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A young wife cuckold's her older husband

An embarrassed and humiliated husband ends being cuckold by his young wife.
Jim had been married for over 10 years when his first wife decided to leave him unexpectedly. Jim now 40 years old and with his life quickly falling apart had no idea where to turn next. One night he decided to go to a happy hour with a few of his other coworkers. They told him he needed to get out more and try to meet other women.

Jim had been at the happy hour for almost an hour when he noticed a beautiful looking woman up at the bar. She had a short skirt on and was very hot looking. It took Jim almost 30 minute before he got the guts to go up to the bar to talk with her.

He introduced himself and she told him that her name was Ann. He was pleasantly surprised how pleasant she was as they talked for a good 30 minutes. Jim was shocked that he got her number as he walked back over to the table with his coworkers. A few days later Jim asked Ann out and they soon began dating regularly.

He had fallen hard for Ann even though she was 12 years younger than him. Her 5’6 and 120 pound frame might had something to do with it as Ann‘s body was absolutely gorgeous. She had Jim wrapped totally around her fingers as he would do anything she had asked of him.

Jim wasn’t a bad looking guy by any means and he kept his body in pretty good condition. He couldn’t believe he could had found someone as pretty as Ann to go out with after such a bitter and nasty divorce.

It didn’t take very long for Jim and Ann to strike it up in the bedroom. Jim hadn’t had sex with a woman in many months, so he was truly excited to be able to fuck such a beautiful woman in Ann. Jim was so excited he decided to marry Ann a few months later.

A few months after their marriage Ann began to take charge of Jim. She basically bossed him around and pretty much got whatever she had asked for from him. Jim was so devoted to Ann that he didn’t care how she had treated him and that included inside the bedroom.

One night in the bedroom things between Ann and Jim began to change. Ann took charge as she began to humiliate Jim’s cock size. Jim’s cock was only 5 inches in size and Ann began to use that against him. Jim at first felt very embarrassed, but that quickly changed as he felt a surge of adrenalin flow though his body every time Ann would humiliate him.

Jim had no idea when he had met Ann that she had these kind of desires of controlling a man like him. She was very much into the thought of using domination and humiliation against him. She wanted to cuckold him badly and Jim never even seen it coming. Ann began to cuckold Jim even more over the next couple of months.

One night while in the bedroom Ann had pulled out a pair of handcuffs and tied Jim hands behind his back. She secured him to the bed as she began to ridicule him. She said, “What a wimpy cock!” Jim was stunned, but also extremely turned on as Ann made him lick all parts of her beautiful ass. Jim was really getting into it now as he tongued her ass for several minutes.

“Kiss it! I want you to lick and kiss my ass you big sissy!” Ann shouted out.

Jim did what he was told as his 5 inch cock was now throbbing as Ann began to tease it with her hand.

“You want to cum! Don’t you! You aren’t going to cum until I let you cum you big sissy!” Ann ordered out.

Ann gently stroked Jim’s small cock. She teased him so much he began to beg her to let him cum. She then said to him, “I need a real cock! Not this puny thing! I need to find a man to fuck me!”

She continued to lightly stroke Jim’s cock as he now was squirming about the bed trying to get free from the handcuffs.

“You want to watch me fuck a real man!” she said to Jim.

Jim didn’t know how to answer her question, but a few minutes later he couldn’t take anymore. “Yes! Yes! I want to see you fuck a real man. I want to see you get fuck by a big cock!”

A minute later Jim began to cum as it shot high into the air and landed all over his stomach. Ann now very turned on moved her pussy up to Jim’s face. “Suck it!” she demanded as she held Jim’s head tightly against her very wet pussy. A short time later Ann cried out loudly as she began to cum all over Jim’s face and mouth.

The next time they made love Ann did the exact same thing to Jim. She tied him up and again humiliated Jim. This time though she teased Jim for several minutes then left the room leaving Jim with a throbbing cock. When she came back into the room she again asked Jim, “You want to see me get fucked by a big cock!”

