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Addicted to giving oral

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I am addicted to giving oral to men I meet on-line.
Author's Note: This story "Giving Carl Oral" was posted but removed for editing, I now have corrected the grammar and spelling. I would like to thank Lisa my editor for proofing this story. Lisa's editorial comments helped me to find the weak spots in the story line helping me to make the necessary. I have made some final changes to the story without Lisa's review so if there are still grammar and spelling issue I take the full responsibility.


At the age of forty-three, I had my first bi transgression, letting a man suck my dick. The first meeting resulted in a pleasurable experience for both of us. I found that receiving oral from a male or female has to be one of the most enjoyable interpersonal activities two people can share. I started by being a one-way bisexual, just letting men suck my dick, but not sucking them in return.

After three years receiving oral from men, I developed a curiosity about giving fellatio. I was hesitant about meeting a man to give him fellatio but found the courage. Having a man's dick in my mouth was thrilling but the feeling of him climaxing in my mouth addicting. Once this happened, I became addicted to giving oral pleasure to men. I looked forward to sucking dick and receiving their ejaculatory fluid. I have given many men fellatio, a few called me a passionate cocksucker.

To meet my bi needs, I needed to find strangers who wanted to feel a hot mouth surround their stiff dick and take their loads. I decided to post to an on-line message board. It has a personal section where you can post your request for erotic encounters.

Carl was one of the first men to respond to my post. He replied by sending an email with a brief statement of why he wanted to get together. We exchanged emails to find out if we had the same interests. Living in a small-town, I did not want Carl to be someone I knew, a friend, family or coworker. It would have been unlucky to meet someone like that. The on-line message board exchange of emails allowed me to find out if Carl might be a friend, family or coworker. It would be a surprise to meet a stranger and find out I knew him. After a few email exchanges, I was sure I did not know Carl; we both agreed that we shared a common interest. He wanted to receive oral; I wanted to perform oral. We agreed to meet at Denny’s for a public meeting, which allowed us to get to check out each other physical looks, and decide if we wanted to take the next step.

I told Carl I would be sitting in the back of the restaurant wearing a yellow golf shirt. Carl said he would be wearing a white, button-down Oxford shirt with the logo of where he worked. I met Carl at the time agreed; we shook hands and I introduced myself as Roger. At first, I was nervous meeting Carl. What would you say to a stranger that you met on-line and agreed to suck his dick? Not knowing what to say, I let him lead the conversation. After we had ordered coffee, Carl started to talk. His soft-spoken voice put me at ease. Our conservation began with talking about sports, movies and people in general. We sat and sipped our coffee. He did not appear in a hurry to talk about meeting for oral sex.

Carl said he worked as a masseur at a local health spa. I noted that his hands were large and he had strong forearms.

He said was thirty-eight, but I was thinking, "He looks in his twenties."

Carl talked about his career, telling funny stories about giving massages. Some of Carl's clients expected their manipulation to finish by Carl applying oil to their dicks, stroking them off to completion. Carl had a job to give hand jobs to male clients, known as a 'happy ending'.

Carl told me, "With so many naked bodies all-day long, touching, jerking, and having men shooting off in my hands, I come home horny. All I want to do is relax, lie back and have someone to suck my dick." He continued, "I have a girlfriend, but we do not spend much time together. She knows that I am bi and does not care if I meet another man."

I responded, "I can understand about coming home and wanting to relax. I like to relax by giving head, and you do not need to do anything in return."

Carl finished his coffee and said, "My place is not too far from here, if you would like, you can follow me to my apartment."

After a few minutes, we entered Carl's apartment. The living room was large with a leather five-sectional couch, potted plants by the sliding glass door leading to the porch. The sectional separated the living room from the dining room. The kitchen lay beyond a long marble counter top. For someone who lived alone, the apartment looked as if a professional had decorated it. Paintings were on the walls, and the rooms appeared clean and tidy.

Walking past the sectional, Carl suggested, "Roger, let's go to the bedroom."

