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A Very Unexpected Meeting

My Master and his wife
I'd been going out with a girl called Angela for a year and a bit, and her parents John and Lyn had got used to me. Well that wasn't the whole story; John and I were both bisexual, I didn't know whether Lyn knew about John, but Angela knew nothing about my love of cock. 

Normally I just liked to suck or be sucked by other men, but when John and I were alone in their house I became his slave, his sex toy. He had fucked me in his daughter's bed, in his own bed, in the shower, lounge, garage and about anywhere the whim took him.

He always made me wear Lyn's knickers and they were always a pair waiting to be washed. I willingly licked the secretions from them at my Master's command. Knowing the taste of Lyn’s pussy without her consent always made my balls churn when I spoke to her.

Out of the blue Angela announced she was going back to university to take a Masters; a boyfriend at home would be too much of a complication. I'm still fond of you, but sorry and goodbye! It was short and sharp, but okay it wasn't my first breakup. I survived.

For a while I spent more time in my gay haunts, but then the need for soft female skin returned.

Months past and I was in a bar close to where I worked. It was somebody’s leaving party and it was beginning to drag. My eyes wandered in search of any soft female form that might be unattached and I found myself staring into the faces of John and Lyn; they smiled.

After a while John passed me on his way to the bar and invited me to join them; my present company was getting staler by the moment, so I jumped at the chance. Greeted like a long lost friend we chatted about Angela and the pressures of her study, how and what I was doing, and before we knew it the bar was closing. Stepping outside we found it was raining heavily, so when John offered me a lift home I accepted gratefully and clambered into the back of their SUV.

Lyn turned to face me from the front seat. “I know John is bisexual and how he has been fucking you. We just wondered whether you wanted to come back with us for a threesome?”

I was taken aback by her cool, matter of fact suggestion, still the glint in John's eye turned me on and I said yes.

Lyn opened the front door, as I stood behind her I felt John's hand caress by bottom. I knew what he wanted and my legs turned to jelly. Was he going to fuck me in front of his wife? Was I going to get a chance to fuck Lyn? My mind raced with all the possibilities as the three of us trooped in. John and I made for the sofa and Lyn followed with a bottle of whiskey and glasses. We drank to old friends and Lyn dropped herself between us.

“So, boys, where shall we start?” Lyn pulled off her top and lay back of the sofa; it was pretty clear where she wanted to start so John and I took a breast each and moved in to indulge her.

 Lyn's body was not like her daughter's. Her breasts, though smaller, were a better shape. Her nipples were longer and the aureoles dark to match her dark hair. Two mouths and tongues working together made her squirm; she reached behind and unclasped her bra. John pulled it away from her then dropped it to the floor; then he stood up and pulled her jeans and knickers off.

I looked into Lyn's lap. Between her legs an exquisite shaven pussy beckoned me. John was still on his feet and quickly pulled his own shirt off and dropped his trousers; the long prick I knew so well bounced free and I caught myself swallowing at the sight of it. 

My own clothes were quickly added to the pile and we sat naked in a line, Lyn giggling as she took a cock in each hand. John's thick shaft was so appealing with her slim fingers wrapped around it, I leaned over and slipped it into my mouth. I heard Lyn gasp and felt strong fingers touch my hair and push gently down to set the rhythm he wanted; then they pushed deeper to force his length into my throat.

Lyn's breath was heavy as she watched. I let my free hand move up between her open legs until it found her wet pussy; I pushed two fingers into her and started to work them, listening to her moans. John pushed his tongue into her open mouth; I felt her muscles contract around my fingers and the wetness flood out. 

Just as I thought my fellatio was about to be rewarded by a mouthful of his sticky cum the strong fingers halted me.

“Let's find somewhere more comfortable,” John said taking Lyn by the hand and guiding her to her feet. I followed spellbound as I watching the movement of those rounded hips as she climbed the stairs and into their bedroom.

John handed me the knickers Lyn had been wearing then looked at me with his sadistic smile. “I've had the snip and there are no condoms in the house, so you know what you won't be doing, don't you? So you best do what you can with that tongue of yours.”

My dreams of being sandwiched between him and Lyn were shattered.