“Yessss!” Jim cried out.

Ann then stroked off Jim’s 5 inch cock as it only took a few seconds for him to cum all over his stomach again. Jim now was under Ann’s control and he now was forced to do whatever Ann had wanted.

A few weeks later Ann tied Jim to a chair in the bedroom. Jim had no idea what Ann had planned for him as she striped him of all of his clothes. Jim was shocked as Ann brought a young muscle bounded stud into their bedroom.

She said to Jim, “I want you to watch a real man fuck me!”

Jim was totally flabbergasted as he watched this young hunk began to stripped the clothes off his beautiful 28 year old wife. He stripped her down to just her thong panties as she began to remove his clothes. His body was immaculate as muscles bounded from all parts of it. Tattoo’s cover part of his massive size arms as Jim looked at him in awe. Then Ann pulled his briefs down. The studs cock had a powerful look to it as it was big and thick. It made Jim’s 5 inch cock look like toy.

Jim’s cock now throbbed as the stud removed Ann’s panties right in front of him. His hands roamed about her lovely young body as Jim felt helpless as he sat on the chair handcuffed to it.

Ann dropped down in front of Jim and began to suck on the stud’s enormous size cock. It quickly harden as Ann moved her head up and down his long shaft. She then got up and pointed his huge cock right at Jim’s face. She said, “Here is a real cock! Not that puny thing that you got in between your legs. I bet you wish you had a cock like this!”

Ann stroked on the studs cock as Jim’s cock was ready to burst. A few seconds later the stud picked Ann up and brought her tender body over to the bed. He immediately moved his head down in between Ann’s legs and started to suck on her lovely pussy while Jim watch on helplessly.

Ann cried out, “Oh god that is good!” as the stud slowly brought Ann close to orgasm. Ann was just about to cum when the stud abruptly stopped licking her pussy. He wanted her to cum all over his enormous size cock so her sissy husband could watch what it is like for his young wife to cum on a real cock.

The young stud climbed up on Ann and pushed his large manhood into her wet pussy. Ann cried out, “Oh’ fuck!“ as she dug her fingernails into his back. It only took a few minutes when Ann screamed out in total ecstasy as she had a very powerful orgasm all over the studs cock.

He quickly turned Ann over onto all fours as he began to fuck Ann hard from behind. Ann’s body lurch forward several times as the stud drove his cock very hard into her. She cried out a short time later, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” as she started to cum very hard again on the studs cock. She then looked over towards her wimpy husband and said, “This is how a real man fucks a woman! I will never go back to your wimpy cock!”

Jim sat on the chair embarrassed as Ann and stud laughed out loudly. He felt humiliated, but also felt a rush of adrenalin rush through his body. The head of his small cock had now turned purple in color as he wanted to cum very badly.

The hung stud gave Ann several more thrust with his huge cock as he then began to cum all over her gorgeous ass. Ann slowly got off the bed and walked over towards her wimpy husband. She turned her cum covered ass towards him and said, “Look what that young stud did to me! Why don’t you clean his cum off my ass!”

Jim was appalled as his young wife smashed her cum covered ass against Jim’s face.

“Lick it! Lick it! I want you to lick all of his cum off my ass!” Ann shouted out.

Jim began to slowly lick the cum off his wife ass. His cock was about to explode as Jim tasted the cum of another man. A few seconds later Ann pulled her ass off Jim’s face and headed back over to the bed. Jim had the young studs cum smeared all over his face as he begged Ann, “Please let me cum! My cock can’t take anymore of this!“

Ann ignore Jim’s request as her and the young stud began to get hot and heavy again. Ann sucked very hard on her young lovers cock until it had gotten extremely hard again. A few minutes later the young stud began to fuck Ann again. Ann cried out very quickly as she had another powerful orgasm as she felt the young studs cock hitting deep inside her. She never had felt Jim’s cock inside her as it was way to small to do anything for her.

