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Abbott's Awakening: Part I

Tags: bi, gay, anal, toys
Abbott explores his ass
“You want to put it in my ass?” Lacey asked.

Her smirk told me I was pushing my luck. Maybe I shouldn’t have hinted at it for the umpteenth time. She had never let it happen before.

“I get it. Really, I do. But how would you feel if it were the other way around? You wouldn’t want someone bending you over and going to town back there and I don’t either.”

Now I was the one smirking. Lacey had poked around back there on more than one occasion and I didn't mind in the slightest – quite the contrary, in fact.

“You know what I mean, Abbott. You wouldn’t want me strapping one on and letting it rip. A dick is a little different than a finger."

Lacey play-gestured for me to bend over and I pretended to acquiesce.

“Fine, you know what,” Lacey chuckled, “You can put it in my butt after you prove you can take it yourself."

“Seriously?” I got on all fours and playfully called her bluff.

"Seriously.” Lacey nudged my legs apart with mock authority and pulled the comforter from my back.

“Um, are we still kidding here?” I felt my pulse quicken a bit. My ass was exposed and I was stark naked.

Was she for real?

I rolled on my side, waving the moment off with a tense chuckle.

“Not so tough anymore, are we?” Lacy said in triumph.

She thought she’d made her point.

“I’ll do some research and get back to you.”

Lacey looked down and noticed my cock was hard and pulsing with excitement.

I came home from work one day and there it was, a nondescript cardboard box outside my apartment door.

Adrenaline surged.

I knew what this special delivery was all about. I also new Lacey was due at the apartment any second. I rushed the box inside and chucked it in the corner-pocket of my closet.

There’d be time later. I just needed to be patient.


I opened the box and laughed out loud. It was big. Like, porno big. Maybe a snug fit for a pussy, but definitely not me. The shaft looked reasonable enough, but the thing had an insurmountably large head on it.

Lesson learned – pictures aren’t always scaled to size.

I knew it was a long shot, but I was also beginning to crave something bigger than a finger.

Be open-minded about this, Abbott.

Relaxing, I pressed a pointer finger into my hole and felt the familiar tightening of muscles around it. I fed my ass another finger which it also took, though less eagerly.

I pressed the dildo against my ass and let my hole strain against the girth of its oversized head. It hurt like hell, but I relaxed and held course. A few more seconds went by before my ass gave in. I gasped instinctively as the head landed hard against my prostate.

So this is why girls moan and scream during sex.

I knelt, frozen in time, overwhelmed by the fullness. I moaned under my breath, with a quite shame that converted into abandon as I rocked my ass into the dildo. I yelped with pleasure, slightly unable to catch my breath, but not minding.

Finally, I mounted the dildo and started riding it hard. I let my stiff cock bounce in the air, untouched - up and down, side to side, I fixed my gaze on my bobbing dick and concentrated on the feeling building in my abdomen.

Suddenly, I felt a wave jolt through me and looked down to see my dick pulsing as if in mid-orgasm. A line of pre-cum kicked and sputtered as my dick cut back and forth in the air. The next wave knocked the wind out of me. I hadn’t touched my dick at all and yet cum was spilling out in ropes. Every muscle in my ass tightened as my hole gripped and squeezed the dildo. A final current brought lines of cum as far as my face and the pillow behind me.

I fell to my side and lay motionless.

It took a few seconds to realize my tongue was slick and salty with the taste of my own cum.

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