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A Lovely Couple

a straight threesome turns bisexual
It was another Friday night, and I had that feeling again; the feeling that could only be satisfied with a wet pussy on my dick. Being wrapped up in my career, I didn’t make time for a girlfriend so when I had to satisfy a sexual urge, I usually headed to the local adult theater.

It was the best adult theater in town. It was a large locale with a big selection of videos, magazines and plenty of novelty items. It has numerous private video booths, some with glory holes, and a billiards room that helps break the ice for new comers – all the time playing porn movies on multiple screens. Then there was the theater room itself: a darkened hallway with small, private theater rooms on one side, led to a large room able to seat at least 100 people on multiple couches. A large screen plays the hottest porn. Due to its clean and professional environment, this theater attracted sexually-curious men and women from all around.

On a rather busy Friday night, I met a new couple in the billiards room. Pattie was in her mid-forties, about 5’ 5”. Her body was not as skinny as some of the other women I’d been with; it was shapely with plenty of curve in her natural 34d breasts and lovely hips. Her beautiful face, framed by short red hair, caught my attention immediately. Her husband, Steve, was about 6’, average build, but a kind face.

Steve and Pattie were first time visitors to the theater, originally from Pittsburgh. They had read about the theater on-line and were hoping for a good time. Pattie and I started chatting and flirting a bit while her husband interjected a comment occasionally, but mostly just watched us. After about a half hour I ask Pattie if she’d like to go somewhere more private. She looked at her husband and glanced back at my growing package lustfully as if to tell him “I want it”. He nodded his head and we walked toward the theater.

We walked into the darkened hallway and our eyes adjusted as we heard moaning and fucking from all different directions. Some of it was from the porn playing on the different screens but they were also real sounds from other women and couples already at play in the smaller rooms and the large theater.

Pattie, Steve and I found a small unused room with a couch. It has dim lighting, mostly from the TV, and a pirate theme with life-sized pictures of sexy pirate wenches. Pattie wasted no time as Steve locks the door behind us. She pinned me to the wall and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I wasted no time and unbuttoned her blouse freeing her bra-less 34d’s. Steve took off all his clothes, sat on the couch and started stroking himself while watching us.

I continued to kiss Pattie but worked my way down her soft jaw-line, then her neck (the unmistaken scent of Romance by Ralph Lauren), and now I found her left nipple in my mouth. It tasted a little sweet, as if it were flavored because she was expecting some fun tonight; good for her. While I sucked on her nipples, my hands reached behind her and lift her skirt only to find she’s not wearing panties. Pattie gave me a devious smile then dropped to her knees.

She unbuttoned my jeans and found no underwear on me either. She had a big smile as she grabbed my half-erect cock and licked it on all sides. Shortly my dick was at full mast and Pattie was wildly and messily sucking me. My member was throbbing as she grabbed my ass to shove my 7” down her throat. By this time, her husband had stood up and come close to us to get a better view of the action; the whole time stroking his 7” cock.

Suddenly, as Pattie is furiously sucking my cock, Steve reaches between my legs and lightly massages my balls. I’ve occasionally bumped into another guy during gangbangs but the touching has never been direct or intentional. Pattie had me in such a daze that I was aware of what Steve just did but I wasn’t going to ruin the mood by acting negatively toward his action. This was the first time in my life that a woman was sucking my cock while another man massaged my balls.

I was starting to feel like I was going to cum but I didn’t want to yet. I told Pattie we needed to slow down, so she pulled off and Steve stepped back for a moment. She laid me down on the couch and she lightly massaged my chest and Steve stared at my cock and lightly touched my balls.

“Honey, his cock is beautiful,” Steve told Pattie.

“I know, it’s delicious. I’d love to fuck it,” Pattie responded.

Pattie then straddled my hips in a reverse-cowboy style and then lowered her soaked, warm pussy onto my waiting cock. She lowered herself completely, the two of us locking hips. She began a constant rhythm, up and down, and a gyration motion when she was all the way down. She knew what she was doing.

Steve has been stroking himself continually, getting closer to my face. I was lost in Pattie’s motion when I realized her husband was jerking off only inches from my face. Out of instinct or something else, I reached up and began stroking him myself. He gave a sigh as if to say “Finally!” I’d never touched a cock before; it felt a little rubbery, but the shape, texture and ridges felt extremely erotic. I could see women’s fascination for it. The more I stroked his cock, the hotter I got. Pattie continued to ride me and I decided I was going to suck Steve. Why not? He had a look of extasy when his cock entered my mouth. It just sat in there for a moment, then he moved his hips back and forth fucking my face. I tried to take him deep, but I gagged so I just continue to suck and lick the first 4”.

Pattie saw what was going on and wanted to get in on the action. She spun around and took turns with me sucking Steve’s cock. We would suck his head and lick him up and down his shaft. I could tell he was ready to cum but I wasn’t ready to have a load shot in my mouth. Pattie took him in her mouth and he shot his hot load. She swallowed some cum but she also let some dribble out of her mouth and onto my chest. As she continued ridding me to climax, Pattie gave me another passionate kiss so I could taste Steve all over her. She then fed me some of his cum that was still on my chest. This sent me over the edge and I shot my cream deep into her pussy. Pattie moaned as she came on my cock at the same time.

The two of us cumming simultaneously excited Steve and he moved down between my and Pattie’s legs. He licked the cum that was dribbling out of Pattie’s pussy down my balls. His tongue felt refreshing lapping my smooth-shaven balls clean.

Pattie rolled off me and Steve wasted no time taking my cock into his mouth. He continued to clean off my cum and soon I was hard again. Pattie saw this and thought she needed some oral pleasing also, so she climbed over my face and lowered her sweet hairless pussy onto my face. My lips parted and I tasted cum again; this time it was my seed mixed with her juices.

As Steve continued his suckfest between my legs, he was also teasing my asshole with his cum and saliva covered finger. He slowly inserted part of his finger in my anus, massaged my balls with his other hand and sucked furiously on my cock. I continued to lick his wife’s pussy lips, suck on her clit, and tongue-fuck her until she came hard, drenching my face.

This also sets me off and I have the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had. My sphincter squeezed Steve’s cum-covered finger and my jizz shot into the back of his throat. Steve swallows every drop except for a few, which he saves to shared with his wife as she slides off my face.

After our multiple orgasms, we all rest then clean up and got dressed. Steve and Pattie both gave me kisses, tasting cum on each of their lips. That was one of the hottest nights I’ve ever had and I intend to explore further my new-found curiousity.

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