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A new experience for me -true story

My experience with a shemale
My name is Helga and my husband’s is Rick. I am a blue eye blond, wear a 34C bra and I am told that I have great looking legs and ass. We have been married for 10 years and my husband realized that I need more sex than he could provide. I have a tendency to climax readily, something that has been with me since I was a teen. I am now 35 and Rick is 37.

Because of this need we agreed that I needed other sexual partners. My preference has always been black cocks because I experienced them as a teenager. My husband said he had no problems with that.

Everything I write are true experiences and gives my husband pleasure in revisiting these occasions.

A new experience

We came back from a good dinner at our favorite restaurant the and made ourselves comfortable. We each had a drink in our hands and Rick put a porno video in the vcr, something we do on a regular basis. We enjoy watching and it usually put us in the mood fore sex.

Rick said that this movie is a bit different.

“How so? I asked”

“You’ll see”

After a few minutes of watching a sexy, good looking girl slowly getting undressed and some guy with a big cock going to the back of her as if he was going to fuck her into her beautiful round ass.

She turned around to face him and I could not believe my eyes. She had beautiful tits, and a cock and balls the size I am used to see on guys that I fuck.

“Rick. What the hell is this?”

“A shemale. It’s a man that had a sex change creating what you see. Becomes a beautiful woman but keeps his cock and balls. I was wondering if you would be interested in having some fun with one of them?”

I was totally surprised at his question. I have never played with a woman especially one that has a cock. I kept watching the movie to see what was going to happen. I put myself mentally in the movie and realized I could have a lot of fun.

“I think I would like to give it a try, how would we do it?”

“I’ll check around and ask the guy who rents out porno movies if he knows how to go about it”

About a week later Rick got a phone number from the guy.

“How are we going to go about this?”

“I’ll call him and ask him if we could meet for a drink at the local bar.”

Rick called him and setup a date for the following evening at 8pm, at the nearest hotel bar.

He came in and introduced herself as Fran and sat down at our table. He was beautiful, large tits, great looking face, long black hair that hung over his shoulders, large sexy mouth and white teeth. We ordered some drinks and talked about his work which was a as a hairdresser in a upscale salon downtown. Hhe lives alone and told us he is 24 years hold.

He got up to go to the bathroom and notice great looking legs and ass. I could not believe that this( woman) has a cock hidden under his dress. I looked at Rick and said, “now what?”

“ He has a pretty good idea why we met and I am going to ask him to come up to our apartment for a couple drinks.”

“OK! But how is this going to develop?”

“We’ll see. I am sure he will be the aggressor. Change into something revealing and let things happen.”

Fran agreed and we took a cab to our apartment. We made ourselves comfortable, Rick poured us a couple of drinks and offered joints which we took and started smoking.

I excused myself and went into the bedroom and changed into something very suggestive.

When I came back I saw Fran’s eyes light up. Rick went to look for something to nibble, came back and said we had nothing and he was going to the store and get some.

I knew this was an excuse for him to leave us alone. I was not very comfortable but I figured what was going to happen I can handle.

I poured us couple of vodkas on the rocks and we sat down on the couch. I saw the lustful look in Fran’s eyes as he looked me over from top to bottom. He came closer to me and put his hand on the back of my head and brought his lips to mine. His tongue searching mine. We sucked on each other’s tongue. I liked the feeling of a, man/ woman kissing me. I started feeling my pussy getting wet.

As Fran was kissing me his hand went gently up my leg, I felt his fingers slowly moving my panties aside and then spreading the lips of my pussy. He slowly pushed one finger into my cunt. He broke the kiss and moved his mouth over the mounds of my tits.

He took his other hand and pulled down the top of my sheer top and reached for one of my tits, moved his mouth down and started sucking on one of my hard nipples. His finger in my cunt was playing with my clit. I started shaking, and moaning, and exploded in a climax’

While I was climaxing he hooked 2 fingers into my cunt and found my g-spot and was gently rubbing, I spread my legs wide and squirted a wave of pussy juices down his hand and arm and climaxed again.

Fran spread my legs, put his heaad in between them and started licking my pussy. His tongue went inside and he pushed it in and out and tickling my clit as he did this. He ran his tongue over to my asshole and licked with the tip of his tongue.

I thought to myself, this man/woman knows how to have sex with another woman, I was in heaven. I reached for her tits and found them nice and firm with nipples standing out waiting for me to suck on them. I removed her top and was amazed how beautiful they looked.

