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A New Year's Celebration

We are seduced by a policeman on New Year's Eve.
This story is being told by my wife Ann, a county policeman named Matt, and me, Tim. It happened early on in our marriage.

My husband Tim and I were at the Under Armor store shopping for Christmas presents when I noticed a county policeman also shopping. He and I were in the women’s section. I looked for my husband and he was unaware of me as he was shopping in the men’s area. I looked up and Matt, the cop, was smiling at me. I smiled back my sexiest smile then looked down to his crotch and noticed a considerable bulge. Embarrassed, I looked away. We talked in line briefly. God, I was so wet!


I was Christmas shopping for my wife when I noticed this hot lady and a good looking guy walk into the store. They went their separate ways. Next thing I noticed she was smiling at me. She was tall, almost at eye level with me as she batted her long lashes covering her beautiful blue eyes. Then she lowered her gaze. I felt a rush as adrenaline and blood surged to my penis and it got hard instantly. I was sure she saw the bulge in my uniform. We made some small talk in the line to pay and then I watched them leave but not before I memorized their license plate number. Man my cock was so hard.


We got in line to pay for the presents we had purchased when I first noticed the handsome swat team county police officer standing behind my wife. She turned to him and said something I couldn’t hear. He smiled and I realized they were flirting with each other. She then said, "When do you start your shift?" Six PM was the response. She wished him a merry Christmas and he did the same.

She turned to me with a slight red glow on her cheeks. I just smiled thinking, man do I ever wish she would someday allow a guy like him into our bedroom for a three way; he being six foot, 185 pounds, with dark hair, in great shape, around 40 years old and sporting a BIG bulge in his pants. Being a bisexual want-to-be the thought of watching him have sex with her and then having me join in was making my cock very hard.


Ann and I were returning from dinner on New Year’s eve. We had some wine with dinner and were in a happy sexy mood as we drove home to celebrate the new year with champagne and sex. A mile from home I noticed an unmarked police car following. I was doing the speed limit and not breaking any laws but he followed me all the way home. He even pulled into our driveway.

We got out when I realized it was the cop from the store. He introduced himself and said he suspected me of driving under the influence. After much talk I said, "How can I/we make this go away?"

He smiled at her and she smiled back. He said he was off shift and maybe we could talk more inside.


Oh fuck, was my first thought as the cop followed us home. Then I was secretly thinking maybe it’s him, my cop from the store! When we got out of the car and I saw that it was Matt, the good looking cop I talked to before Christmas, I got instantly wet. I knew he was not here to arrest my husband on a DUI charge but to hopefully fuck me with his big cock.


Once inside I offered everyone some champagne. We all relaxed and made sexy small talk. After several glasses of the bubbly I said, "Let’s move into the bedroom."

My wife was shocked and started to mildly protest when Matt grabbed her hand, brought her to him and kissed her passionately. She held back for a moment then kissed him back.


What the fuck was happening? Was my husband really suggesting we go into the bedroom and have a three way sex night? Was I about to turn my husband into a cuckold? As much as I wanted to fuck this hunk I valued our marriage. Could this wreck what we had or could this be a new chapter? Wow, what a kiss! My husband was leading the way and we were following.


Oh yeah, this was working out just as I thought. She wanted me and I think he wanted me too. And of course I wanted them both.

I stripped out of my uniform down to my boxers as I watched him undress her. She was down to bra, panties, garter belt and stockings and her sexy heels. He stripped down to nothing. His cock was hard and sticking straight out. It was about six inches and on the thin side, smaller than my nine thick inches which was straining to be free. I moved in and kissed her again as I undid her bra freeing her nice 34B tits. I fondled them as we kissed. What a beautiful body and face I thought. I guessed her to be about forty and him fifty. This truly was my lucky night.


My husband stripped me. Matt then kissed me and freed my tits. His cock was pressing into my stomach. I had to see and taste it. I went to my knees and then lowered his boxers. His cock was magnificent. Long and thick and it had to be at least nine inches. It was much bigger than my husband’s thin cock. I held it then kissed the head and took it deep in my mouth. Matt told my husband to come and watch me suck his cock. 

Tim got to his knees and was very close. I pulled Matt's cock out of my mouth and pointed it at my husband. I said, "I know you have said for many years how if ever given the chance that you would want to suck a cock before you die. Well now is your chance." I placed Matt’s large cock head to his lips. He looked at me and I nodded my head. He then reach in and kissed the tip. I said, "It is okay, honey, just do it." He then opened his mouth and I pulled his head to it.

Holy shit, he was actually sucking his cock and it was really turning me on. He sucked him for several minutes and even was caressing his large balls. Then Matt pulled his cock free and we went to the bed. He dove between my legs and kissed and licked my very wet pussy. I was so glad I'd shaved and trimmed today. He brought me close to orgasm but then stopped and moved up to place his cock at my entrance.

