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Alicia Shelly, 02, New Friends

Girl/girl signals bring new friends into the picture.
ALLICIA & SHELLY, 02, New Friends

An original work by Happy Pappy aka simaddict.

This story is Fiction. Any resemblence to persons living or dead is purely 

All characters are eighteen or older.


A few weeks after the big snowstorm my best friend Shelly and I were in Gym 
class one afternoon. As usual, we showered after class in the girl's locker room. 
We had plenty of time because the class was small in size, our town being a 
small town with about thirty senior girls.

Shelly and I have been, you know, doing each other ever since we got stranded 
in the blizzard and had to sleep together naked. It all started that fateful night in 
the motel, a night that took us down a road of no return. If it hadn't been for the 
snowstorm, we might never have realized, or admitted for that matter, the sexual 
attraction we had for one another. We have gotten together and made love just 
about every night since then. We were not obvious about being lovers, or at 
least tried not to be, but like Maria said, girls who are into girls unintentionally 
send out little signals. They just can't help it. 

As we showered, I noticed the new girl, Brea, looking at Shelly a lot. She didn't 
stare, but every time she looked up, she looked at Shelly. I wondered what was 
up and remembered what Maria told us about girls who like girls sending out 
signals. Seeing Brea's interest in Shelly as a signal, I whispered in Shelly's ear 
that someone had the hots for her.

"Who?" she wanted to know.

"Don't turn around now," I whispered, "but drop your soap when I say 'now' and 
bend over real low to pick it up and flash your pussy directly behind you."

I waited until Brea looked at Shelly again and whispered, 'now,' to Shelly. She 
dropped her soap and took the longest time to catch hold of it again, remaining 
straight legged and flashing her pussy real good.

Brea stared with eyes widened as she took in the show Shelly was putting on 
for her. The poor girl even stopped tying her shoe laces.

"Oh, yeah," I whispered. "We should make friends with Brea, I think she is just 
our type. She really has the hots for you."

We dried off quickly before Brea had a chance to leave and Shelly struck up a
conversation with her while we dressed. She was friendly, pretty and sweet, 
but sort of quiet and reserved.

I liked Brea already, though I didn't have much chance to talk to her. But talking 
with her more now, I got to like her a lot. Brea was always quiet when she was 
around, but most of the time she was never around. It's hard to get close to 
someone like that. But she sure was making my pussy throb, watching me as I 
pulled on my panties.

"You live one block behind me, don't you?" Shelly asked her.

"Yeah," Brea smiled. "We don't live too far apart."

"Well, we ought to get together sometime, the three of us, and just hang out. I'd 
like to get to know you better."

"Me, too, Brea," I added.

"Yeah, I'd like that," Brea smiled.

"How about this afternoon... unless you have something planned?"

"That's fine," she said. "I can't stay late, I have to take care of my horse."

"You have a horse? Awesome," said Shelly. Okay, see you after school."

We were sitting in the living room, watching TV when the doorbell rang. I was 
wearing my knit mini dress and high boots and Shelly a short denim skirt, white 
blouse and high heel shoes. Shelly let Brea in and we sat and talked about our 
interests for a good hour. Brea was wearing jeans, boots, and a flannel shirt.
We had so many things in common to talk about and I was amazed how sweet 
and really likeable Brea was once you get to know her.

Running out of things to talk about I suggested we dance. Shelly put on some of 
her parent's fifties Rock 'N Roll, the best dance music I know of, and we did some 
boogie and some twist. We traded partners through a few songs, then things got 
a little racy. Shelly and I were dancing a slow, doo-wah, belt buckle polisher. We 
began dancing a good distance apart but soon were dancing as close as you can
get and still be two people.

The next song was slower yet, and I asked Brea to dance with me. I told her I'd 
lead and we started dancing at a safe distance, but got closer until I was 
bumping and grinding my pelvis into hers. Only a girl interested in girls would 
stand for that, other girls would want to leave. Brea didn't even try to leave.
Instead, she held me close and breathed heavily in my ear.