The young stud fucked Ann good and hard for 15 minutes as he was very close to cumming again. Ann cried out, ”Cum inside me!”

A minute later the young stud grunted out loudly as he filled Ann’s pussy with his cum. A worn out Ann got up off the bed and walked again over towards her husband. She hiked her leg up over his head as Jim watched the young studs cum ooze out of her just fucked pussy.

“Lick it!” Ann barked out as Jim began to lick the cum out of his young wife. She then said to Jim, “You want to cum in front of both of us! Don‘t you!”

“Yesss!” Jim cried out as Ann began to stroke on his wimpy size cock. It took less than 10 seconds and Jim was shooting his cum all over the floor as his young wife and her stud lover began to laugh out loudly at him.

A few weeks later Ann set up another fuck session with her young lover. Jim had no choice again but to participate as he was again handcuffed to the chair.

She had Jim beg the young stud to fuck her as he said, “Please fuck my wife! I want to see you fuck her hard with that big cock of yours!”

Ann and the stud quickly got their clothes off. Ann sucked on his huge cock as Jim watched on from only a few feet away. Ann looked over towards her wimpy husband and said, “I bet you would like to suck this big cock!”

Jim’s eyes got really big as Ann got up off her knees. She grabbed her young lovers cock and led it over towards Jim. His hard cock was positioned only a foot from Jim’s mouth as Jim nodded his head no.

Ann reached down and gently touched Jim’s small cock as Jim began to squirm on the chair. The young stud’s cock got closer and closer to Jim’s mouth as he quickly felt it up against his closed lips. Jim then heard his wife shout out, “Suck it! Open your mouth!”

Jim tried in vein not to open up his lips as he felt Ann’s hand slowly massaging his hard cock. A minute later Jim couldn’t take it any longer. Ann had teased Jim’s cock so much that Jim’s lips began to open up. The huge head of the studs cock now had penetrated through his tightly closed lips as Jim began to taste another man’s cock for the first time in his life.

“That’s it! Suck it!” cried out Ann as she held tightly onto the back of Jim’s head. The stud began to fuck Jim’s mouth as Jim gagged on his massive hard cock several different times. The stud fucked Jim’s mouth for 10 minutes as Ann continued to humiliate him while he suck on the massive cock. The stud then yanked his big cock out of Jim’s mouth as he now wanted to fuck Ann very hard with it.

Ann got down on her knees in front of Jim as the young hung stud got down behind her. He pushed his large cock deep into her wet pussy as Ann laid her chest across Jim’s lap. Jim watched as the young stud fucked Ann very hard in front of him. Ann cried out a short time later into one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

The stud fucked Ann for several more minutes as Ann’s tits rubbed up against Jim’s small cock. A few seconds later as Ann screamed out, the stud began to shoot his cum all over Ann’s backside. Jim moaned out also as he couldn’t take it any longer. His cock began to go off as he shot his cum all over Ann’s tits as they rubbed against his throbbing cock.

Ann was mad as she said to Jim, “I didn’t say you could cum! You will now pay for that!” as she cleaned Jim’s cum off her beautiful tits.

Jim had no idea what Ann had in mind for him as she began to fuck the young stud again on the bed. She road hard on top of his cock as her beautiful tits bounced very hard back n forth. She came very hard again a short time later as the young stud began to ram his big cock up into Ann’s pussy. Ann screamed out, “Oh’ god your cock is good! Jim do you see what he is doing to me!”

The stud now wanted Ann from behind as she got down onto all fours. He rammed his big cock back into her as Ann cried out to her wimpy husband about how good his cock had felt buried deep inside her. He fucked her good and hard for several minutes as he began to moan out. He was ready to cum when Ann cried out, “Don’t cum yet! I want my sissy of a husband to see you cum all over his face!”

Ann led her muscle bounded lover over towards her husband. His cock was throbbing as Ann had him set himself up right in front of her husband.

“Please no Ann!” her husband cried out.