I bent down and started to suck on one tit while I twisted the other between my thumb and finger. I could feel she was responding to me, and the finger covered with pussy juice was being moved over to my asshole.

She pushed me on my back, bent down to suck on my tit, used one hand to spread my legs and drive her thumb into my pussy and one of her fingers up my asshole, her thumb was rubbing my clit and her other finger was moving in and out of my ass.

I started shaking again and exploded in a huge climax. Fran had not undone her skirt and I worked on the zipper in the back, got the skirt down and pulled down her panties, turned her around and faced a nice 7 inch cock that was at least an inch thick. I could hardly believe my eyes.

Beautiful ass and legs. I could not believe that this was a guy but the cock convinced me. I grabbed the cock and licked off the precum, stroked it a couple times and put it in mouth, I love to suck cock, pushed all the way down my throat and moved my mouth up and down. I gently played with his ball and I felt his cock throbbing, he moaned and let go of stream of cum down my throat.

I pulled out his cock, which was still dripping cum, and with my tongue cleaned and swallowed what I was able to still suck out.

Rick came back and smiled at me and Fran, sat himself in one of our easy chairs to relax and watch, which he loves to do. Fran was not the least bothered and asked Rick if he would like to join.

“Maybe later.”

Fran turned me over on my stomach, pulled up my hips to give him better access to my asshole. He took some lube, that Rick gave him in anticipation of what he had in mind, and squeezed some of it into my hole after spreading it with 2 fingers. He put the head of his cock up to my hole and started to push it in.

I was used to getting fucked in the ass so it was pretty easy for him to get in. I enjoyed the feeling as it went up into my ass as far is he could get it. I felt his balls against the cheeks of my ass and as he was moving in and out his balls were slapping against my ass. I love it and I am about ready for another climax.

Fran bends over my back and his big tits are rubbing me while he twists my nipples and kisses the back of my neck. I am in heaven.

He stops pumping, reaches between my leg and his cock and rubs my clit as he starts pumping into my ass again. The feeling was incredible, I was ready to explode. With his tits rubbing on my back, his cock up my ass, his finger playing with my clit, I just exploded into a screaming climax that would not stop. I said,

“Please stop, I have to catch my breath!”

Fran continued fucking my ass and I could feel his cock throbbing, He shot a huge load which kept coming as he kept pumping.

He got off of me and we both just lay there trying to recoup. I want him to fuck me in the pussy and I wonder when he is going to get there. Maybe I have to take the initiative.

I turned on my back, spread my legs and said’

“Fran you got my ass, I need you to fuck my cunt.”

He grabbed his cock and stroked it until it got hard again. He put my legs over his shoulders and slowly pushed that big cock into my cunt and just let it soak there. I moved my legs away from his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist.

He started fucking me and his tits were bouncing off of mine and it was a feeling I never experienced before, it was wild. He fucked me for a long time and finally his body tensed up and a hot load shot into my cunt.

We both laid down on the couch, we were exhausted. Rick brought us a cold drink followed by some vodka. We relaxed and had some cookies and nuts that Rick got when he went out. He put on some music and after a while he suggested we go into our bedroom.

Rick got undressed and I knew I was going to have 2 holes plugged at the same time. I love this. I grabbed Rick’ rock hard cock and stuck it into my mouth, He put his hand behind my head and pushed his cock down my throat which is were I wanted it.

Fran had raised me on my knees so that my ass was up in the air, put the head of his cock against my hole, grabbed my hips and shoved his big cock up my ass. I love being had this way.

I fucked Fran’s cock while I sucked on Rick’s cock, I was hoping that I could climax at the same time they shot their loads. Rick was first because this was his first and what a load. I swallowed all of it, Fran was fucking my ass hard, his tits bouncing off my back. Rick reach for one and one of mine started to roll the nipples between his fingers.

It felt like electricity was going trough my pussy, Fran’s cock was ready to explode, we both did at the same time, my juices running down my legs and his coming out of my asshole when he pulled out.

Rick spread my legs and pushed his cock into my pussy, fucked me hard until he shot a non stop load. He finally pulled out, gave me a deep kiss and laid down next to me.

The 3 of us fell asleep, Fran woke at about 3am, got dressed and said to me.

“Let’s do this again.” I said, “ you bet.”

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