I put my hands on her butt cheeks and pulled her close, doing some dirty 
dancing, sliding my crotch up and down her leg. She was breathing heavy and 
held me closer. My thigh between her legs was bumping solidly against her 
pussy. Her heavy breathing revealed her sexual arousal.

Shelly tapped me on the shoulder to cut in and took up exactly where I left off. I 
sat on the sofa in an excited state, watching them dirty dance. I spread my legs 
slightly and began to rub my panty gusset. Brea would watch my hand whenever 
she was facing me. She slid her hands down Shelly's back and let them rest on 
Shelly's perfect butt cheeks.

The song ended and they stood close for a moment.

"Let's go upstairs to my bedroom," Shelly suggested breathlessly.

"But, your parents..." Brea said fearfully.

"Won't be home till after six," Shelly assured her.

Brea looked at me as I sat with my hand on my panty gusset, fingers slowly 
caressing my slit.

"Alicia too?" she asked.

"If you'd like," I answered.


In the bedroom, we sat on the bed to talk.

"I invited you here because I wanted us to be good friends, Brea. I think we have 
a lot in common. I know that you don't have a lot of friends around here yet...
and I'd like to change that."

"You're right about that, I was always too quiet and shy to make many friends."

"We were wondering if you'd like to join our special club," Shelly began. "It has 
only two rules to follow to remain an active member. You must keep your pussy 
shaved clean and you must make love to one of us at least once a week.

"Alright," Brea agreed without hesitation.

"What club?" I asked, totally bewildered.

"Our all girl sex club," Shelly winked.

"Oh, yeah, that club... How did you know we were into girls," I asked Brea.

"I could just tell."

"Have you ever been with a girl before?" Shelly asked.

"No, but I've thought a lot about doing it, and I've seen enough to know a little 
about it."

"Seen enough? What do you mean?" I asked her.

"My mother is single because she doesn't like men much. She would invite lady
friends over to party and she would forget about me. I saw all kinds of stuff; 
some of the women wanted me to join in but I wasn't interested in them."

"Geez, your mother is a lesbian?" Shelly exclaimed. "Well, we're not lesbians,
we're bisexual. We're lipstick girls. Those manish looking lesbians who want 
to look like a man but couldn't make a pimple on a real man's ass freak me out."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm the same way I surmised you were bisexuals, 
seeing you have boyfriends. I've been with a few boys, not often but I'm not a virgin 
anymore. I just decided I want to be bisexual, too."

"Wow, what made you decide that?" I asked.

"Seeing you and Shelly in the shower," was her quick reply. "I saw how you 
touched each other without embarrassment... and you both have such beautiful
bodies, I... I, ah...

"You got the hots for us," Shelly finished.

"Well... yes."

"Well, Alicia is a very sexy girl, so I can't blame you there."

"You're not bad looking yourself," I told Shelly.

"You're both hot. I'm so glad we're going to be friends," Brea said sincerely.

"You're hot too, Brea, don't let anyone kid you there," Shelly told her.

"So, do you want us to shave you now?" I asked.

"Yeah, alright! I'd like that," Brea giggled.

We watched one another undress, then plodded along to the bathroom like it was 
the school locker room. Shelly did the honors of trimming and shaving Brea's
pussy nice and smooth, I stood in the doorway and watched.

The job done, Brea stood and proudly turned around slowly to let us look at her 
beautiful naked body. Shelly and I copped a little feel, caressing her naked flesh
as she did so. Shelly took her in her arms and kissed her. They clutched each 
other's butt cheeks and pulled one another close, grinding their pussies together 
as they kissed I stepped in to join them in a three way embrace, sliding my 
hand to Brea's smooth pussy lips and slipping my fingers inside to find it wet 

"You're really ready for this, aren't you, Brea?!" I exclamed.

"Oh, yes! I want it so badly," was her reply.

