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A Much Needed Escape

Two couples accidentally rent the same cabin.
“Honey, where are we going,” pondered Sara to her boyfriend as he drove their Ford Explorer up the mountains, “You know I don’t like the cold weather.”

“Don’t worry baby, it is a surprise. I am very sure you will like it,” Matt responded.

As they got up on the top of the mountain, Matt slowed down the SUV and pulled into a driveway that was barely seeable from the road, completely surrounded by trees. As they got further into the driveway, Sara saw a beautiful log cabin with stone steps in the distance, covered in a few inches of snow.

“Oh my god, this is beautiful,” exclaimed Sara as she got out of the vehicle, grabbing her bags.

They walked up the steps and Matt unlocked the door, stepping inside as they each took off their white winter coats off. The inside was as wondrous as the outside, with a log table and wooden furniture everywhere. When they went into the kitchen, they saw another man and woman standing in the kitchen.

“Excuse me, what are you two doing here,” Matt questioned the pair.

“We rented this cabin for the weekend, did you guys rent it as well,” the man asked Matt.

“Indeed, we did. Now what are we going to do,” Matt answered.

The other woman finally spoke, “Why don’t we just share the cabin?”

They all decided that it was alright to just stay there and the men got the fire in the living room started while the women made drinks.

“What’s your name,” Matt asked the other man.

“My name is Chad, and yours,” the man responded.

They exchanged names and started to chat, getting to know each other while the women did the same thing in the kitchen. The other woman’s name was Katy. As the women walked in the living room with the drinks, the men each took a side of the couch. Sara and Katy both went to the middle of the couch, by their respective men.

Each couple didn’t know what to do since they had come to the cabin strictly to add some spice to their love life. It was too quiet for Matt, so he started to talk to Chad again. They all started chatting again and became quite close in a matter of hours.

Sipping on their drinks and conversating among themselves, the air started to fill with a tension that was not unnoticed by Sara. She looked at Matt and started to kiss him, deepening the kiss, with her tongue sliding between his lips caressing his tongue.

“Baby, we have company,” Matt huskily stated, his arousal now obvious against his black slacks.

“Oh please don’t mind us,” Katy stated, almost pleading.

Sara took that as her cue to continue, and stood up before straddling Matt and continuing her kiss. Matt seemed to relax more and deepened the kiss himself this time. Out of the corner of her eye, Sara saw Katy and Chad making out in the same position.

Sara looked at Katy, admiring the brunette as she started to take off Chad’s black t-shirt soon afterwards, revealing his muscular chest and abs. Katy kissed Chad one more time before trailing kisses down his neck and onto his chest, licking his nipples as her hands worked on his zipper of his brown slacks. Once she got his fly undone, she got on her knees in front of the couch, slipping his pants and boxers off in a swift movement. Taking his dick in her hand, she started to lick down the length of him. Chad threw his head back and closed his eyes, putting his hand on the back of Katy’s head as his cock grew in size and got harder. She drew him into her mouth, gently sucking and then sucked as her tongue licked the head of his cock. Sensing that he was as hard as he could get, Katy stripped out of her black pants and turtleneck.

Her breasts and pussy were both covered by black silk, which she discarded instantly. Resuming her place on his lap straddling Chad, she grabbed his dick and put it at the entrance of her wet, hot pussy. Chad thrust upwards, enveloping his cock with her tight, velvety slick walls.

Katy rode his cock hard, and in no time he was cumming. Katy could see that Sara was doing the same to Matt, and then she saw Sara get off of Matt and start sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. Matt squirted his thick juice into Sara’s mouth before sitting on the couch with Chad, exhausted.

Sara looked at Katy with a glint of lust in her eyes. Neither woman had cum yet. Sara went up to Katy and kissed her, sharing Matt’s cum with her. Katy greedily drank his cum and pushed Sara onto the bear skin rug on the cabin floor.

Taking Sara’s nipple into her mouth, she groped the other nipple with her fingers. Sara was squirming underneath her, and Katy knew she was just as hot and ready. She kissed down Sara’s stomach before coming to her smooth pussy. She took a couple of fingers and put them at the Sara’s slick entrance.

“Are you sure you want this, Sweetie,” Katy asked Sara.

“Yes, don’t stop,” demanded Sara as she thrust herself against Katy’s fingers making her fingers go in to her knuckles.

Katy licked Sara’s clit that was protruding between her pussy lips, hard and begging for attention. Fingering Sara’s pussy as she got more into licking her clit, Katy turned her body around so that Sara could do the same to her.

They finger fucked each other while licking the others clit, cumming on each other’s faces and fingers.

“Baby you were right about me liking this vacation,” Sara stated, giggling to herself.
"I know, and just think, we have all weekend to get to know each other better," Matt said with a wink.

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