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A New Job, a New Friend - Chapter One

Jacqueline finds a new job, and a new friend, with some very interesting results.
Bob and I had been struggling for the last few months, ever since I had lost my job due to the company I was working for having a major down fall in clients. A very close friend of mine informed me of a large insurance company they knew who were looking for experienced personnel to run their administrations department. I sent in my resume, and within a few days I was asked to attend an interview.

The interview lasted no more than half an hour. By the end of the interview I was informed I was more than suitable for the job, and they then asked when the earliest I could start was. I was ecstatic with their decision, and agreed there and then to begin work on the following Monday.

When I arrived home, my lovely husband Bob had already prepared dinner. He had even gone to the extent of placing flowers and candles on the table. After a marriage of over twenty years, he was still as romantic as ever.

“I was very confident you would get the job, my love. I have complete faith in your abilities. Plus, you are great at everything you do,” Bob said, with such sincerity in his voice.

I felt my heart melt with the love I knew he felt for me. We are a very strong and loving couple, and to the surprise of many of our friends and associates, we are very open with our sexuality. Some people would consider us to be swingers, I would say we love each other, and enjoyed sex on a higher level than most other couples.

Bob continued showing me more attention than normal over the weekend before my new job was due to begin. He had given me several ‘all body’ massages, all ending with his face planted between my legs, and us fucking for hours like a couple of teenagers. I had lost count on the amount of times we made love that weekend; and it was only between the two of us.

Monday morning arrived, I was feeling rejuvenated, and very much looking forward to my new job. I decided to wear my black corset, matching G string and suspenders, under my blue linen suit, consisting of a very short skirt and long lined jacket. I arrived a little earlier than I was supposed to, I wanted to make a good first impression. The first person to greet me, was an attractive younger woman, at least fifteen to twenty years my junior.

“Hi, I’m Camryn. I will spend the best part of the day making you feel welcomed to join our company,” she said, with such enthusiasm in her voice, and for some unknown reason the tone of her voice was making my pussy tingle. “I will show you around, show you where the best coffee machines are hidden, and which men to avoid at all costs.”

Here I was no more than fifteen minutes into my new job, and this young lady was making my pussy so wet with her bubbly and vibrant personality, and her cute tight arse wasn’t helping matters either. My mind was racing, I had explicit thoughts running through my head. I wanted to feel and taste her young pussy. I wanted to cover her face in my juices. I wanted to suck on her nipples and kiss her lovely full lips, while exploring her mouth with my tongue. ‘Come on, Jacqueline’ I had to tell myself, ‘I’m here to start my new job’. What could such a young attractive woman, like Camryn, see in someone so much older than her?

Every time we headed off to another area, Camryn grabbed my hand and said, “Come on, my new sexy friend.” My lacy G-string was getting wetter every time she spoke those words, or any words for that matter.

Did she really find me attractive? I found I was beginning to ask myself. I’m not thin, but definitely not over weight. I have larger hips than most woman. Bob said they were fantastic, and great to hold onto when fucking me from behind, and he said I have a great arse for slapping and fucking. Typical male, at times they could be very juvenile with their so-called compliments. I do know he means well.

My breasts are double E, and still reasonably firm for my age. I still notice plenty of men of all ages looking at my body. Just as I was thinking I should start going back to the gym to tone up, Camryn led me into the lift, hit the basement button, and informed me this was where the company’s gym was located. How ironic was that, was she reading my mind?

Camryn stood extremely close to me in the elevator, her body lightly touching mine. I could feel her breathing in to my ear, my heart was racing with excitement. She then whispered ever so softly, “Is that your pussy I can smell, or mine.”

I hadn’t noticed until Camryn had mentioned it, or maybe it was the fact we were in such an enclosed space. I could smell my own scent, and definitely, now she mentioned it, her pussy aroma as well. I now knew Camryn wanted me as much as I wanted her. I placed my hand at the back of her head, pulling her lips to mine. I kissed Camryn with such passion. I’m sure if the elevator hadn’t stopped at our floor, a few more seconds and I would have cum right there and then.

We slowly parted our lips as the elevator began to open. Camryn smiled and said, “Wait till I show you my office. I think you’re really going to enjoy it.”

Camryn led me out of the elevator by my hand, and down a long passage way. My pussy was now so wet, and aching for attention, especially Camryn’s attention.

Camryn showed me several rooms full of assorted gym equipment, explaining she worked out every chance she could get, being at least three to four times a week. We stopped at a room with about a dozen exercise bikes in it. I noticed there were two rows of exercise bikes, six in each row. I could see five attractive men, aged from about thirty to maybe their mid-forties working hard on the exercise bikes. They were all in the front row, leaving the back row empty.

Camryn again stood close to my side, and this time I felt her hand under my short skirt, caressing my cheeks as we both gazed upon the men working out.

“That’s the spin class, Jacqueline. I try to do that once a week, you should join me some time.” Camryn again leant over and whispered in my ear, “They are always there, and I workout right behind them, wishing they would all fuck me, the whole five of them.”

With that, I felt myself overcome with an orgasm, and let out a soft moan.

“Oh my, Jacqueline. Did you just come, my very horny friend?” she asked, with her hand still on my arse.

I couldn’t deny it, and looked straight into her eyes and answered her ever so softly, “Yes.”

“Enough of our tour. Last stop, my office,” she excitedly said, as she grabbed my hand, dragging me back towards the elevator.

Once we were in the elevator, Camryn pinned me to the wall, exploring my mouth with her tongue, while her hand was up my skirt rubbing my pussy through my soaked G-string. I returned the favour, sliding my hand up her dress, and to my surprise, Camryn wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her pussy was smooth and extremely wet. I rubbed her pussy vigorously. Camryn responded with a series of quick soft moans. I easily inserted two fingers into her love hole, and no sooner did I have my fingers all the way in to her sopping pussy she screamed, “I’m cumming Jacqueline, I'm cuuummming.”