I felt Brea's breasts, which were larger than Shelly's or mine, but still firm and not 
saggy. I gently pulled her hand to me and placed it on my smooth pussy, which 
made her moan with delight as her fingers explored me. She moved her fingers 
in me hungrily, it probably being the first pussy she's felt beside her own.

Shelly led the way back to her bed where she laid down, guiding Brea's hungry 
mouth between her legs to give Brea her first taste of pussy. Brea loved it and 
swooned as she lapped the juicy folds of Shelly's joy box.

I got behind Brea and raised her hips until she was on her knees. I had a choice 
to make between her puckered, pink little asshole or her freshly shaved, puffy 
pussy lips. Both looked inviting, but I started by rimming and tongueing her 
asshole which caused her to howl with delight.

I soon moved down to her pouting pussy lips and was the first to taste her sweet 
pussy juices. She spread her knees wider to give me more access to her pussy 
as I drove her wild with my tongue on her clit. My hand was pumping two fingers 
into my love hole. I took those fingers out and put them into Brea's love hole, 
which made her orgasm on the spot. I felt the muscles of her pussy convulsing, 
clamping tightly around my fingers then releasing them in cadence with her 
spasms. The muscles of her vulva spasming and contracting made her pretty 
little puckered hole wink at me. She pressed her cooter back against my hand, 
offering me her open pussy freely and completely.

Brea pushed me down on the bed and absolutely attacked my pussy with her 
tongue. She put her tongue in my love hole as far as it would go, then moved up 
to doggie-kiss my clit. Shelly got on her knees and masturbated as she watched 
Brea slurp up my love juices. I howled with release as an orgasm racked my 
body. Hearing Shelly's high pitched squeals, I knew she was coming too.

Shelly began working her tongue expertly in Brea's pussy and soon Brea had 
another orgasm, gasping with great pleasure. I could relate to the feeling Brea 
was experiencing, being well aware of how good Shelly is with her tongue.

We would have loved to continue our fun and games but time was running out, so 
we got dressed and went downstairs to the living room. We made a date with
Brea to meet at her house on Friday night. I was curious to meet her mother and 
it made Brea feel she was a solid member of the new 'club' to host a meeting.

When Friday night finally rolled around, it had warmed up considerably and all 
the snow and ice had melted away. Shelly and I were excited about tonight's get 
together and she rang the doorbell nervously. Brea must have run to the door to 
answer it because it didn't take long for the door to swing open. Brea greeted us 
cheerfully and took us into a spacious living room where we sat together on a big 
sectional sofa in the corner.

A tall woman entered the room dressed in a liesure suit who Brea introduced as 
her mother. You could have knocked me over with a feather! She was not the 

dumpy, frumpy butch I had imagined. No, this woman was gorgeous! I could tell
right away that this woman had class, good taste in clothes, good taste in 
furnishings and a good job to be able to pay for all this.

Brea's mother, Madeline, sat on the sofa next to me and struck up a friendly
conversation. She told me how Brea's father was addicted to gambling and had 
put them deep in debt before she divorced him. She is still paying off some of 
those debts and has had little use for men ever since. She did have one fault of 
her own I noticed, she was a heavy drinker. She kept getting up to refresh her 

When Madeline left the room to fix her drink, we decided that while Shelly and 
Brea went to Brea's room for a club 'meeting,' I would stay and keep Madeline 

When Madeline returned, she found Brea and Shelly had left. 

"Where did they go?" she asked.

I put one knee up on the couch to turn to face her. I knew my panties were 
showing with my legs spread apart, but that is what I intended.

"They went to Brea's room for a special called club meeting," I answered.
"They'll be back in a while, maybe a good while."

"Brea and Shelly are... "

"Making love... probably. You don't mind, do you?"

"No... no, I... Brea is eighteen now and boss of her own body. Why should I 
mind?" she reasoned.

"Yes... but you seem uncomfortable with it," I observed.

"Oh, it's just that the realization that my little girl is all grown up now that rattles 

"So, you're comfortable with that, that Brea is in her room having sex?" I asked.

