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Am I Bi-Sexual or Gay ?

Crazy Night
This is the first time that I have talked about this situation with Tom. It's just a surprise. It was Thursday night after coming back from an out-of-town game and Tom came to pick me up and take me to his apartment . Tom is an older man (44 or 45) and I am a 23-year-old college student at the University of Nobody's Business. I am a pitcher for our Baseball team and it is very hard for me to explain to my teammates and of course my family about these fantasies about having sex with men.

On Thursday night, that fantasy became a reality and it was wonderful, but I have some extra baggage with this situation. Tom is a family friend that I have been attracted to since I was sixteen years old and that night my body was so hot and bothered that I felt my dick piercing out of my pants. I tried everything possible to try to make my erection go down and I couldn't take it. I made Tom pull over near a downtown mall so that I could take a second to breathe. Tom was looking at me with a confused face but I had a strong feeling in my body that he knew what I wanted from him.

I went inside of the mall into the North Pole store bathroom and Tom was right behind me. I thought that he would just wait in the car while I was going to go to the bathroom and jerk off but no, he followed me to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom stall and pulled my pants to get ready to beat my dick off and take off the edge. "Are you okay, Jay?" I got so nervous because I didn't want him to know that I was horny to the point that my hands were getting soaked with pre-cum. Then he said something that shocked the hell out of me.

"Do you want me to come and play with it?" I was shocked. I opened the stall door with my dick out and the pre-cum on my hands. He looked at me with sex burning in his eyes. He came into the stall and grabbed my dick; it felt so good. He closed the stall, got on his knees and I received the greatest blow job that I have ever received from anybody (male or female). Sure, I go to the underground clubs once a month for "parties", but none of these experiences had me open about this blow job that I was receiving from Tom.

His soft lips around my dick felt so nice and when he put his finger in my asshole, I felt this rush run through my body. Gagging my dick in Tom's mouth just made my eyes roll in the back of my head and I came all over his face. It was like all that tension was released on his face and it was wonderful. Luckily, no one came into the bathroom and we took a quick wash up and left the mall.

Thirty minutes later, we made it to Tom's house and my sister Lonnie came downstairs to give me a hug and to kiss Tom. Here's the twist, Tom and Lonnie are engaged and I have a girlfriend that, of course, I had sex with when I arrived back to my campus apartment. So, does this mean that I am gay, or bi-sexual?


I am thinking about writing a book and putting this story in it and I want all the readers to respond to whether or not if I should put this in.

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