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A Very Naughty Girl - Turns Bisexual

A Very Naughty Girl - Turns Bisexual

My boyfriend and I find ourselves in a gay bar...Getting turned on is easy...but do I?
My home town is a wonderful place. I have lived there for ages with my boyfriend, John. We have a pretty good sex life so I have no excuses on that front. I have done a lot of naughty things in my time, some of which I have related before and this story is no different. Once I got over the shock of what I found happening in a local pub, virtually on my doorstep, I then had to get over the shock of what I did about it. To this day, I do not know why I did what I did. I had no compulsion, no need, no urgency to behave like I did. I am not a dominant type of woman; a bit of an exhibitionist I suppose, but not dominant. I love to try different sexual things, but even I had never had the urge to try that sexual act.

It all happened one Saturday night. John and I were out on the town, so to speak. It’s not a party town but there are pubs where people our age tend to congregate. But on this night, we had decided to travel further and took a taxi. A whole three miles away from where we live to a pub in a nearby town. There was a pub there that we were told was lively. It was a welcome break to go somewhere that was a bit different and exciting.

We entered the pub and were immediately crushed by the people. The bar was full, absolutely full. We looked at each other and nodded our approval. I saw a friend from a while back, Becky her name was, at the bar and we made our way over to get a drink. At the far end of the bar there was a small dance floor that was empty. The music was loud but people were seemingly having reasonable conversations.

I nudged Becky as I squeezed myself towards the bar. She glanced in my direction, probably to complain, as she was pushed a little forward over the bar.

“Hi,” she said, “what brings you here?” she asked.

“Out for a good time,” I replied, “is it good here?” I questioned.

In between trying to get the barman’s attention and talking to me, Becky told me all about the place. All that she dared to tell me that is. Later I would find things out for myself. I introduced her to John and we had a good chat. She introduced us to another of her friends, Jenny, and we sort of made a foursome for the evening, though I wasn’t all that sure whether we should have imposed on them.

We stood close to the dance floor along one side of the wall. Our drinks precariously balanced on a wooden rail along the side of the wall. I watched people on the dance floor, in between chatting, and passing the time of day with our relatively new friends.

I kept looking at a few of the ladies on the side of the dance floor and there were a few dancing on their own, as you do in these places. The strange thing was that the women were looking at those dancing rather than the men. The men were quite happy talking to themselves at the bar. I watched as one women turned to her friend, pointed to one of the women dancing and then proceeded to wiggle her tongue in a up and down motion.

I turned back to talk with John, but my mind was working overtime. For some reason my breathing increased and I was drawn to watch some more.

I don’t know how I missed the obvious signs. I guess that if you are not expecting something then its not there. I started to look around at other people. I clocked one bloke with his arm on the bar having an intense conversation with his male friend. I watched another woman flick a lock of hair from her friend‘s face; not in a concerned way, but in a caring, loving way. I turned back to the dance floor and watched the women dancing. They were definitely trying to impress, but it wasn’t the blokes they were trying to impress at all.

I turned to John, and was about to tell him my thoughts when it struck me hard.

I looked at Becky and then Jenny. We were obviously intruding on their lifestyle and we didn’t even know it. I chatted to John for a while but didn’t have the heart to tell him my thoughts. In fact, a wicked thought crept over my mind. I wondered if some bloke might come up to chat him up. I smiled quietly to myself.

I finally turned to Becky, “where are the loos?” I asked. She pointed to the far end of the dance floor to a corridor. I thanked her and turned to walk to the loos. I suddenly felt insecure as if I was being scrutinised, watched and followed. I was.

It seemed that all of a sudden, all the eyes from all the women were upon me as I walked across the dance floor. I felt scared. I walked past one woman that tried to entice me into a dance, but I walked on, wagging my finger to tell her no thanks. I eventually found myself walking towards the woman that wagged her tongue. I could see her watch me, then I saw her head move from my toes to my tits. She seemed to stop at my tits and then she looked at me. A wide, sexual grin appeared on her face and it was directed entirely at me. I felt as if she had just stripped me completely and was gazing at my naked body. I could feel my breathing become heavier. My lungs sucking in air rapidly. I tried to calm myself down as much as possible as I walked towards her. I tried to avoid eye contact but it was difficult given her proximity to the doors that led through to the toilets. I smiled at her as I passed her.

“She‘s fucking hot…” I heard her say, “I could lick that pussy….” she continued as I walked past her. I decided not to turn my head and look at her but made a bee-line directly for the toilet door. I opened it entered the corridor and nearly ran to the ladies loos. For once, there was more of a queue at the gents. I entered the cubicle and breathed a sigh of relief. I dropped my knickers and sat on the loo. Before I did what I came to do I felt my pussy. To my horror, it was soaking wet. I started to relieve myself and then thought long and hard about the walk to the loo.