In the bedroom, I noticed a portable folding massage table, a queen-sized bed, and a chest of drawers. Carl asked, "Would you like a massage?"

"Sure," I said, "I never had a massage before. I am certain you do excellent massages. You might be so good I would want massages all the time."

I stripped down to my boxers and asked Carl, "Where do you want me?"

Carl nodded toward the massage table saying, "On the table and remove your boxers."

I felt a little nervous exposing myself first but did as directed. Carl's hands were like magic, strong and powerful, moving over my body, touching all the stress points. After fifteen minutes, I felt relaxed. I did not notice that while Carl gave me a massage, he was undressing. I opened my eyes looking straight at his dick.

Carl said, "Roger, let’s go over to the bed where we can stretch out and be more comfortable."

Carl was leading; I wanted to follow.

We reclined on the bed, Carl lying on his back; I was on my side facing him. Carl was appealing, tall and slender, with olive skin and curly brown hair. Like many professional men, he had a strong sense of style, in his home, in his dress. Carl's brown hair, groomed short on the sides and longer on top than in the back, gave him a clean look. He wore no glasses, allowing one to notice his Paul Newman like blue eyes. I did not see any notable features on him such as large ears or nose, but his face looked familiar, like that of a former schoolteacher or a distant relative.

Carl was naked allowing me to observe his entire body. I could see that he must have worked out and that he took care of his body. His body looked in top shape as his job keeps him in excellent condition. Carl had an all-over tan with a hairy chest and legs. Contrasting Carl's body to mine, I was smooth and white from the neck down.

When I talked with Carl, I felt comfortable right from the beginning. He listened to what I was said and responded with intelligent conversation. Carl and I were lying naked side by side. Since Denny's I wondered about his dick. Since accepting my bisexuality, I have been fascinated other men's dicks. It was the expectation of seeing his dick for the first time that had my heart pumping. In my mind's eye, I tried to imagine if he would have a large or small dick, would he be cut or uncut. Was his dick curve or was it straight? I could see Carl's dick now; he was large, thick, cut and with a well-defined mushroom head.

Carl did not seem in a rush for me to start playing. I made the first step by lightly touching his thigh with my hand. I teased him a little moving my hand toward his crotch then move away. Each time my hand returned toward his crotch, closer, not touching him. His dick was growing larger. I used my fingertips, gently touching his dick, tracing around his growing hard on, letting my fingers slide between his legs and back. Carl's dick was now semi erect. I ran my fingers from his balls to the end of his dick where I kept my hand.

I knew that sex was eighty percent in the mind.

I knew what turned me on sexually, so I whispered, "Carl, you have a large fat dick. It feels big and hard in my hand."

I also knew what I liked when a man sucked my dick. I tried to do the same when playing with Carl's dick. His dick had a large mushroom shaped head colored a delightful shade of pink. I guided the mushroom head into my warm, wet mouth. Carl sighed as felt his dick disappears over my lips. Carl had a cut dick, which exposed his frenulum, allowing me to tongue this spot. The frenulum was the cute little flap on the underside of his gland, similar to the floppy thing under your tongue, only smaller. Some men refer to it as a man's tickle spot. I flicked my tongue along his shaft then toward this spot, Carl let out a sigh. My tongue touching the space between the end of his foreskin and the gland head got an immediate response.

My mouth moved over to Carl's family jewels as I licked them and sucked them into my mouth. I had to be careful how I grasped his balls, not applying too much pressure, or I might have given pain, not pleasure. He moved his leg, allowing me access to his perineum, (the space between his scrotum and the anus hole). I smelled the scent of soap and knew that Carl had recently showered. My tongue moved back and forth, finding his second tickle spot between his balls and anus. I got an immediate response; I tickled him in the right place. Carl moved his leg again to allow me better access.

Carl said in a lower voice, "Roger, you have a fantastic mouth and tongue. You are darned talented with what you are doing."