A few seconds later as the studs cock was only inches from his face Jim again cried out, “I am sorry I came earlier! Please don’t do this to me!”

Ann said, “You are going to love this!” as she slowly began to stroke on her husband’s small cock. She then started to stroke on her lovers cock at the same time as she moved it only a few inches from her husbands face. Jim squirmed about the chair as the studs cock began to pulsate right in front of him. His own cock was hard as a rock also as his wife teased it with her hand.

“Tell me that you want him to cum all over your face!” Ann shouted out a short time later to Jim.

Jim’s cock was throbbing now as was her lovers cock. Jim couldn’t take anymore of Ann teasing his small cock when he shouted out, “Cum on my face! I want you cum all over my face!”

Ann started to stroke hard on her lovers big cock as his body began to tremble. A few seconds later with his big cock only a few inches from Jim’s face the young stud let out a loud grunt. He began to cum as the first shot of cum hit Jim right on the cheek.

Ann shouted out, “Cum harder all over his face!“ as the next shot of cum landed up against her husband’s lips. Several shots of cum later Jim’s face was now covered in cum as Ann dropped to her knees and sucked the last remaining drops of cum from her lovers cock.

Jim sat their as her lovers cum dripped off his face while his wife kissed and hugged him before he left for the night. This would be the start of more things to come for Jim as his young 28 year old wife had just cuckold him.

A few weeks later Ann had muscle bounded lover come over again. Ann had planned this night out for quite a while and she really wanted to cuckold her husband Jim even more than the last time.

Once her lover arrived she had her husband Jim get down on his knees and undress her. She then ordered Jim to remove the clothes of her young stud lover. Jim slowly removed all of his clothes until he got down to his underwear. As Jim pulled his underwear over his huge cock it popped right out into Jim’s face. The huge semi erect cock was only inches from Jim’s mouth.

Ann shouted out to Jim, “Suck it you big wimp!”

Jim did as he was told as he reached out and slowly inserted the monster cock into his mouth. The young stud fucked Jim’s mouth for several minutes as his young beautiful wife sat on the bed fingering her wet pussy.

Ann was getting really turned on as she then moaned out, “I want to see you lick and suck his gorgeous tight ass!”

Jim again did as he was told as his cock was hard as a rock. He then began to lick and suck on the young studs ass. Ann was now fingering her pussy much harder as she was very close to cumming. She then cried out, “Lick his asshole!”

Jim began to tongue the studs asshole as Ann cried out into a powerful orgasm. Her body shook extremely hard as she laid on the bed fingering herself. A few seconds later her lover crawled on top of her as she felt his enormous cock penetrate her very hot pussy. They were both very turned on as he began to fuck Ann very hard.

He made Ann orgasm very hard a short time later as the young stud drove his big cock hard into her. They fucked each other hard for a good 10 minutes when the stud quickly yanked his cock out of her pussy. He let out a loud grunt as he began to shoot his cum all over Ann’s beautiful tits.

Ann then shouted out to Jim, “Lick the remaining cum from his cock! Then I want you to come over here and clean my tits off you wimp!”

Jim got down on his knees and sucked the remaining cum from the studs cock. He then got up on the bed as Ann pushed Jim’s head right into her tits as he began to lick up the cum off them. Jim then was then told to get up off the bed as Ann and her lover cuddle. Jim was basically Ann’s slave to do whatever she wanted him to do.

A little later on Ann told Jim to get out of the bedroom and to lock the door on his way out. He had to listen through the door as his young wife and her lover fucked each other very hard. They went at it for almost an hour as he heard Ann scream out several different times. Then the bedroom door opened. Ann had cum all over several parts of her worn out body as she said to Jim, “Clean his cum off my body you big sissy!”

Jim slowly cleaned the cum off with his wife’s body as she laid their recovering on the bed. There was cum shot all over her ass, tits and face as Jim made sure he had cleaned all parts of her body off with his mouth. Jim now knew he was a cuckold to his young wife.

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