Madaline took a big gulp of her drink, almost finishing it. 

"Yes, of course. Brea is of legal age now."

I turned farther to face her more, spreading my legs wider.

"All the girls in the club are legal age."

She finished the drink in her glass but didn't get up to go refresh it.

"So, what is this club you girls have started?"

"It's a sex club with only two rules, you must have a shaved pussy and make love 
to one or more of its members at least once a week.. And there is no age limit.
Do you want to join it?"

"Well, I already meet one requirement," she replied with sexual arousal detected 

in her trembling voice.

"Do you want to go for the second?" I smiled.teasingly.

She hesitated so I stood in front of her and turned my back to her. I felt her 
hands unhook my dress at the top and slowly pulled the zipper down. I stepped 
out of it and took off my shoes. 

I turned to face Madeline, wearing just my bra and panties. She kissed my 
stomach all over while her hands caressed my back and ass cheeks. I 
unhooked my bra and chucked it aside, the panties I left for Madeline to pull 
down. Madeline looked at my bare breasts.

"Beautiful, just gorgeous. So proud and perky... and, oh, so young."

Madeline's mouth came in contact with my left nipple, just kissing at first, then 
her lips parted and took my nipple into her mouth. She sucked my nipple deep 
into her mouth as if she were trying to get milk from it. She was moving slowly, 

"Oh, that feels good... Do the other one now."

"What's the rush? Do you have to be someplace in the next five minutes?"

I felt like I had been chastized so I decided to be passive and let Madeline take 
the lead, which worked out very well. I relaxed and let Madeline have her way 
with me. She kissed her way ever so slowly across my chest to the other nipple.
She hadn't even touched my pussy yet but it was wet inside already. I watched 
her pretty face as she took the nipple deep into her mouth then flicked her tongue 
rapidly across my erect nipple.

I put my hands on her shoulders and slid them down her front, filling them 
completely with two plentiful breasts. I knew then where Brea gets her big 
boobies from. While Madeline licked my nipples and squeezed my ass cheeks, 
I slid her jacket off her shoulders. I unbuttoned her blouse but couldn't pull it out 
of her pants, the waistband being too tight, so I played with her big breasts in her 

Madeline stood and kicked off her shoes, then slowly unfastened her belt buckle.
It seemed to me that everything was in slow motion because it took so long. I 
watched her slowly slide her slacks down over her hips, exposing her bright red 
lacy garter belt. My eyes were fixed on the bare skin slowly being exposed as 
she slid her slacks downward. She wasn't wearing panties. Just before her 
pussy was revealed, she turned her back to me and slowly exposed her shapely 
ass cheeks.

She was teasing me! Well, two can play that game. I knelt and took her by the 
hips. and, starting at the top and out side of her butt cheeks, slowly planted wet 
kisses with my tongue going in circles on her beautiful smooth ass cheeks. I 
slowly worked my way across her ass, working my way toward her puckered hot 
spot. I noticed her slacks decending much faster now.

She removed her blouse and bra at normal speed and turned to face me. There 
was an arrowhead shaped patch of short pubic hair above her slit but her pussy 
lips were shaved smooth. Her outer lips were swollen and sort of red looking 
and her inner lips tried to prutrude a little. She had a gorgeous body. I kissed 
her on her pubic patch and swollen pussy lips. She pulled me up to stand and 
pulled off my panties. Turning my panties inside out, she licked my pussy juices 
from the crotch. It drove me crazy to watch her and I wanted to tell her to forget
the damn panties, get to the source of the juices.

I couldn't stand any more. I gently pushed her back onto the sofa where she laid 
down on her back. Her face was gorgeous, breasts were gorgeous, and swollen 
pussy lips were gorgeous, too. Where should I start?

She made my mind up for me and pulled me down to lie full length on top of her.
One leg was between mine and she started humping against my thigh. I humped 
her leg right back and soon she was swooning in a delightful orgasm. Gee, that 
was quick, I thought. She must not have had sex in a while and was really ready.
I wasn't comfortable on the sofa though, I need room to move around.