I had been frightened walking among all those women. Women that lusted after me. I remembered being uncertain about it all but I also remembered having a rapid hot flush and a feeling of excitement especially when I heard her words of lust drift into my ears. That was the moment, I guess, that I flooded my pussy with sex juices.

I sat on the loo for what seemed like ages. I heard voices outside and wondered if it was her. I eventually started to pull my knickers up but as they were half way up my legs I stopped. I found myself breathing irregularly. I clenched my thighs together and felt my pussy respond. I looked down at my knickers.

“You gonna be all night in there…” someone shouted. “Just a minute…” I replied.

I dropped my knickers to the floor, picked them up and stashed them in my very small handbag that I was carrying. I was now dressed in a top, bra, skirt and heels. The skirt was on the short side, but hey, if John caught sight of me he wouldn’t complain.

I straightened myself up and unlocked the door. A different Denise left the cubicle than the one that went in. This one was far more confident, sexy, wicked and this one was going to have some fun and play a game. That’s what I thought I was going to do anyway.

I left the loo and apologised to the lady who rushed in behind me. She must have been desperate. I walked back down the corridor and opened the door onto the dance floor.

Sure enough the woman who commented on my walk to the loo was looking in my direction. I smiled at her and licked my lips. She was rather sexy looking, she was wearing a black dress that seemed to cling to every curve of her body. She had long legs that seemed to go on forever and they were coated in a black substance that was either stockings or tights. I found myself wondering what type they were. I watched her as she clocked me looking her up and down. It was deliberate. She needed some of the same attention that I got and I was going to tease her to hell.

I walked towards her, very deliberately, looking her in the eyes all the way there.

“Hi,” I opened with the obvious way to get her attention. Then with a flick of my head I leant around her face and whispered into her ear.

“I‘m with my boyfriend over there…” I said, pointing to John, “but you missed a very wet pussy in there, and that was before I started to pee…”

I winked at her and started to walk away towards John. I could feel her mouth open behind me, I could feel her shocked to the core, or at least, that’s what I had imagined had happened.

I reached John and we started to chat. Becky and Jenny were on the dance floor and were quite close to each other. They seemed to be keeping an eye on John all the same. He had still not worked out this place yet. Sometimes, I thought, he was so naïve. I manoeuvred ourselves so that I could watch the sexy girl. As we chatted, I caught her glancing in my direction and making lewd suggestions with her fingers and tongue. It was making me hot. At least my breathing was back to normal, now that I had some control over the events that were taking place. I liked being in control on this occasion. I felt empowered in lesbian land. Here I was, the straight woman, feeling in total control when some of the women around me were making plans to get in my knickers. Little did they know, there were no knickers to get into. Not tonight anyway.

I was going to say, not ever. But as I thought quietly to myself, the word ever was erased from my mind.

I looked at the woman around John’s body and I licked my upper lip in her direction. It was so obvious. I just hoped that the other women around her didn’t think it was for them as well. Only she seemed to respond to it. There seemed to be a direct link between us that everyone else was aware of; everyone else but John that is.

Jenny and Becky returned from dancing and we started chatting again. In between talking with Becky, I was glancing back to the sexy lady by the loos. Becky seemed to catch on rather quickly as to what was happening. She must have been tuned in to this sort of behaviour, but it was all new to me.

She smiled at me and then looked at the sexy lady. I felt myself blushing profusely. John eventually decided to have another drink and so he trotted off to the bar after taking our orders. As soon as he left I leaned into Becky and whispered in her ear.

“I didn‘t realise it was this kind of bar,” I said, “it‘s a bit of an eye opener for me.” She smiled and nodded.

“Are you…”, I questioned. She smiled and nodded again.

“I‘m not sure why, but my pussy is soaking wet…” I continued, ”and I‘m horny as hell.”

“Sandy has that affect on people,” she said.

“Sandy?” I questioned.

“The girl you have been staring at over there,” she said, as she pointed with her eyes.

“You noticed,” I replied.

“If you go for it, be dominant,” she said matter-of-factly. “I did, and she loved it,” she continued.

I just looked at her open mouthed. I didn’t know what to say, then I found myself smiling again. She turned to John as he arrived back from the bar with two drinks in his hand. He returned for the next two. I took a sip and looked in Sandy’s direction.

I had a name now. I also had a very wet pussy. I am not sure how I stopped my juices snaking down my thighs but I managed it. I was horny and I was breathing irregularly in short, sharp bursts. I wanted see what it was like. I turned to Becky quickly before John came back from the bar.

“What‘s it like,” I said.

