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A Night Out With the Girls

Michelle Gets a Much Needed Break
Michelle sat at the booth with a Jack and Coke. Her friends from work had persuaded her to come out for a few drinks. While they raised the roof, getting louder and drunker, she nursed her drink quietly. She didn’t feel like getting foolish and boisterous, but she did need some release. Between the long hours at her new job and taking care of the kids and her husband at home, she was exhausted. She had called her hubby and let him know she would be a little late getting home. He said he would feed the kids and get them ready for bed. She loved that he understood that she needed a little time away from time to time.

Although Michelle loved her husband very much, she needed more than just his touch. She was a very sexual animal. Fortunately, he encouraged her to explore her sexuality. She had a few encounters outside her marriage, but she usually told her husband about them. The sex, after these storytelling sessions was always intense for both of them.

Even though Michelle was 31, she could easily pass for 25. Her curves were all in the right places and the summer dress that she had chosen for work today worked nicely to accentuate those sexy curves and her inviting cleavage. She still had the looks to make the men stop and stare. She loved that she still had that effect. She loved a hard cock, but lately she had been fantasizing about being with a woman.

As she sipped her drink, she scanned the all of the women in the place. She immediately noticed a young woman sitting at the bar. The woman was stunning. Her jet black hung down onto her shoulders. Her warm complexion suggested she had some island blood in her past. She had an exotic face with a thick lower lip that just begged to be nibbled.

Michelle found herself staring at the woman. She was totally lost in the fantasy of the moment. She had no idea about what office gossip her friends were going on and on about. Michelle was fantasizing about taking this woman's breast in her mouth, about sucking her perfect, dark nipple, about sliding her fingers into the woman's wet pussy, and about kissing her firm, athletic tummy.

Michelle's daze was broken when she saw the woman get off of her bar stool and walk directly towards the table. She figured she had been caught staring and was getting more and more nervous as the woman neared the table. Michelle squirmed in her chair as the woman looked directly at her and smiled. Michelle saw the woman nod toward the ladies' room and veered away from the table and headed in that direction. Before entering, she looked back at Michelle and smiled again.

Michelle thought, "Am I dreaming? Did she just tell me that she wanted me to join her?"

Michelle excused herself. She had to go see if she was imagining things. Her legs felt unsteady as she got up and made her way to the restroom. Her friends thought that she may have been a little tipsy, but in reality, the unsteadiness was due mainly to the burning desire she was feeling for the mystery woman who was waiting for her in the bathroom.

As Michelle pushed the door open, she saw the woman just entering the stall for the handicapped.

“Would you like to join me?” the island beauty smiled invitingly and said. “My name is Jasmine.”

Michelle moved to the stall. She was trembling. When she looked around the corner of the stall, she saw that the woman had lifted her little black party dress up over her hips and had exposed her tiny black thong. Her right hand moved between her legs and stroked her pussy through the material. “Would you like to taste me?” she asked.

Michelle didn’t say a word but moved closer. She knelt down and slid the thong over the other woman’s hips. When she saw the woman’s bare pussy, she sighed contently and began to lick the woman’s wet lips. Michelle watched the woman lift her right leg and rest her foot on the toilet seat. This gave Michelle better access to the woman’s sexy wetness. She licked the length of the woman’s pussy slowly, enjoying every inch of her honey-covered pussy. She took her time sucking every fold and crevice as the woman thrust her hips into Michelle’s wanting mouth.

Michelle heard Jasmine moan. Jasmine cupped the back of Michelle’s head. She forced Michelle’s mouth harder against her soaked pussy. It wasn’t as if Michelle minded. She loved the taste of Jasmine’s wetness. Michelle lapped the woman’s clit and Jasmine moaned more loudly. Michelle began to wonder if someone would hear them, but she couldn’t stop now.