"Let's go upstairs and join the meeting," I suggested.

Madeline looked at me for a moment as if contemplating the naughty ides, then 
smiled and nodded her head, 'yes' with a devilish grin. We hit the stairs, me 
totally naked and Madeline with garter belt and stockings. I followed her, 
drinking in the sight of her wonderful ass cheeks, so round, so firm, so smooth.
I could see her tantelizing pussy playing peek-a-boo with me with every step she 

She stopped at her room.

"Just a moment, I want to get a few things," she said with a devilish smile.

She came out with an assortment of vibrators, dildoes and a strap-on cock. I 
chuckled and she led the way to Brea's room.

The door was pushed to but not latched as if they were expecting some 
company. When we entered the room, they were naked and Shelly was flat on
her back on the bed with Brea happily licking the folds between her legs. We 
watched them make love for a few moments. They didn't know we came in until 
Madeline sat the toys on the night stand. They looked up at us, smiled, and 
went back to doing what they had been doing.

Madeline gave me a pocket rocket, showed me how to work it and nodded 
toward Brea. She really was okay with Brea getting into lesbian lovemaking, I 
thought. I knelt on the bed beside them and applied the buzzing little toy to
Brea's clit. Brea moaned with delight in Shelly's cunt which made Shelly moan 
also. I felt Madeline kneel on the bed behind me, my ass cheeks spread open, 
and something touch my pussy lips. I looked behind me to see Madeline 
wearing the strap-on cock nudging against my moist pussy lips and slowly 
sliding it home in my love hole. She spit onn her false cock to make it nice and 
slippery. I moaned with passion and fucked the strap-on with an aching need.
I wanted to come.

I soon got what I was longing for. I felt it begin at my clit, which I was petting with 
one finger, and spread throughout my body from my toes to my breasts. I 
shuddered and moaned so loud, everyone knew I came. Madeline's big breasts 
were laying heavy against my back as she huged me, and I rolled over to plant 
kisses all over them.

Brea got up to let Madeline get between Shelly's perfect legs and insert the strap-
on into Shelly's waiting love hole. I think Shelly had an orgasm then and there, 
she howled so loudly. Madeline bestowed lavish kisses on Shelly's perky breasts 
and sucked on them with delight. Shelly locked her ankles around Madeline's 
hips, urging her to fuck her more

"Oh, yes, Madeline! Fuck me! Faster, Oh, fuck me."

Brea laid down beside Shelly and her mom where I put my leg between her legs.
We humped each other's leg until we had another mind blowing orgasm. Shelly 
whimpered through another orgasm bucking and jerking uncontrolably. Madeline 
stopped to rest. I helped Madeline take off the strap-on and Shelly got up to let 
Madeline have her place.

Shelly got between Madeline's legs and licked her swolen pussy, sucking her clitoris 
out and letting it plop back into place. She licked and sucked Madeline's pussy
with gusto, giving her great pleasure. I kissed and nibbled Madeline's left nipple 
while Brea sucked on her right breast. Madeline shook and convulsed through 
two more orgasms and flopped back on the bed, exhausted.

Sufficiently satisfied, we all engaged in some post-orgasm petting. 

"Meet our newest club member, everyone," I said. "Give her a welcoming kiss."

Shelly and I kissed her luscious lips, Brea kissed her cheek to welcome her to 
the club.

"I have a couple of friends who might be interested in joining this club," Madeline 
said thoughtfully. "Any objections if I invite them?"

"There's a couple of them I don't like, but the other's are okay," Brea answered.
"I'd go to bed with Jaqueline and Yvonne any day of the week, but not those 
ugly butches."

"I was thinking of them myself. And also, Heather has a daughter who might go 
along with it. I could ask them."

"Let's meet here next Friday night and see if some of them can come," I 

"It sounds good to me," Shelly said. "Go ahead and invite your friends. Let's see 
where this is going to take us," Shelly smiled. "It should be a blast."


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