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After A Bad Day

Tags: oral, bisexual
Two friends get closer
It was a really, really bad day at work. The customer had been impossible and the contractors were incompetent. Fourteen hours just didn't seem to be long enough, but I had had enough for the day. Was working on the road worth the money? Today it didn't seem like it. I had a stiff neck and a headache and needed to get some rest.

My usual cure for a bad day and to get me relaxed was to have a cocktail, watch some porn, and masturbate. This usually takes the edge off and lets me get a little sleep before the next day.

I got back to the motel and went to my room. The usual generic motel. I had been there for two months and looked just the same. I went down to the ice machine and got some cubes. I mixed myself a nice tall Manhattan and set back to watch some nice girl on girl action on the TV. I bring my own stuff and play it off of my laptop.

There was a young lady seducing an 30 something woman on the screen. She was suckling on the older woman's larger breasts. Enthusiastically making slurping noises on her nipples. The scene was getting me aroused.

I pulled off my pants and pulled out my hardening penis. I began stroking it slowly to enjoy the feeling. My cock was soon rock hard. I usually make a lot of precum, and tonight was no different. Soon my dick was leaking. I licked the fluid from my finger tips, as I love the taste of myself.

The video action was getting hotter. The older woman was licking the shaved, pink pussy of the young one. She was tonguing and pulling her clit. I was really getting into it and stroking and licking my precum.

I heard a noise and was startled. My buddy Max was standing in the foyer of the room with some beers. Apparently, I did not close the door all the way when I came back with the ice.

"Whatcha watching?" he asked.

"Just some lesbian porn," I answered nervously.

He came into the room and sat on the couch.

"I heard you had a rough one and thought you might need a beer."

The women on the screen were now grinding their vaginas together with open legs like scissors.

"That is kinda hot. Mind if I join you?" Max asked.


I looked to see if the door was closed and it was indeed securely locked. Max dropped his pants and pulled out his dick. He sat down and started jacking too.

I figured what the hell and sat back and continued my action as well.

On the screen the young woman was now fucking the older woman with a strap-on.

"Man! That is great," Max said.

I looked over at him masturbating. His cock was bigger than mine. He had his pubes trimmed and his cock and balls shaved. Watching him jack was hotter than the lesbians on the TV. I could not take my eyes off of him and his cock. Now his precum started to flow a little. He is not as big of a leaker as me.

"You should have shared this hot stuff with me earlier," he chastised me.

Sharing was exactly what I got in my mind. I reached over and started to stroke his hard dick. It was the first time I had ever touched another man in that way. It was so familiar but different. I began to stroke him slowly up and down. His precum leaked on my hand. Of course I licked it off my fingers.

He stopped stroking himself and lay back. I continued to jack him off. I could not hold back. I crawled down between his legs and took it in my mouth!

It was so hard and soft at the same time. I sucked it in my mouth and felt his precum ooze into my mouth. It was so fucking great. I took him as deep as I could.

I sucked the head. I stroked the shaft. I could feel his heartbeat in his cockhead. He was moaning from my attention to his penis. His cock got even harder. I knew he was getting close. I put his cock farther back in my mouth and stroked him faster. His cock began to twitch and I knew what was going to happen. I couldn't wait to have him cum in my mouth.

Big hot spurts of semen shot out of his dick. I swallowed and swallowed. Some leaked out of my mouth, but most went down my throat. I LOVED it! I looked up and wiped off my chin and smiled at him.

"Thanks, man!" he said. "That was awesome!"

He handed me a beer and pushed me back on the couch. He grabbed my cock and started to jack me off. I was so hot from sucking him, I came in like 5 seconds. I have never come so hard in my entire life.

"Wow, George, you sure have a big load! Next time I will return the favor. I hope I can swallow it all."

He licked some of my seed off his hand and drank the rest of his beer.

"See you at the office tomorrow!"
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