“Suck it harder,” the Jasmine begged. “Make me cum. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Michelle looked up and saw that Jasmine was close. Her head was thrown back. Her eyes were closed. And her breathing had become more and more rapid. Michelle slid three fingers easily into the woman’s pussy and pressed her tongue firmly on the woman’s clit. She moved her head rapidly from side to side. As Jasmine moaned breathlessly, Michelle removed one finger from the woman’s pussy and slid it easily into her ass. Jasmine gasped as an orgasm ripped through her body.

Jasmine shook and slumped forward against Michelle, almost losing her balance. When she regained her composure, she watched Michelle stand up and saw the mess that she had made of Michelle’s wet face. “Oh my, I have made such a mess. Let me help get you cleaned up.” They moved to the sink and began to get Michelle cleaned up. “We can’t let your friends see you like this now. Can we?”

Michelle looked up and saw the woman in the mirror. “My name is Michelle?” she said.

Jasmine laughed. “I’m pleased to meet you, Michelle. I do hope you will let me return the favor. You were magnificent.”

Michelle’s pussy was flooded and throbbing with desire, but she knew that she should be getting back to her friends. “I would love that, but…”

Jasmine smiled and said, “Tell you what. You go back and tell your friends you have to leave and then meet me and my friend out front in ten minutes. We take you home via the scenic route.” They agreed. Michelle straightened her hair and makeup. She kissed Jasmine tenderly and then turned to the door. She went back to the table and told her friends that she had a splitting headache and needed to head home. A few of them offered her a ride, but she told them she would catch a cab because she didn’t want to spoil their fun. She headed to the door. She paused before moving through the front door to call her husband. She told him that she was working on a few more bedtime stories and suggested that he take a nap because he would need to be ready for some action when she got home. He laughed and said he would most definitely be ready.

She laughed, “You know me too well. Do you mind?”

“Not at all, babe. You have been working way too hard lately. You need to cut loose a little,” he said.

“Thanks. I promise I’ll make it worth it for you later….or, maybe tomorrow?” she asked.

“Have fun. I’ll get some rest. It sounds like I’m going to need it,” he laughed again.

“I love you, baby,” she said.

“Love you, Michelle. Have fun and be safe.”

She smiled and thought about how much she loved him and how lucky she was that he understood her need for sex outside of their bedroom. She loved being with Jasmine, but she also knew how good his hard cock would feel deep in her pussy later that night.

As Michelle stepped outside, she saw Jasmine in a car pulled directly up in front of the bar. In the passenger side, Michelle saw another gorgeous woman with long dark hair. Jasmine rolled down her window as the passenger got out of the car and made her way to the back seat. “This is my girlfriend, Ariel. She would like to get to know you better on the way back to our place. Hop in.”

Michelle didn’t hesitate. She got in the back with Ariel. No words were spoken. Ariel kissed Michelle deeply. Ariel tasted Jasmine on Michelle’s luscious lips and tongue making Ariel’s pussy gush. She kissed her way down Michelle’s throat while sliding her hand up Michelle’s sundress, feeling Michelle’s drenched panties. Michelle squirmed on the seat as Ariel’s fingers probed her pussy through the material.

Ariel moved Michelle’s dress up over her hips and pulled her panties down. Michelle gasped as Ariel’s tongue probed the wet crevices of her throbbing pussy. Michelle pushed the back of Ariel’s head down trying to get her tongue to reach deeper. Jasmine craned her neck and adjusted the rearview mirror, trying to get a glimpse of the action behind her, but she couldn’t see as much as she wanted. She tried to focus on driving, but the moans and slurping sounds from the back seat were making it difficult to focus. She couldn’t resist fingering herself as she drove.

Michelle continued moaning from Ariel’s expert touch. Ariel turned and crouched on the back seat perpendicular to Michelle. This position put Ariel’s perfect bottom in the air. Michelle admired her curves. She stuck her hand down Ariel’s pants, caressing her firm, bare ass. She reached lower and lower. Ariel reached back and unfastened her pants allowing Michelle greater access. Michelle’s fingers soon sunk deep in Ariel’s soaked pussy from behind.