While Camryn was still having her orgasm, she somehow managed to push two fingers into my pussy, making me cum spontaneously. This had all happened in less than a few minutes, and we were so lucky no one else wanted to use the lift. When the lift finally stopped at Camryn’s floor, we quickly adjusted ourselves, and left the elevator straight for her office.

We couldn’t seem to get there quick enough. Camryn entered her office first, immediately closed the blinds, and asked me to lock the door, which I was more than happy to oblige with. She then sat upon her desk, lifted her skirt, looked directly into my eyes, and with such lust in her voice, demanded, “You should come and clean up the mess you seem to have made between my legs.”

I didn’t need any more persuading from Camryn to bury my face in to her hairless pussy. I knelt between her legs and lapped up her sweet juices from inside her thighs, slowly edging my way closer to her wet hole, spending plenty of time exploring her swollen outer lips. Camryn removed her top and her bra, releasing her perky breasts.

I guessed she was maybe a size smaller than myself, and a little firmer. I then began to lick the inside of her wet pussy, spending plenty of time around her engorged clit, occasionally sucking it in to my mouth. I looked up while still licking and sucking her juices. Camryn was squeezing and pulling on her hard nipples, while moaning with absolute pleasure.

“Oh fuck, Jacqueline. You’re doing, uh, uh, such a fucking good job on my, ah, ah, pussy,” Camryn said, in between her moaning.

She then grabbed my head with one hand, pushing her pussy hard in to my face, and the other over her mouth to muffle her screams as she came hard, covering my face in her juices. Camryn was still shaking from her eruption while I was still licking up as much of her lovely sweet juices as I possible could. She then pulled me up, and kissed me deeply.

“Mmmm, I taste so good,” she said, as she then continued passionately kissing me.

Camryn unbuttoned my shirt and loosened my corset enough to expose my ample breasts, while her tongue still explored every bit of my mouth. She then guided me onto the desk to where she had been previously sitting. I have to say, I was really enjoying the forceful way she kissed me. I’ve kissed plenty of women in my life, but not as passionately as Camryn. For the next few minutes, our lips stayed locked, and our tongues explored the depths of each other’s mouths. Camryn was squeezing my breasts, while pulling and rolling my nipples hard; just the way I like it.

One of her hands slid down to my aching pussy. Camryn pushed past my wet panties and entered me with three of her fingers with complete ease. I couldn’t help but lean back and moan as I felt an orgasm closing in quickly. Camryn began fingering me hard and fast, it felt so fucking fantastic. She then began to lick and suck my swollen clit at the same time. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I grabbed her head as I arched my back and came so fucking hard. I had to use everything I could not to scream and be heard from outside of her office.

I was now lying on her desk, my soaked panties, pulled to one side and my pussy dripping onto Camryn’s desk. Camryn stood next to me licking her fingers clean.

“I don’t know what it is about you, Jacqueline. The moment I saw you this morning I wanted, and needed you,” she said, as she walked around to the other side of the desk opening the top draw. “I want you to cum on my desk, I want you to leave a puddle of your juices before you leave today,” she continued, while pulling out two thick long vibrators.

Fuck, the idea of it had me on the verge of cumming before she even walked back around her desk holding a vibrator in each hand. Camryn placed one in my hands, which I turned on and ran it lightly over my breasts and nipples. She then placed the other vibrator at the entrance of my pussy. She teased the outside of my love hole for a few minutes, driving me completely crazy with lust.

I was thrashing around on her desk in total ecstasy. I needed to feel the thick long vibrator deep inside me. I couldn’t wait any longer, and pushed myself onto the vibrator Camryn was holding. Once I had its full length in my pussy, Camryn began to fuck me hard. I was beginning to get really noisy, as I was having orgasm after orgasm.

“Oh yes, yes, ah, ah, fuck me harder. Yes, ah, mmm, like that, ah… you’re making me cum so fuuucking much,” I screamed, as I was thrashing around on Camryn’s desk.

“I need to do something about how loud you’re getting, Jacqueline. Don’t want everyone to know what I get up to in my office,” she said, climbing on top of me in a sixty nine position.

Once Camryn was in place, lowering her dripping pussy on to my face, I pushed the vibrator I had into her wet hole, and started fucking her like she was fucking me, and at the same time we were both licking and sucking each other’s swollen clits furiously. This drove us both into a fucking frenzy, we were now both slamming our pussies hard into the vibrators.

I could feel the puddle of my juices underneath me growing by the minute, and Camryn's pussy was dripping onto my face. We continued for what felt like hours, but it could not have been any longer than twenty minutes to half an hour, before we were both completely exhausted. My face drenched from Camryn’s juices, and a rather large puddle of my own sweet nectar on her desk.

We both quickly tidied ourselves up, and I wasn’t sure what to do or say next, I felt a little awkward. It was my first day at work, and I had done nothing but dream about Camryn for the first part of the day. Then we spent the rest of the day licking and fucking each other.

Camryn broke the ice by asking me, “Tomorrow, at about 2.00pm, would you like to attend the spin class with me?”

I looked into her beautiful eyes, and couldn’t resist. “I would love to, Camryn,” I answered, still trying to work out what exactly had just happened here today.

“I will see you then, my sexy new friend,” she said, as she grabbed and kissed me good bye. “I think this is the beginning of a great friendship. What do you think, Jacqueline?”

“I completely agree with you, Camryn. I will be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,” I said, as I left her office.

All I could think about on my way to my car, was how surprised and excited I knew Bob would be when I told him how my first day on the job went. I couldn’t wait to tell him everything that had happened between me and Camryn. 

To be continued...

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