Lyn lay on her back and waited. I climbed onto the bed and drove my face between her open legs; my tongue parted the long labia and swirled around her clitoris. I felt Lyn's knickers being pulled down from my arse and the cool gel around my anus warned me of what was about to follow, as if I was in any doubt.

By now I was used to John's length and girth, his cock had been a frequent visitor to my passage. But this time it was different, instead of licking Lyn's dried cum from her knickers I could plunge my face into her crotch and drink the sticky fluids.

Lyn moaned as I licked her; I moaned as John's penis invaded my rectum; John moaned as my tight passage received his throbbing cock. Slowly we found the rhythm, John's thrusts pushed me deeper between Lyn's legs as she thrust forward to heighten her pleasure. It felt so good to have John filling me after such a long time.

Fucking like this we lasted six or seven minutes until John could stand it no longer and his balls pumped their goo into me. I lay quietly as the cock in me softened; my own hard cock was still imprisoned between my stomach and the bed aching for some attention. Lyn's frequent orgasms coated my face with her juices.

They rolled me over and two tongues worked in unison on me; around my balls, up my shaft collecting the juices leaking from it. I closed my eyes and a mouth closed around my penis. I let my mind concentrate on the hot mouth and the tongue licking around my balls.

At the moment of my eruption the hot mouth sucked hard and pulled the willing stream of spunk from my balls. I opened my eyes to see which of my lovers had taken control. I watched John shut his eyes and swallow, enjoying the sensation of my sperm slithering down his throat; and at once a look of disappointment flash across Lyn's face for a moment.

We were spent and lay together. After a while John got off the bed and switched the side light off, then lay between me and Lyn spooning into my back. I reached between my legs and fingered the semi-hard cock resting against me, then closed my eyes and passed into a contented sleep.

It was light when the alarm woke me, my mind juggled with the unexpected facts. It wasn't an alarm, it had been the ring tone of John's mobile phone; he stood naked at the end of the bed, Lyn was sitting up in bed, she smiled at me, her naked breasts inviting my gaze.

“He has done what? Well that has put pay to my weekend then! Yes of course I will have to go into the office and sort it out, but I want him in my office as soon as you can lay you're hands on him!” John's voice was angry. He put the phone down and turned to us. “Sorry, playtime is over for the day.”

He stomped into their en-suite, Lyn got out of bed and put her very unflattering dressing gown on and I collected my clothes from downstairs and headed for the shower room by Angela's bedroom. 

We met again in the kitchen. Lyn had made coffee and a breakfast roll for John; he looked at me then at his wife. “You will take Rob home won't you?”

Lyn nodded.

He got up and headed from the front door thermos cup in one hand breakfast roll in the other, pausing only to kiss his wife on the cheek and say that he had been looking forward to more fun this morning.

Lyn watched him drive off then turned to me. “I will go and have a shower then sort you out, Rob.”

I nodded and imagined her sexy arse now hidden by a boring material as she climbing the stairs.

I expected Lyn to be dressed in the usual jeans and a top, instead she returned in a short silk dressing gown, her long legs wrapped in fishnet stockings. Lyn let the silk belt around her waist drop and revealed the suspender belt and matching bra. Her stiff dark nipples strained at the fabric of the cups, and in her hand she carried the knickers which went with the set.

“So since the cat's gone away the mice can play!” Lyn smiled at me.

I was dumbfounded. “What about condoms? Should I go and buy some?”

“John has his secrets, Rob, and I have mine. One is that I have a guilty passion for younger men, especially ones half my age like you. It would be a crime to trap all of their fresh virile sperm in a condom when there is a very thirsty pussy craving it. So I pop a little pill every day and what means my pussy can have a much spunk as I can get for it without getting pregnant; you can imagine if John’s found out there would be far too many questions.” 

Lyn handed me the thong. “Normally I am wearing these and my lovers pull them from me or pushes them aside to take me, but in your case I'd like to see you wear them.”

Angela's mother was a good ten years younger than her father and always a milf, but now I had a cougar standing in front on me. I ripped my clothes off and stepped into the thong she had given me. There was too little material to conceal my throbbing erection and it stood proud well above the waist band. 

