overwhelming, she allowed Margaret to pretend to be a rough fellow and make her do dirty things that never failed to shame her in the morning. It was a strange relationship, but they fed on each other’s needs in a way that an ordinary boyfriend-girlfriend situation could never imitate.

The month was almost half-way finished when she realized the only way she would have enough funds to buy all her Christmas presents for the extended family and her friends and associates was to peddle both her and Margaret’s female favors to the traveling salesmen and military members passing through on their way to the nearby base.

She had done it only once before when the shortage of cash for her Mom’s medical treatments was her top priority.

Of course, the imitative Margaret was right next to her when she spread her legs for cold, hard cash and they both got nice tips because they were like a sister act dishing out lots of sweet, tasty candy to give the men a happy ending that left them with a smile and a much slimmer wallet.

She was surprised when she and Margaret knocked on the door marked 469 at the airport motel and discovered a pair of randy black servicemen waiting for the promised white pussy delivered right to the door.

Generally, she preferred to avoid sexual relations with dark-skinned clients under the age of forty because they were prone to violence and tended to take advantage of her just because she was the weaker sex. Alice didn’t think it meant she was prejudiced or anything like that because she even had a favorite dildo that was black as the ace of spades. She remembered that her cheerleading day back at State College was filled with a line of well-hung black jocks that stretched her anal ring using lots of lubrication to keep the noise level down.

She knew that Margaret was also tuned into letting a muscular black man make her do her tricks the hard way, so she ignored the circumstances and made certain they got the money up front.

The two servicemen took turns on them with their asses up high and their faces down in the pillows giggling and taking the nasty spanks on their softly curved ass cheeks.

Margaret liked the rough treatment a lot more than Alice and she taunted her new partner until he twisted her nipples and made her sit up like a little puppy dog to beg for his cock.

At that point, Alice had her mouth filled with hard meat and she did her best to give her client his money’s worth of submissive open-mouthed compliance.

When Margaret had to go to the bathroom to repair her cum dripping ass cheeks, she took up a position down on all fours and let the taller, older man shove his business all the way up her sensitive rear door whilst she sucked the younger one with all the enthusiasm she was able to muster.

It bothered her a little that they were both laughing at her discomfort because she was doing the best she could under the circumstances to give them the pleasure they had generously paid for and deserved.

Margaret came back in and they took turns mouth-fucking her non-stop like a crazed tag-team in a wrestling exhibition. Alice wanted to help out but they seemed focused on making Margaret surrender completely and beg them to stop even though it was obvious she was enjoying the hell out of it.

When they both turned to her for their fun and games, it was her ass that interested them the most and she spent a long time bent over the back of the sofa taking it all the way up without benefit of a condom. The little rivers of cum ran down the insides of her legs and she knew a sense of shame because she was enjoying the humiliation so much that she had already had two orgasms.

Margaret was laughing because the sight of her ass us high and flooded with cum was delightfully depraved and she was a little jealous because it was the thing that she like best of all. In fact, I was certain if I wasn’t there to manage her, she would have done it all for free because it was just her cup of tea and she was a glutton for degradation.

Those boys had to run to make their flight and Margaret and I had expresso in the airport café that was totally deserted at that time of morning. My ass was hurting something terrible because both of those guys had oversized cocks and I was certain that Margaret needed something to wash down her humiliation that was still on her mind even though we were on our own.

Our Sunday promised to be busy since we had a half-dozen assignments to tend to in the space of only a few hours. I was certain our asses would be dragging when the day was over but we would have more than enough ready cash to buy all our presents and have plenty left over to get a full spa treatment by the Korean bitches next to the railroad track. I was looking forward to a complete internal cleansing of my waste elimination system and I knew those girls would do my pussy with their happy laughing tongues making me feel nice and fresh for our Christmas party down at the Community Center. Some of those girls, the really young ones, had faces that made me want to keep their heads between my legs forever letting them lick me and not understanding a single word I said.

Kim and Yoko were taking care of Margaret and me in the back bedroom after the steam baths and they gave us both the special oral rimming of our well-used sphincters in a way that can only be described as totally obscene.

I strapped on a ten inch black device and started to give it to Yoko hot and heavy. The tiny girl was so flexible that she had her legs wrapped all the way around me and her tongue was falling out of her mouth because she loved it so much she really didn’t care.

On the other side of the bed, Margaret was prone-bone flat against the sheets and Miss Kim was straddling her luscious backside with her sturdy legs. The strap-on was well lubricated and Margaret’s ass cheeks were spread open for the girl’s happy humping. My best friend had her tummy pressed into the mattress and she couldn’t move because the weight of Miss Kim was heavy on her spine and she loved the way the Asian girl had taken charge of her body and had her under complete control. The girl even had her hair wrapped around her fist and she pulled back on Margaret’s head to show me her grimace of pleasure. I knew that huge black dildo was stretching Margaret to the ultimate point of resistance and she was taking it all like a good girl wanting desperately to be bad.

Margaret was grunting now with the thrill of submission and she looked over at me smiling in a way that was a mirror image of my own joyful acceptance of pleasure.

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