“Wonderful…the scent, the taste, the feeling and the exhilaration when your partner cums. No different to you and John,” she replied.

I tilted my head to one side, screwed up my face, “he can be a bit selfish…” I replied. Becky laughed.

By the time John had arrived back, I was in two minds about what to do. Something inside me was making the decisions for me. I was definitely hornier than I had ever been that night and it was all down to Sandy. I knew that for a fact. I had never had sexual leanings towards women in the past, but here I was contemplating a lesbian affair. I was also intrigued by what Becky said about domination. That was sparking all sorts of scenarios in my head.

The one thing holding me back was John. If I was going to do anything, even a one night stand, I would have to cheat on John. Right here and now.

We had two or more drinks that evening and I even found myself dancing; not with John, but with Becky and Jenny. He just wanted to stand and watch all the women dance instead. I am not sure exactly what was going through his mind, but I guess he felt as if he was in with a chance. When we finished dancing I found myself staring once more in Sandy’s direction.

I was a lot more obvious than before and she was staring back at me as well.

I found myself getting hot under the collar. In my mind, I wanted to walk over there and fuck her. I looked away but the feeling kept growing. I glanced back at her. I found myself breathing harder. My breasts heaving at times as my mind worked out what the hell I would do about it. I swallowed hard and saw that Becky was watching me with intrigue.

What if Sandy refused? What if I made a fool of myself? What if? What if? What if? Too many what if’s.

I pardoned myself from John and said that I was going to the loo. I put my glass down next to Becky. I was breathing heavily. I threw her a questioning and uncertain smile and turned to walk to the loo. As I approached Sandy I leant in to her.

“Follow me…” I whispered, then as I made to leave her, “…if you want my cherry!” I was hoping the word cherry would be like a red rag to a bull.

I made for the hallway that led to the loos, opened the door and stepped through. I made for the ladies immediately. I didn’t want to wait and see if she followed me or not. I was too scared. Scared if she didn’t which would make me out to be such a fool, and if I were to be honest, even more scared if she did.

As it happened, which must have been a first for the ladies toilets, the cubicle closest to the wall, was free. I stood in the doorway with my eyes fixed on the main door. I waited.

The next person that came in through the door was Sandy. Fuck, now what, I thought. I had to go through with my plan. I nodded and pointed to the door of the cubicle. I watched as she strode towards me. Her eyes fixed on mine. I turned to the side to let her pass me.

Without warning I pressed her into the cubicle and pushed her up against the wall and held her there with one hand on her back. I closed the door quickly and slid the lock into place. I pressed myself up against her and slid my free hand all the way under her dress and up onto her arse. My hand went from silk to skin; she was wearing stockings and it felt a wonderful transition to make. Her silky knickers felt even better to the touch. I pushed my hand along them and under the cheeks of her arse. My fingers reached forward onto her pussy. Her arms were at head height on the cubicle wall and she was pushing her body back off it. Her motions only served to help spread her thighs and my fingers found her pussy.

“You are so going to lick and suck my pussy…it‘s fucking soaking,” I whispered in her ear as my fingers slid along her knickers and between her pussy lips.

I pulled her back and pushed her down onto the toilet seat. My own hand found my pussy and I slipped two fingers inside me. My legs and knees forced her thighs apart and she sat on the seat with her legs wide open, looking at me. I pulled my fingers from my pussy and pushed them into her mouth. She sucked avidly on them; rolling them on her tongue, sucking on them and slipping her tongue between them. I lifted my dress and walked towards her waiting mouth. With my hand on the back of her head, I encouraged her to lick me.

Sandy didn’t need any encouragement. She sank her mouth and tongue onto my pussy. She lapped her tongue over me and her hands came up on my arse and she clasped the soft flesh. I felt her tongue slip along my pussy lips and then it entered me.

Fuck it was wonderful, Becky was so fucking right.

Sandy then flicked her tongue up my slit and onto my clit. I instinctively pushed my pussy forward so that she could gain access. I finally placed one of my legs over hers and onto a small bin. She leant into my pussy and licked me. Her tongue was everywhere and she was sliding down the toilet seat trying to gain even more access to my pussy. She finally came to rest with her arse nearly touching the floor; but her tongue, her tongue was fucking exquisite. I could have let her lick me all night and the next day. The words fuck, fuck, fuck were coming out of my mouth. Sandy found my clit and she sucked it into her mouth. I screamed out, I didn’t even care if there were any women in the other two cubicles or not by now. I wanted to cum. I wanted her to make me cum. I wanted her to walk back into that room with my juices running down her fucking face.