Lyn stepped forward and caressed my aching shaft. “So where do you want to fuck me? John's and my bed or Angela's.”

“Yours and John's,” I replied without hesitation. 

“Good answer,” she purred, “let's go and cuckold the bastard in his bed shall we?”

In a moment we were on the bed, kissing, touching, exploring each other's bodies; she rolled me over and straddled me, lifting her hips and guiding my stiff shaft to her entrance; then she sat down hard on it wiggling her hips to make sure it was in as deep as it would go.

“My daughter was a lucky bitch to have this, wasn't she?”

I slipped my hands from around her waist down across her buttocks feeling the softness as she bucked her hips on my tool. I let my fingers creep down the crevice between them.

“You want that as well sometime do you? Well you will have to give it a very good licking. John told me how you suck his dick after he fucked my arse.” She slipped off me of a moment and spun around; I slid my tongue along her sweaty valley until I found that tight hole, then drove the tip of my tongue into her. Lyn squirmed and pushed hard onto me; I didn't care whether it was clean or dirty I just wanted to fuck that hole with my tongue.

In another moment she had turned again and my cock was back in her pussy; her mouth on mine; her lips pursed and tight to mimic the hole my tongue had left. Gleefully I tongue fucked this substitute while my prick worked on her pussy. I was close now and I took the pace; Lyn stayed still while I let my orgasm build then pulled her back down onto me as I sperm shot deep inside her. Howling as her own orgasm took her Lyn collapsed onto me.

We panted together for a while; then Lyn rose onto all fours, exhausted as I was I slid down the bed and closed my lips around her pussy, collected the stream of spunk leaking from her. Then rolling her onto her back I kissed her, letting my seed flow into her mouth.

Lyn savored the taste. “That was very nice and very unexpected.“

We lay together in each other's arms for a while talking about cock shapes and sucking them and the different tastes of spunk. Then Lyn got up and went into their en-suite, returning a few moments latter hiding something; she rolled across me and offered me pussy to lick.

“I know you have a good recovery time, I used to listen to you banging my daughter.”

A warm mouth engulfed my soft cock and a finger teased my arse hole; it wiggled its way in deeper and deeper. This couldn't be Lyn's finger, a low hum took me by surprise; she worked the slim dildo in and out of me as her mouth suck my cock until I was hard again.

“Now fuck me! Fuck me the way you fucked my daughter!” Lyn cried.

I did just that; Angela's favorite position was at the end of the bed with her legs against me. I slid Lyn's hips up to the edge of the bed pulling her stockinged legs up until her heels rested against my shoulders. I put my hard cock against the entrance to her sweet pussy and pushed hard; the labia parted and I was in her tight hole.

Even separated by layers of soft tissue I could feel the head of my cock ran along the length of the vibrator still humming in Lyn's arse. I licked the soles of her feet and bit her toes as I used to with Angela, but she never let anything up her arse, let alone a dildo.

We was in ecstasy, I didn't care how hard I fucked her; the juices streamed from her hole coating my balls and legs. From time to time I would pull out and go down on that saturated pussy, licking and sucking her clit or that other tight hole with its intruder still buzzing away; then push my prick back into her for some more thrusts.

I could hold back no longer and came a second time into Lyn's pussy. I pulled the vibrator out and switched it off, and lay beside her. We stayed as long as we dare, but there was always the threat John would return. 

Showering separately we met again downstairs. Lyn wore a well cut, but sober skirt and top, her motherly style. The big smile on her lips was the only clue to the pounded pussy between her thighs. I watched her smooth legs as she drove and she watched me do it; a red light halted us and she pulled the hem of her skirt up and opened her legs; the crouch of her knickers had slid up between her lips showing a gorgeous camel toe.

“Is that what you wanted to see? It's there when you want it.” 

When we stopped outside my apartment Lyn handed me a piece of paper with a time and date on 5:45am 2 nd February 1978.

I stared bewildered.

“It's a mobile number John doesn't know anything about, silly, 0545 02021978! Leave a message soon.”

Now that was clever.

Well I may not have I girlfriend but could fuck her mom or her dad.

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