Carl's body was no longer tense; I could feel he was at ease and his words were encouraging. I do not know why I had this desire to please him.

I told him, "I can taste your sweet pre-cum."

I enjoyed every minute rubbing his per-cum on my lips and tongue. I looked at his face, looking for confirmation for my oral talents.

Carl's head was tilting back, resting on his hands; his eyes looked at the ceiling then back watching me. I could tell he wanted me to keep sucking his dick. As I sucked, he made a sound, somewhere between a moan and a murmur. Carl's dick was fully erect. I continue to lick his shaft while cupping his balls in one hand. I lightly brushed Carl's shaft with my fingertips while I kissed and conquer other parts of his body.

I kissed and licked Carl's dick shaft as if it were an all-day sucker. Enclosing the head of his dick in my mouth, I moved my tongue around to tickle his frenulum. Moving my mouth from Carl's swollen shaft, I went to his balls where I sucked and kissed both of them. Then I licked his hole, his perineum, everything. Being between Carl's legs, I could look at his face. His eyes closed; his mouth gave a little moan of pleasure. I did enjoy the feeling I was in charge. I was in charge of giving a man oral pleasure. That night I was a terrific cocksucker.

Carl's dick grew extremely ridged, his dick head swelled and turned purple, I recognized Carl was about to explode. I started to jack his dick while sucking the head.

Right on queue, Carl moaned, "I going to cum."

At this point, I had to decide if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or on my face. I chose my mouth. Like all cocksuckers, I liked the taste of a man's semen, and I loved to swallow his load.

What else could I say? I uttered, "Carl, cum in my mouth!"

I knew that a man's semen were healthy, and I knew the risks if his ejaculatory fluid shot into my mouth. I wanted to take Carl's load because I was submissive. By swallowing, Carl would know that I had accepted his control over my actions. Carl's erection was far down my throat, I held my breath as I waited for him to shoot. He did not blow his load. I moved my head back to allow me to breathe. Once more, moving again, I was able to go all the way down on him. I knew he was close to erupting, as I fondled his balls gently. I received that feeling in my throat, a throbbing burst of energy; the first squirt of Carl's divine love juices flooded down my throat to my gut. I moved my head allowing his dick to be in my mouth as his creamy fluid filled my mouth.

Carl's cum did not have an immediate taste since his first squirt was in my throat where there are no taste buds. I flexed and contracted my mouth to simulate a throbbing wet pussy. His second squirts filled my mouth with a sensation of sweet and salty, and after I swallowed his load, I tasted a bitter then an acrid aftertaste. Clearly, man cum in your mouth was an acquired taste, like drinking Scotch for the first time. I then licked his dick clean of all his cum, and ended my cock sucking by giving it a little thank you kiss on the dick head. For a long time, Carl and I rested on the bed. Carl had the anticlimax feeling while I was savoring my submissive feeling. I was on my side next to Carl with my head on his chest, my hand on his stomach. Carl's arm was around me with his hand resting on my shoulder. I let Carl rest knowing that most men lose interest in sex after cumming, and they become lethargic.

I felt satisfied even though I didn't climax. Just knowing that my actions resulted in another man ejaculating was satisfaction enough for me.

After ten minutes, Carl said, "Roger, you made me feel great.”

I smiled to myself and responded, "Wow, that was amazing. Man, I really enjoyed sucking your dick. You have a truly marvelous dick. When you shot off you flooded my mouth with your cum."

When we dressed, Carl offered me a drink; coffee, coke, a beer. I chose beer. We were sitting on the couch, acting like two normal straight men. Outside his bedroom, Carl did not talk about what we had done earlier. Carl had a sense of separating our bi activities and our straight acting activities. I finished the beer, shook hands with Carl, and returned home. I sent Carl an email thanking him for inviting me into his home for an enjoyable evening. Days later, Carl called asking if I would like to join him and a friend for a beer.

I said, "Yes," wondering what fun three men could have?
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