Both my hands engulfed Sandy’s head. I was pushing my pussy up into her face. She was sucking on my clit and every now and then I would feel her tongue slip into my pussy and then immediately find itself on my clit again. Her tongue was circling my clit and I was so close to orgasm. I pulled her in harder. She was finding it harder to suck but I was about to let loose one of the most satisfying orgasms I had ever had. As she sucked me, I felt my insides turn outwards. I felt fireworks explode in my brain, I felt the most satisfying orgasm rip through me. My stomach muscles clenched hard, my legs softened and I felt myself sinking down onto her head, my pussy juices ran from me; covering her face in a cascade of pleasure. I held onto her head. It was the only thing that was stopping me from falling to the floor. I ended up pumping my pussy onto her face.

It was a while until I recovered enough to let go of Sandy’s head. I was shaking as I did so. I stepped back from her and swallowed hard. She pulled herself back onto the toilet seat and I looked down on her. She pulled her knickers to one side of her pussy and stroked it.

I only wanted to make her lick me and suck my pussy. I was then going to leave her. Be dominant Becky had said to me. She likes it that way.

The more I looked at her shaven pussy, the more I wanted to taste it. I was panting hard, staring into her puffy wet-looking smooth pussy. When I looked into her eyes, she simply placed her hands on the insides of her thighs and spread her legs, leant backwards and smiled at me.

I lost all self control at that point. Her actions were lewd. Depraved. I fucking loved her for it. It was her directness that made my mind up for me.

In seconds, I sank down onto my knees. My hands replacing hers on the inside of her thighs and I pushed them outwards. I had never sucked or licked pussy in my entire life before and here I was. I leaned forward. As I got closer I could smell her scent. It was fucking awesome. I inhaled more than once with my mouth and tongue agonizingly close to her pussy. She must have known what I was doing. I looked up at her and she just smiled. Then her tongue extended and she made a licking motion with it. My head thrust forward and my tongue was making the same motion as it touched her pussy. I licked it for all I was worth. I licked up and down, I pushed it into her, I placed my mouth over her pussy and licked it all, then I licked upwards onto her clit just like she had done to me. With that touch she squealed. She was almost laying back on the toilet seat as she squirmed beneath me.

Now it was my turn, I wanted to make her cum so badly it hurt. I licked her all over and then I concentrated on her clit, using the same motions on her as she did on me. It wasn’t long before Sandy was cumming on my face.

I am not sure how to describe the feeling. The very first time you make someone cum and you know it was you that did it. It was you that made the other person feel pleasured and happy inside. It also makes you feel fucking incredible as well. I was feeling absolutely crazy at that precise moment. The moment when Sandy’s orgasm exploded. The moment when I felt her juices trickle into my mouth, the moment when her body seized up and stiffened as she tried her best to stifle her orgasmic scream. She failed at that by the way, big time. It was my first time as a pussy licker and I loved it. If I was going to feel like this every time, then I was going to become an outright lesbian that’s for sure.

While that satisfying thought was running through my head, it hit a brick wall with the words John on it. I immediately snapped back into the real world. I looked up from Sandy’s pussy and knelt back. I was panting with pleasure and looking into her eyes. I stood up, pulled my clothes together and unlocked the cubicle door. I opened the door and walked out.

I stopped immediately as several pairs of eyes were looking in my direction. I suppose we had made some noise, and it wasn’t rocket science to know where it came from. I looked at every woman that looked at me as I made my way to the wash basin. I washed my face and hands and dried them without making any further eye contact. As I was leaving the toilet, I saw that Sandy was coming out of the cubicle with a huge grin on her face. I watched her negotiated the same women that I had. She never bothered washing her face though.

I left the toilet first, as I walked out, my eyes clocked Becky first, then John. I walked directly towards them across the dance floor.

“What took you so long?” asked John, then without waiting for an answer. “Denise, I think this place is full of gay people,” he said.

“Tell me about it,” I replied, “two women were in the loos having it off, that‘s why I took so long,” I replied. John appeared to be gob smacked at that revelation.

“Fuck! And I missed it…” he commented. I looked at him in disbelief, then I caught Becky’s eye and winked at her.

“We have to go,” I said to John. I quickly wrote my telephone number on a piece of paper and as we got ready to leave, I saw, through the corner of my eye, Sandy coming out of the corridor. I handed the paper to Becky.

“My number…” I said, “please give me a ring sometime, perhaps we can spend more time here…” I smiled and winked at her. We said our goodbyes to both of them and as I left I turned to where Sandy was standing. I simply smiled at her and as we left the bar I raised my hand in a wave behind John’s back.

On the back of the paper read “give this to Sandy please.”

I came into this pub with John, I left with John. I got the fuck of my life that night when I got home. I can only guess he was imagining two lesbians getting off in the women’s cubicle. I know I was reliving those events when his cock was right up inside me.

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