The car suddenly stopped as they arrived at the apartment. The three scrambled to collect their clothes and make their way inside. Jasmine and Ariel took Michelle’s hands and practically pulled her into their home. When they got inside, they both began removing Michelle’s clothes. Soon she stood naked in the living room as Jasmine sucked and nipped her sensitive breasts. Ariel’s slacks soon hit the floor and she quickly slipped out of her tank top and purple panties. It was then that Michelle got her first good look at Ariel’s lovely body.

Michelle thought Ariel had the body of a Spanish dancer with a firm and ample ass, a slim waist, and a perfectly shaped pair of breasts. She watched as Ariel fingered her own pussy. Ariel was focused on watching Jasmine suck Michelle’s full breasts.

Suddenly, Jasmine left the room, disappearing into a large, walk-in closet. Ariel took Michelle’s hand and led her into the bedroom. When they got there, Michelle took the initiative and spun Ariel around so her back was to the bed. She playfully pushed Ariel down and knelt between Ariel’s sexy thighs. Ariel giggled and wriggled her way further up on the bed so that they both would be more comfortable. Michelle moved closer, kissing Ariel’s inner thighs and then began enjoying her saturated pussy lips. She sucked them loudly, savoring Ariel’s sexy wetness.

Just then, Jasmine came into the room. Ariel could see that her girlfriend had put on their favorite 10-inch strap-on and was moving directly towards Michelle’s inviting ass. Michelle jumped when she felt the plastic cock initially rub against her ass, but quickly disregarded it and went back to eating Ariel’s luscious pussy.

Jasmine wasted little time burying the strap-on in Michelle’s throbbing pussy. She fucked her hard and fast. Michelle’s guttural moans were muffled by Ariel’s wet lips. Jasmine pulled out suddenly. Michelle whimpered with disappointment until she felt Jasmine push the tip into her tight asshole. Michelle had never had anything so big in her ass, but as soon as she adjusted to it, she loved the way that it filled her.

Meanwhile, Ariel moaned as her fingers teased her own clit. The sight of her girlfriend slamming the fake cock into her new playmate’s ass was bringing her to the edge of climax. Michelle began using her talented tongue Ariel’s ass, and Ariel’s body was overcome with a shuddering orgasm. She held Michelle’s head firmly into her crotch, not wanting to let her escape, not wanting the waves of pleasure to subside. Jasmine pulled the strap-on out of Michelle’s ass and slammed it back into her pussy, sending Michelle to a ripping orgasm as well.

“Yes,” Michelle screamed at the top of her lungs as she had never experience and orgasm as intense in her entire life. Jasmine kept right on pumping into Michelle’s pussy. Each stroke with the strap-on put pressure against Jasmine’s clit, making her moan with delight.

As Ariel caught her breath, she got up and kissed her girlfriend hard on the mouth. She wrapped her arms around Jasmine and the two moved into a passionate embrace. This gave Michelle a welcome opportunity to catch her breath. She watched the two sexy, passionate women and couldn’t believe where this seemingly boring night had led. She absent-mindedly fingered herself as watched them kiss. Ariel unfastened the strap-on and began feasting on Jasmine’s flooded pussy. Michelle soon joined in. She and Ariel shared Jasmine until Jasmine too had experienced orgasmic bliss.

The three of them relaxed a bit until Michelle looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It was 2:30 am. She asked Jasmine to take her back to her car. Jasmine smiled and grabbed some sweatpants and t-shirt. The two of them left Ariel in the middle of the bed asleep and made their way back to the bar. They kissed goodbye and Jasmine said, “Look me up if you ever want some pussy, baby.”

As Michelle got in her car, she thought about all the tales she had for her hubby, and as she stroked her bare pussy, she decided there was no way those new tales could wait for tomorrow.

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