He pushed and in it popped. Just the head at first then he moved slowly and filled me with his entire cock. I only remember being this full with an old boyfriend of mine many years ago. Man this is how to be fucked. He pounded me for a few minutes then stopped and said he wanted me to be in a 69 with my husband.

I got on top of Tim and went for his cock as he started to lick my clit. Matt moved in and told my husband to put his cock in my pussy. Tim grabbed his cock and lined it up. Matt pushed and I had that wonderful full feeling again. I was being fucked and licked at the same time. I then felt my first ever vaginal orgasm hit. It was a wave of pure pleasure running from my clit to my brain. I saw stars and heard explosions. I screamed around my husband’s cock as I felt Matt’s cock get even bigger as he unleashed a flood of hot cum deep in my cunt.


Matt and Ann were fucking and I was watching the action. Matt told Ann and me to get in a 69 position. My wife climbed on top of me and l began to lick her freshly fucked cunt. I was in heaven. Then Matt told me to put his cock in my wife's cunt. I was over joyed. I held his thick manhood and lined it up.

He pushed and I was rewarded with the view of the century. A beautiful big thick cock was being buried in my wife’s pussy. He then pounded her with great force as I licked at her clit. His big balls were being dragged across my forehead and nose as he stroked in and out. She was screaming out and I believe she was experiencing her first real orgasm. Then he tensed up and I saw his cock swell. He dumped his hot steamy load in her.

His cock fell out of her pussy and landed on my face. He told me to suck and lick him clean. It was covered with his cum and her juice. I was so horny I obeyed his command. I took his still hard cock to my mouth and licked and sucked it getting everything clean. I then swallowed and tasted his sperm in the back of my throat. The after taste was strong but not unpleasant.

My wife then moved down and said she wanted me to clean her also. She positioned her pussy over my mouth and I licked and sucked her with vigor. His load was forced out of her and into my waiting mouth. I had to swallow multiply times to get it all during which time she had another orgasm.


After Matt fucked me he made my husband clean and suck his cock. That was so hot I decided to let Tim eat Matt’s cum from my pussy as well. I moved over his face and he did just that. What I didn’t expect was to have another orgasm as he feasted on our juices.

My husband then move behind me and buried his cock in my stretched out cunt. He rammed it home and started to fuck me. Then I felt the bed shift. I looked back to see Matt moving behind my husband. Oh fuck, I did believe he was going to fuck Tim in the ass with his big fat cock.

Matt squirted lube on his cock and on my husband’s asshole and then he moved into position. My husband didn’t object as Matt placed his cockhead to his virgin hole. Well, not entirely a virgin hole because I have fucked him several times with a dildo and he always loved it. Well it serves him right for drinking and driving and for always wanting to fuck my ass. So now he got see what it’s like.


Shit, I thought Tim and Ann looked so good fucking right there before me. Tim's ass looked real good too. So I lubed us both up and shoved my cock in his waiting ass. He didn’t complain as I fucked him as he fucked her.


I pushed my cock into her very wet and loose cunt. I could barely feel her after she had such a big cock just a few minutes ago. But I was so fucking horny it felt wonderful anyway. Then I felt lube being pushed into my ass. Matt was going to give me his punishment for drinking and driving. I was going to be fucked as I was fucking my wife. 

Oh boy, did he fuck me. I can tell you this, it felt incredible. His hot thick cock burned at first but ten the pleasure was unbelievable. What a feeling. Every time he hit my prostate it sent electric shock waves right to my cockhead. He pounded my ass for twenty minutes before he and I came at the same time. I filled wife with what seemed like a gallon of cum as he erupted deep in my ass with an equal amount. She said she also had an orgasm when we both came.


We rested up then we all took a shower together. As we washed we all got excited again and we ended up moving back to bed and Matt fucked me. Then my husband got sloppy seconds. Then to my surprise Matt went down on me and swallowed both his and my hubby’s cum before fucking me again.

Now my husband was completely spent but loved watching as Matt fucked me three more times that night and once in the morning before he left. Man I fell in love with this man’s hard big fat cock.

That night has been repeated several times. Now Matt is talking about bring his wife into our little group. Maybe I will get my first time with a woman. I am not sure. My husband wants me to. After all he has sucked Matt’s cock and also been fucked by him so maybe I will taste my first pussy. My husband says she is all mine but I bet he samples her also. Who knows what will happen. I know as long as Matt keeps fucking me with his gorgeous cock I will be happy. I am so happy Matt turned my husband into a bisexual cum loving cuckold.


When I left the next morning I reflected back on the last 24 hours. I actually followed them home and fucked both of them. I could have gotten in all kinds of trouble but the risk was worth the reward. Ann is so fucking hot and so is her husband Tim. Man can he suck cock. Next time I will let him suck me until I cum in his mouth. I also think I will suck him. It will be my first.


Wow, what a New Year’s it had been. I lived out a dream of mine. That was the night I became a cock-loving, cum-swallowing, bisexual, cuckold husband.

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